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05 Aug 2022 14:12:13
Cheshire Red, I just seen your Liam Neeson impression on the other page. If me or Ken don't leave you alone you're going to hit back in a very brutal way?

Listen bud, there are plenty of posters on here who I disagree with more than others. The tides change and it's all swings and roundabouts but when it comes to you, you don't offer opinions, you offer facts. Facts that 9/ 10 turn out to be nonsense. You come on and list players and the inner workings of the club. Haaland, Rice, Saul, Bissouma, whatever happened to scupper the deals happens, true or not I don't really care and it is a rumours site after all.

Where I have had an issue with you is your unrelenting support of Ole. You were getting your ques from people at the club. I genuinelly think those people involved in the club backing Ole should have all been shown the door as they're obviously incredibly naive and poor judges of character.

Having read back on your posts to see if i was being harsh on you, because I probably came across as someone incredibly negagtive over the last few years. But to be honest, watching OGS slowly running the team and club into ground for years was like wagching a car crash in slow motion.

After reading your posts I don't for one second think I or anyone was harsh towards you (nor would the eds allow it) . I'll gladly not respond to any of your posts because you seem a bit fragile. A lie isn't a lie if you believe it is the truth. This is the essence of the fiction you post.

Anyways those dark days are hopefully behind us. Keep posting Chesire. It's always a good read to see how delusional the employees at OT are.

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05 Aug 2022 15:08:36
Mumbles, I still don't understand why Phelan, fletcher and all the coaches who had underachieved were hired by the club. So, if anyone working at the club is still thinking that Ole was a good thing for United, then it shows how delusional and out of touch they are.
We have a superb new manager in ETH, and he has recruited very good coaches. So, hopefully they will be backed to do the job and by that, I mean their decisions should be respected by the powers that be and let's hope future players purchases and sales are in accordance with the manager's decision and not a financial and marketing decisions.
ETH will get it right in time, we just need to support him, the coaches and the team.

05 Aug 2022 15:32:58
Ngl, I stopped paying any mind to his posts years ago as he seems to just recycle paper talk and try to pass it off has having come from some super secret inside source. I do find it quite funny that he’s getting so salty about being called out for his nonsense though, given that a stopped watch is accurate far more often than him.

05 Aug 2022 16:01:58
To be fair, '4. You are to happiness what King Herod was to Babysitting' was pretty funny :D.

05 Aug 2022 18:11:30
What have I missed, I did a search but I couldn't find anything? I took a break when it all got a bit tense, never forget it is just a game, there are far more important things in life.

05 Aug 2022 18:12:45
AAA, I don't doubt he gets his info from someone at the club, the worrying thing would be how high up are they? One of the external reports United had done was quite damning in terms of the quality in our personal behind the scenes. I could only imagine them walking around the corridors mumbling to themselves "Ole will get right, you'll see, we'll dominate for a decade in 2026".

Hopefully the right people are slowly getting put in place and there is a new ethos also. The report also said that no one questioned or challenged anyone. To become the best you need everyone constantly wanting improve. If you can't challenge certain ways then it just stagnates and we up up with what we got. An office that is symbolically run, coaching staff who weren't up to task and an abysmal manager.

Redseven, we all typed Man Utd Rumours into a search engine many years ago and thankfully it brought us here. I had no problem with the rumours but he's very rarely right.

I had to Google that Spenno. It's a cracker alright!

05 Aug 2022 18:56:47
Mumbles, we can live in hope that the the status quo changes. We love United, but its always run as an archaic institution. Thinking about the past and not looking to the future.
You only need to see some of the decision making over the past 20 years to realise how bad it is.
I pray that ETH can change all this in time.

05 Aug 2022 20:33:01
Gutless mumbles. Name the posts. You're a total liar and you are a gaslighting little lightweight. Read my pots on those players. As for being fragile? Yeah, okay mate, you want to push all the wrong buttons I will be back in the UK in the Blaze this Sunday. Do come and see how fragile I am.

I earned the right to k ow people ar OT, and when I state I know as a fit, it is, but I also challenge you to back up your motormouth on where I have stated certain players or situations as fact.

You and Ken are just a pair of utter Mary's, you take delight in dogging people, and fr ankle you're popping because you think I will feed it back, which, I won't, because you two simply don't want to be part of Ny solution and are apparent geniuses that reckon they have all the answers when either of you would struggle to run a bath never mind a club.

{Ed014's Note - don’t make threats of violence or you’ll be taking an extended break. That and it makes you look a total loser.

05 Aug 2022 23:07:20
Wow! Just Wow!

Take a breath people. Absolutely no need for this feather ruffling.

Take a warm bath and relax. Sheesh!

06 Aug 2022 00:02:49
Cheshire, give it a rest will you. Wannabe in the know, wannabe hard man. You're embarrassing yourself.

I'll give your posts a wide birth, not because of your intimidation tactics, simply because I couldn't care less about you and the other fine people editing and posting shouldn't have to witness this nonsense.

06 Aug 2022 00:56:10
Not one of Cheshire Reds rumoured facts have come true. That just says it all i guess. doesn't matter eho he knows inside the club.

06 Aug 2022 03:29:15
Jesus christ its like a creche on this page ? only popped over because its a slow one on nights. Cheered me right up.

06 Aug 2022 03:35:01
UA, if Cheshire says he'll be in the Bishops Blaize on Sunday, odds are he won't be in the Bishops Blaize on Sunday.

06 Aug 2022 07:57:32
Chill out lads, it’s only a leather ball being kicked in some nets.

06 Aug 2022 18:59:25
ED14, consider this my extended break. Violence? I assume re arriving at the Blaze. Really? Violence? As opposed to see how fragile I am? Tey reading all my posts re these two sad little keyboard mushrooms. My point is, they're the typical keyboard clowns who can attempt to be cutting when incognito, ut wouldn't have the guts to speak the same way in public.

My point was tone down the histrionics, especially on a rumours site.

Not a problem though I see it'sorw of a popularity co test than anyone actually wanting any insight on rumours so I will take that as my cue to exit stage left. Enjoy your season tittlers I frankly don't need to waste my time posting anymore.

Will still read, but I've bigger fish to fry

As for the way you giys have spoken about Ole, you all disgust me. So many know it all and toxic opinions, abusive and negative mentalities. Very much doubt any of you run even a small business, never mind a global brand full of egos, huge competition extremely difficult commercial climate.

The same faces will be driveline on about EtH in 2 or 3 years. Haven't got the brains or the patience to see success.

{Ed014's Note - I was born at night Cheshire but it wasn’t last night, your inference was one of meet me outside.

That in my book makes you pathetic, irrelevant of who you do or don’t like on here.

Grow up son.

06 Aug 2022 19:47:49
You can take the same fate as Ole did a few months ago. He was kicked out of Manchester United you can take the cue from this page Cheshire.

Ed014 don't expect him to grow up soon given the way he is "meeting outside" and i bet he will chicken out once he has competition outside.

{Ed014's Note - I don’t, and he’s since asked to be unregistered so I’ve ask ed033 to get rid so he won’t be back.

06 Aug 2022 20:18:07
Cheshire, having met Ken in person I can assure you he is no keyboard warrior, he'd happily say everything he says on here face to face. No qualms.

06 Aug 2022 20:41:46
I wish Rashy would show this much fight when he loses the ball up the latest blind alley he's run up.



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