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21 Mar 2024 17:56:54
Ed002 not withstanding he has a job, but given the media speculation surrounding his position are there any clubs linked with eth or showing interest in bringing him in to be coach for next season should he part ways with united?


{Ed002's Note - A potential replacement for Van 't Schip at Ajax at the end of the season, but not first choice.}



03 Jan 2024 13:10:40
Looks like sancho back to dortmund on loan.
While we will get some sort of loan fee we may have to subsidise the wage.
Good result from the outside looking in. It should go some way to improving the atmosphere around the training complex. It can't be easy seeing one of your mates being shunned even if he has been out of order.
With vdb sancho and hopefully martial out the door it will start to pave the way for a summer rebuild.
Who else may go between now and the start of next season is anybodies guess.
Nothing will surprise me.


1.) 03 Jan 2024 13:50:11
With only 18 games left to play this season plus FA cup we should be looking to shift a lot more.

Varane, Casemiro, Mctominay, Maguire could all in theory go.

It would help with FFP and allow more wiggle room to make big moves in the summer.

2.) 03 Jan 2024 14:07:33
DSG - Surely it would be better for EtH's options with them players available to choose from for the last 18 games? This is not a time for moving on players who have been needed this season. Not until the summer. Players like Casemiro and McTominay find important goals and we need every CB we can get right now.

But can see all of them being available along with many others. I would only sell any of them now if we had a replacement lined up to come in.

3.) 03 Jan 2024 14:19:07
The list is endless.
Imo there are only a few I'd rather keep but I understand it can't, and doesn't work that way.

4.) 03 Jan 2024 14:59:33
Ideally you want to move on any players who aren't wanted but also probably won't be needed this season. That's the tricky part given the injuries.

While a big offer for Casemiro should be considered if it arrives in January. The issue is that would only really leave Mainoo is can play effectively as a holding midfielder. Which leaves us very light. McTominay can't play that role well, and I'm unconvinced by Amrabat playing that role or any other based on his performances so far.

Varane while probably our best pure defender does struggle with fitness. That said Evans has shown himself
to still be a very good defender and with Maguire and Martinez coming back soon, with Lindelof back in February. Then we have options, even if the quality of them is questionable. Also Kambwala was very good on his debut, maybe he could be in line for a few more games.

Other players who probably should be let go in January if good offers come in could include Pellistri, Greenwood, Shoretire possibly. All are not contributing. McTominay could possibly be considered if a good offer comes in. Although that might leave us light in midfield, but if Mount is back and fully fit or if we can sign a midfielder then he has to be a candidate for leaving.

AWB is another who is out of contract in the summer and if an offer comes in we should consider it. He isn't good enough long term, he could be a squad option at best. But we would need to give him a new long term contract and I'm not sure he's worth it. I haven't seen anything from him to feel he would be worth paying 120k per week for the next 4-5 years to sit on the bench and play maybe 10 games a season. We have academy lads who would be on a fraction of that who must be worth giving those games too.

5.) 03 Jan 2024 16:17:11
If we get rid of Sancho and Martial in this window I’d consider this season a success!

I’d be keeping Casemiro to hopefully play the rest of the season with Mainoo so he can learn from him and may give us a clearer idea of what sort of partner we should target for him in the summer.

6.) 03 Jan 2024 19:02:44
On the subject of Martial, where is he right now? Injured again?

7.) 03 Jan 2024 21:06:41
Eric he's ill apparently, I think he's allergic to football lol.

8.) 04 Jan 2024 07:26:40

100% agree. DVB gone need to get Sancho and Martial out. He has been ill supposedly and no need to say anymore. A very high profile united player said something very interesting about martial a few years ago and stuck with me.

In his view, if you get sent out on loan as a first team player you have failed and not good enough and should never be coming back.

When I thought about it is a pretty accurate statement. Rarely see 23/ 24 year old's at top clubs sent out on loan and expect to see them back.

9.) 04 Jan 2024 13:49:41
Be interesting to see if Ratcliffe dips into his other club for players. I suspect the obvious two would be Todibo and Thuram. Both would add to our first team and both have been on our radar before.

10.) 05 Jan 2024 11:43:20
Ratcliffe's ownership of United and his connection to Nice is as likely to complicate any possible deals between the clubs than be advantageous.

Nice fans are only just starting to warm up to the INEOS ownership after 4 years. They haven't been particularly happy up until the team have shown themselves capable of challenging for Ligue 1 this season.

