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12 Dec 2023 23:10:06

Get that stats and excuse pens out lads. I am keen to be educated/ lambasted.

We gave yet another poor performance against Bayern. Never looked in the game and are a million miles away from Europe next year, in any format.

Now we could keep banging on the old injury drum but in all fairness how many of the them are really first team players at this stage? The issue is the squad depth. We should be more than capable of covering injuries. And to be honest, even with a full squad we couldn't threaten anyone with the poor spirit in the team. They are NOT playing for the shirt, they are playing for their, frankly unjustified money.

If ETH was half the manager he is believed to be (and yes I am rapidly turning against him) then he would get these clowns playing with some pride, even with 11 under 18's on the park. If they are not then it is his problem, period!

We have NOT beaten anybody of any substance this year and it is only because the other teams have lost points and not because of our desire on the park that we find ourselves fortunately where we are. Those we have beaten have been very fortunate wins in some cases.

Now am I being negative? Hell yeah! I am frankly really fed up with the rubbish we are being served up and no amount of stat manipulation and bad luck stories are going to polish this t*rd.

Get ready for ETH and chosen player to tell everyone how we are disappointed and how we will reset and come out fighting at Anfield.

Imagine an old paintbrush with no bristles. Do you keep using that one and get nowhere fast or pick up a newer less suitable one that at the very least will do a job albeit a little less refined?


Keefy T

1.) 13 Dec 2023 00:06:07
We lost 1 nil to bayern, far worse results came before in this group. We are where we are because of a poor squad. We are where we deserve. Injuries have hurt, big time.

Shaw is now back and the quality has increased. But we are relying on loans (when has United relied on first team players for loans?! )

Martinez is a big loss, and a first teamer.

Cassemiro is a big loss and a first team player.

Varane same, no idea why he has been out of favour.

I don't see it, but I have to hope we bought Mount to play where mctominay is playing. He couldn't surely be any worse.

Quite why we don't play amrabat and Mainoo is beyond me. But what do us poor fans know?

Bottom line is that the club is currently broken. Liverpool can smell blood in the water. A few more players will probably get injured in training this week, they won't fancy the challenge, that is for sure.

2.) 13 Dec 2023 00:15:19
Liverpool will be licking their lips. It could be another six or seven nil drubbing.

3.) 13 Dec 2023 00:27:06
I think we’ll go to Anfield and put in a real show of defiance with hunger and passion at the forefront and players really busting a gut like Robson and Whiteside used to do

Sorry I just woke up, it will be the lame damp squid as usual with Dalot high 5 big everyone because he has given a corner away

I’ve seen more fight in a corpse than these clowns.

4.) 13 Dec 2023 05:34:02
Last night was abject surrender, designed not to lose by many. Luton would have given Bayern more of a game. That lack of fight is from the top down. I watched after they scored and ETH was sat numb on the bench. Top down acceptance of what was happening, tactical keep it tight, they score oh well that's that then. Appalling.

5.) 13 Dec 2023 06:01:08
would have to totally disagree with Redman.

He seems to want to vent at everyone after every loss. Last night we went into the game missing 9 players and ended with 11 out injured.

What was available was put out there and they tried against a Bayern team missing one player and stacked. It was not tactical screw up or all the other bs people keep talking about and quite frankly getting tired of it.

Sometimes its a case of the other guys are just much better and have lots of quality across the pitch. They are seasoned CL campaigners and winners. Their back 4 gave our front 3 nothing all game.

It was always a game you play trying to stay in the game keep it tight and score one. I saw some people saying have a go. I assume in layman terms its throwing 5 forwards, which we don't have and being completely open. The problem is the same people will come here and post what a disgrace it was as they picked us off for 4 or 5 goals. Can't have it both ways and grow up.

I expect a similar set up at Liverpool and playing not to lose anything else is tactically retarded with the current options of players.

Someone asked who was missing that would have started. Okay I will make it easy for you Martinez, Rashford, Cas, Ericson and losing Shaw and Maguire who are currently shoe ins as starters meant we played the second half with 6 out.

We lost putting in an effort but they are solid across the pitch. get over it. It will not get any better until after the winter break. Losing shaw and maguire is awful as it impacts games against the likes of villa at home and westham away. Anything that can go wrong for us is going wrong atm. We are scrapping the bottom of the barrel now with team sheets.

