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18 Apr 2018 11:40:50
Ed002 if you can oblige this question pls.
Is ManUtd ever keen to look at and sign any Asian players after the likes of JS Park and Kagawa?
Son is playing well for Spurs and I am sure sure there are talents in Asia. They are usually very hardworking and come cheap too. Don't complain much and observe rules.


{Ed002's Note - Clubs do not look to having players from particular parts of the world to join them - although obviously there are sponsors who would like to see that happen. There would be issues moving to England with Work Permits unless very significant prices were paid, hence you will find more across the rest of Europe than in England and Wales. Germany has seen a lot of Asian players, particularly from Japan and Korea - but numbers of such players (Korean are the most prevalent) in England and Wales has dropped over the past 6 or 7 years.}

1.) 18 Apr 2018 12:57:29
Thanks omnipresent one 🙏.

2.) 20 Apr 2018 16:46:06
I know it was quite a while back now but I often thought the signing of Fangzhou had one eye on tapping into the Asian market. I think he played once for United in 3 seasons and he was unfortunately dubbed the Chinese Rooney by some sections of the press. Talk about setting somebody up for failure.
Sorry Red, but I had to read your last two sentences a couple of times, were they edited out of an old Mind Your Language script?



21 Nov 2017 10:15:56
Hi Eds is there any truth in RM now willing to meet our asking price of £70m for DDG? Are we really willing to let DDG go at that price or even let him go at all?
Thanks in advance.


{Ed002's Note - Put aside any thoughts about money, but REal Madrid have three goalkeepers in mind as replacements for Keylor Navas, one of which is De Gea. PSG also have De Gea on their list of goalkeepers they are looking to.}

1.) 21 Nov 2017 14:01:36
In the world where 16 year and 18 year old kids go for 40 mn and 160 mn respectively the best keeper in the world should be going for a couple hundred million at the least or Madrid can do one.

2.) 21 Nov 2017 15:11:40
Unfortunatly CAN its not as simple as that. If he has 2 years on his contract and wants to go he holds all the cards or most of them anyway. If he won't sign a new deal then he has to be sold really.

I agree with you that the price is too low but with only 2 years left on his contract it diminishes our ability to negotiate from a position of strength. If he had 4 or 5 years left then you can charge what you demand or send them packing.

3.) 21 Nov 2017 14:58:57
Thanks vm Ed002 for the response. Most appreciated.
I do hope we don’t sell DDG. Hope too that DDG will stay with us for a while.

{Ed002's Note - Players come and go 666Red.}

4.) 21 Nov 2017 15:58:44
Thanks again for response Ed.
Who do you then think would take over DDG when he leaves? Do you think we will buy a new GK or promote within pls? Thanks again.

{Ed002's Note - Manchester United will bring in a replacement for De Gea when he goes. I avoided this in the Sharkopod as Real Madrid have three possible options in mind and until we see what is intended. Options will be similar to the the summer when it was thought he was leaving save for Ederson - who was always moving to Manchester City in any case. Jan Oblak and Samir Handanovic would almost certainly be considerations.}

5.) 21 Nov 2017 18:19:13
Many thanks 🙏 Ed. Good rest of the week.

6.) 22 Nov 2017 13:40:01
Ed002, are RM considering De Gea, Courtois and Lloris?

{Ed002's Note - No, try the Real Madrid page.}



07 Oct 2017 09:48:30
Eds could you confirm if we are really going for Emre Can? I'd be really surprised if we are.


{Ed002's Note - I am not aware of any approach.}

1.) 07 Oct 2017 21:50:19
can-'t be true, Most Pool supporters i talk to would love to see the back of him, not United pedigree.

2.) 07 Oct 2017 22:51:48
He is a very talented midfielder that has been messed around with his playing position.

3.) 08 Oct 2017 09:40:00
He came over here highly regarded and ultimately has disappointed.

4.) 08 Oct 2017 03:46:40
Thanks Ed002.

5.) 13 Oct 2017 09:51:16
Most pool supporters would love to see the back of him? You must be talking to some ****ed up fans then. I think most pool fans would like to see him sign a new contract.



24 Sep 2017 06:02:15
Read that RM offering Bale to us so they can pursue Greaseman. Now I am not sure if we should go for any of them. I'd rather we save the money and buy Dyabala ( another report) .
Dyabala will suit us better and we should still focus on getting another couple of guys for defense and wings given that Shaw is still not up to par. Just in case Shaw doesn't make it for whatever the reason.
With the above I am quite sure Jose will be able to deliver big time as what he said (3 seasons) and hopefully we can launch challenges for a treble?
What'd you guys think?


