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29 Feb 2024 22:54:05
I'd like to look at a few positives going into the next few weeks. These positives are crucial imo and if they continue to improve and remain as positives from now until the end of the season then I'd be happy with that.

1. Onana. I think he has been better and his confidence is on the up. He has only made a couple of saves imo that he was not favourite to make but he has not made nearly as many mistakes and poor decisions recently so if that continues it will help the team no end. We can't afford any more clown keeping. He needs 15 more good games out of 15.

2. Dalot and garnacho partnership on the right. Let's hope we see it back together soon. The more that's available to us the better.

3. Mainoo. I think he is being handled rajkot well by eth in terms of game time he us only 18. But when he plays the midfield looks more secure.

4. Rasmus . He needs to keep scoring if he finishes this season really well its our best chance of goals.

5. Garnacho. He is so positive. He plays like a fan would. His final ball and decision making is too far behind his ability. For me that's down to coaching. I see less flamboyance I do not want to lose that. As soon as he gets back out on the right the better.

Imo if those five continue to get better and bit regress then that's our best chance of a strong finish.

The 5 things that have to change are:
1 rashford. Needs to get back out on the left do less talking more running more better decisions more effort. I don't care if he doesn't like his position or his coach or his critics. Just go out and work hard for your team mates your supporters and your club., and apply yourself properly and make tyke most of your talent.

2. Bruno. Leaders lead. Be a leader. Lead by example.

3. Eth . Lighten up and be a lot more selective with your press comments.

4. Lindelof at lb is mad. Played well at cb.

5. Mount. I really like mount as a player. If he can come into the team and get a good run of games it will benefit the team.
Imo without going into tactics style of play and all that, on the surface seeing all the above would keep most of us happy I suspect between now and end of the season.

I'm sure you could all list a different set but these are the things I'm hoping for as a minimum and looking out for.

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29 Feb 2024 23:39:23
Nice switch of gears, great post.

I think your last point is critical. Forget tactics and positions etc etc. If the players just work hard, play with confidence and play with a bit more care and positive energy I think we can finish strong for the rest of the season.

City will be tough. We need to play like a squad of utd players and show them what we are made of.

Liverpool in the cup and league will be tough. But we can win these games with spirit and togetherness.

Too much doom and gloom around. We have to circle the wagons and come out fighting.

01 Mar 2024 09:33:35
Agree, bare minimum in football is that you match the oppositions work rate, we currently haven't done that. I think Mr Rashford as well has just put an immense amount of pressure on himself with the statement he released yesterday. 3 days before the Manchester derby, a Manchester derby that carries quite a bit of importance for both teams, he needs to run and sprint more than any other player on that pitch Sunday after his comments.

01 Mar 2024 09:49:09
Agree with all the positives, especially been impressed by Dalot this season, not many contenders this year but i would have him down as player of the season.

01 Mar 2024 10:57:54
I think we will give them a good game and will depend on us taking our chances and being clinical. We will not have many scoring opps imo. Lindelof and varrane vs halaand is a worry as a pairing.

01 Mar 2024 12:33:36
We look after varane by cutting off service to him. Easier said than done of course. Someone at the top of our midfield has to sit on Rodri - he is the player who makes them tick.

01 Mar 2024 12:59:53
Speaking of Varane and Rashford, I’ve just seen a very interesting chart from Wednesdays game.

Varane was, by far, the most progressive player on the pitch with 13 progressions; 8 successful progressive passes and 5 successful progressive carries.

He’s a long way ahead of the rest.

Rashford, by contrast, was by far the worse of the starting outfield players. With zero.

Although Garnacho didn’t fare much better (2 and 1), if young Marcus thinks there is an unfair media campaign against him, he is dead wrong.

His interview has only made me want to see the back of him more. He’s lazy and entitled, and is now stinking the place out, just like Martial is/ was. He’s come across as a bit thick and not capable of taking responsibility for his performances, which means he is no leader.

I hate to tread on the border of being a “toxic” fan as I’m generally positive and will always back the manager and players, until they very clearly and obviously give up, as Rashford has so obviously done.

I’m convinced we will be a better side without Rashford.

