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13 Jul 2022 19:43:21
Hello Ed, at what point do you think, this love affair between United and FDJ will end?


{Ed002's Note - I have no way to predict that - they should have moved on already.}

1.) 13 Jul 2022 22:16:03
Agree with you Ed, this has dragged on for too long and shows our desperation. they should move on definitely.

2.) 13 Jul 2022 23:05:48
He is a brilliant player and our managers first choice so if it takes all summer to land him then I'll happily wait.

3.) 13 Jul 2022 23:13:14
Ed do you think Utd will eventually get it over the line? And you do think it might be at the cost of other targets?

{Ed002's Note - I would not keep chasing a player who does not wish to join.}

4.) 14 Jul 2022 00:36:12
The guy is on a beating to nothing imo.
His club appear to want to sell him or reduce his salary considerably.
If he does agree to sign here and doesn't start well there will be a queue of I told you so's waiting to spout off.
If he comes and does well then he will turn opinion.
He may be holding out to see if a club in a better position offer him an option.
But if eth can convince him this is where his best option is and if eth is confident he can do that then it's worth trying for.
Sms has been my preferred pogba replacement for the past 3 years but he is not the managers 1st choice or perhaps even 2nd choice.
Never is also a differs type of player to de Jong and YT is also not in the same bracket as de Jong so there is obviously a real desire on the managers part to get him here.

5.) 14 Jul 2022 01:38:32
There is the possibility either City or Chelsea go for FDJ and they might entice him to leave. But imo no matter how much you’re earning, I wouldn’t be walking away from 17m OWED to me. Fair to walk away from walking away from a potential 17m (in future earnings or whatever) but from what we’ve seen/ heard, FDJ is at his dream job, earning a massive wage, in a gorgeous city: so despite the fact that Barcelona want to raise money or for him to reduce his salary, he could easily sit on his current salary til the end of his contract and still receive his back pay, get a massive signing on bonus for his next contract on a free all whilst getting a fat pay cheque in his dream job etc.

Basically what I’m saying is there’s no way for Barcelona to force him out if he doesn’t want to leave. At this point in time it would be best to simply move onto #2 on the list of targets.

6.) 14 Jul 2022 08:36:53
Right, De Jong isn’t OWED anything. He renegotiated his contract during the C.V. to reduce his wages to €3m euros 2020, and €4 m 2021 down from €13 m with the new negotiated contract on €17m for 2023 and 2024. That is why they want rid of him.
These figures i mention are not exact but the way the contract is renegotiated is. So stop with the fake news about him being owed €17m.

{Ed004's Note - I am pretty sure, as a gesture of goodwill to your struggling employer If you cut your wage by circa 10m for 2 years and then in the 3rd they try to get rid of you that’d have you feeling a little pissed off}

7.) 14 Jul 2022 08:57:16
Ken, he doesn't want to come. I think he has been pretty clear on it.

And the club are at it again. Amateurish behaviour.

Hopefully they will move on now to other targets in order to strengthen the team.

8.) 14 Jul 2022 10:38:32
Angel Spanish press are saying he wants to stay and British press are saying he’s open to a move.

We aren’t privy to the conversations he’s had with the club or ten hag so we don’t know.

My gut is we move on but they (you would hope) understand the situation more than us.

9.) 14 Jul 2022 11:14:12
Caolan, please see ed002s replies. I'm hoping we have learned our lessons and know just how invaluable his knowledge of situations are.

If he says move on, we should move on.

10.) 14 Jul 2022 13:16:46
No we shouldn't move on because an independent person is of that opinion Angel.
As much as we might like him to be our strategist he is not.
Angel are you privy to the conversations between eth and de Jong?
Stick at it is what I say.
You'll have 5 years then to moan about him Angel so that should suit.

11.) 14 Jul 2022 13:18:57
Angel please see eth's insistence that we continue to pursue.

12.) 14 Jul 2022 13:55:50
United are dysfunctional but Barcelona seem on another level.

The reports seem to suggest (granted they may be BS) that Frenkie wants to stay and his manager wants him as well but that the board/ president wants him gone presumably as his wages are so high now each season due to FdJ agreeing to move some of his salary back.

13.) 14 Jul 2022 15:28:50
I haven't seen that Ken, fair enough. If they are persisting, it must be for good reason, I hope

But ETH aside, I have no faith in those above him. That's where my worry is.

And ed002 is usually on the money with these kind of things.

14.) 14 Jul 2022 15:32:27
Ha ken, for someone who accuses others of moaning, you've be doing some amount of it recently. If someone has an opinion, not in tune with your own, you'll be sure to pipe up.

Neither of us have any inside info regarding ETH (Though you'd hope there are no offside chats as that is tapping up), only opinions, and this club, unfortunately has all the form in the world when it comes to not knowing what they are doing.

Until they turn the tide on that, I'm more than allowed to have a moan. And I'm sure when I do have a moan, up will pop the moaning patrol ?.

15.) 14 Jul 2022 15:59:17
Angel it's not tapping up if permission has been granted to talk to the player which it has.
You got to know what your saying.

16.) 14 Jul 2022 16:01:24
You can moan as often as you like ill be here to have a pop at your moaning.
Moaning about something you understand is one thing but moaning when you have no detail or just one side of a story is futile. You should know that with all the big family experience and all. ??.

17.) 14 Jul 2022 16:56:20
And yet Ken you moaned constantly about Ole. Even though you couldn't do any better.

Bit hypocritical of you.

18.) 14 Jul 2022 18:26:47
I didn't moan about the club just it's manager. I didn't run down the club at all.
I also didn't moan until it became apparant that he was a complete failure. Day 2?.

19.) 14 Jul 2022 20:32:06
I've too many uncles and cousins ken, but I'm still a good bit behind you and all your multi million pound deals ?? Must be all those strawberry deals ?

No no ken, you never moan about anything or anyone ? I've a secret to let you in on, this site is about rumours, banter, opinion and plenty of moaning, might come as a surprise to you, but we have license to do whether we know something or not lol.

Look I know nothing, but what I do know is that ed002 always knows something and if he says move on, that's good enough for me ? As much as I'd like FDJ.



02 Jul 2022 11:11:01
Hello Ed002. asking you after a long time. Is there any quality Striker left in Market, who ManUtd can think of considering in this window? Or the plan of a forward is shattered after Nunez joined Liverpool.


{Ed002's Note - There are plenty oof strikers available but the problem is attracting them to the club without Champions League. It would also depend on departures, such as Rashford and Martial.}

1.) 02 Jul 2022 12:22:27
Could Rashford leave the club this window Ed? Any interested parties?

{Ed002's Note - Possibly - I don't think any decision has been made. There has only been vague interest.}

2.) 02 Jul 2022 12:56:15
Vague interest. Sounds like Martial in training.

3.) 02 Jul 2022 16:19:54
Thanks for reply ed002. But I was looking for names of Striker, who are actual quality.

{Ed002's Note - surely you know names of strikers who are good?}

4.) 02 Jul 2022 16:51:29
Is Harry Kane still of interest to us Ed what with Ronaldo possibly leaving now?

{Ed002's Note - I doubt Kane would be interested in dropping down a level.

5.) 02 Jul 2022 17:05:58
Might need one now if reports are true about Ronaldo wanting to leave.

6.) 02 Jul 2022 17:34:04
Surely if there is any truth to the Ronaldo thing, this should have been established very early on, not the day before he is due back to start training.

7.) 02 Jul 2022 17:40:23
I'm not sure where Ronaldo could go as you'd imagine there are only 10 or so teams who could even afford his wages and I'd guess hardly any of them either need or want Ronaldo.

He doesn't strike me as a Bayern player, I doubt we'd accept a bid to another PL club, Real don't need a striker as Benzema is in the form of his life, Juve seemed happy he left, Inter just got Lukaku and PSG already have plenty of attacking options.