1.) 24 Sep 2017 06:23:13
Also interesting to see what happens when Ozil runs out his contract. Will he join us?
What're your thoughts? Eds great to hear your take on these pls.

{Ed001's Note - I have no idea what is happening with Griezmann now, he was only staying because they couldn't get Costa, so you would have to think he will go. United are still interested. However I don't know of any deal being in the offing.

I expect Oezil to leave England personally, it doesn't matter what he does here the media are on his case about laziness. At one point last season, a stats company put out the stats which showed he covered more ground than every one else on the Arsenal team and more ground than most players in the Prem. The media turned it into a joke, when they even bothered to acknowledge it at all. They mostly ignored it so they could continue banging the drum about his laziness. He would have to be mad to stay in England with the media who have no interest in truth. He can go back to Germany or Spain, where he is a massive hero, or go to Italy, where they would love him.}

2.) 24 Sep 2017 07:45:47
Insightful Ed001. Most appreciated with many thanks.

{Ed001's Note - very welcome mate.}

3.) 24 Sep 2017 12:04:12
Dybala is a player I'd love to see playing 10 for us! He's got 10 goals in 5 games for Juve.

{Ed004's Note - Dybala would be a fantastic signing however I think he is destined for one of the Spanish sides}

4.) 24 Sep 2017 13:10:15
We'll have to go get Dele Alli instead then Ed.

{Ed004's Note - I think Alli is a bit overrated and not worth what Spurs would charge us}

5.) 24 Sep 2017 13:10:22
Id much prefer Dybala over Bale ir Griezmann. That said i'd take Ozil over those two as well.

6.) 24 Sep 2017 13:49:41
Ed001 amazing that anybody could label Oezil lazy. He id's always I the mice always showing for the ball. He breaks into the box well. Just because a player isn't flying into tackles every 2 mins doesn't mean he is lazy. I think he is a superb player technically excellent and tactically very astute. Not sure there is any truth in the reports of him wanting to go to united but it wouldn't shock me. I can see a couple of players looking to exit united in jan in search of games to make world cup squads and I'm sure there are a couole at united that would interest wenger so stranger things have happened.

{Ed001's Note - the problem with the English media is that they will look to drag down anyone. The guy was playing well so they couldn't criticise his ability, instead they had to pick at his workrate because it seems only players flying into 50/50s every few seconds are seen to be trying. It is incredible, he tracks back 50 yards in a game and the commentator completely ignores it, but they make a point of every moment he is not racing back 80 yards to throw himself into a tackle! They should be trying to see a balanced picture and look at what he does bring to the team as well as what he doesn't.}

7.) 24 Sep 2017 14:06:24
True ed. I thunk he is a class act. He does seem a little stale or de-motivated at aresenal.

{Ed001's Note - the whole team do at times look stale and demotivated.}

8.) 24 Sep 2017 14:40:59
that would be a "dirty move" if Griezmann moves from Atletico to Real Madrid.

9.) 25 Sep 2017 18:48:55
Won the treble last season 666red.

10.) 27 Sep 2017 22:26:33
Was always disappointed we didn't get Ozil when he went to Madrid, and when he went to Arsenal. Class act.

{Ed007's Note - I was the same, Stevie. I've always liked Ozil and the Arsenal move was never going to work imo.}



19 Apr 2017 03:11:09
DDG going to RM for £70m. Nice biz by Jose. Now to spend the money on a strong CB and 1-2 key attackers and maybe another midfielder. Looking good.


1.) 19 Apr 2017 05:20:55
where did you hear that?

2.) 19 Apr 2017 08:42:52
666 if that's true I'd of thought a replacement keeper would be highest on the list. While it's still a record fee for a keeper I would not be happy. We can't buy better than ddg. Amd whomever we buy is going to cost at least half of that fee.

3.) 19 Apr 2017 09:01:23
We have Romero and he is not bad to begin with. I am also not happy Ken as DDG is the best in the world ATM but with this kind of money we should let go as it is more important to build a strong defense line. Besides we all know DDG will go RM one day.
So instead of looking at the downside I feel the upside is we have a decent GK in Romero but gives us the money to buy key players we really need in various departments.

4.) 19 Apr 2017 10:13:52
we have money! pretty sure we wouldn't need to sell to buy.