6.) 13 Dec 2023 06:33:48
How many of those injured players are starters did the poster say? Jesus are you delusional! Plenty of them! Thought we did ok first half but not so much second! Not going to be too critical of last night it was lost well before then! But anyone who thinks injuries have not hampered our season are talking out their backside!

7.) 13 Dec 2023 07:46:06

Have a look at ETH demeanour after they scored

Amrabat and McT centre midfield and Antony doing what Antony does. Once they scored we gave up, unacceptable. We went out with other poor performances but at home we didn’t even give them a game. Accountability is with ETH no matter what, questions are there about his tactics, his purchases.

Last night why was Varane suddenly ok, after being ostracised for weeks. It’s an utter mess and ETH has questions to answer.

8.) 13 Dec 2023 07:53:17
Plenty? Bwahaha. Nobody is saying the injuries have not affected us. You would have to be mad to think otherwise. That is not up for debate. A no brainer even. What we are saying is that we should be able to cover injuries, with squad depth But the the very least SHOW SOME HEART! The loss was pretty much inevitable but we had one shot on goal……ONE!

We had 9 alleged injuries before last night. I ask again how many would be starters and would they make a real difference to the lethargy? I seriously doubt it.

No long ago the same people banging on about injuries were saying Cas and Erikson were not good enough and now they would be our saviour! Rashford would have made zero difference on current form. Martial neither. And I’m delusional? Chuckle!

Clearly Martinez is another level and a huge loss as is Manure and Shaw for Anfield.

Fact is, injuries aside, we are just not showing any heart or desire. The players are disinterested and the manager is not managing if he cannot instil that pride for the shirt.

Dont need misleading stats to work that out!

9.) 13 Dec 2023 08:18:23
We were poor long before the injuries kicked in, they haven’t helped but it’s not the excuse some want it to be.

10.) 13 Dec 2023 08:32:03
Call me old fashioned but there’s far too much stats nonsense in this game now. Selections and formations are driven by guys on laptops watching bar charts go up and down instead of actually watching football matches!

Stats tell us that Onana is one of the best keepers in the Premier league, reality is he couldn’t catch a cold!

Stats tell us that Bruno is our best player. And yes, he pops up and scores a few goals every now and then. But the reality is he couldn’t hit a cows arse with a banjo, the amount of times he gets the ball in a dangerous situation and then skies it or gives the ball away.

I dare say it’s the same stats boffins that are keeping Varane out of the side. Despite his failings he’s still our classiest centre half.

Listen, the injuries have killed us. And the reason for those injuries we could, and have, debated all day long. But the United that I grew up watching had a never say die attitude no matter who was on the pitch. SAF could have played an under 18’s side and they’d still have shown more than what we had out there last night.

I share the frustrations, because right now, the football is up there with some of the tripe that Mourinho was spewing out and ultimately got him sacked. I’m behind the manager, but like the OP, my patience is starting to dwindle a bit. How long can we keep watching this rubbish……. we didn’t even have a go last night…….

11.) 13 Dec 2023 08:49:21
Shappy posted a stat yesterday about our injuries it was unbelievable! Compare last season to this where we had a settled team for most and you could see huge progress! It has got of had a huge effect constantly chopping and changing and now relying ultimately on players not up to it!
For all his plaudits for example Mctom has shown in last two games why he’s not good enough, technically miles off it! But he’s all we have currently!

As regards effort I think last night you couldn’t fault effort, other games definitely!
They worked hard and for an hour I expect the game plan was exactly that! But from then on we needed to go and win it and quality wise miles off it! With zero to change off the bench!

But yet again anyone saying having cas erickson Mount malacia rashford Martinez to name a few doesn’t help us is not being realistic.

12.) 13 Dec 2023 09:10:54
I thought we matched them for large sections but make no mistake in the final third we just have nothing. No ideas or creativity, despite an awful amount invested and I count Mount in that, who I've yet to even see in a Utd shirt. Can't help being injured I guess. Mounting injuries at all the top clubs in an increasing demanding football season. The only solution moving forward is not expecting to just have 11 strong players. Managers bang on about using a squad, we'll they'll definitely need to be fully confident in at least 20 players before long with the 3-4th choice strikers for example still having a bit of clout about them.

13.) 13 Dec 2023 10:48:05
Liverpool had 7 injuries last year coming off a season where they won two titles and lost two including the league by a point where they had 90 something points and cl final and there was talk off a quad season.

They sat in 10th place last year around this time of the year having 7 injuries.