01 Mar 2024 13:20:36
I'm not sure we've got any option other than Rashy up top.
I've seen the calls for McT / Forson and can't see it. Maybe I'm missing something but I don't see EtH doing anything out of the ordinary against such a good team.
Maybe that's what we're missing. That Mourinho-style unexpected line-up or change that causes problems. We're so limited in our options atm.

01 Mar 2024 13:24:24
Evra, Carrick, Pogba, McGuire, and now Rashford. Is it Easter already?

01 Mar 2024 14:01:25

Rashford was playing as a striker. if you want to talk stats check out how many chances we created for him. ONE. A lot more crowded playing in the middle of the pitch than on the wings.

01 Mar 2024 14:31:41
I would play Fernandes as false 9 and put mctominay on as a defensive 10, his main job being to stop rodri playing. But I don't think there is any magic formation Tbh, we will either fight and stick together and play hard all over the pitch, or we will capitulate and get stuffed.

Which utd will show up?

01 Mar 2024 14:53:17
Ahmad. You have to stop talking rubbish.
A striker has to move, he needs to be an outlet he needs to show for the ball.
Our striker more like stroker was stood outside the box for our corners.
You can't find a stroker that's hiding. He hid for the last 2 games because he has a sulk on.
I see the post on the rumours page aimed at you in red ink. It's so accurate.
He has hid not made runs, he only runs away from the ball or drops into areas he can't receive it.
Maybe the 11 times he lost the ball were chances but he lost the ball.
There are only 2 people in this world defending his nonsense. You and him.

01 Mar 2024 17:16:06
Give over Ahmad. Rashford has become undefendable now. How are you not seeing what everyone else is seeing?

Some topics get to a point where it's no longer worthwhile debating with the opposing side because they refuse to accept anything beyond their own opinion. This is one of them.

I don't mean to get personal but you are blind if you cannot see that Rashford's performances have been diabolical and embarrassing.

02 Mar 2024 01:15:15
Haaland frequently doesn't get a lot of touches. There's much more to playing CF than waiting for a ball over the top and then trying to beat the defense for speed. #1. you have to fight for possession with your back to the goal #2 you have to hold the ball and bring other players into the game - who then they might be in a position to return a pass to you in scoring position #3 you have to anticipate where a pass/ cross is coming to, and then #4 you have to take your chances - In all 4 respects Rashford has been pretty abject this season. Add to that his moodiness, lack of discipline on and off the field, his public sympathetic response to Sancho, and on too many occasions, when playing on the wing, a failure to fulfill his defensive duties - I really don't see how anyone can defend him. The only thing I will say is that the left side of our team has been crippled by the virtual season loss of Martinez and Shaw, who together would surely improve Rashford's demeanor and effectiveness.

02 Mar 2024 06:13:15
This page has been toxic towards so many great players over the years from carrick, rooney etc etc and only once they are gone and we spend years trying to fill the void we wish we had players anything like them and still a void in the team. Its one player this year and another one next year. Most wanted Dalot shipped and consider themselves football experts which speaks volumes.

I have said he is having a poor season so far but not as bad as some make it and question his desire and commitment or cares none and just here to make a big wage. That to me is one step too far. Antony is poor imo but never question his desire or the idea he is just milking a big wage and does not care.

This team is one of lowest scoring teams in the league and everyone's numbers are not great to look at and offensively we are disjointed. It is not a team that creates much in terms link up play and mostly dependent on individual moments from different players.

Finally this manager is no nonsense manager and if you are not doing what he wants you don't play. He drops you without a second thought and if Rashfords effort rate was an issue he would not be getting picked imo.

Finally I think he will be the last guy we sell and if we do he will get our biggest transfer fee since Ronaldo. Everyone out there scouts, managers must be blind too if they pitch up and pay it.

02 Mar 2024 07:53:56
Don’t put Rashford’s name in the same sentence as Rooney’s ?‍♂️ one is the clubs greatest goal scorer, left it all on the pitch week-in, week-out, and led the line in arguably our greatest ever side (which included Carrick btw) .

The other let's Ross Barkley use him as a roundabout.

02 Mar 2024 08:12:30
C’mon mate. When you have Rooney AND Shearer, arguably two of the greatest strikers to grace the field, calling you out for your lack of effort and demeanour then perhaps he is letting standards drop.