There have been sales of players the fans were unhappy with, signings they felt underwhelmed with, and appointments that they've disagreed with.

Ultimately given where Nice are now this should act as a case study in why fans making decisions about running a football club is not a great idea. Nice wouldn't be where they are now if INEOS bent to the fans will and made the popular decisions instead.

Either way, the fans would be up in arms if just when INEOS build a young side that can grow into genuine title challengers, they sell off their best players on the cheap to SJR's new club.

While I'm pretty sure UEFA would be casting a very close eye over any deals between the two clubs given the ownership links and that both clubs could be competing in the same UEFA competitions. Anything that looks like SJR is using his position to influence one club for the benefit of the other would bring into question whether he could have a similar influence if the two sides were to meet each other in one of the European competitions.

I like the look of Todibo and I really like the look of Thuram. For me the midfielder is the pick of the bunch and would also be a phenomenon in the EPL. Shades of Yaya Toure and Patrick Viera. Obviously not at their level yet, but how he glides around the pitch, his close control and technique and the way he picks up the ball then drives 30-40 yards up the middle of the pitch to create chaos in the oppositions defensive structure, almost single handily creating dangerous high quality chances for his team.

I think he'd be a wonderful player to partner Mainoo long term if Mainoo develops into more of a No.6 than a No.8.

Mainoo sitting, shielding the defence, taking the ball off the defence and progressing it forward with his passing. While Thuram offers some physicality, height for defending set-pieces, and an ability to carry the ball through the opposition lines to create chances would make a very good, dynamic and high quality midfield.

If we could only sign one of Todibo or Thuram for me the midfielder wins hands down.

{Ed002's Note - There are rules and they are about to change.}

11.) 05 Jan 2024 22:13:30
I wouldn't expect us to sign Nice players cheap. That would not happen. But it would give us an advantage in negotiations, certainly informal negotiations. And perhaps payment structure may be easier to agree.

Be interesting to see what players we send to Nice on loan.



14 Nov 2023 17:50:37
Ed002. I've seen reports that united are interested in bringing back Ruben neves fra SA. With the possibility of cassimero heading out there.
Do you know if united still hold any interest in neves despite him only moving out there in the summer?


{Ed002's Note - There have been discussions between his agent and two other clubs. Manchester United have other targets.}

1.) 15 Nov 2023 12:40:07
Would one of those targets be Joao Neves from Benfica?

{Ed002's Note - Joao Neves (DM/CM) Discussed with Chelsea when meeting over another player as they were seeking a replacement for Loftus-Cheek. Potential Casemiro replacement for Manchester United. Huge buy out clause and Benfica will not look to sell but recognise there will be growing interest. Versatile, but falls over easily.}

2.) 15 Nov 2023 13:25:33
Ed002 - are you able to share any of our preferred targets? Looked back through previous posts and all I can recently see in relation to the CM/ DM position is that Andre isn't a target, and Amadou Onana is way down the list.


{Ed002's Note - I would expect changes with the new DoF.}

3.) 15 Nov 2023 13:54:57
Just on that note Ed, you've mentioned SJR would like Paul Mitchell - there have also been reports about Dougie Freedman from Crystal Palace - is there any truth in that or is PM still the preferred choice?

{Ed002's Note - Paul Mitchell is the person who is wanted.}

4.) 15 Nov 2023 14:35:26
Thanks for all info Ed002.

Should Paul Mitchell arrive soon as DoF, do you think he’ll influence the list of targets the club might have?

Would be hoping, with his contacts and experience, he could bring in a few unpolished gems, rather than the premium names United normally seem to go for.

(And hoping, in his time off after leaving Monaco, he’s been busy preparing for his new role at United and identifying targets already! )

{Ed002's Note - Yes he will have an influence over the targets.}

5.) 15 Nov 2023 17:13:19
Whoop whoop best news in years finally the club will go for the best in everything.

6.) 15 Nov 2023 17:36:49
Thanks as always for reply Ed002!

7.) 15 Nov 2023 22:53:01
Appreciate that ed002 thanks.