Talking about eth demeanor, stop psycho analyzing everything. Then recycle moaning about his purchases. 6 are out atm. Judge him when he has a semi healthy squad and not why we come up short with Hanibal and Pellistri as options to change the game. good luck with that and no other manager would get a tune out these options.

However if you decide to ignore injuries, takeover saga, suspensions, lack of funds, FFP and players related issues for the wrong reasons and want to hang it all on the manager, be my guest.

Blessing to miss Thursday night football, although I suspect there will be financial complications that comes with it, need to get to the break around top 5 and get players back.

No idea how we will line up in the pl given the injuries and if we will even have 4 fit defenders across the back 4 on current rate of injuries.

14.) 13 Dec 2023 11:39:05
Absolutely sh*t!
Sick of the lot of them.



10 Apr 2023 00:25:50
Harry Maguire is focussed on winning more trophies for United. He does make me laugh! Whenever I feel down I read a Hasty Manure quote.

On another subject entirely. What about the official elbowing Henderson? Whilst it cannot be condoned in any way perhaps it will start the ball rolling on more control over players approaching officials. It has become prevalent in these last few seasons and needs to stop NOW!

Keefy T

1.) 10 Apr 2023 06:50:33
I realise this is a banter site but the nasty personal attacks on Maguire are not banter, I thought we were better than that.

He's 4th choice, he's likely to leave, I will be happy for him to leave, but he's not the useless donkey that some would have us believe.

And as for the silly name, how old are you,6?

2.) 10 Apr 2023 07:08:23
Did someone wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?

Hasty Manure is pretty good. How about Hurry Merde or Happy Magoo?

3.) 10 Apr 2023 07:29:40
I know he was trying to be amusing, but the continual slaghung off us getting tiresome. Even when he plays well he gets slageed off, it's becoming irrational.

4.) 10 Apr 2023 07:42:18
Fact is Maguire is a championship level defender. Nothing personal, just facts. How he is captain of Man Utd is a mystery.

5.) 10 Apr 2023 09:20:23
Maguire is a solid EPL defender, let's not let hyperbole take over.

He'd arguably be the best defender at any club below 6th place.

He has his faults, as do all players. He isn't good enough for a UCL team or a side looking to make a title challenge. But that doesn't mean he's Sunday league standard either.

He has choices in the summer, leave and play regularly or stay and be 4th choice.

6.) 10 Apr 2023 12:17:08
Championship level, give me strength. He's first choice for England so he is clearly in the top echelon. I think he is limited in terms of his speed and pace but to call him championship level proves my point.

7.) 10 Apr 2023 12:22:46
Well if me having a dig at Maguire was the only occurrence on here then fair enough. What about the months and years of anti Ole, anti Martial, anti AWB, anti VDB, anti De Gea etc etc?

Hardly a “nasty” personal attack on him but I’ll take my medicine AJH. Far be it for me to upset a United fan. However I still think he is vastly overrated and desperately out of his depth in the EPL. Only one persons opinion I know.

You’re going to be a busy man policing this site moving forward though!

By the way……. I’m 60 and have seen a lot of very very good defenders play for United over the decades. HM is not one of them by any stretch of the imagination.

8.) 10 Apr 2023 13:07:44
Keefy, it wasn't about you mate, and you're right about the abuse other players and Ole have been given. I'm not saying Maguire is great or that we should keep him, but he's the current scapegoat.

He played well on Saturday, yet here we are.

9.) 10 Apr 2023 14:42:15
Hasty McHire lacks certain attributes, chief amongst them early recognition and speed. He's indecisive and thus often out of position after teams get behind a high line, but my guess is that he will do just fine in a team that's set up primarily to sit back and defend. He's not worth what we paid for him, and he's not the sort of player that suits the high pressing top teams, very much like de Gea is not the sort of keeper, but he's most assuredly of EPL quality. It's unfortunate for him that he was acquired at a time when those around him were also failing or simply inadequate. He has become something of a scapegoat for the general failure of the club to hire the right CEO, football director, manager, and players. He's a very decent CH but he's not a leader. One is reminded of the line from Measure for Measure "Let there be some more test made of my metal before so noble and great a figure be stamp'd upon it". (English A level 1969)

10.) 10 Apr 2023 17:58:55
Maguire is not a solid epl defender in any way shappy. He's bang average. We were absolutely robbed when we signed him.

11.) 10 Apr 2023 18:26:29
He literally starts for England so he’s obviously a bit better than some people think, he was good at Leicester so he would do well at a lower premier league club. The childish name at 60 years old, deary me.

