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17 Jul 2022 17:00:14
Good afternoon

I don't usually post these, however I saw United linked with a striker at Stuttgart, Sasa Kalajdzic . Not seen the name before, no idea who he is but grateful for any guidance on him.
Thanks in advance, even if it is read the posts (I am not great on searches like that on here, maybe there could be instructions somewhere? )

Red Man

{Ed002's Note - Sasa Kalajdzic (S) Stuttgart will push for him to sign a new contract. Agent has offered him to Brighton, Roma and Spurs - as they did last summer to Chelsea and Crystal Palace - and probably many other clubs. Bayern Munich are keen on the player but have a preferred target. The same is true of Borussia Dortmund.}

1.) 17 Jul 2022 18:36:44
Thank you Ed002.



02 Jul 2022 20:18:29
Before anyone starts criticising Ronaldo, why blame him for wanting to leave. Ron has maybe one or two seasons left where he could play Champions League level football. We can't give him it this season, plus, if we are honest with each other, given the continuing mess, it's unlikely the season after either.

I hope the club act professionally and don't start denying him an exit so that the whole thing will decline into a grubby argument only settled on the last day of the window when too late to buy anyone. The club need to let a club legend go without rancour.

We are that much of a mess they are talking about Calvert Lewin, how far we have fallen. How far putting Moyes and particularly Ole in charge, took us down. Instead of buying wingers the club should have bought a striker. Ole sold Lukaku and thought Martial was the answer.

Don't be surprised if we put a bid in for Neymar, after all he fits our utter shambles of transfers in recent years.

Red Man

1.) 02 Jul 2022 20:27:35
We are where we are, we know we need a complete rebuild and that at the moment we cannot attract the top top talent.
I for one would just be happy to see 11 players on the pitch next year working their nuts off and see where we are at come the end of the season.

2.) 02 Jul 2022 21:25:41
I was thinking Neymar myself to be honest Red Man…. I’d really hope we don’t do it.

3.) 02 Jul 2022 21:32:23
I don’t think top 4 this season need be beyond our dreams (assuming we get the players we seem to have in the works - otherwise of course not) and this is exactly what Ten Hag will be saying to Ron, surely. The same thing Ron was told by Fergie when Real came calling. You’re still in contract, give us one more year.

4.) 02 Jul 2022 21:41:00
So wonder who will be captain now then?

5.) 02 Jul 2022 21:57:59
If a player doesent want to be here then sell him

Doesnt matter who they are.

6.) 03 Jul 2022 01:22:59
100% agree Red Man, Ronaldo will leave either this summer or next. Why make it an unsightly mess. Who really benefits from that? Not the club, not the player and not the fans.

There are legitimate questions about whether he would suit the style of play we expect EtH to play.

He obviously isn't a long term option.

Personally I'd like it if he can stay his final year as it delays the need to heavily invest in a striker. However, that comes with the caveat that BOTH Ronaldo WANTS to be here AND EtH WANTS him as part of his squad.

If either Ronaldo wants to leave or EtH doesn't want him as part of the squad then it's for the best that he leaves this summer rather than a whole season of discontent.

7.) 03 Jul 2022 08:13:24
If we after Neymar i would be so disappointed. It would be a bit of the same bs we have witnessed year after year.

8.) 03 Jul 2022 09:15:17
I don't understand all the noise tbh.

I haven't read anything saying that the club won't let him go.

Also, Ronaldo did say that he wants to go "if the proper offer arrives", which obviously still didn't happen.

Lets just wait and see.

9.) 03 Jul 2022 09:25:52
I think Ronaldo would be of more value to us in a swap deal than in a straight sale:

30m + CR7 for Osimhen
Straight swap for Gnabry
30m + CR7 for De Ligt

Those kind of deals may be doable.

I just don’t see the Roma/ Napoli links being true. He wants to leave to win titles, yet neither of those two have a cat in hell’s hope of winning Serie A next season. I can only think it’s Bayern, in which case we should be asking for Gnabry, Pavard, Upamecano or Goretzka.

Strikers-wise, we now need two.

10.) 03 Jul 2022 10:06:18

11.) 03 Jul 2022 10:29:04
It's three questions.
Will they let him go? He's under contract after all.
Is there a suitable club that wants/ can afford him?
Who to replace him with? Obviously the club will have been eyeing up CR7's long-term replacement for next summer, it's a question of whether any of those might be available a season earlier.

12.) 03 Jul 2022 11:23:26
If he wants to go, then let him go, he looking after himself which he has the entitlement to do so, he feels that he has 2-3 years left to win something individually before retirement

The club doesn’t need another episode of Lingard and Pogba even though I think Ronaldo would conduct himself more professionally if he was forced to stay

Ronaldo made that decision so we have to let him move on for the betterment of him and the club. He will be highly regarded and loved by the fans but I don’t think he be getting the Paul Scholes, Gary Neville treatment.

13.) 03 Jul 2022 15:14:52

In terms of valuations of Osimhen and de Ligt from their respective clubs, United would need to offer closer to £60m + CR7 for either.

Ultimately, neither would be interested in sacrificing CL for what would ultimately represent a punt - never going to happen.

£30m + CR7 might work for Lewandowski, but he'd also likely have no intention of dropping to EL football.

United need to box clever.
No CL - bye-bye top table.
Winning nothing - bye-bye second table.
Still no clear direction and at the beginning of a rebuild - United are on that squeaky seat avoided by everyone else at the third table.

I'd rather we signed Ivan Toney than get a spent and/ or unproven striker from another league just to fill a gap and, let's be real, even he'd be unsure.

