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11 Oct 2021 19:23:52
I know players are Uber confident but some of them make very odd decisions.

Wijnaldum was doing so well at Liverpool and now he can’t get in the PSG team. Barkley went to Chelsea and rarely plays, Scott Sinclair went to City, ther are so many players that make a move and it doesn’t work. Did they move for the money, the status, we’re they that confident they would play? Who else has moved only to find the pay never play (and you don’t need to mention DVB! )

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11 Oct 2021 19:42:07
I can't imagine many clubs approach a player and say "we want to sign you to sit on our bench incase of emergency". I'd imagine they are all told they will get minutes, the manager has a plan for them etc.

Maybe that's the truth and the player just simply struggles to adapt to his new team, or maybe they sweet talked the player knowing full well that if they said there real thoughts the player would probably go elsewhere.

I'd have thought it's a case of the player not adapting more often than not.

Wijnaldum was always a talented player who struggled to make a consistent impact. He was decent at Feyenoord and PSV, average at a Newcastle side that suffered relegation. It was at Liverpool in Klopp's system where he really hit the big time. He had never managed those levels at other clubs. I wonder if it was a case of it being the ideal system for the player. He then moves to PSG and he's back the the Gini of Newcastle.

In hindsight maybe he made a mistake leaving. I wonder if Ander Herrera feels the same way. I suppose it's difficult to turn away from a very lucrative bosman transfer and the huge signing on fees that come with them.

11 Oct 2021 19:56:20
Danny Drinkwater.

11 Oct 2021 20:32:41
Wijnaldum has a great international record also playing a more attacking role so is certainly versatile.

11 Oct 2021 20:40:30
I would imagine they all have confidence that they can break into the team. It's a no brainer for most. Better pay, better chance of winning trophies. Wijnaldum is slightly different I suppose but you don't know what was offered behind the scenes?

Would you rather play every week for a mid table club or would you like to join a team that can win trophies, pay you more but you won't play as much?

I know which one I would choose.

11 Oct 2021 20:44:51
Loved reading how Wijnaldum is unhappy at his game time and not the situation he wanted. I’m sure the 10 million or whatever it was just to sign a piece of paper will make him feel better. Fancy a swap mate?

{Ed014's Note - never rated Wijnaldum to be honest, not sure what he did at Newcastle to warrant the move to Liverpool.

Had a few decent games but just blocking someone like Curtis Jones who looks a real talent.

11 Oct 2021 21:19:06
Eden Hazard is another one :)
Who ate all the paellas?

12 Oct 2021 08:57:27
Drinkwater looked such a good player at Leicester, went to Chelsea and hardly got a game. He's at Reading now and getting playing time.

It's more understandable if someone moves to a different country. Guess a lot of it depends on how adaptable you are.

11 Oct 2021 22:08:31
Gini for me is vastly underrated. I think every team needs a player of his type. He played more games than anybody at Liverpool in that 3 year period of an epl title and a cl title and final.
The sort of player you only notice when he is not playing and a great man for popping up with a goal when you need one.
Ajh its a good question.
There is no short answer.
Some move for a new challenge or for better terms in the hope of more opportunity.
Herrera hardly kicked a ball for 2 years now he is in the team there.
Sometimes players move and then the coach is fired and the new guy doesn't fancy them.
I understand why players move about. Why not? If it doesn't work out they can move on again.
You can understand their mindset because when every club signs a player the poor sod (like cavani) who was 1st choice suddenly find himself side swiped and push for a move.
Who signed barkley for Chelsea for example? he has prob had 3 managers since he was signed.
Its odd in vdbs case where the manager that signed him never plays him.
Veron signed for united disaster.
Torres at Chelsea.
De ligt and Ramsey at juve
Ziach at Chelsea
Joe Hart at well everywhere
Alan Brazil
Gary birtles back in the day
Danny ings at Liverpool
Ian rush juve
The list is endless.
Players are not robots there are so many factors that contribute to their form that there is no guarantee that they can replicate it anywhere it takes really special players to do that.
Ibra ronaldo vvd lewndowski beckham figo spring to mind.

12 Oct 2021 12:10:27
Drinkwater is a sad case of a player having personal issues that hit the self destruct button which then obviously impacts their careers.

A real shame to see.

12 Oct 2021 12:11:42
Wijnaldum was about money and more importantly length of contract, players only have short careers and guarantee of income is important.

Barkley had a fair crack of the whip at chelsea under sarri and lampard, just not good enough for the top level. Drinkwater is a better example. who went to chelsea and hardly plays.

12 Oct 2021 13:52:51
DSG, I’m ot sure that argument works any more. Short career or not, most players earn more money than they will ever need.

Steve Sidwell is another one, probably needed a step up from Reading but Chelsea was the wrong move.

12 Oct 2021 15:40:24
Tony I think Wijnaldum is a decent midfielder, very underrated and will walk into our team any day of the week. Shame he chose a stupid move to PSG.
I think the agents are the biggest culprits. They unsettle the players and arrange transfers as that's the best way for them to make fortunes from their clients.

12 Oct 2021 15:58:15
AaA great point on the agents.
Danny went from drinkwater to drinkchampagne on his new wages all the same.

12 Oct 2021 16:01:26
Now he's back on tap water.



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