I reckon he speaks with Ten Hag, sees the lack of interest from CL contending teams and other top sides and ends up staying.

8.) 02 Jul 2022 17:42:43
Copied and pasted from previous Ed002 notes (again, thanks Ed002)

Ed002's Note - Lautaro Martinez but that won't happen. Hugo Ekitike and that won't happen. Youssef En-Nesyri but it makes no sense. Patrik Schick but he won't be moving. Martin Terrier is a versatile option. Dominic Calvert-Lewin makes sense. Alexander Isak is looking to move elsewhere. Harry Kane - don't rule out an approach if Nunez doesn't happen. Nkunku but he may well be heading elsewhere. }.

9.) 02 Jul 2022 18:14:55
Nkunku won't happen new deal. Kane won't leave spurs for no champs league. Which leaves isak terrier (? ) calvert lewin. I imagine EtH may bring his liking for jonathan david with him from ajax and if napoli are one of the clubs interested in ronaldo maybe he could be used as part of an exchange for osimhen? Maybe something similar could be worked out for martinez if we could convince him. Really we need to see who is interested in ronaldo and see if that can be used to help us i think he would have more value in an exchange than he would if a team bought him.

10.) 02 Jul 2022 18:32:49

11.) 02 Jul 2022 16:57:30
Brazilian kid named Gabriel Veron seems to be doing the rounds. Never heard of him but all for a hungry unknown quantity if they fit the mould of player Erik's after. Although I think the Prem would eat him alive at present.

12.) 02 Jul 2022 19:05:48
My fear is we end up with Calvert Lewin……and our transition to mid table mediocrity is complete.

13.) 02 Jul 2022 19:06:07
the rumour is veron signs the goes on loan spenno but he's a rw we have pellistri and amad as your rw not sure we need others we to loan out. and you can keep the tammy abraham option thanks.

Jonathan David
Lautauro Martinez
Victor Osimhen
Alexander Isak (im assuming the option was dortmund and left when they signed Haller)

i think the 5 above could be options for us.

14.) 02 Jul 2022 19:23:28
Isak, I thought a big team would come in for him but as they didn't maybe he would join us as a stepping stone.

15.) 02 Jul 2022 19:31:39
Are Everton going to sell Richarlison and Calvert-Lewin? Godsend that they’ve sold one so we don’t get the other.

16.) 02 Jul 2022 20:08:01
Obertan, Owen, and Valencia incoming lads here we go!

17.) 02 Jul 2022 20:16:47
We might need to sell Rashford to make space for Garnacho.

I think Rashford has it all but consistency.

Pele or Walcott.

18.) 02 Jul 2022 20:31:21
Victor Osimhen, wanted to come a few years ago. Would be a good signing, especially if Ronaldo ends up at Bayern.

19.) 03 Jul 2022 09:58:38
Isak scored 6 goals in 34 games last season. Why would any club want to sign somebody with that sort or record let alone Manchester United.

20.) 03 Jul 2022 12:24:57
Charlton it's madness folk just plucking names from nowhere.
Most have never seen them play to any great degree.

21.) 03 Jul 2022 13:41:06
Well i did think that Ken. thankfully i doubt Ten Hag or United scouts will be reading the names posted on here but then again ?
If Ronaldo does leave and its not just an attempt to get the owners to sign a few players, then we need to make sure we get Ten Hag's number 1 target.



12 Jun 2021 03:59:45
Hello Ed002. Do you have information about Martial being available for transfer this summer? If yes, what are his options?


{Ed002's Note - Manchester United have shown no intention of selling him but his agent is unhappy with the situation and will see if there are options available - so nothing has changed.}

1.) 12 Jun 2021 10:44:32
A shame Martial never developed in the way I hoped after that first season. I thought there was some potential to become a very good player back then.

2.) 12 Jun 2021 11:35:00
So much ability but no desire.

3.) 12 Jun 2021 13:07:50
And sadly no footballing brain - If you are a defender and can match him stride for stride what else has he got? Not bad at dribbling, butnot great in the air, will he out smart you in the box, or out muscle you or press you into a mistake, pop up where you don't expect him - . no, very rarely will he do any of that, and then when you tackle him a few times and he can't get the better of you after 60 minutes his head drops . A real shame.

4.) 12 Jun 2021 18:47:12
He had a spell at the end of last season, but for me has never looked as promising as on his debut, when I believe he scored a cracker vs Liverpool. Just never looks up for it.

5.) 12 Jun 2021 19:13:24
Forgive me being naive but what can his agent be unhappy about? He’s really well paid in the squad, has got his No9 Shirt back and played up front all’s Eason until it was proven he want actually a very good striker?

If he or Martial have an issue then good riddance.

6.) 12 Jun 2021 22:02:21
Real Madrid online with an option to buy seems to the rumours. probably from his agent.

A good loan to bump his value or refresh him would be good idea.

Then Viva Ronaldo for one last dance.

7.) 13 Jun 2021 09:12:05
While I agree that Martial isn't good enough to be first choice, I'm a little surprised at how quickly everyone wants to boot him out the door.

I mean if we got rid of every player who wasn't good enough to be first choice for us then at no point in our history would we ever have had more than about 14-16 players in our first team squad at most.

Martial doesn't lack for talent, he's quick, has good feet, great technique, can dribble, can link play and is probably only behind Greenwood at our club in terms of how clinical he is in front of goal.

He only has two issues, the first is he picks up a few niggling injuries across a season which can make it hard to maintain momentum when you're in and out of the side. However, the biggest issue he has is his mentality. He doesn't cope well when under pressure for his starting spot.

All that said, there is absolutely no point throwing him out the club while he offers a good squad option.

Rashford is best played on the left, while Greenwood is developing. My gut says Greenwood will eventually move centrally, maybe sooner rather than later. Yet currently he will share his time between RW and CF. That leaves a 34 year old Cavani as our first (and best) choice centrally. Cavani however does struggle with fitness and injury and that isn't likely to improve next season.

Martial offers good coverage for Cavani up top and Rashford on the left.

If we sign Sancho (which looks likely) then what looks stronger for us next season:

Rashford, Martial, Cavani, Greenwood, Sancho.


Rashford, James, Cavani, Greenwood, Sancho.

I mean if someone comes along and makes a good offer for him then sell him and move on. But let's not try and force a good if not great player out the door for little reason.

8.) 14 Jun 2021 09:21:15
When Tony was bought I had hoped for a Thierry Henry type in the making. he's been only good in spots but and he's no talisman and we need a leader up front too. This isn't a knee jerk reaction. Four or five years these questions have been asked. His on field body language is in stark contrast to Cavani - which is the standard he's aiming for. For me he doesn't even tick the box of "impact sub" because he's just not the bustling, harrying type to come on and unsettle opposition defenders. His standard at the minute is as an expensive sub - I'd hoped for so much more.

9.) 14 Jun 2021 12:08:41
Shappy the point is he thinks he should be the first name on the team. He simply doesn’t warrant that. He’s been here long enough now but still hasn’t put together a run of form for long enough to be unstoppable. We have decent squad players as it is, we won’t miss him too much. He’s had plenty of strikers to learn from but I still see not much improvement since we bought him.

10.) 14 Jun 2021 16:20:05
Get him and the manager out of the club.

11.) 14 Jun 2021 17:37:44
Shappy, for me it’s about being the most saleable asset out of those who aren’t in our regular/ best XI.

I don’t think anybody would put him in our best team and I think we’d comfortably get £40m for him.

In a summer where we need a RB, CB, DM and RW, an extra £40m in the kitty will be required.

12.) 14 Jun 2021 18:09:28
I just feel that one of the issues we have compared to City is a lack of strength in depth.