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25 May 2024 11:13:10
Read a good article today from an interview with mitrovic and neves on their experiences on the Saudi Pro league.
Leaving the fact that both are earning 5 or six times what they were in the epl with both earning 400k pw plus. The are enjoying the lifestyle and the privacy. They're is so much less intrusion into their lives and their family time and life has improved to a huge degree.
In many ways its like the LIV golfers experience.
I can only see a greater exodus from players wanting to put their family 1st and gaining new experiences.
Really insightful piece and gives me a different perspective on why players are making the move.
I don't spend as much time out in the M. E as I used to but my experiences from the region were nearly all positive. I see the attraction for the players outside of the obvious financial gains.


{Ed025's Note - lets be honest Tumbleweed it has nothing to do with family life mate, its all about the money...and nothing else..

1.) 25 May 2024 12:00:28
I don't think that's true at all ed025.

{Ed025's Note - do you think these players would have gone to Saudi if they were on the same money then Tumbleweed?, i fear not mate, yes i may be getting cynical in my old age but i say it like i see it..

2.) 25 May 2024 12:13:56
The money is of course the instant attraction that's what's required to take them away from the Premier comps but the lifestyle / family life will attract others to make the jump.
If it was money only and no other benefits I doubt you would see the exodus we have seen and an exodus that will grow.
I don't think too many English lads will go early in their career as they don't travel well are generally less educated than their European counterparts and culturally handcuffed to the English way of life.

{Ed025's Note - personally Tumbleweed i dont think its the greatest place for every family mate, men yes, but women are treated as second class citizens and dont even get me started on the gay issues they have out there, all just opinion though i suppose mate, money and weather yes...the rest is a big no for me..

3.) 25 May 2024 12:39:16
While it'd be disingenuous to say the money isn't a big factor. I also think it's unfair to suggest that it's the only thing that or is ultimately the deciding factor.

When I was a child my dad was offered a job in China where he'd have earned 5 times his current wage at the time. This was during the mid-90's when the communication globally wasn't what it is today. For context he has never been a big earner and we had a very working class upbringing. So this was a massive opportunity.

He ultimately decided that it wasn't right to move a young family to the other side of the world. He was concerned about the quality of life my mum would have, and how it would impact me and my brother's education and wellbeing.

There is always a lot of things to consider when making a move like this. For those players who have young families being able to give their children a more free and private childhood will be a big factor.

4.) 25 May 2024 13:40:50
Ita all about the money money,

5.) 25 May 2024 13:58:55
The money wouldn't and never did turn my head.

6.) 25 May 2024 14:37:08
Them players that went to saudi. it was all about the money.

7.) 25 May 2024 14:38:25
And if I was only in my 30s and coming to the end of my career in football and got offered millions to play in Saudi. I'd be on the next flight cause it's all about the money.

8.) 25 May 2024 14:49:35
For sure leahy for a final payday in your 30s it's a big attraction but as Henderson found out if you don't like it and don't need the money it's not worth it.
But for most non English players I think there are a lot of upsides that make that move not only about the money. If it was miserable for your family then it's not worth it even if you need the money.
Look at how the relative anonymity helped Greenwood in Spain. Until you live in a goldfish bowl you don't appreciate how nice it is to be outside it I guess.

9.) 25 May 2024 19:54:40
They went for the money. And if the Saudi equivalent of my role offered me a wage a number of times greater than what I get paid for my job I would be straight there.

10.) 25 May 2024 21:51:25
If you go somewhere for the lifestyle, you go to Spain, Italy, Portugal and the South of France. They go to Saudi Arabia for the money. I work with a lot of Saudis. Nice people, but the cultural/ religious differences aren't negligible.



04 Apr 2024 18:15:24
Ed033 just wondering if you could do a poll please.
Who has been a been success at Manchester United. Bruno Fernández or John o shea?

Some people seem to judge success by team and others by individual numbers so just curious.
Personally I feel that a player that plays well as an individual but the team have no success, has not been successful.
Appreciate it.


{Ed033's Note -

Bruno / O'Shea poll

1.) 04 Apr 2024 22:50:37
five Premier League titles, one FA Cup, two Football League Cups, four FA Community Shields, the FIFA Club World Cup and the UEFA champions league


One league Cup.

How is this even a question?

2.) 04 Apr 2024 23:11:02
No I get that manc man.
I don't think any player can consider himself a success at united unless they are part of a serial winning team.
It's a team game and as a result if the teams not winning or competing then no player is a success. Not necessarily a failure but individual stats are not a measure of a successful player for me.
Naming all the world class or top players that have never won a league or cl or at worst in there competing to win the big prizes is a fairly short list. I can't consider Bruno a success until he wins or improves us considerably as a team.

