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27 Jul 2019 13:30:10
So after horrible end of last season, each and every one of us knew which was our weakest position which needed strengthening. CB, 2CM including replacement, RB and RW.

So far we have addressed just one single position with three glaring holes visible. Preseason has been very encouraging but that does not hide the fact that we are still way behind City and Liverpool and have to start acting towards bridging the gap. This can be done by mixture of mainly two things. First is definitely improving our gameplay. Preseason has been showing that we are working on right direction. High intensity runs, front foot pressure, pace on front, fighting for every ball and slowly bringing youth players into the team. Its been lovely to watch but it is not enough to make us stronger and better than last season. Second is bringing the right players to improve the team which fit Ole's style of play.

The season will be long and we will have different ups and downs and lots of injuries to bear. Right now i see many posters are very positive that they would not even care if we sign other players or not. 4 win in 4 preseason games is enough for them to consider that this squad is capable enough to do wonders. It was the same thought on most of us when Ole replaced Mou and won 14 out of 17 games (if i remember correctly) . This site was filled with lots of positivity when suddenly we lost to arsenal, wolves and everything started falling apart. The very same players were crap onwards.

My point is we are one slip of game away from going into turmoil and pointing out the most obvious fact that we have not reinforced the team. All the negativity won't help the team go further so why don't we start strengthening team from now onwards. We need CMs, sign them if they fit the criteria. I know it is hard to sign players but i am sure the club which has done this job from the time of its establishment can do it again.

As Ed002 stated, the club do have a list of players they are very interested in. Bruno, Maguire, Dias being obvious names. Maguire though is hugely expensive looks like the most likely signing. Bruno's price seems reasonable considering the inflated market. There might be lots of negotiations to be done and things to considered but if this players improve our team, it will be absolutely worthy. I hate to see club overspending but if that is what can improve our team then i am absolutely in for it.

People now and again say arsenal, chelsea, spurs haven't done much so we must not panic. I might have different view to it but isn't it the perfect time to act and get miles ahead of them. We will be staying right where they are if we do not act. I would consider this to be the most important window when our competitors are either banned or have low transfer budget.

In the end, before anyone slate me, I do know that signing players will not guarantee success. Many times it has not worked for us but it should be also considered the many times it has worked for us. Success will come sooner or later if we work on making things right and improving our team. We have the worst defenders out of the top teams then we could atleast get a defender who has the ability to stabilise and improve the defense. Same goes with midfield and attack as well.

We have exciting players coming from our youth system and playing them in a stable team is the best way to nourish them. I would really hate to see us turning into our youngsters to save our season. Too much pressure may can make them but definitely can break them.

Sorry for the long post but i had high hopes from this window. This window is still open and we may address the problems which would be absolutely joyous. However, looking at how we have handled negotiations by trying to bullying the teams, i fear we may also go to same "No value in the market" speech.

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27 Jul 2019 14:22:01
My view is that the current squad is stronger, more capable and more prepared for this coming season.

That doesn't mean that the club shouldn't continue to work towards further strengthening the squad.

We also have to remember that just signing a player doesn't automatically improve the squad.

We signed Schneiderlin, we signed Depay, we signed Blind and Rojo. We signed Fred last summer. there's 150m worth of signings who as yet have been unable to improve the quality of our starting 11.

There is no guarantee that Maguire and Bruno Fernandes will improve our starting 11 either.

I would be more understanding of the melt down from some posters about the lack of signings if it was the 9th of August and the window was shut.

Or even if the information we were getting was that the club didn't intend to sign anymore players this window.

But it's not, we have been told by as good a source as you will find that the club is working towards deals for Maguire, Bruno Fernandes and possibly SMS if Pogba leaves.

So it is a lack of patience from United supporters not a lack of signings or effort to make signings from the club.

How silly will many posters look if the club make 3 more signings before the start of the season? Which is still quite possible.

27 Jul 2019 14:37:24
As i already said Shappy, signing players may not bring us success. We have signed players before and it did not work for us but it does not mean we do not look at it. Signing players is every bit as important as improving the playing style of the team. We are doing well in one thing then why don't we do other as well.

