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16 May 2022 09:02:07
Eth looking to start early. Love the sound of that.
I'm very much looking forward to the start of next season. It will be a unique season with a break for the world Cup I think that It will play havoc with the status quo and there will be a lot of disruption and odd results post the wc break.
I can't wait to see what our squad looks like at the close of the window.
I have a few hopes.
1. I hope ronaldo stays
2. I hope mata pogba lingard matic martial Fred bailly awb leave
3. I hope maguire is stripped of captaincy and it would be great if he is sold too.
4. I hope some of our youth players are integrated into the squad.
5. I hope that eth can improve some players dramatically. Rash and Bruno in particular.
6. I hope RR has as little interaction as possible with players and has no input into training.
7. I hope eth can convince his top targets to join the revolution.
Ole destroyed this squad he destroyed every principle the club stood for. It will take some time to reinstall standards and work ethic but for the first time since sir Alex retired we have a coach that is wanted by the majority of the fan base. We have been let down very badly as fans by the previous manager but we have for the 1st time in years an opportunity to turn the tide and start building something positive. A build that will happen on the sound foundations of a coach that knows what he is doing and a coach that knows how he will go about his business.
For me this is a watershed moment and one that is long overdue.
The only way is up.
Have a nice great day all.

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16 May 2022 09:30:37
One name that seems to be forgotten with promising young United players is Dylan Levitt: anyone know anything about how ready he might be to challenge for a first team squad place next year?

Think he’s a really solid midfielder with good range of passing; also that he’s won Dundee’s fans’ player of the year? Though think his contract is up with United this year?

On a par with Garner - or better?

Anyone been watching him?

16 May 2022 09:34:21
Given the performances of the first team squad this season, all of our loan players plus youth deserve a chance.

16 May 2022 10:22:38
Good post Ken and can't disagree with the sentiment or the hopes. Have a soft spot for Fred so hope he stays and they play him correctly as the past few years they have not. RR input should the conultancy role remain will be around set up and transfers going forward, don't see any input on the training ground or players.
Definitely a watershed moment for the club that I hope they embrace, the fans are ready to come on board and support even if the early stages are bumpy, just give us the correct recruitment, style of play and cohesion behind the scenes.
Looking forward to next year. can't be any worse!

16 May 2022 10:36:22
Agree with all your points ken.
First I thought let's keep fred, but should we? Are Dylan Levitt or garner or Galbraith worse than fred?
I find it unlikely Fred might go but I wouldn't care if he left.
I would definitely put Telles on the out list as he's terrible. Fred at LB could be something that actually could work as backup. He definitely has the engine room going for him.

With the team playing like this, atleast 10+ players should be let go no matter how.

I don't think I've ever been so excited since Ole.
I really hope we sign 4-5 players that nobody has a clue about and then 2-3 of them become regulars.
This 70m de Jong signings don't really work as the pressure of the price tag and the pressure to perform in a broken team gets to them.
ETH has a pool of atleast 30 maybe even 40 players to choose from.
If he feels Andreas Pereira is someone he wants to keep I'll back him. If he moves on de gea and keeps hendo as #1 I will back him.
He sells rashford but keeps martial on I'll back him.
I can really see 5-5 breakout stars next season signings and our youth team included.
Infact I think we are going to make top 4 easily.

16 May 2022 11:25:45
It’s like you read my mind Ken ? ETH looks to be setting an early precedent on work ethic, let’s hope the players get on board.

16 May 2022 11:29:19
Wallace, Levitt is probably one our most technically gifted midfield players on the books at the club. However the main concern is physicality.

I think is contract is up, we have the option of an extension. However not fair to waste a year of the lad’s career. Will be interesting to see what happens though, hopefully he’s been well watched and if presented to EtH he can decide if he wants a closer look.

He will make a very good career for himself, whether here or elsewhere.

16 May 2022 11:58:36
Thanks for taking the time to reply Caolan_2.

16 May 2022 12:07:25
Nice post Ken and can't argue with any of that.
All for taking the captaincy away from Maguire as hopefully he won't be first choice next season, but would be surprised if he was sold. He would do a much better job elsewhere but we would lose a huge whack on him.
Hope ETH is looking at the players training right now and his brain is ticking over with plenty of big discussions to be had from the outset.

16 May 2022 13:16:34
Let’s be fair guys. ETH is a professional. He’ll make up his mind on players within about 60 seconds of watching their performances in matches and performance data, training videos and data, and feedback from RR on culture fit.

16 May 2022 13:35:03
Will be interesting if EtH is in the stands at Palace to see how hard our team work.

16 May 2022 14:52:46
I doubt it, not much to be gained from watching a one off end of season game with absolutely nothing to play for.

16 May 2022 14:58:31
Agree with most of the OP’s points. However, I’d keep Fred at the club, despite his failings he’s got decent work rate in a lacklustre squad. Maguire needs to go at all costs, huge mistake but he’s not the first nor will he be the last. Time to put our hands up and let him go for whatever we can get for him. Regarding Mata, I’d actually give him another 12 months. Yeah he’s old and his legs are gone, but he can still keep hold of the ball and he’d be great working with some of the young lads.

I’m not going to criticise Ole, he’s a United legend and when you look at where we went after we sacked him…. didn’t make his tenure all that bad. I actually feel sorry for him, we finished 2nd, he brought in the players we’d identified…. and then the rug got pulled from under him. Whether we care to admit it, the signing of Ronaldo was the beginning of the end for him. I’m not saying he was the right man for the job…. he wasn’t due to his tactical inept. All I know is that inside Old Trafford it was a nicer place to be than when RR was/ is at the helm.

