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25 Jun 2019 06:54:03
I am telling just my personal opinion. last year in september i first heard the name of wan bissaka. the article was like--"mourinho wants to sign wan bisaaka from palace to solve rb problem. man u ready to spend 50 million pound for him". With the help of wikipidea i had found he had just 12 first team matches with palace with no intermational football. next time wan bissaka in bbc team of the week. where the reporter said that wan bissaka was great and that's why man u want to spend big on him. after few time an article- "where liverpool and chelsea need to improve? "- where repoter told that wan bissaka is upgrade of their current RB option but he will join man u next summer because man u has serious interest. another article why wan bissaka better than walker, tripper and arnold. stats showed that wan bissaka made more taclkes, more vital clearence, more on air clearence.

I have just mentioned some articles. now in my opinion a trap was set by the media may be with the help of palace. wan bissaka have played just one season. he is good but good for man u re-build? Media knows about current scout system of man u. actually other big five no need to spend big on wan bissaka. reality wise for one good season 25 million enough for RB. but the media set the trap and started with 50 million. and man u will spend this money. wan bissaka is very good right back but not 50 million player. walker cost 50 million but have vast experience in top level.50 millon wan bissaka and 25 million wan bissaka is not same.50 million means he will start every match and miles better than dalot. but actually wan bissaka is not miles good than dalot. an expericed rb with 25-29 age with dalot 2nd chioce is best fot man u re build. i hope i will wrong. but if wan bissaka fails, then it will bring disaster situations for wan bissaka, dalot and man u. if i have the power i must ignore wan bissaka. i will wait 2 years. i am sure with that money no team wants to sign for next two years. if he continues the progress then it will ok. Bye.

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25 Jun 2019 07:57:47
How is it a trap from the media? Do you honestly believe everything you read? Because if you do then you are very naive.

There is a real shortage of quality on the rb position across Europe. Think about all the top 6 sides and you will see that. There are very few players available that we can buy that will improve us in that position. AWB is young, talented and exciting young rb. He’s excellent defensively and decent going forward. He doesn’t choose how much his fee is and he doesn’t choose what clubs pay for him.

To judge a player’s ability by how much they are bought for is ludicrous. Sure 50m is a lot for a player who have only paid one season in the premier league. But it is clear to anyone with an ounce of football knowledge that he hasn’t all the attributes to be a top player. We need to start investing in players that we can build a team around. He’s young and fits the bill for me. Why go buy a older player such as meunier or trippier when you can buy someone whose younger, more talented and who can become even better? Short termism does not work.

25 Jun 2019 08:15:25
The reasons why AWB is going to cost a lot:

- A decent player at 21 years old
- One of the best defenders last season in the prem, statistic wise not many defenders did as well as him. All whilst being in an OK Palace side.
- English, we all know being English pushes up the price due to the homegrown quota
- We're Manchester United. I can guarantee that AWB wouldn't be quoted for 50-70m if a team like Leicester were going for him, unfortunately when the club is mega rich and the CEO is saying to the public how rich we are, clubs will increase their prices when we come knocking.

I want AWB, have done since Christmas when I saw him play. He'll be our RB for a good decade if all goes well and when you also have a talented lad in Dalot in the squad we will see both fight for that spot in the team.

If AWB keeps Dalot out, there is always the opportunity to make Dalot LB or even a RW when needs be.

City have TOP players in every position x2 . so why can't we?

{Ed001's Note - what homegrown quota?}

25 Jun 2019 09:14:09
Exactly Park. AWB will be a solid investment for a decade.

25 Jun 2019 09:26:51
Disagree Park. We bought Dalot last year for the long term. He had an ok season. Excellent going forward and can cross, but suspect defensively.
AWB on the other hand, is also young, excellent tackler, but terrible at going forward terrible at passing and crossing, and does not turn quickly as a fullback shpuld. He's more suited to a CB roll than a right back. He's had one good season and all of a sudden, we're paying £70m for him. We can't get clubs to pay £70m for Lukaku, a proven goal scorer.
I think we're having our pants pulled by Palace. Everyone will see within 3 months that he's limited in his ability.
As i said previously, Tripier is leaving Spurs and Pep doesn't rate Walker, so if AWB is that good, why aren't they chasing him? Truth is, they know that he's not worth more than £25m tops.

25 Jun 2019 09:39:36
Less of a trap and more of hyping a local player. The hype some English players get is mind blowing. For the sake of this topic, just look at these one time so called promising youngsters and how they actually turned out, Wilshere, Jeffers, Stones, Tom Ince, Rodwell, Walcott, Micah Richards, Bentley etc. I think this can even impact the players negatively.

25 Jun 2019 10:50:02
Disagree AAA. Why can’t we have two very talented young rbs in Dalot and AWB fighting it out for the starting spot? Look at city, Juve and other top sides who have quality in depth in both positions. There are plenty of games in a season for both Dalot and AWB to play.

I have to disagree about your assessment of AWB. Although I agree that 50m is steep, if you are getting 5-10 years out of this then it’s a quality signing. He’s british and you are unlikely to worry about him wanting to leave for Spain.

Defensively he is the best full back on one on one situations. The stats clearly show this. He’s quick, strong and very capable on the ball. People will point to only having 3 assists last season but he was playing under a defensive minded hodgson. Sure he’s not on Alexander Arnold’s level going forward. But he has plenty of potential and ability to improve in that area.

Yes we are not buying a finished article. And we will likely overpay. But it would be one of our more shrewd signings we have made in recent years. Of course that is all my opinion.

25 Jun 2019 11:02:49
Ed001, is there not a rule where clubs have to have at least 8 homegrown players in a 25-man squad?

{Ed001's Note - no.}

25 Jun 2019 11:15:55
What is the rule then Ed?

Whenever I search 'Premier League Homegrown Rules' nearly all the results point towards my above comment?

Not arguing, just would be interested to know why you're saying that this isn't the case.

{Ed002's Note - The rule is written the other way around. You cannot have nore than 17 non HG players in the squad. So there is no HG quota as you could decide you only want a squad of 21 - 17 of which can be non HG.}

25 Jun 2019 11:26:12
Ah OK thanks Ed.

Would be interesting if the FA plan to ever change these rules so English clubs are forced to use more homegrown players.

Would do the national team wonders I think.

{Ed002's Note - It is regularly discussed.}



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