Ronaldo was a mistake. Yes, he's a proven scorer, but he's not the machine he once was. When United signed him, they could offer CL football - that's when they should have been in properly for the likes of Martinez, Osimhen, etc. Instead, the decisions were made by idiots.
United haven't missed the boat, they ignored the boarding time to focus on a vintage car - plenty of short-term flash, but lacking it's former pedigree.

United need to avoid making poor decisions and focus on what they have and what they can offer.

That said, they've spent all this time on FdJ who, according to reports, does not want to come.
He was reported as saying the same before the window opened.
Yet, United have ignored that reality because there's far too much arrogance at the club.
They should have focused on M-Savic, Kessie, Zakaria, Neves or Tielemans, but no, they want some marquee name - sheer stupidity.

United have learned nothing and will continue to achieve as much until they quit hiring idiots.

14.) 03 Jul 2022 15:17:17
Is anyone blaming Ronaldo? I think the majority of fans fully understand why he would want to move on. And, from what I could gather, he stated that it was "if a suitable offer" was made. No demands, just an indication of preference. He's acting like a gentleman.

15.) 03 Jul 2022 17:02:28
Let's be honest. If it's a player we like, we make all sorts of excuses for him wanting to leave, and it's everyone elses fault. If it's one we don't like, it's the player's fault.

16.) 03 Jul 2022 17:45:35
Easy, I’ll answer the OP on this one.

Because he’s obviously got his agent to tout him around, the club found out and issued the not for sale statement and he wants out without giving up a shed load of cash. That’s why.

If he wants to leave, he should put in a request.

17.) 03 Jul 2022 18:28:12
Makes me laugh all these quotes that Ronaldo loves the club etc etc!

No he doesn’t! He’d have 100% signed for City if Sir Alex hadn’t have stepped in. There’s only one thing Ronaldo loves and that’s himself. Otherwise he’d see his contract out and put the rebuild of United before his ego!

And if he thinks he’s walking into a prospective Champions league winning side he’s dreaming. Roma and Napoli been mentioned…. be lucky if either of ‘em get into the knock outs!

18.) 03 Jul 2022 22:28:59
Woggle, is FdJ a marquee signing? He’s won very little. Would he be a great signing normally? Maybe not. But he’s the ideal signing for this manager who had him in the heart of his team previously, who obviously wants to use the same blueprint here.



10 Nov 2021 19:24:31
I read this today. Apparently during one of Ole's 20 defeats at Old Trafford, the opposition dug-out were puzzled when he stayed in his seat as Manchester United conceded a goal, then amused when one of his staff entered the technical area to pass on wisdom and shouted 'Wakey wakey'.

We know Ole and team are not up to it, but seriously are the board going to allow this utter pantomime to continue.

Red Man

1.) 10 Nov 2021 19:59:25
Blimey. Ed has there been any developments regarding a potential change in the club management / coaching?
Thank you.

{Ed002's Note - What do you have expected to change today.}

2.) 10 Nov 2021 20:37:26
I’m not sure to be honest. A wide range of opinions and views out there presently. Some outlets claiming Rogers will be the next permanent manager, some saying OGS will remain as manager until the Summer, others saying Ralf Rangnik is keen to take over asap.

Given it’s the international break, I did wonder if this might be a more suitable time to make a change (if the club were going to) .

I ask you as you seem to be the only person that actually provides useful and accurate info.

3.) 10 Nov 2021 22:17:02
Ed002 translation TOHOM - No change.

4.) 11 Nov 2021 07:23:31
I don't know if this is true or not, but I do find the timing of it being reported odd.

Nothing about which game it was, or when this happened. But if this wasn't the City game then whoever knew about this didn't publish it for weeks, maybe months. Why?

Now whether this is true or not it doesn't change the fact that Ole isn't good enough and needs replacing. However, if it is fabricated or if it has been sat on until now then you might want to question why a member of the press has done that.

5.) 11 Nov 2021 10:46:31
Would I be surprised if it were true? NO
Do I think it actually happened? Probably not.

Frankly it sounds like one of those stories/ jokes that get so widely spread they eventually are passed on as true. Much like so many transfer and football "news"

6.) 11 Nov 2021 12:58:00
But you have to wonder why they would wait any longer before making a change? This is the ideal time to do it that will have minimal impact on the squad etc.

I’d be amazed if we haven’t approached other clubs and/ or managers over the past two weeks, even if only to make enquiries.

Any accuracy in that Ed? (He asks with fingers crossed)

{Ed002's Note - I have explained the situation - nothing has changed.}

7.) 11 Nov 2021 13:09:23
TOHoM, it's simple. The people the club would consider (EtH, Rodgers and Pochettino) aren't available. End of.

So the club's decision is carry on with Ole until one of them is available. Or try and find a short term solution.

The reality is very few people would be prepared to step in on short notice for a short amount of time without getting something else in return.

Rangnick would be interested if it lead to a DoF type role next summer. While managers like Blanc wouldn't consider it unless they had a decent chance of getting the job full time if they do well.

So you're left with options like Bruce or Allerdyce as the only people who might take on a short term role with no hope of a long term position.

The best we can hope for is PSG decide to axe Pochettino and replace him with Zidane sooner rather than later and the club moves for Pochettino. Other than that they will hold on as long as they can with Ole.

8.) 11 Nov 2021 13:16:41
Thanks Ed and Shappy for replies.

‘Available’ though is ambiguous given not one of those 3 is out of contract come the Summer so surely enquires will have to be made to explore whether any of them will be interested?

9.) 11 Nov 2021 13:52:43
Well at least talk of Potter has gone quiet.

10.) 11 Nov 2021 14:19:01
The Wakey Wakey story was reported in the main stream press in an Article about how Ronaldo was shocked at the situation he has found since coming back. It wasn’t tittle tattle from social media.

11.) 11 Nov 2021 14:37:52

Potter is a great tactician and we could do a lot worse.