3.) 05 Apr 2024 02:28:41
It depends what you consider a success though? Successful transfer or what? Liverpool fans dislike Coutinho for his faking injuries to force a move, and they won the CL the year after he left. But prior to that they loved him. He also only cost €10m or around that and was sold for €150m roughly. He played well and was mostly instrumental to most of the good things for the years he was there. Didn’t win anything, but providing entertainment whilst he was there + providing a massive profit to fund moves for Alisson and VVD, is undoubtedly a success.

Think if Bruno was sold a year or so ago at his peak value, most would have considered him a success, regardless of trophy cabinet. He’d have provided goals + assists, provided a profit on him etc. I think he’s selfish + petulant and all that’s wrong with the game with his diving + whining constantly. He was bought for €55m + €25m add ons (which given there was no success, I doubt most of them were achieved) selling him for €100m at his peak value a year or 2 ago would have been considered a success imo.

4.) 05 Apr 2024 08:49:43
Depends which era of Bruno we're talking.
I get that there's a whiny petulant character in there that no-one likes but. we have literally only 2 or 3 players who can make something out of nothing and he's one.
I'm not a fan at present, and don't think he should be captain next season, but the player we signed was magic in that first season.

5.) 05 Apr 2024 10:18:10
Bit of a dumb and irrelevant question in my view. Opinions may vary.

6.) 05 Apr 2024 10:31:59
That's why I asked the question Fizz to understand how opinions vary.
A lot of younger fans look at individuals and not the team.
Bit of a dumb reply and irrelevant in my view as opinions should vary.



31 Mar 2024 13:38:38
I think rashford has shown more disdain for his manager and teammates and more disrespect for the fans and club than sancho ever did.


1.) 31 Mar 2024 14:34:53
Im tired of him Ken, and fed up with all the excuses made for him. There’s plenty of people around the world dealing with personal issues but they have to show up to work every day and give their best, something rashford hasn’t done in a long time. Be interesting to see if he makes the euros, if I was Southgate I’d be leaving him at home.

2.) 31 Mar 2024 14:44:19
Guess we will have to wait and see on that one Tim. I hope he is not selected.

3.) 31 Mar 2024 14:44:22
Yet ETH keeps selecting him.

4.) 31 Mar 2024 15:37:21
I'm guessing that is not optional Redman.

If I'm EtH I'm subbing him off before half time at this stage, just to make a point. He may as well go out on his sword as continue to stand on this player who has done nothing but disrespect the club for more than 12 months.

I would also be subbing bruno off too. He is also disrespectful in a different way. Just hoofing the ball about trying to play an impossible pass rather than helping the team to build an attack properly.

5.) 31 Mar 2024 17:27:59
How do you mean not optional DB?
Surely it's not contractual your suggesting?

6.) 31 Mar 2024 20:02:14
Subbing him off before half time will also give the fans chance to make known what they think about him.

What an small human being he is. A total embarrassment to himself.

Up until now I've been thinking eth should have another season but I've changed my mind. That he keeps selecting Rashford, Bruno, McTominany and utd have 30+ shots against them wvery game tells me he hasn't a clue what he is doing.

7.) 31 Mar 2024 21:46:46
I can't understand why rashford is not being dropped ever. Or subbed before about i0 mins ever. Bruno not dropped ever. Not subbed ever.

I am clinging onto some hope that EtH is not gutless and is being told by the club, maybe due to players contracts, that they have to play.

If that is not the case then my thoughts on EtH drop a long way.

Would like to see mount in the team, he at least tries to pass to a teammate once in a while. Would also like to see a more solid set up with players who will press from the front. But fully expect to see Rashad and bruno again all next game.

8.) 31 Mar 2024 23:04:50
Just not really working this season for some reason. I’m inclined to agree with Ed about Erik likely moving on in the summer.

I think the new team running football matters will want to make sweeping changes all round and bring in their own people; and that includes all footballing matters such as coaches, manager, players, recruitment, medical and data teams.



17 Mar 2024 18:42:38
Happy Saint Patrick's day to all.
Perfect weekend.
Villa lose spurs lose united win.
Good draw for the semi final.
Won't mention the game as this is not for match posts.
On another note I wonder will Amad be checking social media tonight. ?
Have a great day?.


