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17 Dec 2018 10:08:20
Great to see Lingard launching his fashion range on the eve of the Liverpool game. Don’t understand why Roy Keane was slamming this. He stated, and I’m paraphrasing, that a professional and committed squad wouldn’t have tolerated that in his day.

Utter rubbish I’m sure. Sir Alex had an eye for an investment and would have appreciated Jessie’s eye for fashion. Surely doing this wouldn’t be a problem. After all yesterday’s match is only 90 minutes out of Jessie’s week. Hardly a full time career so needs something outside of football and his social media to keep a young person off the streets.

Roy needs to let go. He put too much time and effort in to football. Look at home now. Serial winner. Respected as a player. Leader of men. Dare I say a legend.

What he know!

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17 Dec 2018 11:11:41
I detect tongue firmly in cheek here.

Here we go anyway, David Beckham was the original fashion footballer of the modern era, before him it was Georgie Best. Well Keane wasn't around to stop Best, Charlton, Law and the rest were. Yet none of them did. Whether attempts were made who knows, yet Best did not change tact even if there were pleas from his team mates.

However, Keane was not only at the club during Beckham's time, he was captain and undisputed leader in that dressing room. So exactly how did Keane not tolerate that behaviour back then? What did he do to stop Beckham being a fashion footballer, and how successful was that? What did Giggs, Scholes, Neville, Butt ect do to not tolerate that behaviour from Beckham?

For me Keane was one of the best midfielders to have ever played for our club. He was everything you wanted from a player at that time. However, his talent on the field isn't matched by a personality off it. He is an angry and bizarrely bitter man. He often talks nonsense which doesn't stand up under scrutiny. He is very much a old man screaming things were different in his day, unable or unwilling to see the similarities and unprepared to accept the world has progressed and moved on.

It's a shame as some of these comments he makes only serve to tarnish the image of a club legend in some fans eyes.

{Ed025's Note - i totally agree shappy mate..

17 Dec 2018 11:21:36
Yh never like roy or anyone else from the early 90s united ever went on nights out and boozed themselves to sleep.

That doesn't exactly scream of the height of professionalism by modern standards, but it was what everyone did at time. The only difference being we were the best team in the country at that point.

Lingard, pogba and rashford are only doing what everyone else their age is doing like keane did before them. If they were winning no one would have a problem with their antics.

We are a poor side because we have poor players and a poor manager and have recruited poorly in numerous transfer windows. Lingard starting a fashion line, pogba getting a haircut and martial posting on social media doesn't change that.

Why our fans have a such an issue with what our players do in their private lives is beyond me.

{Ed025's Note - because they are professional sportsmen DSG, their playing career should be paramount and getting sidetracked by off field issues is not helping themselves or the club mate..

17 Dec 2018 11:46:01
The big difference is them boys back then trained hard, played hard, gave 100% on the field, they hated losing,
If they lost a game their mentality was train harder next week, they weren't trotting around the field, if they lost the ball they wouldn't be sitting on the pitch throwing their hands up in the air, they would be sprinting back looking to put in a tackle,

17 Dec 2018 11:40:31
Agree Ed but what they want to do in the private lives is up to them. I don't see getting plastered on the weekend any different to having other extra curricular activities.

Take the case of jesse lingard, with a fashion line he is not good enough for manchester united. Without it he is also not good enough for the club, he is just a medicore player that should go on to have an acceptable premier league career like cleverley, welbeck etc have done.

{Ed025's Note - if the club were doing well it would not be a problem DSG, the fact is the team is awful and performances well under par, supporters will want to know why and will look for reasons why international class players are playing like the dog and duck mate..

17 Dec 2018 11:51:15
Agree with Ed here. Why they start dabbling in other money ventures when they are raking it in anyway what's the point?

I know Beckham did it, but he didn't accompany it with childish videos inside dressing rooms and silly handshakes to highlight what idiots we have in the side. There are no men, they are all kids earning big bucks and not a care in the world. Win/ lose or draw we still get the same stupid handshakes and hand gestures, dancing and singing.

{Ed025's Note - you would think their time would be better spent on the training ground FZZ..

17 Dec 2018 12:09:33
Ridiculous doing this before a big game like that, Keane is spot on, professional football is your career, do summat after you’ve stopped playing or at least launch the thing in the international break.

{Ed025's Note - exactly WRD..

17 Dec 2018 13:02:16
You would think so Ed.

Footballers nowadays act like heirs to the throne rather than hard working people trying to win a football match for the people that help pay the wages, its as if football is secondary to whatever else they have going on in their life, a little bit on the side we turn up when we like and have a kick about.

{Ed025's Note - i cant argue with that mate..

17 Dec 2018 14:04:22
Couldn’t agree more ed. Nobody is saying footballers shouldn’t not have a life outside football but when you as a team are performing terribly then you are giving people ammunition when you bring out a clothing range on the eve of the biggest game of the season. The current crop of united players don’t understand what it means to play for this club and the mentality is so wrong. It will be a long and unfortunately difficult road back to the top. But until we remove the bad apples from the dressing room and bring in players with a winning mentality, then we will still be in this mess. Of course it’s not helped when the manager is so negative and consistently picking fights with those around him. It’s an utter shambles.

{Ed025's Note - i would love to disagree with you park...but your spot on mate..

17 Dec 2018 16:33:10
Good post Park!

17 Dec 2018 20:04:17
Seems like an odd opportunity just to have a pop at Keane shappy when in fact what he said was pretty much on the ball.

If Keane was in that dressing room now he'd be taking lumps outta them. It was only tolerated in his day because the likes of Beckham did nothing but give 100 percent and was week in week out, top class.

Take this average bunch, more worried about fashion labels, haircuts etc and then going out on the pitch and playing like that, Keane was bang on the money.



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