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27 Feb 2024 20:05:53
Hello Ed who are the club thinking could replace EtH in the Summer?

Thank you.

{Ed002's Note - Antonio Conte (C) Milan offer a solution but there is a lot of opposition. Wildcard may be Manchester United and Jim Ratcliffe knows Conte from his time at Chelsea. A serious option for Bayern Munich.
Gareth Southgate (C) May be a safe bet for Manchester United - but a widlcard at best.
Graham Potter (C) A serious option for Manchester United and West Ham United. Has ties to Jim Ratcliffe and was offered the job at Nice.
Hansi Flick (C) A move to England this summer seems very unlikely although Manchester United could turn to him but, again, well down the list. Chelsea and Real Madrid may discuss him based on need. Barcelona has him as an option – and close to the top of the list. Will have strong support from the Barcelona Board. Do not completely rule out a return to Bayern Munich.
Luis Enrique (C) A wildcard for Manchester United. Not the answer
Roberto de Zerbi (C) Brighton would fight to keep him but another who will certainly be discussed by Barcelona, Liverpool and Manchester United with Jim Ratcliff having an interest in him. A significant issue exists in the cost of Brighton releasing him. Deco has de Zerbi as his preferred option which he has shared with Yuste and Laporte but it will not be Deco's decision.
Ruben Amorin (C) Manchester United may offer an option - a wildcard may be Liverpool, but not first choice. If needs force the situation and given the likely link between the club and Sporting, Chelsea may offer another wildcard option.
Thomas Tuchel (C) On the list of options for Barcelona. Manchester United may provide an option as he knows Jim Ratcliffe well.
Xabi Alonso (C) A popular choice for clubs and having a great season at Bayer Leverkusen, but very inexperienced, although there will be interest in him from Liverpool, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Chelsea and Manchester United. Has made no secret of a desire to follow Ancelotti at Real Madrid - but that won't be until 2026 so they can be discounted at this time although he has the support of Carlo Ancelotti. Klopp has endorsed both Alonso and Nagelsmann for the Liverpool job. Bayern Munich offer a serious option. If he were to win the league this season it would likely make it very difficult for him to leave Leverkusen and there would be significant pressure to stay. There are no clauses in his contract allowing him to leave to join any other club.
Zinedine Zidane (C) I understand an advisor has told Liverpool not to discount Zindane after discussions over another job for him are delayed pending a change of club ownership. However, I think Liverpool a very unlikely option. He would perhaps like to await the Juventus or perhaps the Manchester United job. Wildcard would be Bayern Munich.}

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28 Feb 2024 12:14:01
Great list ed, for me Potter and Amorim may be the best fit for United.

Others will like de zerbi but there's something about him I'm just not sure of.

I would not be keen on Conte, Tuchel, Zidane and especially not Southgate.

28 Feb 2024 12:49:58
Brilliant info as always Ed002 - thank you very much!

28 Feb 2024 12:55:21
Excusing any expertise whatsoever in what United need and being, I’d prefer one of Potter, Amorim, Alonso or de Zerbi.

Definitely not Conte, Tuchel, Zidane or Southgate.

Surprised Nagelsman or McKenna not on the list.

28 Feb 2024 13:15:31
Thanks ed, any interest in Nagelsmann?

{Ed002's Note - From elsewhere.}

28 Feb 2024 13:32:19
Rio Ferdinand reckons Arteta will take the job if offered. ???.

28 Feb 2024 13:38:19
I thought Tuchel did a good job at Chelsea and PSG and comes across well in his media appearances so would support him replacing ETH.

28 Feb 2024 13:38:18
I think Ratcliffe said the style of football will come from the football director (and others in leadership) and the coach will implement that. It's not clear that EtH will be replaced but I'd imagine by the summer we'll have a clearer picture of the aims and that list will whittle down. I'd be surprised if Conte and Tuchel were considered. Neither appear to be suited to a rebuild.

28 Feb 2024 15:02:46
Ed002, do you think that there is still a chance that they will keep ETH for next season and give him time to work under them?

{Ed002's Note - My opinion is unchanged really. I expect he will be one of the coaches changed after July 1.}

28 Feb 2024 16:21:47
Ed002. Thanks.
Can I ask the significance of the date July 1st or why do you say after that date?

{Ed002's Note - It takes it in to a new year.}

28 Feb 2024 16:57:58
Cheers Ed - thanks for the update on potential managers!

Out of the list above:
-Who do you think would be the top 2 or 3 options for MUFC and working with Ashworth?

-Who is looking like the most likely appointment (perhaps there is still too long to go to have frontrunner at the minute) .

No worries if you don't want to get into it further.

Thanks and appreciate you and the other Eds continued contributions!

{Ed002's Note - I suspect Potter might be the most likely.}

28 Feb 2024 19:16:33
——-youn need to stop posting and sharing your ignorance about things you know nothing about. It is embarrassing and stupid———

28 Feb 2024 20:26:43
Thanks for all your input Ed002: Potter wouldn’t surprise me either, given his relationship with Ashworth (and that he’s available)

28 Feb 2024 23:02:13
Yeah I think potter too

But tbh, don't see why ETH doesn't at least get a crack at it with a proper structure.

29 Feb 2024 06:43:52
I suspect a lot of people will turn their nose up at Potter.

Mostly based on his short time at Chelsea. The irony is that both Potter and EtH have been in charge of horrifically ran clubs which meant they were effectively working with one hand tied behind their back.

I don't think for one second what either achieved with both clubs is indicative of their true ability and what they are capable of.