12.) 11 Nov 2021 14:50:19
Red Man, I'm not saying it was. But your not a fool and know better than to believe everything in the main stream media.

The question is if this didn't happen recently then why only report it now?

13.) 11 Nov 2021 15:17:06
TOHoM, I think by "available" you can assume it means prepared to walk out of their current job mid-season to take over United.

These are people after all, many with young families and moving them, particularly children, half way through a school year is not ideal. People like EtH and Pochettino have families settled in different countries, which might not be suitable to leave their families there until the summer while they work in England.

While any manager currently in a job may actually want to finish the season at that club. Also ask yourself would you want a manager who shows such little integrity to just leave a project halfway through because a shiny now one is offered?

There are a few good managers out there who might work well for our club. But they for one reason or another don't appear to be available to join the club mid-season. So do we hire the wrong man now just to get rid of Ole? Is there any logic in replacing the wrong man with another wrong man?

Let's not pretend sacking managers is easy, or cheap.

Does it make more sense to continue with Ole now and get the right man next summer, rather than sack Ole now hire the wrong man. Still fail this season but be stuck with the wrong manager for next season as well. While the right manager might move elsewhere and become unavailable.

14.) 11 Nov 2021 16:56:21
Have you ever heard of confirmation bias Red Man? Just wondering.

15.) 12 Nov 2021 00:07:55
What makes sense shappy is rangnick until the end of the season then offering him a director role on the footballing side. Then plan as to who we bring in at the end of the season.

16.) 12 Nov 2021 07:00:25
RedWhiskey, I wouldn't be against that. However, the club already has a DoF and a Technical director in both Murtagh and Fletcher.

Will the club want to go down that route which means firing at least one of Murtagh or Fletcher down the line and probably restructuring parts of the club.



30 Aug 2021 19:01:06
Apparently Daniel James is going to Leeds for £30m. Marco Bielsa is having a medical in the morning.

Red Man

1.) 30 Aug 2021 19:50:45
Think Bielsa needs a medical if he’s paying £30m for James lol.

Great business.

2.) 30 Aug 2021 20:17:22
What a deal :)
Hope we invest in a midfielder now.

{Ed014's Note - someone over there must have taken a shit ton of drugs!🤦‍♂️

3.) 30 Aug 2021 23:32:01
He seems overawed at man utd, maybe a move to a small club will serve him well 😏.

4.) 31 Aug 2021 11:34:03
Quality Red Man, quality.

5.) 31 Aug 2021 11:35:58
Really wish we could swing this into a Phillips transfer.



24 May 2021 20:56:34
I have no idea to the veracity of this, but following Tielemans sole lap of honour, looking upset, there are apparently rumours about him joining us. Just passing on what I read.

Red Man

1.) 24 May 2021 22:59:22
Tielemans…yes please 🙏.

2.) 25 May 2021 00:17:34
I'll believe it when I see photos of him holding up the shirt.

3.) 25 May 2021 03:37:29
I guess Levy is dealing Leicester transfers indirectly. Lolsss. You ask for their players, and they will demand a kidney in return from Manchester United. For ither teams, they are mostly reasonable.

4.) 25 May 2021 12:16:49
I really like Tielemans and think he is a terrific player.

Although I'm not sure where he fits into our side without us signing a true holding midfielder.

He's not too dissimilar to Pogba and Donny in that he can be a creative deeper midfielder who can break forward, but to do so you need that solid defensive midfielder who can protect the back four.

As we have seen McFred are capable when paired together, but individually they aren't up to mustard to do the job by themselves. To be fair both are reactive box to box type players whose natural instinct is to step up and engage to try and win the ball. That's fine as long as you have someone behind you to mop up if you don't win the ball.

What we need is a more savvy defensive midfielder who'll only try and win the ball when they have an excellent chance to do so, but knows how to slow down and jockey players into poorer positions and give the rest of their teammates time to recover their defensive positions.

So I'm not sure a player like Tielemans, as good as he is, solves our midfield imbalance.

Which with our track record of signings probably makes him a shoe in🤣🤦‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️.

5.) 25 May 2021 12:45:59
Isn't he about to sign a contract making him Leicester's highest player. No harm during contract negotiations to remind his club he could go elsewhere.

6.) 25 May 2021 13:23:10
Tielemans can play deeper and offers more in a deeper role than fred.

7.) 30 May 2021 01:08:55
A Ronnie pick 5 or so years ago 😉.




Red Man's banter posts with other poster's replies to Red Man's banter posts


13 Aug 2022 21:06:54
We scrape from one mess to another, Moyes, then the club didn't support Jose in the transfer market after finishing second, appointed the sentimental one in Ole.

Then we gave players unearned new contracts, then gave Ole a new contract, then failed to sack him when the timing was right. Then appointed RR, for his consultant knowledge, then ignored everything, then went in a different direction altogether without any sign of a strategy.

Then our CFO thinks it's fine to discuss the mess over a beer in the pub.

Then we appoint someone with no experience in the major leagues of Europe, then let him drive our player purchases down the line of Dutch league standard players, buy a 5'9" centre half for mega money likely only because it worked in Holland, then play McFlaming Fred, then continue to play the very players who let us down, then play a team of short players against a team who relished it, then keep Ronaldo, then have no goal scorers, then no midfield, then defenders who can't defend, then sends a team out looking clueless, then not give any of the young players who actually played for him any time, then four goals down at halftime bring on only defenders and midfielders because we have no strikers.

I really can't imagine why we are in a mess and bottom of the league.

Red Man



08 Aug 2022 13:49:48
I noted a few weeks ago that our transfer targets were players the manager had worked with before, players he likely trusted to do a job for him. The Ajax connection or those he has worked with and I pointed out that as United manager he needed greater width in his view. This is not the Dutch league, yet we paid £55m for a defender from it, which ETH insisted on, when I believe the club were looking at someone in Spain. ETH is forcing the FDJ situation. Ok, there is a natural incline towards comfort of what you know, but this is United.