And whilst I have, until recently, advocated keeping ETH I am not sure anyone knows what he wants, fans or players! If he thinks that Rashford is cutting it then I am even more concerned for his future.

You say in one breath that the team doesn’t create, is disjointed, have link up play, relies on individual brilliance and is one of the lowest scoring. Yet you defend the manager and underperforming players. I’m confused.

I have supported United through thick and thin since 65. I have seen some absolute rubbish on the park and for those old enough it’s looking recently to be right down there with the lowest ebbs. Of course we will rise again and if you don’t mind I’d like it to be relatively soon!

I sincerely hope that I am soon eating my words and this mini run we are on is a sign that this is the beginning as ETH keeps saying.

02 Mar 2024 09:28:04
Read an interesting article ranking every Utd striker since van Nistelrooy. Obviously doesn't include academy players such as Rashford.

Angelo Henriquez - don't remember this guy
Manucho - umm.
Mame Biram Diouf - vague recollection.
Radamel Falcao - one of my biggest disappointments.
Wout Weghorst - huh
Odion Ighalo - popped up with the odd goal
Henrik Larsson
Michael Owen
Romelu Lukaku
Edinson Cavani
Cristiano Ronaldo
Anthony Martial - wtf
Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Carlos Tevez - one of my very faves. Legend
Dimitar Berbatov
Javier Hernandez
Robin van Persie.

02 Mar 2024 11:53:42
RvP is probably my personal favourite United striker, just so classy. Real shame we didn't get to see him for longer.

Javier Hernandez is a player that was massively underrated, the ideal squad player. I think he has the record for most substitute goals in the EPL. He definitely has the best rate per appearance.

I think Højlund has the potential to become a club legend, which makes signing a striker a little tricky this summer as we absolutely have to sign one, but it has to be the right player. Someone to support Højlund but not sideline him. I'd like to see someone like Lois Openda sign. A different profile of striker to give the manager more options, but very much someone who could also play alongside Højlund in a strike partnership on occasions as well.

02 Mar 2024 12:16:25

I defend the manager because I believe he is getting a tune out of what's at his disposal and in a very difficult environment and probably the most difficult job in football. injuries to key players has killed him and everytime you think we are turning the page something bad happens to a key player, then another one and then another one.

Our best starting eleven will give any team a run and beat them and we have proved that. The issue is when he has to dig into to the squad and the quality is not there. This is not his squad and even if he had the 8 players he has bought available there is 14 from from before he arrived. Granted you have guys like rash and bruno in there so not all average imo.

People who compare him to city, liverpool, arsenal those managers have pretty much build a squad of 22 of their choosing. Even with injuries they get to call on other players who they have brought into their squads.

For the hardcore people and we have plenty here they see this as an excuse and i don’t. Difference of opinion.

They think a good manager should somehow turn a glass into a diamond and teach old dogs better touch, better passing etc etc.

02 Mar 2024 13:53:51

You said ETH is a “no nonsense manager, if you are not doing what he wants you don't play., drops you without a second thought and if Rashfords effort rate was an issue he would not be getting picked imo. ”

What? So how long did Antony play without getting dropped? Rashford js a disgrace to the shirt. The Ireland episode tells you what the shirt means to him. The strict disciplinarian you describe put him back in after what was it one game out? That isn’t a disciplinarian, that indicates the lack of determination to sort it out. That alone totally belies what you wrote.

Rashford (and Bruno) should be the first we sell. If we can get anywhere near the £80m for Ronaldo for Rash, I would be delighted. No doubt Rashford would have a good year somewhere new before going off again. Sell sell sell

Lastly if all these players are doing what ETH wants, they have not been dropped so your logic says that losing 15 games this year means ETH doesn’t know what he is doing.

02 Mar 2024 14:29:30
He has failed miserably on too many counts to be given the opportunity to continue.
Progress not only stalled it came to a shuddering halt and things are now as bad a they were when he came.
He does not inspire his players they are poorly coached and set up.
He knows he is going we all do.
Looking forward to the summer.

02 Mar 2024 14:43:17
I'd be surprised if Utd opted to sell him. it would need him to request a transfer. We're short as it is even before Martial leaves. I'm sure there'd be lots of interest. Despite everything he's still our most likely goal threat tomorrow.



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