We have at least 10 players who aren't good enough even as squad players for a title winning side.

You might be able to get away with one or two at that level, but not a third of the first team squad.

People complain about the manager not making subs, but who is typically on the bench who you think could make a real difference and isn't a big downgrade on the players on the pitch?

I'd have no problem getting rid of Martial, as long as we are going to get a replacement.

If Martial leaves this summer then we will need a replacement.

We might get 40m for him, but Kane or Haaland will cost 3 to 4 times that much.

Even cheaper squad options like Andre Silva or Moussa Dembele would cost close to the 40m we would get for Martial.

I just think selling Martial this summer creates more work in terms of actually agreeing his departure and then finding and negotiating a replacement.

If we sign Sancho then our first choice front three will be: Rashford, Cavani and Sancho, with Martial and Greenwood offering cover for both wide left, wide right and through the centre.

Who do we realistically have beyond Martial and Greenwood to offer cover?

James (who sadly isn't good enough, too one dimensional), Diallo (who has had less than 200 minutes playing time for us), Pellistri, Shoretire.

Or do we keep the likes of Mata, Lingard and Andreas Pereira?

If we sell Martial then we get injuries to Cavani and Rashford then we would be left with a front three of James, Greenwood and Sancho to carry us for however long they are out for. Considering Cavani and Rashford's injury records that isn't a stretch of the imagination.

I fully agree Martial isn't good enough to be first choice, but he is arguably the best of the rest for us. Selling him and not replacing him only benefits the Glazers.

13.) 14 Jun 2021 19:10:04
What's the strength in depth City have? If their front three is Sterling Jesus and Mahrez then they have Bernardo Torres and Foden. We have Kavani Rashford Martial Mason Mata Amad and next year Sancho, kost of them can make a job. Then they can use De Bruine up front but we can also use Pogba at Rashfords position.
We have three midfielders for the defencive job in Fred Scot Matic and three for the attacking job in Pogba Donny and Bruno. Its ridiculous how Shappy every respond say that we have not the players and its not managers fault.

14.) 14 Jun 2021 21:49:13
Everyone forgetting about Elanga? Surely he can do the martial role shadowing rashford on the left? Amad on the right shadowing Sancho? Then sell martial and use that money to invest in the squad?

15.) 15 Jun 2021 09:05:01
Herrera, why always bring it back to the manager. At no point in my post did I mention the manager.

This is one of the issues with the site, when a debate grows into something all consuming people are thrown into on of two camps. Then every post they make HAS to be about backing their opinion on that debate.

Forget the manager, it doesn't matter. I don't care whether it's Ole, Jose, of God himself. They won't overthrow the current City side with the squad we have.

If you can't objectively stand back and understand that City have a stronger squad than us then there is probably little point debating football with you. Which would be a shame as I think you're a good poster.

City won the league in a congested season at a canter purely because they have a much stronger and deeper squad than everyone else.

16.) 15 Jun 2021 09:52:59
What’s the point having a player who’s probably worth a decent fee, who’s game has not improved, can barely bring a smile to his face wearing our famous red shirt, gets injured quite often and whinges that he’s not starting when there are more deserving of the start?

17.) 15 Jun 2021 11:46:22
RedWhiskey, Long term I'd get rid of Martial. I just don't think this summer is the right time.

If we are honest we could both name a dozen players at United who need to leave and currently aren't putting in performances worthy of their wages.

Joel Pereira, Grant, Jones, Bailly, Dalot, Mata, Lingard, Andreas Pereira and Chong. None of them have contributed more than Martial last season or the season before. All should leave before Martial.

We then have players who are in the maybe camp, good players who might be worth keeping for another season to see if they can step up, but they are far from safe. Players like Tuanzebe, Williams, Fred, James, Donny and I would place Martial in this category.

So in the need to leave this summer and the might need to go next summer categories we have 15 of our first team squad.

That doesn't include players like Pogba who will either leave this summer for a fee or next on a free, Matic and Cavani who at best have one more season left in them. But fitness and availability will be an issue. While we will need to ideally sell one of Henderson of DDG as that situation is unsustainable.

Which is ideally another sale or two this summer (keeper and Pogba) and two further departures next summer.

That is a huge turn over needed in the next two windows.

10 or 11 players who need to leave this summer, with replacements sought. (not including Martial) .

2 or 3 who will definitely leave next summer, with another 6 potentially who could be following them (Martial included), again with replacements sought.

This is what I mean when I say this is not a great squad, and serious work is needed if we are to genuinely challenge for the title.

A few of those players may be able to stay in squad capacity, but not all of them. While we would still be relying on several younger players to either continue to develop or step up into the first team, on top of 5-6 really good top level signings.

18.) 15 Jun 2021 13:04:48
Because you defend the coach for not making changes. He has no excuse.
Last year we had a front three that outscored Liverpool's, this year we brought Cavani and we still have Mata James and Diallo, a technical player, an Wales international and an Ivory Coast International . I see a lot of options there.
If the coach can only win with Brunos quality that's not my problem but his problem because we can't have a player with Brunos quality at the bench. He must find another way and find a way to use other players property and take most of them.

19.) 15 Jun 2021 13:05:50
Shappy if sancho comes in on a top wage one of the top earners have to leave.

20.) 15 Jun 2021 15:44:45
I agree Ken, probably best to move on our top earner. checks notes DDG😂

Herrera, come off it. Mata is past it, that much is obvious. Love him as a player, and a top guy. But if he leaves his options are mid table sides at best.

Dan James is nowhere near the quality of a title winning side. Liverpool, Chelsea, City, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus, Bayern Munich, PSG etc wouldn't look twice at him, even as a squad player. He's quick and he works hard, but he lacks understanding or ability to impact a game when there isn't space to run into. Again he seems like a nice lad, but he plays football like a dog chasing a carrier bag in the wind.

Amad Diallo has huge potential, but he has played less than 200 minutes for us. Which is around twice as many minutes as he got at Atalanta. He isn't ready to play regularly, he might be soon, but not yet.

Yes last year our front three of Rashford, Martial and Greenwood outscored Salah, Mane and Firmino.

Unfortunately Rashford has struggled all season with injuries. Martial has shown that he can't perform when there is pressure for his starting spot. While Greenwood suffered the typical second season drop in form as teams start to figure him out. While he also had some off field drama to deal with, which being young himself obviously hit him hard and took time to get over.

We also had Cavani, who struggled to stay fit and was in and out of the team. While his performances when fit just highlighted just how much our other young forwards have yet to learn.

So what are your suggestions?

How do you make James a world class player?

How do you make Mata 4 years younger?

How do you make Diallo ready?

How do you make Greenwood get over the suicide of a close friend?

How do you stop Cavani and Rashford getting injuries?

How do you make Martial have the right mentality?

21.) 15 Jun 2021 16:18:52
I almost feel sorry for Ole to have such a bad fortune and so average squad.
At the other hand Pep had injury free Aguero, the world class striker Jesus, the world class and in form Sterling. Then he had the proven and world class Torres.
Is this what you want? Let it be.

22.) 15 Jun 2021 18:44:42
Herrera, that's my point. Pep has better a better first 11 AND better players in reserve.

Torres had a couple of months of great football. Sterling's form wasn't great but Mahrez was in the form of his life. Fernandinho didn't play as much, but Gundogan had his best season in England arguably his career. KDB was excellent, Foden had a break out season. Dias was the best CB in the league, Stones form was so good he benched the excellent Laporte. Cancelo was the best full back in the league.

Key players like Sterling, Laporte, Fernandinho, and Aguero either weren't missed or their poor form was mitigated by other top players being able to step in for them.

At United if Rashford and Bruno are out of the line up we look desperately poor, simply because the players stepping in for them don't have half the talent that they do.