The latest Arnautovic rumour is actually worrying, someone again he has a connection with before I believe. Like with Moyes who had Everton mindset, ETH needs to be bigger thinking than the Dutch league. The Arnautovic rumour is one that may start questions about him at the club. You learn from history, ETH needs to look at Moyes Everton mindset quickly and not repeat it.

Red Man

{Ed077's Note - I agree with the general sentiment about backing the manager but there also needs to be a little bit of trusting all the other people working in scouting and analysis of the player. If not then they need to be replaced with better skilled people. And mainly something called Common Sense should be used and also trying to know the targets general feeling towards a move as well.

But then again that would be asking toouch from the shambles of a club we've become. (Not meant as a direct reply to your post Red Man. Just some ranting :-D)}

1.) 08 Aug 2022 14:27:58
I agree with the Ed’s comment above. If the manager is overruling the recruitment team, what are scouts, analysts etc getting paid for? I can’t believe that Arnautovic is a player we’ve ‘had our eye on’……….

2.) 08 Aug 2022 14:29:31
Red Man - I completely agree mate. I was about to post something similar. I’m already worried about Martinez, he looked decent on the ball but can he defend?! He didn’t look particularly quick to me and was run ragged by Danny Welbeck. At Ajax he probably wasn’t exposed defensively as they generally had 70% possession every week. We can’t keep the ball especially if he persists with McFred and playing a high line next to Maguire is going to give us all nightmares. We’re going to get caught on the counter and in transition a hell of a lot this season. I think Brighton worked us out after about 10 minutes.

I was under the impression the DOF set the over arching philosophy of the Club and appointed a manager that shared similar values so in theory everyone should be on the same page. I thought the Club wanted to get away from the managers buying players to suit their own particular requirements resulting in an accumulation of players that a new manager can’t use? That’s the reason we didn’t sign anyone in January, or rather the explanation given by the Club. I don’t believe for one second that Martinez, Timber, Malacia, Eriksen, De Jong, Anthony etc were on Utd’s radar this summer. It’s deeply troubling that they have apparently just handed responsibility over to EtH or even worse he didn’t agree with any of their suggestions. To compound matters further they’ve completely failed to deliver De Jong, Timber, Anthony etc and now seem to be working way down the list on players like Arnautovic. Baffling!

{Ed077's Note - if those players you mentioned (De Jong, Timber, Antony) all were also desperate to link back up with ETH and/or desperate to join Man Utd then fair enough. But when "the manager's preferred players" are becoming very hard to recruit then the club and indeed the manager need to read the room and move on to alternatives I think.

3.) 08 Aug 2022 14:38:36
We absolutely should be backing the manager. Players he wants we should target. That being said, if backing the manager, is absolute lunacy such as targeting someone like Arnautovic then someone has to step in surely?

You could put all the fans who are regularly on this site into a room for the day to brainstorm potential forwards to sign and if anyone came up said Arnautovic I would be astonished. There isn't 2 hours to go on deadline day and we just want anyone possible, there are still 3 weeks left in the window!

4.) 08 Aug 2022 14:45:54
Dlib and Redman on point imo. I think it would be a mistake to just recruit from a league which is not considered anywhere in the top 5 leagues in europe.

Martinez hopefully had a bad day. Playing from the back is great but useless if you can’t defend. His size worries me.

5.) 08 Aug 2022 15:16:19
I think Martinez looked to bring the ball out of defence on a few occasions and saw nothing in front of him, he looked tidy on it and will hopefully adjust to the speed of the game.
Regarding his height, Cannavaro was the same height as him and one of the greatest. Not comparing the 2 in terms of ability but height doesn't necessarily make you a good defender.

6.) 08 Aug 2022 15:24:22
It's a tricky one. I tend to agree that generally there should be some collaboration between the coaching staff and the recruitment staff and scouts on possible transfer targets.

Kick the financial people out the door when discussing transfers, we don't need someone without football knowledge having an in put in to which players we should be targeting based on commercial value etc.

However, EtH is operating this summer with a scouting department that has lost its two highest positioned scouts. Who is even running the scouting department now and what experience do they have?

Secondly, this is mostly the same scouting department that came up with current first team gems like Shaw, Fred and Maguire.

Maybe there is a good reason why EtH is reluctant to take their advice.

Maybe he's asking for players that fit a certain profile and they are suggesting players that he doesn't feel fit that profile.

It's all well and good saying a manager should trust the scouting department, but surely trust still needs to be earned through consistent performance at a minimum of a competent level if not a top class level.

Put yourself in EtH's shoes and ask yourself would you trust the guy who said Harry Maguire would be a top class signing?

7.) 08 Aug 2022 15:28:09
Ed077 - I agree it’s hard to know if the Club have let EtH down or some of these players are just very hard to obtain. I suspect the truth lies somewhere in between.

In my opinion Pau Torres would have been a much better fit than Martinez. Experienced at both Champions League and International level, playing in a competitive league, left footed, quick, good on the ball and in the air, he ticked all the boxes for me. It’s very early days but I’m just not convinced by Martinez, I think we over paid and I think he’s another example of one of those players that would be difficult to move on should he fail to adjust to the Premier League or EtH left the Club. I think a lot of subsequent managers would have a real problem with his height.

I have no problem with the Club backing the manager in relation to transfers. If he fails then at least it will be on his own terms but where does that leave the Club with the appointment of a new manager?! If money was no object then the players could just be replaced but Utd obviously don’t work like that. I thought the DOF was appointed to bridge that gap and learn from past mistakes.

