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07 Jun 2022 21:17:36
We're rumours, stress rumours, about Utd bidding for Mount. Tonight has shown up his limitations though. He will never be a top top dominating midfielder. We need stronger better and someone who keeps the ball under pressure.

Also Germany have given England a football lesson in keeping their shape and passing and moving and pressing as a unit. I know it's only one game but they look so much better than England and what worries me more is how Southgate doesn't appear to know how to counter them. Either that or his players are not listening. Either way I never want to see him as Utds manager.

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07 Jun 2022 21:47:18
Southgate has taken this England side as far as he can and they need new blood in there to help this young England side take the next step.

Someone like Graham Potter would be ideal.

However, the FA are too loyal and will allow him to flop at a major tournament before they make a decision.

07 Jun 2022 21:48:00
I thought England's cutting edge improved quite a bit when grealish came on .
On chances a bit disappointing england didn't win that.

08 Jun 2022 00:01:35

Southgate has done absolutely nothing to be sacked for.

08 Jun 2022 00:28:00
No one ever really wanted or liked Southgate. Only a matter of time until the papers start printing his head as a turnip.

Unless he wins literally every single game he is doomed.

08 Jun 2022 01:31:22
I said after the world cup and the euros southgate is a fraud and has everyone puring for him

He is a terrible manager,

Before anyone says he's the most succesfull england manager since we won the world cup,

he HAS FAILED. Look at the run and the teams we played in the euros, where rhe games were played. He bottled it just like ole when it was crunch time he didn't produce.

08 Jun 2022 01:33:08
To add to shappys comment he has already flopped at 2 major tournements

When the rest of the national teams have been pretty average compared to past competitions,

It looks. good in qualifying when you play part time check put workers.

08 Jun 2022 06:50:11
The players looked leggy and quite frankly the Nations league isn't a proper tournament anyway, after two hard seasons with an international tournament in the middle and the first season being C.V. condensed these players need a rest.

Instead we play a ltournament whose sole purpose is to make UEFA cash.

The best thing we could have done in my opinions is give everyone extended rests this summer in order to get them in peak performance for the world Cup.

As for Southgate he has achieved more than any other England manager apart from Ramsay with a young team that largely hasn't peaked yet. I don't see him being replaced anytime soon.

08 Jun 2022 07:06:40
Should England wait until he gives them a reason or get a better manager in who can do better with these players?

I can't believe Southgate is in the job.

08 Jun 2022 08:17:40
No-one will succeed in that job. Potter lol. Wouldn't have him in charge of my Subbuteo team.

{Ed001's Note - what a stupid comment. Potter is an excellent manager.}

08 Jun 2022 08:30:31
Spenno, potter is a top quality coach, easily better than someone like Southgate. In fact, I'm sure we will see Potter in a top 6 job in the not too distant future.

08 Jun 2022 08:46:48
GDS, what is failure as the England manager?

You could say it is being knocked out of a major tournament by a lesser side.

Are Croatia a better side than England?

Are Italy considering they have failed to qualify for this year's world cup?

Maybe that's a little harsh.

However, I don't think you need to do something to get sacked, some times being unable to do something is a good enough reason to be sacked.

Looking at this England side, and looking at Southgate as a manager, I don't think he has the ability to take this group of players to the next level, I think as an England manager he has plateaued.

Yet I think given the young players coming through and the age of some of the current players I feel this group of England players can go up a couple of notches. I just don't think Southgate has the capability to get them there.

What waste a chance at an international tournament before we act? I would not be surprised to see England go out at the group stages in November. While I can also see excuses being made about the heat, the time of year etc as for why and then Southgate will be allowed to carry on for another couple of years.

08 Jun 2022 08:54:22
I dunno Ed. It's a great Subbuteo team to be fair.

{Ed001's Note - it would be with Potter in charge.}

08 Jun 2022 10:25:31
Shappy I'm a bit surprised that you wouldn't be shocked if England did not get out of their world Cup group . Its a pretty kind draw again and I'm not seeing anything to suggest we wouldn't be pretty heavy favorites to progress.
I think Southgate was a fairly uninspiring choice to lead England but the man's done pretty well .
I think most people wish he'd been a bit braver in the Italy and Croatia games instead of reverting to a back three which ended up being more like a back five in those games in particular .
I think we go into the world Cup in a bunch of 8 or 9 teams that will hope to do well but only one can win it .

08 Jun 2022 11:01:10
Does anyone here honestly think we have a really good chance of winning the world Cup? Honestly?

We have no chance. We couldn't beat an average Italian team even with home advantage and fiercely passionate crowd behind the team in a final at Wembley.

I like Southgate and has done a reasonable job bringing back some pride to the national team but he is miles behind the best coaches.