Add to that the rest of the first 11 look somewhere between average or slightly above average at best then you can see the squad we have is a million miles off of City's.

Liverpool have a far better first 11, and squad players probably on par with us.

City have a far better first 11 and better squad players than us.

Chelsea have a comparable first 11, but better quality in squad depth than us.

That's three teams than on balance have a better first team squad than us. We finished above two of them which probably means we overachieved this season. I think that places is in a dangerous position as its easy to think we are better than we are, and as such have higher expectations next season.

If we don't bring in some key signings that go straight into the first 11 and improve it then I see 4th as the most likely finishing position for us.

23.) 16 Jun 2021 17:58:33

Pep is a far better coach and manager than Ole, gets far more out of players, who know exactly what is required. Give Ole City’s squad or Liverpool’s for that matter and he wouldn’t win the league.

You keep repeating yourself about how it is the players and squad not Ole. The old say it enough times and people will believe you stuff.

24.) 17 Jun 2021 13:04:01
Could say exactly the same about your views on Ole redman. Everyone is entrenched at the moment.

Ole will still be here next year. He deserves to be here next year after a solid 2nd place and whilst a reasonable showing in the cups.

We will invest in some new players to freshen the squad. We will also develop more together as a team.

Everyone is keen to say we will be lucky to get top 4 again next year, but we will not be far away again, we are looking up not down.

What did Pep do in his first 2 seasons? What about Klopp? Both brought in players and freshened their squads, it is a process.

{Ed077's Note - didnt Pep have that 100 points season in his second season??}

25.) 18 Jun 2021 06:57:40

"a solid 2nd place and whilst a reasonable showing in the cups. " - really? We know how solid the past season was and how Ole managed to mess up in a reasonable showing in the cups.

I hope your optimism pays off and we are not in a dog fight for top 4 come the end of the season.

Why do people always need to compare with Pep/ Klopp when the discussion is about Ole? He is not at their level. When is Ole ever going to be held accountable?

I hope we do get the signings Ole wants and he has no more excuses this coming season.



30 Jul 2020 17:18:49
Hi Ed, Raul Jimenez is tipped to join united shortly. Do you know any interest in him presently from us?


{Ed002's Note - He would be very expensive and who would he replace?}

1.) 31 Jul 2020 14:51:46
Martial please.

2.) 31 Jul 2020 16:04:13
Ken - I’m assuming that is a joke?
1999: Cole, Yorke, Sheringham and OGS
2008: Rooney, Tevez, Berbatov, Saha.

We lack depth in the squad at present time, he’d be a great signing.

3.) 31 Jul 2020 17:14:27
Why make that assumption KG?
I don't like martial as a player. I don't think i ever will.
Sure he scored 17 league goals this year but i don't like his style or the way he carries himself. Its a personal thing. i'd rather we played with another cf than martial. i'd take jimenez in a heartbeat over martial.

4.) 31 Jul 2020 19:16:14
And you couldn't make a worse mistake than that Ken.

I could agree that he looks annoying, rarely smiles, looks like all his hopes are gone, but that doesn't mean much.

He is a very good player, not to mention that he and Rashford have very good connections, which means a lot for the attackers.

While Jimenez is a good player, he is 5 years older, its questionable if he could fit so easily in the team, and I don't see him bringing in much more than Martial.

Also, worth mentioning is that Martial is finally playing in best position for him.

5.) 31 Jul 2020 19:33:28
Means a lot trololo, how long has he been here now?

6.) 31 Jul 2020 19:39:32
Thanks for the reply, Ken.
During Marital’s first season I thought we’d signed one of the best young players in Europe. Admittedly, he had a difficult couple of seasons under challenging management but he’s a talent and he’s finally starting to find some consistency and probably he’s now playing in his best position. He’s also (second to Greenwood) our most natural goal scorer and I’ve been impressed with him this year. I’m actually banking on him finishing as the PL top goal scorer next season. As a personal thing to you I completely respect that but I think he’s going to turn a few heads over the next few years, hopefully, including yours mate.

7.) 31 Jul 2020 19:50:56
All in your opinion of course trololo.
I think there are lots of players that would bring more to the team than martial trololo are you suggesting that is not a possibility?
I respect your opinion its your opinion so i won't say your wrong but i disagree.
I don't like watching him play. Of course i recognize his talent and his improvement in the last 5 months but I've watched 5 years of mediocre sub standard lack lustre displays.
He turns it on when he wamts goes missing for large spells in games.
He doesn't suit my eye as a player i don't like his demeanour. I don't trust him as a player.
Put me in charge he would be 1st out the door. But i'm not in charge so he is safe🤣🤣.

8.) 31 Jul 2020 20:08:37
No worries KG.
You will note on another thread that he was down as 2nd in my player of season that's because i do recognise his improvement. He did well for the team i see that. But he does frustrate me a lot. I simply don't like his style. But i jump as high as another supporter when he scores.
Id rather watch nearly any other player in a united jersey all the same. He is the polar opposite of what i like to watch most of the time.
I support the team not individuals its not a must to like them all.
I never really liked RVP either.
Its my personal opinion.
Ive seen him work a bit harder particularly since the restart and that's a really good thing for the team. As long as the team do well ill put up with him😂😂😂.

9.) 31 Jul 2020 20:49:52

How much managers did we change since he is here? How many times we changed tactics following our change of managers? How old was he when he came to United? How many games he played in his preferred position?
It isn't simple as that Angelred.

Ken, sure there would be players who would bring more, but its questionable if its really "a lot" of players. Plus, how much would that replacement cost?

We do have much bigger problems on other positions, and Martial is bringing more than average, I would say.

Of course, I totally understand that you dislike a player, I dislike Lingard for example.

10.) 31 Jul 2020 21:37:30
More than average for 15 games less than average for the remainder. In my opinion trololo.
But that's the beauty of football one mans pig ear is another man's silk purse.
Tbh its not debatable to me that there are lots of players better suited for me that list is endless. But you are entitled to your opinion on that which of course is not fact just opinion.



25 Jul 2020 03:55:31
Hellow Ed002, window is almost opening in few hours, is it good time to ask for a summery of Targets?


{Ed002's Note - Why not. At the start of this season the expectation was that the club would look to DM, CM, CM/AM, W/F and S as needed over two transfer windows (January and now) but I suspect the club will prioritise CM/AM (e.g. a Jack Grealish type), S (e.g. Ighalo) and a W/F (e.g. Sancho) and then a couple of youngsters (e.g. Joe Hugill (S) and the kid from Barcelona).

Previously a DM would have been a target, but a new contract for Matic has delayed the immediate need so the interest in Rice, Zakaria, Soumare, Llorente and Thiago has gone for this summer, at least for now and possibly for good as they may not be available next summer. A versatile left sided CM/AM (ideally Jack Grealish) is still wanted. The club need to decide what to do about adding a striker with Odion Ighalo being the low cost option post his loan ending in January. There are other youngsters the club have an interest in and could still look to cherry-pick like Ricky-Jade Jones and Kalvin Phillips. Then the issue shifts to players departing to make space. Saul Niguez (CM), Donny van de Beek (CM) and Sergej Milinkovic-Savic (CM) would have been available to replace Paul Pogba but it is looking less likely now that Pogba will depart and they can now be discounted. Atletico will sell another to raise funds and look to keep Saul. van de Beek was expected to join Real Madrid but their financial difficulties have pulled the plug on their previous agreement. There are discussions with another side about the sale of SMS.

The situation with Sancho (RW/LW) remains unchanged in that he is wanted but the cost is an issue which is opening up options like Ferran Torres (can now realistically be discounted), Chiesa (borderline whether anything would now be possible) and now with a third party stepping in and proposing Kingsley Coman.