5.) 19 Apr 2017 10:15:16
I hope DDG does not leave but the expectation is that he will. The money we will get due to his contract extension will be sizable but I would be looking to invest in the best available option out there and If that means paying the same amount then so be it.
Oblak is highly rated and I like the fact he has been at Athletico. Schmeichel would be the current PL keeper I would go for if Jose wanted PL experience. Throw in the Inter keeper and you can see that there are options.
Love DDG but everyone can be replaced.

6.) 19 Apr 2017 11:43:10
Yeah am sad if he goes. But he gave good service and if good money comes back we should let him have his freedom.
If we can build a solid defense we can do with an above average gk so I am not too worried. Obviously comforting to have a great GK but if our defense is great then there ain't much work for the GK😂😂.

7.) 19 Apr 2017 14:15:22
I very much doubt Jose was involved on agreeing a sale price.

8.) 19 Apr 2017 15:11:05
A great keeper can make up for average centre backs not the other way around.

9.) 19 Apr 2017 17:11:25
Yea great business by Jose, forget the tactics, he's sorting out the finances now.

10.) 20 Apr 2017 11:03:56
Sell the best keeper in the world and don't replace him, good business that.




666Red's banter posts with other poster's replies to 666Red's banter posts


18 Dec 2018 14:12:02
Irrespective of who the manager is I am not one for sacking the manager as I consistently feel it's a team's effort. I feel the players have become too "influential" for my liking and could deliberately sabotage the manager by not turning up on the pitch.

That said Jose has not helped himself with his unorthodox style of management. I'm sure there is a better way of waking up and/ or motivating the players but obviously he has a "one way street" of management and unfortunately not flexible. Now we have taken even more steps backwards. The board obviously has to own some of the blame. Why bother hiring someone when you do not intend to support him all the way? Just not enough conviction.

Good or bad you support the manager for the first contract and not renew his contract if you don't think he is not the right one. I find it really dumb the board just did what they did. Cutting loss is fine but there is just no strong reasoning behind. Anyway I can only sympathize the paying and traveling supporters who have spent so much money.

That said, we move to a new chapter and would like to have either RG and/ or GN as caretaker manager with Carrick as assistant manager. It looks like the Board could potentially make a big move for Poch in the new season. If not supported then we will move even more backwards. I dare not imagine hereon.

I will always support Manchester United will I die but it's demoralizing seeing our current state and situation. However looking from a glass half full, I am excited too that we have the might to get who we want. Problem is: does anyone wants to become our manager seeing how we have regressed the last 5 years? I pray we move positively from here. First thing for me is kicknsome of the players' backside and lay down the ground rules before we bring in the new manager.


1.) 18 Dec 2018 14:23:27
We pay well, we have huge support, we generate the most income we have the biggest stadium, we have incredible history. I'd say most would jump at the chance and if they don't then they are not right for us.

2.) 18 Dec 2018 15:37:43
So Ajh who do you suggest for your club, because there isn't that many big name managers that would suit your club. Zidane is available or maybe Poch.

3.) 18 Dec 2018 17:40:58
As a Liverpool fan looking in at your current personnel it seems very obvious that you have too many players with ego's, personalities, or with a lack of focus on their actual football. Mourinho got a number of things wrong, undoubtedly, but I think the balance of your squad, and the personalities within it, lack cohesion - both as a team on the pitch, and as people off it. Unless you appoint the perfect candidate it is very difficult to see your fortunes change - until some of the trouble makers, and some of the more unfocused individuals, move on it is hard to see how things change.

i don't say this to rub it in, but your teams performance against us the other night was the worst I have seen in over 30 years of watching our derbies. Never seen a United team look so listless and unconcerned - irrespective of what is going on off the pitch you cannot fail to try in a game of such magnitude, it is an absolute cardinal sin. Even when you were spanking us in the early 00's I don't think it could be said that our team wasn't putting in effort, merely that we were outclassed by a better team on the day.

I do think we have a better team at the minute, but I do not think that is the reason we won so convincingly. Will be interesting to see if the players show an improvement in attitude in the absence of Mourinho. If they do then they're still at fault as, like him or not, you would imagine that they should/ would be putting in the required effort as they are representing the club. An improvement in performance now wouldn't only show their lack of respect for Mourinho, but their lack of respect for you the fans as well as your club. I can't say I hope you turn around your fortunes, we are massive rivals after all, but I certainly wouldn't begrudge your players actually putting in effort - on the wages they are on, and on the money fans put in - that is the very least you deserve.