On the other point, it was Robertson who was screaming in the refs face and grabbed his arm, a few minutes earlier he had screamed at the same linesman so you can’t blame the linesman for shaking him off how he did.

He clearly didn’t mean to elbow him in the throat (or chin as Robertson was holding until he changed it to throat) . Respect works both ways, Robertson crying to the ref about the linesman shaking him off was absolutely pathetic, I was with Keane.

12.) 10 Apr 2023 20:05:42

Something needs to be done about manhandling of linesman or refs. What was Robertson doing with the linesman, why did he have hands on the official at half time? Not excusing the official but he is human and Robertson seemed to grab him. It needs to stop, clearly the Mitrovic punishment hasn’t sunk in. Looked to me like Robertson physically grabbed/ pushed/ nudged him as if saying, hey what are you playing at, the linesman just reacted. Robertson shouldn’t be doing that with officials. Then running to the ref was pathetic, perhaps just trying to gain an advantage in the second half. The FA should be banning Robertson for his intimidation of the official, at least 3 games, no matter what the reaction of the official and what they do with him.

Harry Maguire is an England international, he plays for United, I don’t think anyone has suggested he hasn’t tried or given everything to the cause. He was chosen by the previous manager and tries to do what he can. His ability is limited in certain areas, but Rio or Vidic he isn’t. He actually isn’t that bad at stepping out with the ball, but is uncomfortable with the higher line United play versus how England line up. England, under Ole Gunnar Southgate seem to start deeper so HM doesn’t have to turn and chase anyone. Whilst he gives his all, he still isn’t immune to critique of his level which is probably just too low, but whilst he pulls on the shirt we should get behind him, as do some opponents.

13.) 10 Apr 2023 23:21:08
Yes I realised my mistake -Robertson.

14.) 11 Apr 2023 10:01:58
AJH- i agree. As fans we don’t show enough respect at times to the players.

I remember not long before Ole got the road defending him on here because I just couldn’t believe some of the posts and the hate that was being spewed towards a club legend. You may not like him for the job he did, but we should respect the service he gave this club.

On Maguire, I’m guilty off it. I’ve called him rubbish etc many times before. However, I don’t think he ever steps onto the pitch and gives nothing less than 100%. Maguire will go to a club which will suit his style of defending and look a good player.

As fans we can all do better imo. Social media is a horrific example of how bad it can be. Like I say before, I’ve been guilty off it in the past. But have to remember they’re human beings as well.

15.) 11 Apr 2023 14:05:28
I don't think Humpty Muppet will go anywhere in the summer. I expect there to be some articles in the media soon quoting him as staying to fight for his place.

16.) 11 Apr 2023 14:07:13
BTW, I'm 48. Is that also too old for silly name calling Giggs to Sheringham. What's the age limit?

17.) 11 Apr 2023 17:47:11
About 11 I think I stopped when I left primary school like the majority.



17 Mar 2023 05:07:33
Maguire - The gift that keeps on giving! He had 1 outing in pretty much a dead rubber and he is steeped in self praise.

He says it’s important for him to be out there leading the team for himself and the group.

He has never “led” the team. He has worn an armband that makes him think he does.

Pointing is not leading a team you clown!

The most important role he could perform is to push the chairs back under the table after team meetings.

Give me a break champ! I only hope you can jog out of the door quicker than you can out of defence.

Keefy T

1.) 17 Mar 2023 05:32:04
I thought he had a good game. Perhaps you could give him a break and appreciate the game.

2.) 17 Mar 2023 06:56:44
I don't think he had a good game at all, not his worst game but not a good game either.

Lost his man in the first 7 minutes leading to a 1v1 with DDG that the Betis player pulled past the post and really should have scored.

Betis had several good chances, especially in the first half, and even a few in the second. Up until Rashford scored putting the game to bed and taking the wind out of their sails, they were right in the game and possibly a little unlucky to have not scored.

We were far from defensively secure, with Maguire regularly losing his man and not being in the right position.

We won the game in spite of Maguire's performance not because of it.

3.) 17 Mar 2023 08:32:31
Yet the team achieved a win and a clean sheet with him at the back so well done to them.

4.) 17 Mar 2023 09:21:27
Eric79 - Spot on!
Even though they won some people on this page still bitch about Maguire.
I'm not Maguires biggest fan but believe me there were worse players than him on that pitch last night.
AWB was crap and so was Fred, he gave the ball away so many times i lost count.
Can we not just focus on the fact that we are won the game and we are in the quarter finals of another competition?