In terms of GKs and the defence, Manchester United has looked at a couple of GKs but no approach has been made. In terms of CBs, even if Smalling were to be sold there is no space for an addition without a couple more being sold. Interest in the likes of Kalidou Koulibaly (too old and price would need to halve), Jean-Clair Todibo (was offered to the club), Milan Skriniar (huge asking price) and Marash Kumbulla (heading elsewhere) is not being pressed. is not being pressed.

The cost of Sancho puts a leash on other spending and the emergence of Greenwood likely takes the likes of Moussa Dembele off the table, although significant money could be saved for Sancho if attention turned from Grealish (left sided CM/AM) to James Rodriguez (left sided AM).}

1.) 25 Jul 2020 09:55:27
Excellent Updated Read Ed 002

Thanks for that. So over all we can say a Right side forward could be the only in-come with some out of the box deal for James Rodriguez. CB will join if all 3 of Jones, Rojo and smalling leaves. So that's RW, and optional Am/ Cb.

{Ed002's Note - That is not what I said - perhaps you should read it again.}

2.) 25 Jul 2020 10:31:44
Grealish and Sancho would make aN excellent window.
The keeper situation is the odd one for me. We essentially have 4 pretty good ones on the books right now. Not sure why we’d want any more?

No takers for Rojo yet Ed? Thanks.

{Ed002's Note - There are limitations where he could move to. Manchester United are of course not assisting and are pricing him out of a move to Estudiantes, who really only want another loan in any case - that would give Manchester United a loan fee as his contract runs down. I would hope that Manchester United let him leave now for perhaps €6M spread over the coming season - else, perhaps a strike.}

3.) 25 Jul 2020 10:42:27
Seems a fair price for him Ed to be honest - odd strategy to deny moves to players who want out and are clearly not wanted either.

{Ed002's Note - The club do dumb things - they blocked a move to Fiorentina which would have got a better fee - theu are now asking for a figure they know Estudiantes cannot afford. It is the same with pricing Chris Smalling out of a move and could do the same with Diogo Dalot.}

4.) 25 Jul 2020 11:54:27
Thanks very much for the updated information Ed002: after seeing your lengthy red comment, I made some tea before sitting down to read the news properly.

Hoping we sign Sancho, Grealish and a central defender, whilst being professional while selling on unwanted players.

Shame about Rice - think he would be a massive long term improvement on Matic.

Onwards and upwards! (And squeaky bum time tomorrow! )

5.) 25 Jul 2020 12:06:25
Sorry i ed. U r right . I totally confused things said.

6.) 25 Jul 2020 12:57:29
Woodwaord and judge must look at fifa for valuations on our players.

7.) 25 Jul 2020 14:49:38
Is it because the club's decision-makers see us being charged top dollar for players we want and think they can do the same with players we are trying to off load, not realising the difference between a buyers market and sellers market.

8.) 25 Jul 2020 19:22:37
I suspect it has more to do with accountants and balance sheets, the club not wanting to offload a player for less than their "asset" value.

9.) 25 Jul 2020 21:49:38
Duncan castle has written an article criticising United’s management structure regarding transfers: says that the lack of a Director of Football to be trusted to make transfer decisions means that decisions go through multiple parties such as Matt Judge, Woodward, the Glazers etc (who all want to have some control) rather than quick decisions by the DoF. Guessing this works regarding selling players also.

Can see why agents etc get so frustrated with United.

If only they’d employ Ed002 to tell them how it should be then get a good DoF to facilitate things. Just look at how Chelsea are so successful in getting their targets.

{Ed025's Note - unfortunately i cant see them employing ED002 wallace...hes not likely to take a pay cut mate.. :)

10.) 25 Jul 2020 21:59:39
I’m sure they’d put him up in a decent Manchester bed and breakfast Ed25 lol!

{Ed025's Note - he would want the lowry or nothing wallace, and even that is slumming it mate.. :)




rodio17's banter posts with other poster's replies to rodio17's banter posts


26 Jun 2022 04:31:23
At the begaining of last season, when we had signed Ronaldo and Varane and the players available on roster, most of us had hoped for trophies in anyways. Since than there is disastrous performance, managerial change, loss of dressing room all happened. So players wise what has changed? Pogba, Matic, Mata, lingard, Cavani left. Of them only Pogba was regular, others are hardly getting minutes.
So considering this, i will say Pogba ( regular) left, VDB (regular under eth) came, Matic Squad player can be replaced by Garner squad player. There are no other genuine talk of players linked for sales. Squad options are mostly still same.
For Mata and Lingard: there are Amad, Pelestri, Granacho, Elanga to fill in.
For Cavani sub role there is Martial ( not prefered, no one want to take) . Defensive options are also same, no one has left.

So logically, what we need is upgrade on McTominey or Fred, another Striker as must improve position for now. Others may get chance in pre season before ETH want to move them on at any cost.
And that's why I guess club has not done much although we may want drastic changes. Specially after comments for Rangnic when he said 10 new players may come.
Ideally, it's 1 CM and 1 Striker for improvement, others are totally depending on sale only, so I guess all should wait for sale announcement first rather incomings in other position.


1.) 26 Jun 2022 06:44:07
Yes that's the Glazer way of thinking things.

2.) 26 Jun 2022 07:13:47
Radio, fair assessment of how Glazers run the club and that's why Rangnick jumped ship, and that's why we'll be 30 points behind the Champions again and 10 points behind 4th spot.
I actually think defensive midfielder, central midfielder and an a centre forward is what we need.

3.) 26 Jun 2022 09:41:25
Rohan : Glazer way of thinking: ok.
Glazer way of thinking "things". not ok.
When you write "things". means i am thinking that way.

I am just assessing, why there is still so dull of a window. After last season and for few players, i want them replaced asap, in bulk. But we all know, it won't happen.

And even though stories of ETH want players in before pre-season, won't affect what club always do. For think tanks. Not much is needed. For us. there is plenty missing.

4.) 26 Jun 2022 10:03:46
We need a Right back absolutely desperately. Two we have are garbage.

5.) 26 Jun 2022 10:22:02
Rodio, I said something similar the other day.

Basically with Matic and Pogba leaving we are short in midfield, while with Cavani, Mata and Lingard leaving we are short up top.

Those are the priorities. Most likely FDJ and Antony.

We could do with a better CB, but currently we have Varane, Maguire, Lindelof, Jones, Bailly, Tuanzebe, Mengi and Bernard.

We can't sign a 9th CB until a few more leave.

Same issue at full back, with AWB, Dalot, Shaw, Telles, Williams, Laird and Fernandez. Seven players for two positions.

We can't sign an 8th full back unless others leave.

I think we will see something like 70m on De Jong and 60m on Antony and a few million spent on Bachmann. That is our summer budget spent up.

Other additions probably depend on player sales both to raise funds and to create space in the squad. The issue is who could we sell?

Henderson has left on loan so won't be bringing in any funds.

Does anyone have a space in their physio room for one of Jones, Bailly or Tunazebe? To be honest given their injury record and their wages I think we would be lucky to get 30m for all three combined.

AWB could be sold for 25-30m if we can find a buyer, but that will be tough. While if we did sell him we would probably need to spend most if not all of what we get on a replacement. So he wouldn't raise funds for a purchase elsewhere in the squad.

We could probably get a similar amount for Martial if anyone would be crazy enough to buy him. I'd be tempted to approach Lyon to see if we can do some sort of a swap deal with Moussa Dembele who is entering his final year of his contract. We might need to send some money their way or pay off a part of Martial's contract as he won't get the same wages in France. However, that would get a high wage and problem player out of the club and bring in a suitable replacement in one fell swoop. However, that's far to sensible for our club.

Beyond that we could get 10-15m at most for Andreas Pereira, maybe a similar amount for Alex Telles. If we sell Telles though we will need to find a replacement LB most likely. While they would likely cost more than the 15m we might get for him.