4.) 18 Dec 2018 17:43:47
Good question, many of the best have moved recently. For me, Poch is the best shout, I like Southgate, what he has done with the National team has been extraordinary. Beyond that I don't know, I'm clearer on who I don't want. Zidane, Blanc, Simeone, Conte, no thanks.

Interesting statement though about 'someone who understands the club and its traditions', you could read a lot into that.



18 Dec 2018 12:18:59
Hi Eds great job as always.
You have your work cut out for you on this site today with the big news.
Ed002 you have been spot on and logical in your responses. Kudos to you and thanks for the patience with us here. Just major reaction that's all.
Thanks all the Eds 👏👏.




06 Nov 2018 10:26:09
Saw a post from Ken about Smalling in defense etc and the response.
Like to follow up I. That on what people think about putting Matic as our CB.
I feel Matic May have passed his top as a MF but he still is a reasonable good DMF. That said he lose out in pace most of time but I think he will make a good CB heading our defense. He is calm and collected and can read well game well. He is not a rash as Smalling. He could become an image of Vidic. With his experience in MF he would be able to be a good potential CB. That's my take. Call it crazy if you want but I think we could still use him well in defense. Well at least better than Smalling 😉.


1.) 06 Nov 2018 10:36:22
666 so play matic and smalling as CB?

Or do you think rojo bailly or lindelof are ahead of smalling as Jose first choice cb?

2.) 06 Nov 2018 10:52:17
I think our biggest problem is not the defenders but the lack of confidence. We had one of the best defenses in the league last year and all of a sudden we can't defend at all. All of them need a confidence boost. Look at Shaw, he got a lucky bounce and scored and then has gone from strength to strength. Lindelof had a good game and built on that confidence. I don't want to blame the manager but I will say I don't see Mourinho as someone who is good at building confidence. If I saw my manager having a go at me in the media and saying I'm not good enough then my confidence is going to be low and I'm going to play badly. Its a self fulfilling prophecy.

3.) 06 Nov 2018 11:30:57
You think Matic would win headers? I swear his feet are bolted to the ground, I honestly think Shaqiri would outjump him.

Whether he was rushed back from an injury or he is just out of form he needs a spell out of the team with Herrera replacing him.

4.) 06 Nov 2018 14:51:49
After the last game I just don't want to see Smalling on the pitch, it was awful to watch. I truly believe our best CB is Bailey, I hope Mou just sort out things with him and make the best of him.

5.) 06 Nov 2018 16:11:26
As I pointed out yesterday his issue is he has the turning circle of the RMS Titanic. His lack of mobility will be a serious problem in defense especially if Jose ever wanted to play a high line.

One of our main issues this season is the defense is being exposed by our midfield being so easily to bypass. Matic is a big part of that. Having him as the last line of defence would just give opposition attackers a run at DDG without a defence between them.

Matic is sadly finished at the top level. That is the problem when you target players in their late 20's/ early 30's. You might only get one or two good seasons out of them before they start declining. This can be further exasperated if they take a season to settle into the team fully.

Matic struggled with his stamina, he has rarely had more than a good month or two at the start of a season following an international tournament. His last season at Chelsea was very poor coming off of the Euro's. He then had a full summers rest before his debut season for us. Which meant he had a decent season. However, he still tailed off in the last couple of months. Then he went to the world cup this summer and he as been poor since. He might do okay at the start of next season after a summer of rest, but I would expect him to have started tailing off before Easter of not sooner as the march of time further reduced his stamina.

That's why I feel he is finished at the highest level. Maybe he could prolong his career if he moves to a less physically demanding league.

6.) 06 Nov 2018 16:36:29
Thanks all for the response. Gives me good perspective of the diversity of thoughts. At least one thing I am sure is that we have a good supporter base who wants the best for our club.
Hope we give Juve a good fight and win if possible and take the fight to City.

7.) 06 Nov 2018 18:06:52
Matic is not a cb hmind you he gas tried gerrera and mctominay so its on the cards😂😂
Darmian who has natural defencive instincts would get my vote before matic.

8.) 06 Nov 2018 21:09:35
Harsh on matic shappy. I still think he is a cracking footballer who looks a bit tired to be honest. I also think he benefits from having a player like Herrera in there.