8.) 08 Aug 2022 15:32:46
I am not worried about Martinez as I think he has the ability to improve his game to the higher league, we have seen plenty of players whose first few games have not gone to plan especially when the rest of the team especially those closest to him on the pitch are a shambles.
I think we need to see this for what it is going to be, a painful season that hopefully will improve the more the season goes on. As for recruits, I can only assume that FDJ has in private conversations said he will come if all is sorted otherwise I do not see why we would be holidng on him (this may turn out to be a misguided view) . Our delay in moving for the Ajax players has meant they are in a strong position to up the price due to other sales, Glazernomics then kick in and we can't throw the money around that the fans would like to see.
I hope that as a club we are moving along with EtH's methods so that if he does move on we continue on this path, with all the changes at the top it is not surprising that he has such a lead role in every thing the club are doing. At some point we will have to move in a different direction if current options remain closed. maybe we are close to that time.

{Ed002's Note - The situation with de Jong is clear.}

9.) 08 Aug 2022 15:36:53
The Arnautovic signing could be seen as a shrewd one of there weren't so many glaring holes in the squad.

I agree Red Man about the Moyes comparison. I think every 50/ 50 decision Moyes made he got them wrong. Ten Hag might be given the benefit of the doubt because of the last decade we've witnessed but we need to start seeing a semblance of his style coming through in the squad.

Pep and Klopps first years were underwhelming, maybe less so Klopp as he inherited a mixed bag with Liverpool. But maybe this result is the tonic Ten Hag needs to swallow and realise son of these players are not fit to wear the jersey.

The Arnautovic and Rabiot signings in isolation are underwhelming. I think the Rabiot one is cheap enough that we can still get a De Jong/ SMS/ Neves signing in too.

I'll judge the window when it shuts. Right now though Ten Hags honeymoon period has a storm cloud above it.

You can't p! ss and sh! t the bed for 3 years and think some fresh sheets will do the trick. Hopefully this is something the manager realises very quickly and we get a new iteration of this squad.

10.) 08 Aug 2022 16:22:15
Roy Keane at Sunderland anyone? Yet ten hag is the messiah.
It's all smoke and mirrors and good pr, that all . just Luke everything else in the world at the minute.
Very much hope I'm wrong but I don't think I am.

11.) 08 Aug 2022 16:30:41
Shappy - I agree with that but surely it’s the DOF’s job to appoint a manager that’s in synch with the Clubs philosophy and recruitment department. I was under the impression that was how the Club was moving forward and not lurching from the likes of LVG to Mourinho who have very different ideas, style of play and player profiles.

I don’t agree with the sentiment that it’s early days and this will take time. Arnold and Murtough have been at the Club for over a decade. If they had a plan it should be easily recognisable even at this early stage. They have jumped onto the EtH boat and as yet haven’t done a very good job of getting his first choice targets. If they were never really attainable like Ed077 has suggested then surely conversions should have taken place and moved on earlier. They are now in panic mode. It’s a complete mess in my opinion and until I get evidence of change I’ll stand by that conclusion.

12.) 08 Aug 2022 16:42:19
The priority should of been Rice a centre half and a striker this window with Bellingham next Summer with a right back

If you have Rice and Bellingham that’s the midfield sorted for at least 6 years but not these dimwits

If we have an absolute shocker of a season we’ll only attract the dross but that looks like it has already started.

{Ed014's Note - I’d be utterly gobsmacked if United was on the radar of those two immense talents.

No offence mate but they’d have much better offers.

13.) 08 Aug 2022 17:27:01
Bkackpool, I mentioned Rice many times as I think he's good enough to hold the whole midfield together.
But now we're buying some championship standard players that have bad attitudes.
Whenever we think we have sank to a new low, we sink more.

14.) 08 Aug 2022 17:33:25
The team needs rebuilding its criminal that after over £1b spent on player recruitment in the past decade we enter a season with only one recognised 37 year old striker in the squad (even if that is Ronaldo) and little options beyond McFred in midfield and Rashford and Sancho out wide.

With a proper plan, solid scouting and intelligent recruitment the squad can be re built. The fact the Club are still chasing expensive marquee acquisitions such as Nunez, De Jong and Anthony all summer just reiterates the fact that nothing has changed. Let’s not forget that with only 3 weeks of the transfer window remaining none of those players have been delivered. The Club will now panic and waste yet more money on players that will not improve the team.

Murtough was the man put in post to devise a strategy to propel the Club toward success and not make the same mistakes of the past. So far he has renewed Ole’s contract then sacked him 3 months later. Appointed RR and offered him a consultancy post, completely ignored his advice and jumped straight into EtH’s boat then spent the summer chasing high value acquisitions and delivered none. Somehow a free transfer wasn’t even signed in time to go on the pre season tour. From a sporting perspective Man Utd are a shining example of how NOT to run a football Club.

On a separate note what’s happened to the fan engagement or investment in the stadium or training facilities?! Shambles!

15.) 08 Aug 2022 17:43:11
Yes two years ago that should have been the thinking.

But therein lies our problem, we have been awful at identifying the right players for more than a decade and awful at signing them, it's been all over the place.

Now we are in the situation where we can't convince the players we really want to join us. We aren't sitting at the top table right now.

We probably need to stop looking at the very best and find a few lads we think will kick on under Ten Hag and reach the next level under his tutelage.

We used to shop at M&S for players now we need to understand where we are at and shop at Asda, the M&S guys just won't join us.



07 Aug 2022 20:47:29
I wonder if any of the Directors are popping down to the local public house to discuss the shambles at the club tonight? Maybe the CFO will go and explain how we got to this under his watch.

