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13 Jul 2022 19:43:21
Hello Ed, at what point do you think, this love affair between United and FDJ will end?

{Ed002's Note - I have no way to predict that - they should have moved on already.}

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13 Jul 2022 22:16:03
Agree with you Ed, this has dragged on for too long and shows our desperation. they should move on definitely.

13 Jul 2022 23:05:48
He is a brilliant player and our managers first choice so if it takes all summer to land him then I'll happily wait.

13 Jul 2022 23:13:14
Ed do you think Utd will eventually get it over the line? And you do think it might be at the cost of other targets?

{Ed002's Note - I would not keep chasing a player who does not wish to join.}

14 Jul 2022 00:36:12
The guy is on a beating to nothing imo.
His club appear to want to sell him or reduce his salary considerably.
If he does agree to sign here and doesn't start well there will be a queue of I told you so's waiting to spout off.
If he comes and does well then he will turn opinion.
He may be holding out to see if a club in a better position offer him an option.
But if eth can convince him this is where his best option is and if eth is confident he can do that then it's worth trying for.
Sms has been my preferred pogba replacement for the past 3 years but he is not the managers 1st choice or perhaps even 2nd choice.
Never is also a differs type of player to de Jong and YT is also not in the same bracket as de Jong so there is obviously a real desire on the managers part to get him here.

14 Jul 2022 01:38:32
There is the possibility either City or Chelsea go for FDJ and they might entice him to leave. But imo no matter how much you’re earning, I wouldn’t be walking away from 17m OWED to me. Fair to walk away from walking away from a potential 17m (in future earnings or whatever) but from what we’ve seen/ heard, FDJ is at his dream job, earning a massive wage, in a gorgeous city: so despite the fact that Barcelona want to raise money or for him to reduce his salary, he could easily sit on his current salary til the end of his contract and still receive his back pay, get a massive signing on bonus for his next contract on a free all whilst getting a fat pay cheque in his dream job etc.

Basically what I’m saying is there’s no way for Barcelona to force him out if he doesn’t want to leave. At this point in time it would be best to simply move onto #2 on the list of targets.

14 Jul 2022 08:36:53
Right, De Jong isn’t OWED anything. He renegotiated his contract during the C.V. to reduce his wages to €3m euros 2020, and €4 m 2021 down from €13 m with the new negotiated contract on €17m for 2023 and 2024. That is why they want rid of him.
These figures i mention are not exact but the way the contract is renegotiated is. So stop with the fake news about him being owed €17m.

{Ed004's Note - I am pretty sure, as a gesture of goodwill to your struggling employer If you cut your wage by circa 10m for 2 years and then in the 3rd they try to get rid of you that’d have you feeling a little pissed off}

14 Jul 2022 08:57:16
Ken, he doesn't want to come. I think he has been pretty clear on it.

And the club are at it again. Amateurish behaviour.

Hopefully they will move on now to other targets in order to strengthen the team.

14 Jul 2022 10:38:32
Angel Spanish press are saying he wants to stay and British press are saying he’s open to a move.

We aren’t privy to the conversations he’s had with the club or ten hag so we don’t know.

My gut is we move on but they (you would hope) understand the situation more than us.

14 Jul 2022 11:14:12
Caolan, please see ed002s replies. I'm hoping we have learned our lessons and know just how invaluable his knowledge of situations are.

If he says move on, we should move on.

14 Jul 2022 13:16:46
No we shouldn't move on because an independent person is of that opinion Angel.
As much as we might like him to be our strategist he is not.
Angel are you privy to the conversations between eth and de Jong?
Stick at it is what I say.
You'll have 5 years then to moan about him Angel so that should suit.

14 Jul 2022 13:18:57
Angel please see eth's insistence that we continue to pursue.

14 Jul 2022 13:55:50
United are dysfunctional but Barcelona seem on another level.

The reports seem to suggest (granted they may be BS) that Frenkie wants to stay and his manager wants him as well but that the board/ president wants him gone presumably as his wages are so high now each season due to FdJ agreeing to move some of his salary back.

14 Jul 2022 15:28:50
I haven't seen that Ken, fair enough. If they are persisting, it must be for good reason, I hope

But ETH aside, I have no faith in those above him. That's where my worry is.

And ed002 is usually on the money with these kind of things.

14 Jul 2022 15:32:27
Ha ken, for someone who accuses others of moaning, you've be doing some amount of it recently. If someone has an opinion, not in tune with your own, you'll be sure to pipe up.

Neither of us have any inside info regarding ETH (Though you'd hope there are no offside chats as that is tapping up), only opinions, and this club, unfortunately has all the form in the world when it comes to not knowing what they are doing.

Until they turn the tide on that, I'm more than allowed to have a moan. And I'm sure when I do have a moan, up will pop the moaning patrol ?.

14 Jul 2022 15:59:17
Angel it's not tapping up if permission has been granted to talk to the player which it has.
You got to know what your saying.

14 Jul 2022 16:01:24
You can moan as often as you like ill be here to have a pop at your moaning.
Moaning about something you understand is one thing but moaning when you have no detail or just one side of a story is futile. You should know that with all the big family experience and all. ??.

14 Jul 2022 16:56:20
And yet Ken you moaned constantly about Ole. Even though you couldn't do any better.

Bit hypocritical of you.

14 Jul 2022 18:26:47
I didn't moan about the club just it's manager. I didn't run down the club at all.
I also didn't moan until it became apparant that he was a complete failure. Day 2?.

14 Jul 2022 20:32:06
I've too many uncles and cousins ken, but I'm still a good bit behind you and all your multi million pound deals ?? Must be all those strawberry deals ?

No no ken, you never moan about anything or anyone ? I've a secret to let you in on, this site is about rumours, banter, opinion and plenty of moaning, might come as a surprise to you, but we have license to do whether we know something or not lol.

Look I know nothing, but what I do know is that ed002 always knows something and if he says move on, that's good enough for me ? As much as I'd like FDJ.



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