Which means if we sell AWB, Telles or Martial we will need to sign a replacement in the squad in those positions. Which will likely cost as much if not more than we get from selling them.

If we can sell Tuanzebe, Jones, Bailly and Andreas Pereira we might be able to raise around 40-45m to spend on a new CB. Which from rumours seems to be the price bracket we are looking at.

It's definitely a tricky window and we need to be careful not to over commit or over spend as the margins are fine. We can't afford to be signing players for lower priority positions without first getting some players off the books to both raise funds and create space in the squad.

6.) 26 Jun 2022 10:38:04
Rodio - appreciate the sentiment re minimal change but we need much more. Sure it was our expectation with signing Ronaldo, Varane, Sancho that we’d be challenging. But that team produced our worst ever in the premier league era. If you work on the basis we need two quality players for each position we are lightyears behind City and Liverpool who’ve already started improving their squads.

To compete we need at least: RB, CB, DM, CM, RW, CF.
With the quality we need that could be £400m which just ain’t going to happen with the Glazers.

More likely we will get De Jong and Antony and increasingly I think that will be it. De Jong because Barcelona need to sell and Antony because he wants to follow his former manager.

The rest will be left to Ten Hag needing to coach what he has and bring through the youth. As each day passes I’m more and more convinced that Ten Hag has been told there’s only ever going to be c £100m a season for new recruits plus whatever we can get through players. We look so committed to the pursuit of De Jong as Ten Hag’s not seen anyone else suitable for him to build a team around and he knows his quality and that he can work to ETH methodologies.

We do need many more players than what you suggest but we won’t be buying them from elsewhere anytime soon.

7.) 26 Jun 2022 11:14:32
Halesini, I'm pretty convinced that if we don't get FDJ then it will be Ruben Neves from Wolves.

8.) 26 Jun 2022 11:15:01
Shappy - Some of our players start pre season training tomorrow and the Club has bought and sold nobody.

We are on our 4th re build in 10 years and murmurs around the Club suggest they have hired a coach to get the best out of what we’ve already got. EtH in his opening press conference said numerous times this squad finished second only 12 months ago and has potential. The warning bells ringing before a ball has even been kicked.

By Manchester United standards this team is crap, we finished last season with our lowest points total in premier league history and a zero goal difference. Let’s not forget the toxic dressing room culture, in fighting and constant leaks to the press. Some of those players still remain at the Club. There is a saying in football that you’re only as good as your last game yet the Club and EtH want to conveniently ignore the last 12 months. I understand EtH needs to get the players on board and convey positivity but in my opinion there were better ways than referencing a second place finish over 12 months ago with no fans in the ground.

Swathes of our fan base we’re excited when the Club appointed RR. 6 months later he has been consigned to history his reputation irrevocably damaged in the eyes of many supporters so his damming assessment of both the players and decision makers at the Club can be readily ignored and rejected. RR chastising words of “Open heart surgery” and “upwards of 10 players” still ring true. His transfer advice of recruiting younger, hungry players looking to take the next step has already been ignored in the protracted pursuit of FDJ. A player who doesn’t want join the Club and will be paid outrageously to help change his mind. On the back of his worst season Bruno was awarded a lucrative new contract.

Some want to believe Arnold and Murtough represent a new Utd yet the overwhelming evidence suggest nothing has changed.

I desperately want EtH to be successful but if we are expecting him to work miracles with the likes of McFred and play a higher defensive line and different brand of football with Lindelof and Maguire he’ll be collecting his P45 like all the others.

9.) 26 Jun 2022 11:54:57
Well said DLIB, exactly my sentiments. This ain't anything new, it's very much same old same old.

10.) 26 Jun 2022 12:19:00
DlIB, you're right we should just douse the whole club in petrol and light it up. The decrepit stadium, the useless players, the outdated training ground, the board members and the Glazers lounging in the Floridian sun.

Torch the lot. None of it's worth persevering with.

It is what it is, there are no magic wands to just flick the wrist and fix everything.

The Glazers aren't going anywhere until they are ready. Stomp your feet, cry online, hand back your season ticket if you want. It won't make a blind bit of difference. They didn't care what the fans wanted when they forced the takeover, they didn't care what the fans wanted during the Green and Gold campaign and they don't care now.

Your choices are be a good customer and keep handing over your money or walk away. Choice is yours.

The structure at the club is undergoing a massive overhaul. It might make a difference or it might be more of the same. We don't know and we can't know weeks into a new regime with massive turmoil and change still ongoing all around. Judge is still running negotiations until September. It's a mess at the moment and will take time to take shape.

Again there is nothing you can do about it. Give it time and see what happens.

The squad needs a total turn over. It took both Klopp and Pep around 3 season's to move on all the players they didn't think we're good enough and bring in players to suit their style.

This won't happen over night and certainly not 3 weeks into the first transfer window.

We have 37 players in our squad left to deal with. Even if 12 leave that still gives us a 25 man squad. There is literally no space left at the Inn. More need to leave, for that reason we won't see 5 or 6 players join this summer as that would require the exit of 18 more players either permanently or on loan.

This isn't FIFA, you can't just click a button and boom the player is gone and the cash is in your account.

11.) 26 Jun 2022 13:22:30
Ture to the feeling. Before sales of players, it's hard to bring in players. Club won't pay up contracts and make free agents and then buy new. ( Although we would love) . right now without sales. only a Midfielder and a Forward is coming. No more. and a GK if Hendo depart is final.
This FDJ has Sancho type story all over. we think selling club will budge . and they don't. We are thinking that Barcelona needs money by 30th June and we are playing hard ball. Can backfire.

12.) 26 Jun 2022 13:45:12
Shappy - Despite your protestations you are a Glazer apologist and with all due respect nobody posts Fantasy Football nonsense on here more than you.

People lost their lives playing for this great football Club, it was re built from the ashes of Munich to reach the pinnacle of European football in order to honour the brave souls that tragically lost their lives at the end of a frozen runway. They were pioneers of the game that would tread the path for future generations in the pursuit of sporting excellence and glory. This football Club means a lot to many people, they are emotionally invested in its welfare and it’s future so please do not refer to me and others like me as merely customers. The fans are the true custodians of our football Club, we maintain and drive the standards and what’s happened over the last 10 years is unacceptable.

I make no apology or excuses for the Glazers or the incompetent suits they employ. They are bad news for Manchester United, they have no interest in upholding the standards nor respecting the legacy. Their plan is to trade off our history and fan loyalty to make money and line their own pockets.

You spoke effervescently of RR when he was appointed yet “Open heart surgery” and “upwards of 10 players” were his words not mine.
Maybe you should listen to the advice of a man you so enthusiastically lauded only 6 months previously before you accuse me of playing FIFA with our Club.

There is no evidence of this great overhaul that you now refer but the same people hastily promoted into more senior roles making the same mistakes.

I understand football and I know when the wool is being pulled over our eyes. Murtough has been in post 12 months, during that time he awarded Ole a new contract and hailed a cultural reset. Less than 6 months later he sent everyone on holiday because he couldn’t stomach the decision to sack him. He then appointed RR as interim coach and consultant. He didn’t like his assessment of the Club yet the man with no pedigree or history of building football Clubs remains in post. We didn’t sign any players in January despite the consultants advice to the contrary in case the new manager didn’t want them. He kept Lingard at the Club despite advise from the consultant, forgoing a transfer fee and paying his wages for another 6 months only for him to pose in a Wast Ham shirt, leak to the press and exacerbate the toxic dressing room culture. He then awarded Bruno a lucrative new contact before the appointment of a new manager despite him having his worst season in a Utd shirt. I could go on and on. That 12 months of Murtough and god knows what damage he has already presided over in the previous 10 years.