I recall pointing out that the CFO talking about finances of a major plc down at the local over a pint was amateur and embarrassing, yet todays starting line up was equally amateur and embarrassing and that is mainly down to the board as well. We start the new season with McFred and no striker, so that just carries on the amateur approach to a major football club, amateur through all levels.

It's one game, yet there was no change in key areas, maybe ETH should have started young Iqbal instead of McT, or Fred, perhaps Garnacho instead of Rashford, however, it was more of the same, that assessment and decision making on McFred does merit questions.

Regardless of selection, the Directors should be utterly ashamed of this transfer window, yet ETH needs to wake up and quickly, to see this is not the Dutch league, that repeating the same mistakes of predecessors will get him the sack and maybe RR really did know what he was talking about. ETH should have new ideas, yet it's McFred.

How has a major, or once major football club started a season with the only strike force, a 37 year old who wants out and we are hanging on to the marketing tool like grim death. It's embarrassing, shambolic, and heads should roll for this. It embarrassed the new coach and makes it more difficult to persuade new players to come to the mess. Murtough and Arnold have embarrassed the club, they have until the window closes to show what they can do or should be sacked. But they won't, it's just an old boys club to print money for the owners. Let's see how much the owners make if nothing changes.

Red Man

{Ed018's Note - well once a deal for Arnautovic is agreed it should guarantee a solid mid table finish}

1.) 07 Aug 2022 20:57:48
It's a shambles redman from top to bottom. The same players same attitude. No drive in the team.
The Ronaldo saga. Running after the same player all summer long. A joke.
I mean give the manager some decent players off the transfer market to work with.
A load of average players on big wages and big contracts.
A clean slate my arse.
A bunch of amateurs.

2.) 07 Aug 2022 21:01:16
Red man, but didn't Arnold have a few pints with a few fans once? What a guy eh?

I said it before, and I'll say it again, Rangnick knew what he was at and knows what he was faced with at this club. Call him a crap coach all you want (you obviously know plenty about coaching (yawn) ) but the football I watched today was just as bad if not worse than what was played under him - an interim coach who told a few home truths in the public.

Now, I am not blaming ETH for that at all, and I think he is a fine coach who has all the ability to turn it around. But when you look up above and see Arnold (Ed Woodward mark 2, Murtaugh (of Everton and Fulham success), Darren Fletcher (an ex-player who possibly once learned something at some point from Sir Alex) and other who's credentials I'd have to ferociously Google, we are an utter mess and have been for years.

They need to clean house up above and put people at the top of their profession in the driving seats to give ETH a real chance, although I would please ask him never to start McFred again.

3.) 07 Aug 2022 21:02:49
Spot on Red Man.

4.) 07 Aug 2022 21:09:06
Agree with all of that. One positive today is that at least they didn’t lull us into a false sense of security like last season. Nope straight back to being crap and miserable ?.

5.) 07 Aug 2022 21:29:53
Angel - I completely agree with that but I’m going to take this a step further and point the finger at EtH today. I’m sorry but we’ve seen those players fail and play atrociously bad football long before he arrived.

He left two of the most decorated players in world football on the bench today. A half fit Varane and Ronaldo are still better than the absolute dross he sent out this afternoon. People come to this football Club and seemingly lose their mind.

If Varane is fully fit and he starts Maguire instead and he persists with McFred he’ll be in serious trouble in no time. You still have to win football matches at Man Utd or least show something different than before.

The press didn’t make it past pre season even RR got it going for 45 minutes, however this was all so predictable. Let’s hope he’s a quick learner but if after 6 weeks of pre season he still thinks he doesn’t have better options than Maguire, Shaw and McFred then I’m lost for words.

The great thing about football is there’s always another game!

6.) 07 Aug 2022 21:45:16
EtH quickly discovering what we all already knew, some players shouldn't be starting for United.

7.) 07 Aug 2022 22:01:47
Does he have better options than McFred or Maguire though? Where are the players in our squad who have shown this?

The sad reality that we face is that maybe those players are the best we have in those positions, maybe our squad is that bad.

Do I believe that none of the managers wanted better players than them, no I don't buy that either, I certainly don't think Ten Hag hasn't wanted a better Midfield.

Also I thought Varane was rubbish for us last year. I thought he looked clueless and constantly out of position without Ramos telling him what to do. Is Lisandro the player to put him in the right position? I don't know that, if he is then maybe it will work.

I don't think the answer to either Midfield or defence is inside the club currently.

8.) 07 Aug 2022 22:25:54
We need to be brave, or rather ETH needs to be brave. The likes of Maguire, and Fred need chopping. We need to get our big boy pants on and literally say “we were wrong”.

9.) 07 Aug 2022 23:20:29
We were wrong to buy both of them but who do we replace them with?

It's not in the squad as far as I can see, so we have to convince an upgrade to join us.

That is entirely where my worries are, the ability of the club to get the right people in.

10.) 08 Aug 2022 06:27:12
That’s true. The calibre of players we are now being linked with is desperate to say the least. Shows how far we’ve fallen. Maguire is the most costly mistake we’ve made in a long time, he’s simply terrible. Made his name playing for England playing poor sides. There’s better centre halves at the club, it just needs some bravery to try a few different partnerships out.
Fred is not capable of running a midfield, same as McTominay. Not knocking their efforts, but they just aren’t good enough in terms of ball retention and awareness.



04 Aug 2022 07:05:35
It is rare I agree with Gary Neville, however his comment that our transfer dealings are an embarrassment and show the same old failings, run true. The season kicks off tomorrow and we have McFred in central midfield and Martial up front. ETH on a tight budget, why would that be? Dividends are the owners right remember.

I get the optimism of a new coach, I get it's a journey that is just beginning, yet why are the club going into the new season with so little new talent, most of which so far only has a Dutch connection. FDJ is becoming so similar to Fabregas. The club need to be more decisive, we need Ronaldo out no matter what the sponsors or bean counters worry about and a CM CF in quickly or Neville will be proved right.