1.) 17 Mar 2024 19:11:59
Absolute scenes!

2.) 17 Mar 2024 19:16:06
Won’t mention the game, too difficult to mention the managers substitutions and tactical changes Ken? ?.

3.) 17 Mar 2024 19:17:05
Nice1 Mr Weed. ?
By the way, I thought ETH managed the game well today and his substitutions were spot on re timing and personnel. Great game, proper cup tie, the best draw we could hope for. Happy St Patrick’s day. ?.

4.) 17 Mar 2024 19:33:58
All the Leeds and Liverpool fans in my WhatsApp went silent…. happy days ??? GGMU!

5.) 17 Mar 2024 19:39:37
Wazza if you were not such a dope you'll find I posted about the match on the match posts well before you mouthed off on exactly what you said.

6.) 17 Mar 2024 19:51:03
Haha wazza. Ken will definitely not do that. But Erik nailed it today.

7.) 17 Mar 2024 19:58:24
Law of averages says ETH must get something right one in a while!

8.) 17 Mar 2024 20:30:26
Sorry angel got in about an hour before you.

9.) 17 Mar 2024 20:42:30
Don’t think Villa lost?

10.) 17 Mar 2024 21:09:08
Hey weed,
On the live chat, I got on to you over a Maguire comment. You are well entitled to say if that annoys you and we all have our bug bearers. I didn't need to call on you over it. Sorry man, Happy St Patrick's day.

11.) 17 Mar 2024 21:25:03
Yep I saw it sweet heart, just a little bit of banter. Hope your mood is lifted after that win so you can take a break from being your glum and miserable self. Have a great week.

12.) 17 Mar 2024 21:51:15
No worries banjoe at all. You were right. Sackable was harsh but sissies suspendable for sure.
I'd like to see coaches condemn it and there be retrospective consequences for it.
I just can't stand it from our players particularly.

13.) 17 Mar 2024 22:00:26
You won't meet a more optimistic and positive supporter than me with regards to our short and medium term future wazza.
I am full of hope and optimism I've no doubt at all that in a couple of years time we will be in a lot better shape going into the following 5 years. I think the future looks bright. It's a steep hill but I think this summer will be very interesting.
Before that we have 12 games to win.
If we win 8 league games which is a tall order we have top hope villa and or spurs lose 4 or 5 of their last 10.
Not beyond the realms of possibility.
I foresee a crazy media spotlight on the club this summer i'm glad the euros are on to take some of the heat off but I am looking forward to 31st Aug more than usual already.

14.) 17 Mar 2024 22:25:18
Nice Ken.

We have a tough run now. Of our next 5 PL games, 3 are away, and our 2 home games are Liverpool and Newcastle.

Fortunately, Villa and Spurs both have to play City, Liverpool and Arsenal in their last 10.

We may also rely on Spurs being Spursy.

15.) 18 Mar 2024 01:26:32
No gds 2 I didn't wait for the var. 5 min delay trying to find a handball at the end. I thought West ham had nicked it.



11 Mar 2024 11:18:57
We keep hearing these players three Jose under bus and lvg and ole.
Looking at snr players I think only rashford and Shaw and martial remain from lvg.
Only dalot rash Shaw martial lindelof mctom were here with Jose.
Those 5 plus sancho awb maguire and varane from ole.
So is it just rash Shaw and martial that keep throwing managers under the bus?
Onana malacia martinez ericksen cassimero Antony garnacho mainoo rasmus mount are eth signings or youth.
There are 3 others ole signed in amad pellistri and vdb that are simply not good enough to break into the team.
So if its the players that keep getting the managers fired then eth has 10 new ones and the ones that have done best of that 10 were in our academy the others have still a lot to do to convince most of us. Maybe they will become the new toxic players. Despite their winning pedigree elsewhere.


1.) 11 Mar 2024 12:18:58
So by your post you clearly see what a mish mash of a squad we have yes? Completely unbalanced. On top of that ridiculous injury list yet you still feel the need to criticise the manager at every move he makes . I’d say your post is great example that a bit of understanding is needed within the fan base that this job is not easy, with ineos I hope whoever is in charge finds it a bit easier! ETH or the next guy!

2.) 11 Mar 2024 12:35:49
I think it's less about players intentionally downing tools and more about a collective poor mentality.

They seem to lack fight, they have a tendency to sulk when things get tough. They retreat into themselves and shirk responsibility for their own performances.