The Club is a circus, a laughing stock and unrecognisable to the pioneers that lost their lives in the pursuit of sporting excellence and immortality.

13.) 26 Jun 2022 16:25:08
DLIB, I think all fans understand our history. However, if you want to keep reciting it every 10 minutes you'll start to sound like the Scousers pre-Klopp.

Our past gives us no right to achieve things in our future. That sort of entitlement is why we are in this mess. Believing that we are too big, that our history gives us a divine right.

The Glazers have presided over our downfall, I want them gone as much as the next fan.

That said I have no idea who could possibly take over and as such I cannot sensibly say with any sort of authority that the next owners will be better than the current owners.

It's all if, buts and maybes.

It's also entirely out of my hands or any fans hands.

The only choice I have is to support the club or not. Many fans took the decision to stop supporting the club and some even set up a new club. FC United of Manchester, to keep alive what they believe to be the heart and soul of the club.

I still agree with everything RR said, I'm just more realistic on the time frame that could and it is likely to take.

It seems your frustrations are getting the better of you, resorting to name calling isn't the kind of thing we have seen from you in the past.

Maybe like Tony (AJH) a step back might help you refined yourself.

14.) 26 Jun 2022 16:53:05

You are in no position to tell another poster to stop posting just because you don’t agree.

15.) 26 Jun 2022 17:36:15
Shappy - I define Glazer apologists as people who make excuses for the Glazers or seek to mitigate their role in the demise of our great Club.

We have always spent big money dating back to the acquisition of Dennis Law so praising the Glazers for spending money generated by the Club based on our history and previous success is not an argument that I agree with. They have invested little in the infrastructure of the Club and we are now being left behind.

You accuse me of living in the past but that’s exactly what the Glazers are using to generate revenue and sponsorship. They are not seeking to build a new legacy but continually rely on the history of the Club to attract everything from new players to sponsorship opportunities and social media interactions.

My reference to the past was in relation to values and the pursuit of sporting excellence. Values which no longer exits and are slowly eroded with each passing year.

The Glazers have a responsibility to the players that died, their families and the supporters to continue their legacy of sporting achievement and excellence. Those players died representing the Club trying to make history and ignite a love affair with European football that endures to this day.

Without vision or ambition there will be no future success. EtH might be a good coach but a rebuild is about re-setting the culture of malaise, selfishness and arrogance that exists not just in the dressing room but the entire Club. Shuffling positions and re branding failing players will not suffice in my opinion.

We’ll agree to disagree and if I have offended you in anyway then I apologise. Hopefully we can move forward and I’ll try to be more respectful and tolerant of other people views. At the end of the day we all want the same thing.

16.) 26 Jun 2022 17:41:33
Red Man, wind your neck in, your turkey jowls are showing.

I haven't told another poster to stop posting because I disagree with them. I actually prefer posters to disagree with me and explain their point of view. I enjoy attempting to understand things from another perspective.

I'm not one of those people who likes to shout their opinion into an empty room because the echo agrees with me.

If you ACTUALLY read what I wrote I merely suggested taking a step back if DLIB's frustrations are boiling over.

Most of us have at times over the years taken a step back from posting when things get a little too much. It's nothing more than friendly advice to a poster who I enjoy reading.

I'm sure DLIB is more than capable of telling me to shove my advice where the sun don't shine if they feel the need to.

17.) 26 Jun 2022 18:25:28
DLIB, Don't worry I'm not offended and you don't need to apologise.

It takes a lot to offend me, and I doubt anything that would offend me would make it past the Ed's.

Of course we all want the same thing, and I fully understand your point of view and your frustrations with the current situation.

As for Glazer apologist, if that's what you feel that's fine. In my mind I certainly am not. I've just taken the path of deciding not to allow them to erode my enjoyment of the club. They are there and there's nothing I can do about it. At some point they'll leave and that will be that. Until then I don't feel like getting angry and frustrated over things I cannot control is healthy for me.

It was more a case of shock that you resorted to name calling as it isn't something I've seen you do before. To me that suggests you are frustrated and maybe a step back might elevate those frustrations. But your an adult (I assume) and can make that call yourself.

For the most part I think we agree, neither of us want the Glazers at our club and we both blame them for the mess we are in.

However, I feel that there could certainly be worse owners. That given the money made available to build and strengthen the team that the club in theory could be successful under the Glazers, dependent on them getting the right people in charge and them listening to the right people.

As such I've chosen to focus on the football and not the ownership. I never started watching and supporting Manchester United for the off field politics and ownership debates. I watch to enjoy football, to see young players develop and be entertained.

I am hopeful of see more of that this season. The ownership will sort itself out and I am done twisting my knickers over it.



25 Jun 2022 03:34:52
The good thing about this window is most of our "said" targets are getting snapped up by other teams quickly. So in No time ITKs are over with names, where we are inches closer to the deal. it's famous United style to pick a unreasonable Target and chase for 65 days leaving all other business aside. ultimately end up paying more for 6th choice.
Woodward has gone, but has anything changed? No one knows what ETH feels about current players, and if he wants to use this squad with minimal additions so No point in hitting panic button either. But I feel he will have very hard time getting any best from current down-shoulder pals. waiting for ITKs to come up with new names to get click baits.


{Ed0666's Note - apparently you’ve just tabled a 68 million pound bid for minamino. No add ons just straight cash up front in one payment and are currently discussing personal terms with the player. Shrewd piece of business.

1.) 25 Jun 2022 04:45:30
Well ed0666. Anything is possible with this lot. I will take that as one more rumour.

{Ed0666's Note - as you say anything is possible with your mob mate



08 Jun 2022 17:25:13
There goes Darwin.


1.) 08 Jun 2022 18:35:42
That's what happens when you try and play the long game. I'm sure the club were waiting to see if we had a free run at him so we could save a few quid. Liverpool being proactive and wrapped a deal up with Benfica and the player in a few hours.

Disappointed if he was someone Ten Hag identified and wanted. Looks like the "new regime" still have the same bad habits as their predecessors.

Sadly I think Timber and De Jong might go sideways too. Rumours neither are too keen. Hopefully we can get them over the line or move onto new targets fairly soon.

2.) 08 Jun 2022 19:03:14
Not that I think it’s happening or that there is even interest but I’d love the club to go for nkunku over Nunez.

Konrad Laimer would be someone I’d like too.

3.) 08 Jun 2022 19:12:39
The transfer window opens in 2 days time. I would hardly describe United as playing the long game on Nuñez. It is far more likely that the player would simply prefer a move to Liverpool. And that goes for some of our other targets too, who will prefer the relative glamor of Champions League football. EtH has yet to prove himself in the EPL.

4.) 08 Jun 2022 19:29:05
No worries we have a few youngsters coming through for sure. A few experts here will give out a few dossier on them. Superstars in the making, like Rashford amd Greenwood perhaps.

The transfer committee is filled with asses. It took Liverpool 2 hours to get it done and we have been going at it for months.

5.) 08 Jun 2022 20:01:10
Shawthing, the window being closed or open is a moot point. This is a player we supposedly have interest in and it looks increasingly likely he'll join our rivals.

We know there's interest in the player so what exactly are we waiting for?

6.) 08 Jun 2022 20:51:59
He probably preferred Liverpool over us, and as a Uruguayan non united fan, they are the far more attractive option currently. Can you blame him? ??.

7.) 08 Jun 2022 21:17:40
UA if greenwood wasn’t an absolute waste of space he could have been a superstar.

8.) 08 Jun 2022 21:48:55
Mumbles. my comment still stands. If the money is equal then it will be up to the player. And I think we are absolutely right not to get into a bidding war.