Regarding the young ‘un’s and players we have on loan, they should all get a chance to impress the new manager. However, history tells us that most players sent on loan rarely come back and kick on. I’d like to see the likes of Garner etc have a year at a premier league club then reassess. Doing it in the Championship/ in Scotland is one thing, doing it at Old Trafford is another.

Excited for next season, but more importantly I’m excited that we are actually giving a top manager full autonomy over the playing side. This is what’s been missing in my opinion.

16 May 2022 15:02:34
60 seconds Eric? Seems long with this lot.

16 May 2022 16:09:29
Fireman. You feel sorry for him? I'd ban him from the club for life and remove any lingering memorabilia etc. The guy stinks from high heaven and put this club back years. Totally incompetent in every aspect of his job. A complete joke. But thankfully the nightmare is over despite the odd flashback we all have.
Good squad player in his day but no more.
It's onwards and upwards from here and eth can rebuild from the mess he created. He was our least successful manager for over 50 years that was here for more than a season. No feeling sorry for him no pity just relief that he has gone and relief he has been exposed for the fraud he was.

16 May 2022 16:15:42
Ole destroyed this squad?! Behave.

16 May 2022 16:28:42
I disagree Ken, I think you’ll find that the hire and fire philosophy is what put us back years. I could even argue that Moyes should have been given more time.

Look at his record Ken. His win percentage was actually the third highest of ANY United manager and even though he didn’t win any trophies that 2nd last year was a hell of an achievement. And we only failed to win the Europa League by missing out on a lottery penalty shoot.

I agree he should have gone as tactically he wasn’t up to been an elite head coach. However, again when you look at the numbers I think your criticism is pretty harsh……and to be honest……a bit unfounded.

16 May 2022 16:35:13

Great player for us, poor manager in the end up. It’s that simple. He was hired by amateurs to do a job, and probably should have been removed by those amateurs. I have no doubt he did his best, it wasn’t good enough. End of story really.

In my opinion, I think you misdirect your anger. You’ll disagree, but that’s the beauty of opinions. We all have them.

16 May 2022 17:20:09
Sounds like Solskjaer never responded to a fans letter. Spoke previously about right managers, right time. Solskjaer in my opinion was the right manager at that time after Mourinho. If Mourinho thinks his biggest success in football is finishing 2nd with this group of players, Solskjaer did this, got to a European final and a couple of Semi Finals. He probably should have gone the following season after the European final and let someone else take it on but that was never going to happen and why would he walk away from it. Mourinho also said that people don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. Well Solskjaer was in the same position and same situation. Mourinho tried one tact with this lot, they let him down, Solskjaer tried a different tact, they did the same.

16 May 2022 18:41:56
Fireman. He is the only manager in 50 years to win nothing bar moyes who was not there for a season.
He spent more than any previous manager. His buys are all worth less than he they paid.
What numbers are you looking at. He after 3 seasons and 500m didn't get as good a points total as his toxic predecessor.
He took over a team who had been in 4 finals in 3 seasons winning 3 of them. Not harsh enough on him I'd say.

16 May 2022 21:57:38
That Second place Ole got was a second place when Liverpool were decimated by Injuries in a C.V. packed schedule.

Chelsea on a transfer band with half a season under a poor Lampard.

Arsenal on a rebuild with an Arteta who was struggling.

Tottenham a two man team under a manager they didn't like after having a manager they did.

The schedule was compressed with little preseason and less time for coaching. Uniteds expensively assembled squad were able to rely on moments of Individual skill to get some results and sneak second in a poor year.

I then think this year as normality returned all the frailties of the previous season were exposed as tactically and coaching wise we had not developed.

I don't bare any malice towards Ole, he will always have that moment in extra time in the ECL for which he will always be remembered for. But he wasn't a good manager, he got too long simply because of 99 and it pained many fans to turn on what is fundamentally a decent man.

16 May 2022 22:28:46
Injury time not extra.

17 May 2022 09:39:37
The whole Moyes should have been given more time argument kills me, 5 minutes was too much time.

17 May 2022 10:31:40
Well considering Fergie hand picked Moyes, I think we owed it to him to give him a fair shot. All fans who shout “he’s rubbish” and “we shouldn’t have given him 5 minutes” they know more than Sir Alex do they? It’s like any inner circle, people in football know who’s decent and who isn’t. Surely then if Moyes was useless SAF wouldn’t have given his blessing?

All about opinions of course. But based on Sir Alex opinion we should have given him more time. At the end of the day, Pep wouldn’t have come in and done any different with the squad he inherited.

17 May 2022 10:48:13
Fireman, even Fergie has said Moyes was never first choice. He mentioned Pep, Ancelotti and Jose in his books.

17 May 2022 11:19:41
Fair do’s then. Never read his books.

Games all about opinions and I respect others points of view.

17 May 2022 11:42:36
I think Moyes has found his level, the overachieving underdog was exactly what he did at Everton. He has done brilliant things at West Ham recently. Unfortunately for us he just couldn't get it done. It was always going to be the hardest job in the world following up from Fergie, never mind having to deal Woodward lol.

Seems a decent bloke does Moyes, and I am glad he has rebuilt his reputation. A good manager, but just not one of the greats.



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