It seems to be a recurring thing no matter who we get rid of and bring in.

Weak mentality and bad attitudes can seep into others far easier than strong mentality and great attitude does.

3.) 11 Mar 2024 13:17:39
It’s a rinse and repeat cycle since Moyes was sacked. We hire a manager. They try to implant their own style of play. They bring in some players to help them implement it. There seems to be improvement. The squad hits a tough patch. The players shrink into themselves and seem lacking in fight and effort. The manager’s job is at risk. They start setting the team up in a safety first counterattack style. The fans pile on the manager for the team having no identity. The manager gets sacked.

The truth is that the squad has no leaders. It has no players that are unable to step up during difficult spells and drive the rest of the squad on. The squad has no character. It has young players, players afraid of responsibility and players enjoying a big payday at the end of their career. The closest we have to a leader is Martinez who has been injured for most of his time at the club.

4.) 11 Mar 2024 13:34:49
I agree shappy it's about mentality. Varane ericksen cssimero onana martinez all serial winners malacia rashford with England mctom with Scotland Shaw with England all these guys looked OK before they came and look good elsewhere. So why do bad at united.?

5.) 11 Mar 2024 14:19:28
The culture is set higher up.

The stadium, the training facilities, all sub-par. These young players, like our fans, like shiny new things. Look at the clubs that are doing well, all with new or refurbished state-of-the art facilities.

Imagine walking out at Spurs stadium, or the Emirates, or training at City's facilities.

And then look at ours. Maybe this is a good place to start when wondering why for the past 10 years, we sign players who quickly regress. This is nothing new, and nothing to do with ETH.

6.) 11 Mar 2024 14:25:05
I don't actually believe in this group there are as many downing tools, I just don't think enough of them are good enough to play how ETH wants to. You could see Saturday from the start that they were trying to play out from the back and through the press but just weren't capable of it.

7.) 11 Mar 2024 15:25:47
He has 10 new players.

8.) 11 Mar 2024 15:28:13
Thats mad ken, all those players still there and we expect ETH to do any better with that mix mash, bunch of players that have consistently been inconsistent.

Square peg in round holes. Bring ETH, who is a clone pep and expect him to do better with those individuals you name, jesus christ ?.

9.) 11 Mar 2024 15:48:52
In my humble view apart from one bad egg (Sancho) the players aren't intentionally going out to 'down tools' or get anyone sacked. They're generally a collection of good players, one or two excellent ones most teams would take and a handful of average ones. Controversial I guess.
We've had a handful of excellent managers, most of whom had won things at other clubs.
Sir Jim had it right in his interview - can't remember the exact phrase, but he remarked that if the same issues kept arising, the problems were obviously above the managers and players.
He's on the case already.

10.) 11 Mar 2024 15:54:27
It’s also important to remember that not every transfer is the manager’s choice. I always remember when Jose said he was offered Fred or no new midfielder. Casemiro sounds like an example of that for me. Clearly not ETH’s preferred choice, but we needed a holding mid, so it was him or nothing. Likewise, I don’t know whose idea it was to sign Mount.

Antony is a massive failure on ETH’s part. Huge money for a very limited player. Hojland looks a very good prospect. Onana is starting to look good and has improved throughout the season. Martinez is an excellent player, but unlucky with injuries. Malacia, again, a good back up left back but injury. I think there’s probably questions to be asked of the medical and conditioning staff given the amount of injuries. Hard training doesn’t do that, it’s poor conditioning. Eriksen, good option on a free, but looking like his legs have gone.

A mixed bunch of signings, but given recruitment has been a massive problem at the club for years, I’m not sure how much can be laid at the manager’s feet.

11.) 11 Mar 2024 17:08:59
Since ferfie left these useless played have been in 6 or 7 finals in 10 years.
2 last year
In last 9 years Liverpool have won 1 more trophy.
We have no challenged in the league in all those years.
In last 6 seasons we have contested 6 finals.
Useless players don't do that.

12.) 11 Mar 2024 17:38:05
Ken it was only last week you were saying our trophies would be swapped with Liverpool’s in an instant. Now you’re comparing the two to suit your narrative. Give up ?.

