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19 May 2024 22:44:26
I'm a bit lost with what's going on with city. So have they got away with 115 charges whatever they are just cause they have millions and the best solicitors?

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19 May 2024 23:53:40
Are you surprised. It will drag on and on and eventually they’ll settle for a financial punishment, which will be paid in private and the premier league will hope we all forget about it! If they wanted to take the case forward they would have done something by now.

20 May 2024 00:42:58
Welcome to the real world.

20 May 2024 01:52:04
No, the case hasn’t been heard yet, I think it will be crazy for them not to get punished. If I was them i'd want the case heard asap as they are adamant they are innocent and at the moment it’s difficult to respect their success when it feels so much like they have cheated. Lance Armstrong springs to mind.

20 May 2024 02:28:14
The league has seen enough wrong doing to charge them. We are all waiting, tick tock tick tock. We, the fans, cannot allow this to go away quietly.

20 May 2024 07:11:40
115 separate charges equates to a lot of information to gather and process. Some, I would imagine are linked. It’s standard practice to review all of the data and collate all of the information before charges are brought.

20 May 2024 07:18:39
I don't think Everton and Forest will allow it to go away.

20 May 2024 08:05:02
They’re going down harder than an Iranian president in a helicopter.

20 May 2024 09:15:35
My thoughts exactly Banjoe. I can't begin to pretend I understand the whole process but I would have thought the Premier League have set their stall out with the dealing of Forest and Everton. Am I right in thinking Leicester have been done as well?

If City don't get any charges, I'd imagine the Premier League will have a lot of explaining to do, particularly with other clubs that have been found guilty.

I've been thinking recently that Guardiola may walk away after this season. Klopp has gone, he's done a long time with City now for him and I have wondered a couple of times that if he was to walk away after this season, that may suggest he's not prepared to be involved with the club when the process starts which maybe telling. Obviously this is just pure speculation (wishful thinking maybe) from my side.

20 May 2024 09:40:00
Chelsea themselves have come forward admitting wrong doing during the previous owners. Do they look at chelsea's titles too.

20 May 2024 10:40:14
If I understand correctly, a big aspect in the delays has been in Man City's attempting to delay matters wherever possible. I'm sure I read somewhere that they initially refused to hand over information requested by the EPL (which there were apparently obligated to do), tried to fight being required to fight the information etc. So far there has been years of them using any perceived legal argument to delay.

Compared with Everton and Nottingham Forrest, where I think they provided the information readily and accepted that they had breached the rules but had mitigation, it sort of explains why the City case is taking so long.

20 May 2024 10:40:27
I fear there will be government pressure due to the clubs ownership and the desire for constructive relations with UAE; there have already been rumours around this.

The time it is taking is ridiculous, Forest and Everton have been docked points yet the City saga goes on and on. I have no idea if they have done anything wrong, but over 100 charges suggests they may have.

There is a stench around this.

{Ed002's Note - A huge number of the charges are simply noise and should be discarded or dealt with easily. But sat in there are a few very serious charges. There is not going to be any government pressure.}

20 May 2024 10:46:58
If the Premier League find them not guilty after UEFA have already punished them it will truly show how corrupt the league is.

20 May 2024 13:28:56
Think a lot of charges though are for 'failure to co-operate' maybe 35 of the 115?

Which in itself you would find very strange given the club and Pep etc are all adamant they have done nothing wrong - if you have done nothing wrong and can prove that, why on earth wouldn't you?

I mean the UEFA case was proven, City waited until the appeal to introduce two witnesses whose testimony did not 'prove their innocence' as the club and Pep etc claim, but merely show that their guilt was moot as the statute of limitations, if you will, in this case had expired under UEFA regulations - no such time limit exists under Premier League rules

The charges are only up to the 2018 season I think too, so do we think they have been fully compliant since then? Or is the League investigating/ will investigate their financial dealings in the period post this as well?

I agree though lads, needs sorted once and for all - different though to both Forest and Everton given:
1. Forest and Everton cases far more simple - 1 case and 2 perhaps for Everton or a further breach of the same case? Either way, not 115 charges
2. Everton and Forest both co-operated and then admitted guilt - something Man City have not done.

20 May 2024 20:52:48
They will get end up getting charged with 1 or 2 and getting a 10 point deduction and still win the league or at worse still get champions league. If that happens everyone will just start breaking the rules.

Even if they get charged with a quarter of the 115 they should be relegated.

Will be interesting to see how chelsea come out of this season with what they have spent over the last year, I'm sure they will get a charge before city.

20 May 2024 21:15:40
The c4ux of City's argument I am told is that what they were doing wasn't wrong at the time but would be now. And the failure to disclose argument is that they didn't have to as the EPL had no jurisdiction to make them at the time the charges relate too. Therefore City believe they have done nothing wrong. There are no later charges or investigation post this raft of allegations, City are in a very different place financially now compared to then.

{Ed002's Note - The entire thread is misinformation.}

21 May 2024 12:52:25
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