9.) 08 Jun 2022 23:26:51
Everyone needs to calm down and judge the club on the first day of the new season and see who we’ve signed by then. Loads of time. The fact we are shopping for players that other clubs also want has always happened. Let’s wait and see.

10.) 08 Jun 2022 23:32:49
I haven’t heard anything to suggest he’s gone to Liverpool, just that they are looking to bid, the same as we have been, so maybe they are useless too, or perhaps they have been looking at him for months too but the press haven’t been aware.

11.) 08 Jun 2022 23:44:28
We could have signed him when we talked to mendes back in may

Were embarrasing when it comes to transfers.

Whats more embarasing is the billy big balls promise we must have made to ten hag to get him his players he wants

And as previous managers have stated they never get plan a its always plan d or e

And they wonder why we are 10 years into a another "RE BUILD"

12.) 09 Jun 2022 00:15:49
Apart from the obvious attraction of a team close to their peak verses a club starting a painful rebuild. Nunez probably sees a good opportunity to slot straight into the first team. At man utd he has to somehow navigate the significant presence of a certain player of all ages, who will command a starting place probably as the main striker.

A versatile forward who can play wide right or central might be a better option for us anyway. I think Nunez looks great, but not sat on the bench getting frustrated with game time.

13.) 09 Jun 2022 00:36:04
He wpuldnt be sat on the bench, ronaldo isn't going to play every game,

We have no other striker in the club.

A striker should. have been the first player signed.

14.) 09 Jun 2022 01:53:20
Good luck telling Ronny that. He is simply not going to accept being benched, and absolutely not for any big games. Even worse, he won't even accept coming off with 10 mins to go.

No potential world class striker is going to come and play behind ronny for a season, it will be a season wasted.

15.) 09 Jun 2022 07:43:38
Right now, Ronaldo also better than Nunez so €80m on a back up is farcical. I agree with the comment above - a versatile forward is far more effective for our needs.

We also have no idea what the club are actually going to do with Greenwood depending the outcome of his case.

We do need reinforcements up front that’s for sure, but midfield is the priority area where major surgery is required first in my view.

16.) 09 Jun 2022 09:04:29
Eric i'm not sure greenwood has a way back,

Even if proven innocent that voice clip alone is discusting will he be able to find a way back? i'm not so sure.

17.) 09 Jun 2022 12:46:55
The bid is usually the last thing to go in, so I'd imagine they've had some indication from the player.

By indication, I mean that Klopp gas probably called him ?.



08 May 2022 05:52:34
Has Big McTominey came out from Caicedo's pocket? I don't hope anything from Matic since last season. his legs are gone. so when you have spineless midfield, this things are obvious. 2020, people were furious seeing Mata and Matic in same line up. and at end of 2022, we still see them starting now?
Is any of them on pitch are skilled enough or fast enough to save themselves from that press?
Thank God, i decided to cut the crap after 2-0, i feel for those, who have seen it 4-0 . don't know which team hired and recommend this clowns. but they should never get a job at big club.
Is it Mayday already,?


1.) 08 May 2022 06:30:44
It's good that both matic and mata are going to leave.
Matic and Mata starting in the same lineup always meant we are slow.
Mata is a decent player bring to in the last 20-30 mins of the game.
Matic to close out a game.
They are not regular starters, and don't have the legs to play 2 games in a week.
I really hope we are able to move some players out, I would not be against Ronaldo, de gea or even Varane moved out if it meant we could sign other players.
Varane has not been great for us, maybe he gets better next season, but we really need a very good CB.



03 Apr 2022 05:18:24
If we do not ( certainly we won't) qualify for UCL, than for the sake of proper rebuild It's batter if we do not qualify for Europa Either. New arrival of Manager and Players + promoted players can focus on team building, rather playing at odd Thursday nights and than at Saturday's. for this upcoming season atleast.


1.) 03 Apr 2022 06:52:11
How many more rebuilds are you targeting. You have spent a billion and had as many rebuilds as fast and furious franchise already.

2.) 03 Apr 2022 08:57:47
Generally I'd agree Rodio, however, I'd quite like to see us have some kind of European football for next season as long as it meant players like Garner, Mengi, Elanga, Hannibal etc got plenty of playing time in it.

While no European football means we could just focus on the league, realistically we will be a long way off both City and Liverpool anyway so we may as well have more games for the younger players to gain more experience and ideally try to cement a place in the squad.

3.) 03 Apr 2022 11:52:25
Being in the Europa will bring additional revenues without which there may be less money available for squad rebuilding. And the Europa provides a route into the Champions League.

Right now the team has neither a winning mentality nor players with any leadership qualities. Correcting that has to be the primary goal of the new manager. So, while there is a kind of appeal to reducing the fixture load while the new manager establishes himself and his style, sitting out a season in Europe will be to no avail if we have not started acquiring players with the right mental profile. We may as well start as we intend to continue. competing on all fronts like all top teams do.

4.) 03 Apr 2022 13:53:26
What's worse then playing in the Europa League? Easy, playing in the Europa conference.

The Europa League is not an ideal competition to be involved in that is for sure.

However, I think there could be benefits to playing in it. Firstly, financially some European football is better than none. While potentially winning the Europa League provides another route into the UCL. A route we have utilised previously when not finishing in the top four under Jose.

The new manager will need to train his new style and methods into the players. While time on the training pitch is useful, nothing works better than actually trying to implement those tactics in actual games. I'd argue that Europa League opposition provide better training opposition than EPL sides.

Finally, we have several young players who need to get game time in the first team. Rashford made his club debut in European competition, as have several other young players. Those games might be vital in giving them a pathway into the first team.

Finally, our coefficient that decides our ranking is based on our previous 5 years performances in ALL European competitions. Therefore, doing well in the Europa League next season or not playing any European football could be the difference between getting a simpler group or a very tough group when we do make our UCL return.

No one wants to be in Europe's second tier competition, but there could be some benefits to be had from being in the Europa League if we cannot make it to the UCL.




rodio17's rumour replies


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16 Aug 2022 06:06:55
Panic panic panic attack.




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10 Aug 2022 14:12:47
His body Language reminds me Vidic. brave and fighter.




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10 Aug 2022 14:12:07
Gapko's finishing reminds me of Rashford. Before we seriously linked to him, i tell him Rashford 2.0 and for that image i am actually scared of him being signed for us. don't know if he also sinks during the game and ghost around. But I can't bare another Rashford.




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07 Aug 2022 16:54:50
Ok. If all are crying NO. It means United would certainly after it. and make a face like they have got a world beater.




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02 Jul 2022 16:19:54
Thanks for reply ed002. But I was looking for names of Striker, who are actual quality.


{Ed002's Note - surely you know names of strikers who are good?}




rodio17's banter replies


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10 Aug 2022 14:15:38
It will be a utter shambles for Richard Arnold and John Murtogh or even for EtH, who kept on believing for 181 days that if De Jong leave, he will join United.
Will be a tight slap on the face. But I know, in management, they must have thick skin to feel any shame.




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26 Jul 2022 13:26:33
Martial is great till some morale crushing ( which he might feel) things happen, like removing him from his No9 for Cavani, or filling in at odd game on RW or mostly benched. If he stays motivated, he is good to watch.




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23 Jul 2022 15:09:03
Every window. there is the difference of 3 proper player to playing 11 before other 3 becomes worst. if can't buy. has to trust youth and stick by them but just finish thi t-3 gap in starting 11.




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23 Jul 2022 15:09:03
Every window. there is the difference of 3 proper player to playing 11 before other 3 becomes worst. if can't buy. has to trust youth and stick by them but just finish thi t-3 gap in starting 11.




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21 Jul 2022 17:12:05
Brad. do not show to much confidence in what United Transfer guys can do and can not do. they are just horrible.
So, it's time to move on and tell to EtH that. hey bald man. he is not the last player on earth.