13.) 11 Mar 2024 22:07:59
Ken. Is Maguire/ Evans as good on the ball and at receiving the ball as Martinez in tight situations and dealing with the press? No. Is Martinez essential in the way ETH wants to play? Yes. This is where these players aren’t good enough. They are not useless but they’re not good enough in this system. Defensively if we try press from the front our midfield squeeze and so should the defence but they lack pace so stay deeper so therefore huge gaps are between defence and midfield. ETH didn’t think Maguire was good enough to play how he wants but a sale didn’t happen, he didn’t identify Evans as a signing he wanted to play his system, he signed as cover on a free because we needed bodies. Do you honestly believe Maguire and Evans would play 20+ games in a fully fit City or Liverpool team?

14.) 11 Mar 2024 23:52:40
Of course I don't ports maguire or Evans would not get into most teams.

15.) 12 Mar 2024 01:43:46
I think fans are just si know seeing the same old BS from the players. Leaks to press. Powerful agents. Poor effort and quality on the pitch. Not liking playing certain positions. I just think a few of the linger serving players have used up all their chances with the fans. New players and a fresh start will bring a fresh new hope. Old players remind us all of failures past.

16.) 12 Mar 2024 11:08:53
Come on Tumble. Pretty sure Maguire would get into at least 2/ 3 sides in the Prem? Evans half, purely based on age. I get that Maguire isn't a liked player and no Franz Beckenbauer but putting that aside he's an England starter which again many will say doesn't mean a great deal but they're probably favourites for the Euros.

17.) 12 Mar 2024 15:40:14
These ten players he got just for perspective in the last 2-3 weeks when he’s been getting pelters for style or performance or results he’s mainly had 3 signings playing, Keeper whose been good, cas whose been poor who I also don’t believe was an ETH signing and evans who quite clearly was never meant to be here! So perspective is needed and sensible heads are needed! It’s not rocket science imo! Just because idiots on sky and talksport fail to acknowledge the issues he’s having and go for the jugular when you delve into facts it’s little wonder we look disjointed and lack consistency!

18.) 12 Mar 2024 16:12:46
The sun was shining out of Casemiro's backside until this week, did I miss a memo? :D.




Tumbleweed's rumour replies


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22 May 2024 13:49:10
Vincent kompany now in talks with bayern.
Really interesting appointment if it were to go ahead.




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02 Apr 2024 16:09:35
Imagine a winner that crossed the ball. Rasmus wouldn't know what to do with himself.




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21 Mar 2024 18:10:00
Really good post keefy.
2 ears one mouth. Use them in that proportion is good advice.




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21 Mar 2024 18:07:35
Slow news week. Media pushing Uniteds fans buttons again and sitting back and laughing at the social media meltdowns.
He won't be here forever but he will be here for a few years yet I'd imagine.




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21 Mar 2024 18:05:03
Casimero will know his own body too. He obviously just didn't feel right and felt there was something there and was right.
You'd like to think these things were never missed but they are. Lots of muscle injuries this season as opposed to impact. I think martinez and mainoo were the only impact injuries of note.
I wonder why that is? Players play too much but you get examples like Bruno who has never once missed a club game through injury which is a mad stat really. Obviously some of it is genetics but you have to wonder why so many muscle injuries. We are not alone with the issue.





Tumbleweed's banter replies


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25 May 2024 12:53:49
Fingers crossed banjoe. I'm bodily if not expectant.




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25 May 2024 12:13:56
The money is of course the instant attraction that's what's required to take them away from the Premier comps but the lifestyle / family life will attract others to make the jump.
If it was money only and no other benefits I doubt you would see the exodus we have seen and an exodus that will grow.
I don't think too many English lads will go early in their career as they don't travel well are generally less educated than their European counterparts and culturally handcuffed to the English way of life.


{Ed025's Note - personally Tumbleweed i dont think its the greatest place for every family mate, men yes, but women are treated as second class citizens and dont even get me started on the gay issues they have out there, all just opinion though i suppose mate, money and weather yes...the rest is a big no for me..



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25 May 2024 12:00:28
I don't think that's true at all ed025.


{Ed025's Note - do you think these players would have gone to Saudi if they were on the same money then Tumbleweed?, i fear not mate, yes i may be getting cynical in my old age but i say it like i see it..



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25 May 2024 11:29:39
Shappy if Frank has a clear knowledge of the league and how to succeed how come poch has finished ahead of him in every year they have competed.




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24 May 2024 10:56:15
He is at the wrong club if he needs no off field distraction.
There will always be off field distraction at united banjoe.