We still do have 12 days left but looking at how ed woodward has been doing business this couple of years and based on ed002's knowledge about our juvenile transfer approach, i seriously worry about how the window is going to end.

New signigs to improve the weak position, exciting youth stepping up and Ole's attacking gameplay. All these three are very much required if we want to reach the top anywhere near in the future.

27 Jul 2019 15:02:50
"New signigs to improve the weak position" - AWB anyone?
"exciting youth stepping up" - Greenwood, Gomez, Chong
"and Ole's attacking gameplay. " - that's what I am seeing, being worked towards watching the pre-season games.
" All these three are very much required if we want to reach the top anywhere near in the future. " - Looks like we're well on track then.

27 Jul 2019 15:07:08
Shappy, how is the current squad, as it stands, stronger than last season? AWB and a championship youngster added to the existing bunch from last season. AWB is perhaps the only starter we have signed. Please don't tell me that you are placing all your eggs on the shoulders of 17 year olds for the coming season. What happened to your balance?

Srestha, well put mate. that's the current state of our club right now and let's just hope the club sorts out the issues and the amateur behavior in the signings (players and managers) .

27 Jul 2019 15:13:59
Well it would be stronger then UA wouldn't it? AWB being added makes it that.

27 Jul 2019 15:29:34
In theory yes, angelred but then my question is what happened to Dalot? Why was he signed and then immediately shunned for AWB? RB was covered and other positions need investment immediately.

Southern Monkey, what youth products did Liverpool base their CL triumph on, just TAA? Or Real Madrid 3 years in a row, what youths did they base their titles on? Or City? Or forget these clubs, what youth products did we base our last title on? I am all for developing them and giving them a chance but not if you are putting pressure on them at this age. What if they don't cope and crumble. You ruin their career at 17-18.

We have signed only AWB who will be a starter, a position that didn't really require attention as a matter of urgency this season. We had Dalot there.

Exciting attacking game play is ok but its not everything. Liverpool were all gungho last season but couldn't win, klopp threw in some pragmatism to their attacks and that led them to the title this season. More than one way to skin a cat. But having said that, we can enjoy this new style of play after Jose's more defensive approach to wins.

27 Jul 2019 15:45:15
Aslong as matic and smalling don't start our first game against chelsea then our team will be in a better shape, smalling is an accident waiting to happen and matic slows down play to walking pace. AWB is a great replacement for an ageing young and the young lads are starting pre season games and getting experience. We are in a much stronger place than we were last season and i am confident it will be better than last season.

27 Jul 2019 17:28:12
Excellent post Stretha. We are still lacking at CB position, though Tuanzebe has been excellent in pre-season. Our midfield is a big worry. There's very little creation, and our ball retention is so bad, that against the top teams, we'll be found wanting.
Still no right winger, and the right side looks very unbalanced. I'm undecided on AWB, but his stats last year were superb, so hopefully, he will improve the right side of defence.
Attack looks ok, but if we are to get Fernandes and Pepe, then we will look much better going forward.
Finally and my biggest worry/ annoyance, what are Rojo, Smalling, Jones, Lukaku, Darmian still doing at the club? Why haven't we offloaded them even at the expense of losing money. Sometimes, you have to admit mistakes and cut your losses. While these players are still here, it makes a mockery of our pathetic transfer policy as Ed002 has been telling us for years.

27 Jul 2019 18:07:46
Was Dalot really going to be considered a starter this season? He's shown glimpses of talent, but I thought he looked far from a first-choice full back. He can now act as cover for lb and rb, while gaining experience.

27 Jul 2019 19:26:46
Dalot needs to improve his positioning. He adds depth to the FB positions which is good to have.

27 Jul 2019 16:13:03
I think dalot is there, can play both LB and RB as well as being deployed further up the pitch. He hasn't been shunned by anyone. he's a good player, one that can give the squad added value by being able to play different roles.

27 Jul 2019 22:40:15
Southern Monkey

I hope you are joking mate. Is RB the only weak position for you? AWB is enough for you to see this team improving massively?



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