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26 May 2018 09:07:31
I’d to reply to MikeT80 who says he doesn’t come on any more due to all the negativity.

Firstly Mike, you have a point. There has been a lot of whinging about Jose and I’ve not been shy about adding my view to that. I guess the issue is when that is all a poster does it gets repetitive and boring (no names, no pack drill) . I have had a whinge or two, but I’ve also had a laugh, made suggestions, reminisced about the past, cracked a few jokes and generally tried to stay engaged.

A recent poll about whether Jose should stay, finished with a slight majority wanting him to stay but it’s not decisive either way so clearly a debate will rumble on. For whatever reason, the negative posters tend to be more passionate about sharing their views that the positive ones.

Despite my occasional negativity I steer clear of live chat because I find it toxic in the literal sense of that word and that sums the issue up. Passions run highest during a game, them immediately after the game. When there is a gap everyone calms down and we get more rational debate. I’ve enjoyed the discussion, people have fair points to make either side of the argument and when they don’t and spout rubbish, then they are called out.

My one wish is that people stop repeating the same thing time after time. Make your point, have the discussion, move on. The Rooney debate was a classic example. We had a great thread about Rooney with his fans and critics all contributing and then a week later another poster wants to do it again.

I’d like the more positive posters to stay and contribute more, we’ve lost some, who like you, got fed up of the relentless pessimism. Mike I’ve just read your last post from a match and it’s a really good thread, as GDS said, you should post more. Let’s get a better balance.

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26 May 2018 09:36:58
Great post mate. Very well said.

26 May 2018 09:50:06
Tony, it all get a bit much. I have always considered myself a more positive poster, yet recently I get labelled as "toxic" for believing that Jose won't bring the glory days back and will leave the club with just as many issues as he found it, albeit different ones.

My view is that when things are going well then there is no negativity. So the clear unrest amount a large proportion of fans clearly suggests things aren't rosy.

I also think sadly Jose brings a lot of the negativity against him on himself.

Parking the bus against teams that will go on to be relegated.

Slating all our players after every loss.

Blaming defeats on the clubs history.

And his general sullen, sulky attitude. I can appreciate it must be hard living in Manchester without his family, but that is his and his wife's choice not not move. If he is unhappy about or he feels that is isn't something he can do for the next 3 years of his contract then he will have to move them up to be with him.

When all you give out is negative then it can hardly be surprising to find yourself surrounded with negativity.

26 May 2018 10:29:28
Good post Tony. To be honest initially I enjoyed the debate but you are right it has become very monotonous and boring. I consider myself just about on the Jose in side but I can clearly see and agree with the points made by the Jose out side. The issue I have is when someone posts something positive regarding new players coming on or something of that ilk, there are some people who immediately shut it down and push the negative angle that it doesn’t matter who we bring in we will still be crap. If we cannot be excited for the season to come then what’s the point?

I am not aiming this at you it’s just something I have noticed recently. Recently I’ve had to take a few days off the site because the negativity got a bit too much. Some things Jose does are ridiculous but there are some people who simply dislike him for who he is and cannot post without being clouded by this bias. Anyway, I agree it’s time to put this in the past and enjoy the new signings because I am really excited by some of the players we are linked to. We are still a huge pull for players, as is Jose. Back in the champions league as well so lots to look forward to.

26 May 2018 10:34:03
Also we are kind of limited in terms of the topics to talk about at the minute. You also get some random post which either misconstrues what you have said or completely ignores the entire thread below and asks the exact same question - which is the primary cause for repetition.

I personally feel compelled to write when I see somebody criticising anybody being critical - it's a king of virtue signalling whilst doing the very thing they are saying we should be above. I think some people struggle to disconnect Jose from Man Utd, we support Man Utd, a growing number of people do not particularly like Jose Mourinho in charge of OUR club for a myriad of reasons.

Ultimately as Shappy says if every thing was rosy in the garden the 'toxicity' would vanish, even if there were credible signs of things being as they should us 'critics' would be all over it like a rash to give us some hope. However you get people regularly saying things like 'Jose should see out his contract', I hope they have forgotten he signed a new one just a few months ago. How can you not expect people to be critical when the horrible football we are being subjected to is being rewarded by the board and there looks to be no turnaround in the near horizon.

26 May 2018 10:42:39
It would be great if we could get behind and support our players .
The term dead wood etc drives me round the bend or the fascination with players that play for different clubs.
What's wrong with supporting your club your players, you can't always have 11 superstars or win the league every year .
Buts that what supporting a team is About, good or bad there part of your team.

26 May 2018 11:40:02
Deadwood 😒.

26 May 2018 12:09:48
I like your post Tony but I do also like reading other post from Shappy, Beast, Jred, Ken, Park etc. I enjoy spending my time reading all the different opinions. Obviously we are all not the same but there is a common thing here: WE ALL LOVE MANCHESTER UNITED.
If we all think the same I think this would be a fantastically boring site. Just agree to disagree. Nobody is toxic as far as I am concerned. Life is short so enjoy each other’s difference and opinions. We are not trying to run a political site here. I’d be the first one to get out if it becomes that 🤣🤣🤣. Let’s just enjoy guys 😊.

26 May 2018 12:49:04
AJH, you make the point perfectly and I completely agree - hence why this is my first post in months.
It's all become a bit tiresome. If you were a neutral visiting the site you would be forgiven for thinking it was an anti United page at times.
Of course there has to be a balance and we all have different views, but some are just so repetitive and negative it's completely unbalanced.
Still when we have a new manager and 74 shinny new signings we are bound to be too dogs again because City, Liverpool and the like are only doing well because we are crap.
Other teams have no right to invest, improve and be better in their own right, have they?

26 May 2018 12:48:27
666 love that you always bring positivity and a feel good factor to the site. Long may it continue mate!

26 May 2018 15:10:45
Shappy, you could turn any thread into a moan about Jose. You need to go drink on a beach somewhere! 😂.

26 May 2018 16:10:47
666. Great post and i also agree i find all people's views interesting. Of course, we can't agree completely, but i can see other people's point of view.
The main thing is to remember we all love United and want them to do well.
If Mourinho can deliver that without dragging the club's reputation through the mud, then I'll be the first to stand up and congratulate him.

26 May 2018 19:16:21
Nice to see you post again betty hope all is well in your world.

27 May 2018 07:56:11
All good Deano, thanks for asking. You good too?



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