22 Aug 2018 14:25:00
Just watched the analogy of the 98/ 99 winning the PL title sends goosebumps on my arms.
How I wish we are in those times again. I'm really feeling a bit sad at our current situation. Hope we get better. Of course in those days there were no media and agents prostituting players for high prices. In addition there was authority given to SAF and full backing. Players do not come out on media talking about SAF etc (nobody really dared) 🤣🤣. How times have changed. 😔😔.


1.) 22 Aug 2018 15:28:47
Its like a parallel universe now, trappy players and the executive waltzing into the changing room while the manager faces the press, i doubt SAF would have let deadwoods' feet touch., but to be fair to ed, since he grew that beard, left the communards and changed his name from jimmy summerville he's done well, i bet he's still a right dodgy dancer though!

2.) 22 Aug 2018 16:38:59
Agents and the media have always been dodgy. Its just with social media and 24 hour coverage its magnified.

3.) 22 Aug 2018 18:39:27
Class, what utter tosh, Jose has had millions and appears not to be able to get the best out of the players he has bought. If Ed has done anything wrong it is giving him an extension.

4.) 22 Aug 2018 19:00:52
AJH, how do you know Jose bought all these players?

Could Pogba be a club buy? Yeh he was, his agent revealed he worked with Woodward for 2 years to sort the deal. When Pogba arrrived Jose was only here a few months.

Matic was of course a Jose buy. And Ibra. Others I am not sure about.

5.) 22 Aug 2018 19:15:47
Ed said Jose wanted pogba tried to get him at Chelsea.
But why is that important? The manager has a say on transfer nothing more it's his job to manage the players .
There are other people for scouting etc.

6.) 22 Aug 2018 21:27:37
You constantly post it’s up to Jose to manage the players, that many times I gave up counting.
Based on available players, do you think this team of players is good enough to win the league or the Champions League?
We are nowhere near for me, so therefore 2nd was a good result. No matter how good a coach he is if the players aren’t good enough we won’t win the big prizes.

You also just said “the manager has A SAY on transfer nothing more”. Nice of you to admit he isn’t to blame for transfer errors.

7.) 22 Aug 2018 21:46:27
Red man think they are good enough to beat Brighton.
81 points and second yet not playing that well would suggest they can do better .

They are imo a better team than Seville who knocked us out of the CL and a better team than 4 shots on tacked in 180 minutes against them .

Of course the manager only has a say in transfers sometimes not even that but what errors are you talking about
Sanchez? Great player
Pogba great player
Bailly looks a talent
Martial looks a talent
Miki very good player
Shame the manager can't get them playing to there potential . If he could we would of done even better in the league and CL.

8.) 22 Aug 2018 21:50:35
I know you think Jose can do no wrong and he is the best about it's everyone else fault etc etc.
But for me he is past his best has been for a few year .
I was a big fan still think he is a decent coach but he is past his best.

9.) 22 Aug 2018 22:15:02
Reading your list it sounds like you were the scout for some of the substandard players. My position was clear on Jose ever since I said we should have gone for Pep after LvG.

10.) 22 Aug 2018 22:27:00
Don’t always agree complatelet with jred but he’s on the money here. Good Manager but past his best. The Seville loss was a tragedy, losing to Brighton again was very poor, the style we see is just not acceptable.

11.) 22 Aug 2018 17:18:01
Agents aren’t dodgy. Their job is to get the most money for themselves and their clients. Foootball went down the commercial route decades ago. What do you expect agents to do?

12.) 22 Aug 2018 22:32:49
There all good players I could go on .
You position has been very clear on Jose we have read it .

13.) 22 Aug 2018 22:48:08
I agree with what Neville said about Woodward supporting the manager. I would add that when Neville is negative about Jose some on here are in raptures but when he made recent comments it was like watching tumbleweed. I don’t think there is this magic answer some seem to think there is.

14.) 22 Aug 2018 23:08:59
Some of what he said I would agree with some I wouldn't same as scholes .
Neville has also been very critical of our style of play in the past .
There isn't a magic answer but this blind faith in Jose isn't the answer either .
People on the site are obsessed with buying players it's the answer to everything .
Do you not think Sanchez pogba are top level players? Would you not be worried if you had a manager that couldn't get them playing well?

Or if you had a manager that didn't back young talent at the the club that many other people think are the real deal .

Are the club not right if they were to say we aren't going to spend millions on short term solutions?