The top three teams in England are mainly made up of foreign players so an England manager has limited talent to work with but put Pep or Klopp or Conte as manager and I am positive the England team would have a far greater chance of winning a trophy.

In international competition so often a moment of individual brilliance is needed to unlock a defence and provide the spark that ignites a teams performance. Last night was a perfect example but Grealish was brought on far too late. He is the maverick player who needs a run of games to get his confidence really flowing. But Southgate obviously doesn't trust him.

In attack we are so reliant on Kane and yet no alternative has really been tried in the last two matches. Being cynical if I were an opposing manager I would tell my team to make sure Kane doesn't get a kick (some foreign coaches would not care if that means by fair means or foul) . Once you take care of Lane our goal threat is minimal

Also last night showed how much he is left alone to make an impact. He needs proper support. Making him run his guts out chasing long balls is stupid. He is coming off the back of a long season. Where is the football intelligence in booting aimless balls when he has two or more players covering him with nobody close for any knock downs?

Where was the controlled passing from defence to midfield to attack. Where was the variation in pace between phases of play? Why didn't the team press at the same time? So many questions and we should not have to worry about them with a world cup just a few months away.

This latest tournament should have been about bedding in the squad members and using different tactics so we have a plan A B and C in a proper match.

And for all the above reasons I would never have Southgate as Utds manager.

08 Jun 2022 11:43:01
I don't really have a great feeling about England's chances at the WC to be honest. Despite it being played at a 'colder' time of year it's still not going to be a climate that will favour our gung-ho fast-paced approach. I think it will suit a slower more technical team. Although at least for once we might go into a tournament with a reasonable level of fitness rather than at the end of a season when every player is knackered.

08 Jun 2022 11:55:10
Slate, I don't think Southgate has done a bad job, in fact I think he's done fairly well. Certainly better than most England managers.

He's done a good job changing the poor attitude and working with the players to give them more confidence and to get them to work as a team. Clearing out the old cliques that constantly stopped England from pulling together as one.

However, I think his tactics limit the quality of this England side, he doesn't have the nous to get the team over the line. They play better when sitting deep and hitting on the counter, but against sides they should easily brush aside they struggle for long periods of the game and need a moment of individual brilliance to unlock them.

He's a high street brand Ole, does everything Ole did well but better, while having many of the same limitations.

As pointed out above if he'd been braver against Croatia then he'd have taken them to a world cup final.

While I think had he also been braver against Italy then England would have won the Euro's.

That lack of bravery, that fear of failure and a focus on what the other team can do to his team rather than what his team can do to the opposition means that he will always fall just short.

Fortune favours the brave, you'll never achieve anything by taking the safe option.

I think he should be thanked and congratulated on what he has achieved with England, but they need a better manager who can lift this side to the next level if they are to truly ever win anything.

08 Jun 2022 12:13:59
England have a gung ho fast paced approach, could have fooled me, every time i watch them they are incredibly boring, kind of like watching us tbf.

08 Jun 2022 13:11:42
England are boring asf. If they have any hope of winning anything they need to get a serious manager in because they have plenty of talent.

08 Jun 2022 13:47:12
Bolger I totally agree. Southgate is a useless manager. The way he managed the final against Italy was pathetic. He often played two RBs in the same team rather than use Sancho. His decision making on the penalty shootout against Italy was a disaster.
England still play boring football managed by a boring manager and a boring man. He takes no risks. Watch the way Pep and Klopp take calculated risks as they trust in their players to deliver. Southgate shows non of these attributes.
Brazil, Argentina, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal are all better than England. Getting to the final through a relatively easy route masked the average standard we have in the English team and management.
Anyone thinking we could win the WC is in for a major shock. Quarter finals at best.

08 Jun 2022 19:34:16
Southgate is terrible, boring as hell, in fact useless.

08 Jun 2022 23:56:48
Wow aaa what are you making yr assumptions on we never play Brazil or Argentina.
We put Germany out of the euros without too much trouble and the players are disappointed with just drawing with them in the Allianz.
Italy haven't even qualified for the world Cup
Spain and Portugal barely won a game in 90 mins at the euros .
So we had an easy draw but then played a third of the teams you say were far better than us .
In the euros we played Italy, Germany, Denmark, Ukraine, czecks, Croatia and Scotland it wasn't the cake walk your making out .
We probably won't win the world Cup but that will be true of all bar one side .
Can you remember the years on end of never beating anyone of any great note with the internationally renowned coaches like sven and capello with players like shearer, Owen, Beckham, Scholes, gerard, lampard, Terry and ferdinand, we were absolutely pants.

We go into tourneys now with maguire and stones at the back not ferdinand and Terry and yet achieve so much more .



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