5.) 17 Mar 2023 12:25:09
Agree with Shappy. I’m not sure how many Maguire sympathisers there would be if we had to keep playing him week in week out. Remember those times before you jump on the sympathy train.

6.) 17 Mar 2023 13:24:15
I don’t rate Maguire but he wasn’t bad last night. He made a couple of decent blocks and clearances at 0-0 when we were under pressure.

He’s not fitted to how we want to play, or good enough for where we want to be but he gets some stick that goes ott and he gets scrutinised more than others.



02 Mar 2023 04:41:25
I spent many years playing at a reasonable level in the conference leagues as an average (perhaps slightly above average) defender and right wing. It always frustrated me why I was never really looked at to play at a higher level and often agonised over what was missing.

Now I know!

I needed a fringe that's too long and needs constantly adjusting, especially after dwelling over a pass so long the grass grows round the ball. I needed to point aimlessly in random directions. I needed to raise my arm in the vain hope it would hide a poorly timed tackle, a missed tackle or lack of positioning. And most importantly I needed to take three or four touches before passing the ball sideways or backwards for 90% of the game.

Thanks Harry!

Your wife should contact the department of trade. Pretty sure she thought she had married a football player!

Yes yes……I hate Maguire!

Keefy T

1.) 02 Mar 2023 06:18:06
I've noticed the fringe issue, and it's not just Maguire. Lindelof and Garnacho are always doing it, although Brandon Williams was the worst.

2.) 02 Mar 2023 06:33:15
Maguire lindelof and ddg were terrible tonight, they set the tone for the game by taking an age to pass, not passing forward and generally being far too lethargic!
As regards the fringe I agree but my pet hate is mctominay after every foul or incident he’s involved in he fiddles with his shorts and socks, does my head in!

3.) 02 Mar 2023 08:17:38
DDG was terrible? He kept us in the game with some cracking saves!

4.) 02 Mar 2023 08:38:37
It bodes quite well that we're seeing complaints about adjusting socks and fixing fringes rather than our team being hopeless. I'm all for this behaviour if we continue to have United on this form!

5.) 02 Mar 2023 09:31:57
Brilliant Keefy. Maguire is the enigma that we will never understand but will have to accept in an England shirt! You also do not get to our club and be captain if you are that bad. do you?
Thankfully he will be gone in the summer and someone will pay a reasonable amount for him and likely he will do well if they play the system right.
Chris, the DDG comment can also be attributed to Maguire (plus the whole back 4). We know that he is not the best with ball at feet but has been okay generally when it is Varane and Martinez, unfortunately when it is Maguire and Lindelof to pass to he reverts to his nervous self and causes problems.
We got through, gave a rest to a few important players and we are relatively healthy for the Liverpool match. Job well done.

6.) 02 Mar 2023 09:41:36
DDG was terrible. what game did you watch?
He made at least two one on one saves and kept us in it a 1-0.

7.) 02 Mar 2023 11:21:49
Short back and sides for every player ?.

8.) 02 Mar 2023 12:42:50
I commented on this last night. If I was a forward, no way would I fall for him pointing forward when he's looking to pass. I'd be straight over to Victor!

9.) 02 Mar 2023 17:40:32
I watched the game that lacked tempo and any intensity! I watched a game that our two centre halves and goal keeper had about 40 percent of pointless possession that ultimately ended in hoofing it up field in sheer panic! I do agree Brad I don’t solely put it on ddg but as a trio they all create nerves and are so slow in possession we’re easy to play against!

10.) 02 Mar 2023 19:24:52
De Gea probably had PTSD when he saw Maguire and Lindelof in front of him.

11.) 02 Mar 2023 20:27:12
Eric ??????.

12.) 02 Mar 2023 21:14:51

Agree 100%. It is indeed a good sign eh! But we can realistically only continue the form when the whole team is on board. I get it that we need to rotate as best we can with the fixture congestion but surely put one good CB in each week and not rely solely on the cardboard cutouts?

13.) 02 Mar 2023 23:06:09
Bottom line is we won it was a calculated gamble and the players need resting where possible for the big games to be won too.

14.) 03 Mar 2023 01:22:19
DDG’s first job is to save the ball and stop it going in the goal, last night he was fantastic at that and West Ham would have been out of sight if he wasn’t. Poor game my arse.

15.) 03 Mar 2023 07:07:55
Keefy, I agree Maguire should be nowhere near the team. His signing was the epitome of everything wrong with the club a few years ago. He never has been anywhere near the level needed.