15.) 23 Aug 2018 06:38:18
I don’t have blind faith in Jose, I am not enjoying our football. I also didn’t enjoy our football from 1986 to 1990 either, or 77 after Sexton arrived or about 2005, it was equally awful if not worse. In our previous difficult years we didn’t get to or win finals, we have recently. We needed to get two key players and didn’t therefore it makes it difficult to fully criticise the manager this season. If the club had bought the players and things continued I would start to be concerned but right now there is far more wrong with the club than the manager or should I now call him head coach. Also we have only played 2 games, a damp dire performance on Monday will be difficult to stomach, but let’s see what happens.

16.) 23 Aug 2018 10:15:10
Really? Because it has been constant excuses and everyone but Jose fault for 2 season now .

17.) 23 Aug 2018 12:39:57

Perhaps I can see the other issues in the club and don’t blame all our ills on the manager, nor am I a Glazer/ Woodward apologist.



15 Aug 2018 02:35:32
VDS for DOF.
Align GN for next manager or Carrick working closely with him after Jose finishes contract. I don't recommend sacking but let Jose run out his contract. By then either Carrick or GN can be appointed to take over.
I have faith in GN and Carrick for the manager role.


1.) 15 Aug 2018 04:52:13
Why do you think either GN or Carrick would be good appointment.

Both lacks experience at top level, everyone knows what happened with GN at Valencia ( I think the job is doing now suits him better), Carrick needs time and should go somewhere else and prove himself first.

2.) 15 Aug 2018 10:41:11
Also if any class of 92er should get the job I'd go for Butt.

3.) 15 Aug 2018 11:12:31
Sure point taken 🤣
Well well if ZZ has indicated that he is keen as reported I’m sure the management would be looking into that. Hence my OP does not stand then.
But to argue the point about GN, does not mean that he didn’t do well in Valencia means he will fail at OT. Certain players may be motivated by different management style. It also won’t mean that Pep or Klopp will succeed in OT. In any case I’ll stop here. Getting back to hibernation. 🤗.

4.) 15 Aug 2018 12:55:22
Neville had 1 crack at management and failed spectacularly, I don’t see how he gets the United job, Giggs has far more experience but nobody seems to think he should get it so not sure why Neville is mentioned as often as he is.

Carrick May develop in time but he has a lot to learn.

5.) 15 Aug 2018 14:14:20
GN went to a failing club fighting relegation, new country, different language, different league and a team playing very poorly. He was never going to succeed. He took the job as he was friends with the director at valencia.
That doesn't mean he will be terrible at United.

6.) 15 Aug 2018 15:57:11
Brian McClair should be on that shortlist 😆😆.




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29 May 2018 07:46:54
Danny that was classic 🤣🤣👍👏.




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29 Apr 2018 01:28:38
Heard Pele joining us? 😉.




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18 Apr 2018 12:57:29
Thanks omnipresent one 🙏.




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17 Apr 2018 09:45:14
I would seriously like to see a younger and explosive team for Bournemouth game. Give them a chance and see if they can handle the pressure. Forget the luxury of senior players except for key ones.
I’d rather the younger ones play attacking and pace than the slow overly careful game by some of the senior players. What’s to lose? At the worse we are still 2 point ahead of the scousers! The PL title is already lost so as long as we are in top 4 what the hell?
We need to identify which are the young players who can come into first team and what better opportunity to see how they perform? Maybe the senior players can learn a little from them?




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16 Apr 2018 16:37:26
Ed002 thanks and just saw this. Appreciate your info.
Salute 🙏.





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06 Jan 2019 22:21:13
Great post DLIB. 👍.




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05 Jan 2019 09:45:05
Nice read Ed001 particularly the one on Rubbish Injury.
I enjoyed reading that short and very funny part 🤣🤣🤣.


{Ed001's Note - glad you enjoyed mate. The injury is bizarre.}



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01 Jan 2019 23:18:24
Poch may be a good manager and many may think he is what we need. Maybe yes maybe no. For me, I’m not sure as he could be another Moyes from Everton. Both did well and maintained in a small budget.
More importantly as I have mentioned some time back even if we want Poch it doesn’t mean he wants to join us. So yes I agree with Ed0333 in some ways.




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01 Jan 2019 23:06:41
Thanks Ed033 for the tabulations 👏👏
Scholes and Jred = World Cup Finalists 👏
Jred, Ken, Park, Mort = CL Qualifiers👏.


{Ed033's Note - ok, thanks



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01 Jan 2019 13:07:50
Thanks for good review and transfers updates Ed.
Happy 2019 to you and blessings and good health to you and your loved ones 🙏🙏.