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06 Jan 2020 18:42:22
I do not think we should be targeting a number 10 type midfielder.

We need to shape our style of play to suit a proper 433 as city and Liverpool do. I would prefer one specialist midfielder who’s able to sit back, break up play and dictate the tempo of the game. Someone who’s comfortable with both short and long passing.

I would like the other two midfielders to be proper box to box midfielders, comfortable in both defending and attacking and provide assists and goals with late runs. With one dropping back when the other attacks.

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06 Jan 2020 19:59:52
Once OGS realises that all the top teams dominate the midfield we may start to see some progress. His initial success was predominantly based around a midfield 3 of Pogba, Herrera and Matic.

It's no coincidence in my opinion that once that midfield was broken up results have nosedived. I know Matic's legs have gone but imagine if that midfield had been available to us this season I think most would agree we'd be much higher up the league.

06 Jan 2020 20:11:24
We don't play 4 3 3 we are constantly playing 2 holding midfielders . we don't play a consistent system or way of playing.

I like ole I really do and I think most people would be happy if you could see a style.

Like maybe a few more signings and we would be ok but in reality we are not and ole is taking most of the crap for it for the previous managers and clubs failings.

06 Jan 2020 20:42:07
Bolger ole is taking the flack for his own failings.

06 Jan 2020 21:18:54
It's tough to play a system that requires 3 midfielders when we struggle to name three midfielders in the entire match day squad.

In our squad we have Pogba, Matic, Fred, McTominay and Andreas Pereira who could be played in a midfield three. Of which Pogba has been injured since the end of August, Matic has been injured for most of that time, while McTominay has had 3 weeks out injured, and is now out for the next 6-8 weeks.

Our injuries and lack of depth mean we almost have to play a 2 man midfield system.

06 Jan 2020 21:36:27
A system? That suggests there is a plan and a structure which no one can see. We could easily name 3 midfielders but that doesn’t fit the poor Ole has hasn’t been given what he needs story.

06 Jan 2020 21:44:48
dose not ole now injuries are part of the game. he knew what he was taking on. the troule is he could no believe he would get the job permanent and is now just happy to be a yes man.

06 Jan 2020 22:09:14
I think him persisting with Lingard as a number 10 rather than switching to a 433 shows his lack of tactics or coaching ability. Lack of signings should not be an excuse to implement a style of play, whatever that may be. We have seen other managers do this with lesser squads. If Ole’s preferred set up is 4231 then we should at least see some common patterns of play week in week out. At the moment we’re seeing an inability to penetrate and create clear cut chances.
It does feel as if the message to the players is “go out and have fun” which may have worked under Fergie sometimes but does not work these days as every team will set up with specific tactics and it is up to you to out think them or just be that good that you win with the quality on the pitch.

06 Jan 2020 22:46:09
Lingard plays in a midfield 3.

06 Jan 2020 23:56:57
ken that's pushing it.

07 Jan 2020 01:37:03
What is everyone on about?

He has a prefered formation 4231 has been used almost exclusively. In a few big games he has played 5 across the back. Which has worked well as a surprise.

His preferred style is attacking quickly and with pace. Pacey forwards that can stretch teams.

Where this has been exposed is when teams sit back and compress the space and do not allow our players in behind. At which point you need a spark, some magic. Martial or Rashford making something happen. More from midfield. A plan B striker from the bench. Goals from corners from your CBs. We have been seriously lacking in all 3.

We had had an inconsistent season. We have scored quite a lot of goals when you look at the table. We have conceded too many. We have drawn too many games.

Doom and gloom on here is crazy at the moment. It is like everyone has forgotten how thin our squad has been.

07 Jan 2020 04:49:11
Mata kept making a lot of off the ball runs forward and not even a single time were our midfielders able to pass to him.
That's the state of the midfield at the moment.

It's absolute poor planning from the decision makers.

07 Jan 2020 08:55:01
Dodgy. We most certainly do not attack with pace. Each player takes 5 touches before they release the ball sideways or backwards, almost like a rugby pattern. The ball is played out wide for our wingers to either run at someone and lose it or cross a ball into an empty box.

From a manager that was a quality striker, he doesn't pass on any of his knowledge to our attackers. We constantly look like a team that has never played together.

On paper we counter attack well but in theory we play well when the game is open. It's no surprise when the other 13 teams in the league sit back against us.

We've been playing the same team constantly and we look like strangers on the pitch. He has had 1 year in charge I'm still baffled watching the team. A competent manager would have implemented his ideas across to the team by now.

But maybe we are doing Ole a dis-service. Maybe he has implemented his style across to the team, maybe the players are carrying out his instructions to a tee, maybe he's just out of his depth.

07 Jan 2020 11:52:30
For starters he needs to give Fred a more disciplined role. For all I love his work ethic I think he's too much all over the shot.

I think him and Mctominay compliment each other well although I'd very much prefer Fred. I know different players.

We need a solid sitting midfielder who can break up play and get us on the counter.

07 Jan 2020 12:09:42
Ole brought in James, who is way up there in the league in terms of assists and goals - from wide - with pace.

AWB who has been very good at right back, he needs to add some more attacking threat- but I think he will get there.

Maguire has not yet reached the heights we hoped for. Dury is out. But let's give him a hkt more time to settle before we write him off.

Ole has not had chance to bring in anyone in CM. Maybe he was naive to think he could persuade PP to stay. Maybe the money men told him he had to keep him because valuation was not met. Either way, he would have to publically support someone who was going to be in the team.

I'm not quite sure who you think he should have played in place of some of the other players. Linders is way out of form. Andreas has improved, but needs more assists and goals. Mata, Matic legs have gone. Other young players possibly? But he has given them games in UEFA and cups.

We need a few more players of quality and this team would be in much better shape. Injuries have had an effect. The squad was thin to begin with.

Would you prefer that Jones played? He tried that once and it looks like never again! Good decision Ole!

07 Jan 2020 14:06:04
Dury"s been out for a long time, unfortunately. One for the older posters 😁.

07 Jan 2020 15:11:26
That gives me three reasons to be cheerful.



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