However, if there was a game to rest Varane and Martinez, it was this one. We've got through it and if anything, it will have solidified the thought that we need to bring in another CB this summer who is an upgrade on Maguire.



27 Aug 2022 02:00:50
It’s good news that, allegedly, the captaincy does not guarantee Slabhead a start. Sadly I think it will give him a place on the bench which is still a waste of a shirt. Let him keep the armband and guarantee him a place in the reserves.

Keefy T

1.) 27 Aug 2022 06:03:38
I don't look forward to games when Maguire doesn't start.
His leadership skills pretty much hold the defense for United.
What an underrated player.

2.) 27 Aug 2022 09:59:50
Harry Maguire has all the skills of an Easter Island head but with none of the charm or interest.

3.) 27 Aug 2022 11:18:27
His interview at the end of last season was worrying. He doesn't seem to have the ability to evaluate his own performances. In his eyes different England and United managers pick him so he's doing well. Instead of showing humility after a shocking season he doubled down on how good he his.

I don't think he'll be the type of player who will do well on the bench, slotting in when needed.




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08 Jan 2023 20:33:49
United in Focus are reporting that it makes no sense to get rid of Maguire with the fixture pile up.

I would argue that it makes total sense. That way there is no chance of him playing for us again, otherwise the fixture pile up will be fixed!

Keefy T



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16 Sep 2022 03:15:51
Can we move on from Ole? That has been done to death. He does not need nor deserve the vitriol being served up day in day out!

Ole was, is and always will be an MUFC legend. He was measured like all since SAF on that goal. Ever since then nobody has a chance unless they repeat the feat which is ever more difficult as football evolves.

None of us know the facts of who he did or didn't bring in and whether he wanted them or not. Maguire was, allegedly, touted before he "brought" him in so I suspect that was not entirely of his own doing. That could easily be the case for a few players.

How many of you old enough stood, yes people, STOOD in the Stretford End baying for Fergusons blood when he was supposedly 1 game away from the sack? He was "clueless, out of his depth, should go back to Scotland etc. " A few I would imagine! The rest as they say was history. Sadly these days managers are not given such luxuries and are gone in days after a few bad results.

I am not about to defend Ole as a manager. We can all see that he was a passionate person in the wrong job and with the wrong credentials. To call him the Norwegian Numty or a **** of a manager is just damn disrespectful. How many of the haters would shake Ole's hand and say what an idol he is were they to meet him? Most I suspect! And don't put him down for wanting to give it a go. Most if not all of you would jump at the chance and most if not all of you have no managerial clue! I certainly haven't!

Move on, look to the future and get behind EtH and the team.

Keefy T



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21 Aug 2022 02:21:43
If the deal for Pulisic does indeed never materialise or is just click bait can we send them Maguire anyway to say sorry?

Keefy T



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07 Dec 2020 22:04:11
We absolutely have to keep Mata and not just for what he can still provide on the park as a fringe player. He embodies everything about being a Red. He loves his craft, he is passionate and gives 100% every time he steps on the pitch. More like him across the park and we would be flying. Sure he is older but purely as an example to the youngsters he has to stay and eventually become an ambassador. The rest can leave including the circus that is Pogba.

Keefy T




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10 Feb 2024 15:02:29
The identity should 100% be set from above Wazza. No argument there.


I still firmly believe that many people up there are not football people and are like rabbits in headlights or fascinated by glitz. The results is the club ends up with square pegs for round holes. Now if the manager chose them then it’s on his head, especially if he is given time.

The problem is that we sack managers after a limited time and therefore have no continuity. That is what results in the wrong players by United standards.

You 100% cannot employ someone and give them the wrong tools to do a job. Any employer who does that deserves to fail.

Keefy T



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05 Feb 2024 15:14:53
I think to draw a comparison to the United Trinity as far as the pose goes is not a bad thing. As players that will clearly take a lot to achieve, if at all. But we can dream eh!

But imagine if in 40 years time there is a statue of that outside the new stadium?

I’ll be long gone by then so will never know.

Keefy T



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20 Nov 2023 02:37:52
Donny same as he was?. By that I assume you mean a mobile chicane that is warming the bench……occasionally?

Keefy T



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18 Nov 2023 06:35:48
Hugs available for $5. All proceeds to SJR takeover fund.

Keefy T



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31 Oct 2023 01:05:39
I've got to get me a pair of these rose tinted glasses!

Keefy T