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16 Jun 2019 13:08:41
'It could be a good time to have a new challenge somewhere else'
So says Paul Pogba. I would agree with him. Get rid immediately. Who needs a player with such a selfish attitude?

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16 Jun 2019 13:34:54
The problem with players like Pogba are that they believe the hype that there agents and the media have spouted. He actually thinks he’s world class. If he goes to Madrid how long before their fans have the white hanky’s out. Get rid and bring young hungry players who know what it is to play for this magnificent club.

16 Jun 2019 13:36:16
The way we're being run, the lack of ambition and with fans always on his back. That mixed with the fact we won't win much if anything in these next few years, there's no surprised he would want to leave in his peak years? No good players would want to come here. We're out here giving players like jones and smalling new contracts
, were absolute mugs and mediocre players take advantage of our incompeten.

16 Jun 2019 13:45:17
Pogba off then, it is essential that we get our transfers in before we let him go. We must also stand firm for a good price £150 million.

16 Jun 2019 13:56:26

The message from the Manager is that a rebuild is going to take years, then our top players look at the players coming in and ask themselves what is going to happen. We have an amateur manager, no CL football, a ridiculous wage structure and players who want out to be replaced by more ordinary ones but allegedly young and hungry. It is a poor picture and unless they buy first choice players and get a top manager in now I fear next season will be difficult.

16 Jun 2019 14:12:56
So does he think he has completed this current challenge? Scoring a few pens I highly doubt was the challenge he set himself when signing for the club.

Get rid ASAP.

16 Jun 2019 14:21:35
So over-rated player without the balls for one of the biggest challenges in football wants out but its all the managers fault eh Red Man.

16 Jun 2019 15:06:48
Good riddance. Terrible signing, terrible attitude, bad apple. Ironically could be the making of Sanchez.

16 Jun 2019 15:24:12
Forget next season we will be somewhere between 5th to 10th.

16 Jun 2019 15:33:44

Why should Pogba stay for “one of the biggest challenges”? He wants to win CL’s and leagues, have medals to show and our manager is telling him to stick around whilst we rebuild. The managers message is not a positive one, our best players are unsettled, others want more money to stay through this period. Will the first choice players want to come to play for a team in a mess. They might have come to play for a top manager like a Mourinho, Klopp, Pep, Poch, Allegri, Conte, etc but we can’t even offer that, we offer an amateur. Think back how many wanted to come and play for SAF, now all we offer is money and history.

The club should have supported Mourinho in getting rid of the trouble causers, including Pogba. He is a great addition to a top team but not one who will make the same difference in a team that isn’t built to play to his strengths. I would sell him because his influence will be negative otherwise. There are so many things wrong at our club right now, the manager is only one of them.

16 Jun 2019 15:45:59
Red, Man, do you not agree the rebuild will take more than a couple of windows, or do you think these players, who acoording to you were so poor under Josè, are now good enough to negate the need for a proper rebuild?

16 Jun 2019 15:49:25
I am comfortable with Pogba saying he wants to leave so long as he is saying it to the club not just in media. Club should then come to an agreement with him if it's this year or next and if this then move quickly but agree with him what the club require regarding fees and speed of transfer. If neither comes from purchasing club he has to understand this can't be dragged on and stays for year.

16 Jun 2019 16:15:38

Have Real Madrid issued a message saying their rebuild is going to take years?

Our problem is exacerbated by our top players being unsettled, how long before DDG and Lukaku are pushing to go, if they are not already? It means we need too many in one or two windows, so yes the reality is it will take more than two windows to really challenge for the league again, but why admit that so openly. The message needed to be phrased carefully and wasn’t, naive inexperience! Add to that If we had a top manager who players thought could compete for trophies and build towards a real challenge to the league in the 20 to 21 season the club would be more attractive this summer.

We should have supported Jose in what he was trying to do but now we have an even bigger mess.

{Ed002's Note - They plan on doing the complete rebuild over a couple of years or so. This has been explained in great detail.}

16 Jun 2019 16:34:26
How is he an amateur manager? Inexperienced I'll grant but amateur is dishonest.

Was he supposed to say "yeah its all fine nothing to worry about. "

Of course rebuilds take time. You want to blame someone blame Woodward he backed the wrong horse. Although Jose was doing all he could to get the sack.

16 Jun 2019 16:39:40
Hi Ed

It was more of a rhetorical question over Madrid and pointing out the difference in communication between them and us.

{Ed002's Note - They have phones in Manchester?}

16 Jun 2019 17:25:07
We have four in the greater Manchester area, but they are only for emergencies on windy days when the smoke signals don’t work.

16 Jun 2019 18:56:09
Which challenge has he ever achieved? He ran away from the challenge of breaking into the United first team as a youth player, he jumped ship of the challenge of stepping up at Juventus when Pirlo retired, he moved back to United to "solve unfinished business" and is looking to run off before he has done that. He did practically nothing last summer as Kante and Mbappe (along with good back up) carried France to the world cup. He didn't stand out or step up in a single game even though he was supposed to be their star player.

When the going gets tough, Paul Pogba packs his bags.

16 Jun 2019 20:20:34
The challenge being watching chris smalling pass a football and fred frying to control a football.

16 Jun 2019 21:52:48

The club should have supported Mourinho in moving Pogba on to another club. I don’t think Pogba wanted to come back to United.

17 Jun 2019 07:14:25
Red man, the club should have never signed Pogba. It was known back then that he "dreamed" of Spain, but settled on a stop over for a couple of years before moving on to his dream club/ s.

Whoever thought it was a good idea to resign him needs to be removed from ever being involved in these decisions again. I suspect it is the same people who thought Sanchez was a good idea, and Di Maria a few year ago.

Personally I don't think backing Mourinho would have helped much in the long term, unless you feel spending large amounts of money and giving long term deals to players 29 and older is a good long term plan. However, I do concede that it is pointless hiring a manager if you aren't going to back them. If you don't believe in their ideas after you hire them then you didn't do your due diligence during the hiring process. For me hiring Mourinho was a mistake, he was never a good fit for the club, and that was obvious to anyone with even a modicum of football knowledge.

We are a club that has a reputation for having a certain sense of style both on and off the pitch, we also have had huge success in giving youth a chance. Mourinho especially in his later years has been known as being prickly and sour in his demeanor while always playing a pragmatic style of football and preferring experience over youth.

The only thing he had was a "winners" mentality, which many likened to Sir Alex. Yet Sir Alex bought into the club and the club's history in a way Jose was never interested in doing. Again this was obvious as he never bought into the history of Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milan or Real Madrid. Some fans hung on to the hope that Jose would change for United as it was his dream job. These fans massively underestimated Jose's ego. Jose wanted the United job after Sir Alex as replacing one of the greatest managers of all time appealed to his ego, after he was passed over for Moyes he was never that keen on the United job.

17 Jun 2019 19:01:14

You are missing the point when saying you don’t think backing Mourinho would have helped much in the long term. By allowing the players to dictate which manager they would play for, the decision makers doomed the club for months if not years of pain to sort it out. The manager rightly saw the problem as we can all now see, but now we have a bigger mess because someone didn’t back the manager. Those same players downed tools on the latest manager as well.



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