I'll be honest I'll have a wry smile on my face if Potter does replace EtH when thinking about all those fans who are pushing for the Dutchman to get sacked.

I think their heads might explode ?.

29 Feb 2024 08:54:17
Surprised not to see Poch’s name on there for when he is inevitably binned by Chelsea in the summer….

As for ten Hag, I suspect a good job back at Ajax or in Germany would await him.

28 Feb 2024 22:23:44
Who’d be your pick if you were In charge Ed?

{Ed002's Note - Perhaps Ruben Amorim.}

29 Feb 2024 09:45:33
It’s an interesting comparison you made Shappy.

I remember clearly that a lot of people on here were clambering for Potter while he was at Brighton.

Back then he was at a very well run club on the up. Then at Chelsea he struggled - understandably - in and amongst their circus.

ETH is in the exact same position, only I’d argue that ETH has had a lot more to deal with at Manchester United than Potter at Chelsea, at least it seems that way from the outside.

You could argue that both managers took too big of a jump. Seeing how they got on at a Villa/ Spurs/ Dortmund/ Milan level of club may have been sensible and a more natural stepping stone in their career.

29 Feb 2024 11:18:39
Ten Hag will make a fine Alonso replacement in Germany.

29 Feb 2024 13:48:59
I was not in favour of Potter at the time and the fact he has not worked since does not fill me with confidence.
My reservations are irrelevant if that's who they choose them they will have their reasons and I think he would have us better off than we are now or I hope so anyway.
De zerbi would by my choice off that list, I think he would be a good fit from the little I know about him.
Stiff competition and a hefty fee to aquire his services but if they believe he is the right man then he is worth pursuing.

29 Feb 2024 19:38:40
There doesn't seem much love-in for Zidane who seems to be on most of these short-lists. Supposedly (not that I know) his English isn't the best but I can barely understand di Zerbi or Emery and they're doing ok. In fact I thought it contributed to his Arsenal demise. Zidane would have a field day with our midfield.

{Ed002's Note - Zidane speaks reasonable, but not perfect, English. Like Harry Redknapp.}

29 Feb 2024 21:52:47
Interesting Amorim sounds like he would be a positive and an interesting choice from what I read about him.

The key for me is that whoever is appointed is that we get away from demanding 5 years minimum stay to allow the manager to take us in a direction none of us knows will be successful. Appoint a First team coach, give him a direction from above on how the team is to play and if we selected right it should work better. If it doesn't, move on after a period that the DOF or above deems is reasonable, be that 1, 2 years or longer.

01 Mar 2024 09:11:48
Ed2 I hope you don’t mind me asking, what are your thoughts on Potter as a manager? I know it didn’t work out at Chelsea, but from the outside it looked like there was so much going on it would be one of the hardest jobs in football.

Do you think he could do well for us provided we have the correct structure and environment?

{Ed002's Note - Potter will certainly be a consideration. The circumstances at Chelsea were difficult. The issue is that the infrastructure he had at Brighton was excellent and that has now gone.}

01 Mar 2024 17:37:02
Potter……. give me strength. We’ve got a bloody good manger who we should stick with, cracked the whip with the cry babies. Eric gets my vote.

01 Mar 2024 23:33:18
I’d quite to see Erik backed under the correct structure above any of the options above. But clearly not my choice so let’s see what the summer brings.

02 Mar 2024 08:15:34
Many thanks for the update Ed.

You mentioned a while back that a significant number of players could leave the club this Summer. Is Marcus Rashford someone the club are looking to move on? From an FFP perspective, it would make sense.

{Ed002's Note - Perhaps, but is nothing to do with FFP.

Marcus Rashford (F) Much will depend on what happens in the summer regarding a new coach, but I am sure Manchester United will be regretting the new long-term contract. A third-party has spoken to clubs about him but I am not aware of any interest. Suggestion that he could be a Mbappe replacement at PSG seem far-fetched given they have other clear targets in mind.

02 Mar 2024 12:38:02
The new contract is certainly starting to look like a mistake. It feels like a ‘would suit all parties’ if he were to leave.

Thanks as ever Ed.

02 Mar 2024 20:13:28
Seriously do not understand why so many are backing Potter like he is an improvement. We've seen what he can do at a big club. Stay well away.

Give ETH one more year then put it to the jury.

03 Mar 2024 13:53:31
Yea Kurtis as other managers have proved at Chelsea they are a really big club.

05 Mar 2024 08:39:49
I know this thread is never ending, but have been thinking on the above some more. I just don’t see how anything other than an experienced coach can take this role right now in the summer.

Potter, no doubt a fine coach, feels too raw and slightly too defensive to suit our proposed style of play.

I can’t see beyond someone like Tuchel for the role right now, as patience and time is not something offer to a young coach finding their feet at Utd. Just look how much the tide has turned in the dressing room and out of it for ETH!

05 Mar 2024 09:16:16
Not familiar with Potter’s management style (can a Brighton fan be kind enough to add info here to enlighten us pls? ) but comes across on the media as a thoughtful coach but lacking the charisma of a Klopp, Ange or Guardiola - a quality I think is essential at a top club.

Though hard to think of younger coaches who have this quality - Nagelsman maybe? Amorim?

05 Mar 2024 11:38:10
I’d be cautious of taking anybody directly from Brighton, that includes Potter and de Zerbi. The club is so well run and conditions are perfect for a coach to be successful, on the scale of what success looks like for Brighton.

Keep in mind, as good a job as De Zerbi has done, has won 5 out of his last 20 league matches. That’d see him getting sacked at Utd, Chelsea etc.

The club needs someone who has won trophies and knows how to get this done.



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