Red Man

1.) 04 Aug 2022 07:58:42
Dividends were something like 11m. What world class game changer are you expecting to buy with that?

2.) 04 Aug 2022 08:24:59

You miss the point, it’s not the amount, although they could pay a player each season, the amount also builds up. The point is the business needs to be profitable so they can pay the dividends to the owners. If they have another loss then they may not be able to pay dividends, so what is the owners best interest? Just being simplistic. Buy the players needed and no dividends for a year or not buy them make a profit pay dividends?

3.) 04 Aug 2022 12:12:06
New players will not be linked to profit RedMan. Old players sold below their book value might, which may explain why we struggle to sell players who have no role in the first team.

4.) 04 Aug 2022 12:49:47
Hi Dodgy

Yes, it would to a point, but if I recall correctly and it has been a while since last discussed, the player is not in the accounts as an asset, only the contract which is amortised over the time of the contract.

Don’t want to get away from the point that the season starts tomorrow and we have still got McFred and Martial.



02 Jul 2022 13:26:33
For those hanging on every word for a signing, the new kit launch has been delayed to July 8th. Not that I am a cynic at all.

Red Man

{Ed014's Note - Shappy and his nugget of a sidekick will be chuffed!

1.) 02 Jul 2022 16:00:22
Oh it’s been a while since the abuse Ed, things must be looking up. Nugget? ?

Looks like we will have some signings in place in the next few days doesn’t it, hopefully we get Martinez ahead of Arsenal.

2.) 02 Jul 2022 16:32:20
Gives us enough time to remove Ronaldo from all the marketing as he's asked to leave.

{Ed002's Note - You knew there was every chance.}

3.) 02 Jul 2022 17:07:25
Mixed feelings about him leaving:

Huge wages and stifled tactical flexibility


No other striker.

4.) 02 Jul 2022 17:14:36
He obviously knows that an offer is coming if he has indeed asked to leave. Rashford and Martial don't inspire any confidence. We may need to be in the market for a proper striker now.

Ed002, club still in for Calvert Lewin?

{Ed002's Note - He might be one of the options.}

5.) 02 Jul 2022 17:30:08
Osimhen? Scamacca? Calvert Lewin? Ekitike? The French lad from Leipzig? Plenty of forwards out there. Ronaldo will score goals but he is in decline and hasn’t the legs to press these days. It’s not the end of the world if he goes…. once he’s replaced properly. Maybe Kane could be tempted away from Spurs? But let’s not get too upset about a 38 year old possibly leaving the club.

6.) 02 Jul 2022 17:38:20
It might be a good thing if Ronaldo chose to endure another season at United, but if he goes at least it reduces the payroll for the year by £25m+ maybe freeing up space for another acquisition. And sometimes losing a dominant striker and replacing him with the right blend of other outfield players works wonders. SAF did it when he sold RVN and bought Carrick. More goals scored, more spread around, fewer conceded - and we won the title back from Chelsea. Sometimes the fans and the pundits are so stuck on the top line statistics that they fail to see the wood for the trees.

This year or next, it's going to happen. As great as he obviously is, and even at 38 - still retaining a goal scoring instinct and ability beyond any of our other players - we should not be delaying the rebuilding process to accommodate him. Yes, he was last year's star, but look how the season turned out.

7.) 02 Jul 2022 17:42:24
DDG1, I don't think many fans would be too upset if he left but it's the timing of it. We've holes all over the squad to plug without replacing our top goalscorer. We were already struggling to find someone as back up for him.

We don't have unlimited funds either so some of those you've mentioned will be unobtainable this summer. I don't think anyone has ever sit down with Napoli and walked away thinking they've got a good deal, they would rinse us Osimhen. DCL would cost a pretty penny too as Everton don't need to sell and honestly I would stay away from the overrated English players.

There are of course players that could come in but considering the other areas that need improving, this isn't great timing for him to decide to leave.

8.) 02 Jul 2022 17:46:02
one of my all time favourite United players- sorry to see him go but let's be positive its severing another tie to the old guard and there were stories of him stifling some of the other players . huge slary saved too.

He loved the club, and his desire to win is something the others should be aspiring to.

No hiding place for Rashford, Sancho Bruno when he goes -they have to step up. I don't mention Greenwood or Martial as both wouldn't feature again it it were up to me.

9.) 02 Jul 2022 17:17:31
I know that ed. You've told us he's been making moves to leave. It Just feeds into the chaos at the club that we don't need.

Malacia, Martinez, Dr Jong and Eriksen would be a solid window. I think if Ronaldo can find himself a new club then we may struggle to get a striker in at the calibre we need.

Do you know of any interest in Ronaldo ed? You've said Jose would be keen but leaving United for Roma seems like a step slightly down?

{Ed002's Note - Christiano Ronaldo (F) Another player not totally happy with his lot and it is unclear how to he will be received by the new coach. I understand that he would be open to offers and that JM is making enquiries. There is already one offer on the table from Roma and JM has been speaking with Sporting. Inter Miami may offer a wildcard solution. The new coach or not being in the Champions League may well provide a suitable excuse to depart without upsetting the fans. May stay the season and look to Inter Miami next summer.}

10.) 02 Jul 2022 17:21:01
Thanks Ed002. Would you be kind enough to provide a refresher on the strikers we have or may look at? Nunez obviously no longer an option now.

{Ed002's Note - Manchester United need to make a decision over Martial and Rashford the coach needs to look at what they have available in terms of emerging players like and decide if they can integrate any of the youngsters like Alejandro Garnacho and Joe Hugill. Players like Harry Kane, Lautaro Martinez and Victor Osimhen are facing interest from far more attractive clubs if they were to be made available and sold. So moving for players like that would require someone to sell the project and the players would have to accept that they would be dropping down a level for at least one year. Interest in players like Alexander Isak and Patrik Schick will go nowhere as they already have offers on the table and neither would likely be interested if they were to move. Dominic Calvert-Lewin - I doubt Everton will want him to leave and are soon to talk with Chelsea about adding a striker to replace Richarlison. Joao Felix will stay where he is. Evanilson was subject to an illegal approach by an English side before he left Fluminense. Manchester United have scouted another Porto player but I am not aware of any approach for Evanilson although I am aware of the suggestion of interest. Maybe Ronaldo could be forced to stay – regardless it is early days. The striker ten Hag wanted at Ajax is no longer available.}

11.) 02 Jul 2022 18:35:15
A deal for Antony was always going to be difficult with Ajax not wanting to sell and asking for a very high price.

I'd imagine if Ronaldo leaves then we will sign a striker rather than a wide player, maybe opening up a chance for someone like Amad, Pellistri or Garnacho to stake a claim.

Bachmann, Malacia, De Jong, and Martinez are expected to sign at some point if everything goes smoothly. Eriksen might also join if he chooses to leave London.

If Ronaldo leaves then I'd expect a striker to join.

12.) 02 Jul 2022 19:20:14
At this moment in time I don’t think any player is ‘expected’ to sign. Until I see the shirt in the players hand I don’t think any signing is a given with United.

It goes without saying that if Ronaldo goes we then ‘try’ and sign a central striker. It doesn’t take much brain to work that out.

For what it’s worth I don’t think Ronny going is a bad thing. Yeah he gets you a few goals, but we all know he ain’t the most mobile in the world and it’s widely acknowledged that ETH wants his players to put a shift in. Getting rid of his wages is a bonus and I also thinks it relieves a little bit of pressure on Bruno.

If he goes, my money is on Bayern as a Lewandoski replacement.




Red Man's rumour replies


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17 Jul 2022 18:36:44
Thank you Ed002.

Red Man



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01 Jun 2022 12:18:58

Who is the Captain Hindsight comment addressing? Btw promotion means he is now Major Hypocrite.

Red Man



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01 Jun 2022 10:00:47
I side with Ken to a point on this. There will be an attraction for the new known successful manager and a project to take the club back to the top. A player will also see the profile of being No9 at United as very good for the career. We are still a big name just badly run. ETH has a pull for his work at Ajax but isn’t a Pep or Klopp so we should not be over confident of attracting players however, as Ken said ETH is infinitely better than the numpty who was given three years. I expect a better organised smarter quicker team next season.
In terms of who we get let’s see but I hope we don’t get drawn in to possibles who use us to boost their own contract negotiations. I also hope we target the right type of players and not for media clicks in the Far East. There should be positivity as long as the club sign first choice not fourth.

Red Man



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22 May 2022 10:14:17
Mata has sadly been a good clubman rather than a great first team player. I get the impression he would get clubman prize every season. That’s not to decry his talent, but the idiots bought him at a time when we needed something else and the team wasn’t set up for how he played. Another example of muddled club thinking. However, he comes over as bright and highly intelligent, if he can get his message over then he would be very good to have as a coach. I suspect he may still want to play though.

Red Man



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28 Mar 2022 17:50:21
A new contract for either Shaw or Rashford is madness. Neither has been earned and foists their attitude on to us and a new manager for years to come. If either are there next season they are lucky.

Red Man




Red Man's banter replies


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18 Aug 2022 11:00:44
How many players do we have to be connected with or buy because ETH is comfortable with them by previous connection, before it clicks with the board his transfer attitude is safety. That safety will bring players who looked good in the Dutch league, like a small CH, but not necessarily up to the level of the top league in Europe. Someone at the club needs to wake up quickly and review this strategy. We need a goal scoring forward, a CF, not another winger. If I was Garnacho and they bring in another winger I would leave.

I did not start with a strong confidence in ETH but these connections to purchases are not filling me with any confidence, comfortable slippers scenario.

Red Man



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16 Aug 2022 07:02:28
I said on appointment I will need to be convinced about ETH. No experience in a top league, it has shown in both his initial games and recruitment so far. It’s naive and displaying the same traits as Ole and Moyes, in thinking like they did at Everton and Cardiff. This is a different level and ETH needs to quickly up his game, 5 foot central defender shows a lack of understanding of what he has set foot into. Going after playmakers when we need something stronger in midfield and a lack of goal threat is very worrying.
First impressions are not good so far, the heralded coach must improve, look beyond players he has trusted before. I remain to be convinced and that has been my position since appointment.

Red Man



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14 Aug 2022 17:09:26
I may be wrong but did Ole not promise Henderson a chance to be No1 at the beginning of last season, then didn’t give him that chance, hence wasting a season of his career. As long as we judge Henderson’s comments on that basis it is fair.

Personally I said one or two seasons ago sell both DDG and Henderson and buy a No1. DDG has those mistakes in him, kicks poorly, doesn’t command his area. I would have expected scouting reports to have flagged that to ETH.

Henderson was badly out of position when Salah scored so has flaws but we should have sold them both.

Red Man



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13 Aug 2022 09:00:52

Rashford is going into the last year of his contract, or so I heard. Do we offer him a nice fancy new one with a pay rise, wait until he can go on a free next summer or sell him now whilst he is worth something? Based on his decline I would sell him now, so what would you do?

Red Man



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12 Aug 2022 20:55:54

I preferred a manager who had achieved in a top league, Simeone, Conte, Tuchel, I wanted Pep and Klopp previously . I am not against ETH, but as you say need convincing. It is all about winning, fancy football means nothing, trust me, the scousers told us that with bells on in the 80’s.

Red Man