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22 Feb 2024 07:33:26
Been thinking about this new Luke Shaw injury and obviously now we won't see him until next season. Tyrel Malacia's case has been very strange to be honest, not much information anywhere about what is going on with him. Harry Amass is still a kid, probably a year or two away from the first team.

Lindelof is horrible at left back and Amrabat really struggled playing that position.

But there is one player in the squad that we always slate for being useless offensively but very diligent in defence. This player is also known for having a useless right foot and a wand of a left foot. If he really wants to get back in the team, Antony had better start training for that left back as it is the only position that is up for grabs at the moment.

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22 Feb 2024 08:12:35

I said to my mates yesterday I’d be tempted to try Antony there, he has the qualities of a decent left back and I don’t think he will make it here as a winger.

22 Feb 2024 08:22:53
Ron Weasly’s wand!

22 Feb 2024 09:07:58
Not for me gds2. I don't think that's an ootion he will be exploring.
Can't see him tucking in and defending the back post too well.
He tracks back well as a rw but imo has shown not 1 quality that would make him a decent lb.

22 Feb 2024 10:33:31
Ken, for all his shortcomings, effort is not something he can ever be accused of lacking. The best fullbacks the world over are of similar build to Antony so I don't think physicality is an issue. Perhaps maybe the ability to be in the right places defensively may be a problem.

22 Feb 2024 10:38:13
No show boating or trick stuff when you play that position. not sure he has the mentality for it but maybe worth a try. Keep it solid and simple.

22 Feb 2024 11:10:08

I am struggling to see another player in the squad with the qualities to play left back either though, that's the problem, Antony is crap but if he could adapt his game he could potentially be a left back, he's certainly not a right winger at the top level. I agree though, I don't think it will be something we try, but Lindelof surely isn't the answer.

22 Feb 2024 11:32:42
Agree lindelof is not the answer. I can see amrabat filling in (not the ideal answer either) or dalot.
Gds Anthony is tiny never seen him head a ball ever, so I don't think he has the attributes if you can name 3 or 4 full backs as small as him in the epl I'd be surprised.
Dalot is an option I suppose but that opens the right side I'm not sure how far away awb is.
It's a conundrum but Anthony would be in the last 3 or 4 players I'd be suggesting from the whole squad to play there. But let's see if the experts think differently.
Malacia will be fit available. I'd be happy with him in there.

22 Feb 2024 13:23:53
It was Dalot earlier in the season and still seems the best option beyond Shaw to me, even over Malacia. But this was before AWB got injured. Think Lindelof does less damage there!

22 Feb 2024 14:21:15
Until either awb or malacia are back we face having to play someone out of position.
Amrabat or lindelof would be the obvious options.
As per above we may see something mad with someone else but eth did not strike me as someone to take such a big risk.

22 Feb 2024 14:56:33
Its not going to help this season but Leif Davis at Ipswich is having a storming season. He's got 12 assists already this season also got 14 last season.

22 Feb 2024 15:06:57

Rico Henry, Tariq Lamptey, Aaron Cresswell, Sergio Gomez off the top of my head.

Without checking I would also assume he is taller than Malacia who would be our only actual left back if he gets fit and who you are saying should play there. Hopefully AWB is fit soon and he can play there, keep Dalot where he is, he is playing well and getting a good partnership with Garnacho.

22 Feb 2024 15:28:49
But they can all jump and head a ball, Antony ever done either? and to be honest can you even see him being prepared to be a full back, I can’t see it actually, he thinks he is the next best thing and probably below him to be a full back.
Surely the younger teams full backs must be better option than Antony. If we are so poor in that department we have to resort to Antony there those youngsters might as well give up now and join Tesco’s.

22 Feb 2024 15:20:37
That's the biggest issue with moving dalot gds2 I agree he has been doing well with garnacho on the right.
I'll leave it to the people who know a lot better than you or I do decide if Antony is worth a try there. I suspect I'll be aligned with the folk that know best on this one but I'll give him full support if the football people think it's the right move. I'd be very surprised but it would not be the 1st time I was wrong.

22 Feb 2024 19:22:08
Fernandez needs recalling from Benfica. Unless there's something in place that stops us from doing that.

22 Feb 2024 20:04:10
We can't recall Fernandez. On the plus side Harry Amass has been training with the first team.

22 Feb 2024 20:44:29
That's a shame. Does anyone keep an eye of the Portuguese league? How has he been getting on?

22 Feb 2024 20:57:05
I’d be extremely surprised as well Ken I just struggle to see too many better options without playing a 16 year old. I think he may go with Lindelof or Amrabat until Malacia is fit.

22 Feb 2024 21:25:51
Since when is Fernández in Portugal?

22 Feb 2024 21:55:52
Ken, he was recalled from his loan at Granada in January and joined Benfica on loan. Reportedly their is a buy option in the deal, which if true would suggest the club don't feel he has a future with us, at least not in the near future as there are also rumours of a buy-back or sell-on clause.

22 Feb 2024 22:26:09
I can't work out if this started as a joke and has just grown legs! For all the logic there is a difference to defending the attacking midfield part of the pitch against the defensive midfield part. I would happily be proved wrong if they did it but just don't see it.

We should be looking at promoting from the youth team. give them a chance. I look at what the scousers are doing bringing through young players with the injuries they have as well and think we should be brave enough to try this.

A lot could be determined by whether EtH feels like his future is on the line over the last part of the year so play cautious with Lindelof/ Amrabat or if he wants to show faith in youth and have that as the reason the hierachy want to keep him.

23 Feb 2024 04:30:41
If you are going to play a LB like Antony who can’t head the ball and is not the best with physicality, much rather play the academy kid.
Because he too won’t be developed.

23 Feb 2024 07:14:56
Brad, my original post was actually tongue in cheek which I guess had the desired effect. But there is plenty of precedent of wingers switching to full back with reasonable success.

23 Feb 2024 09:41:27
You'd be better sticking McTominay in at LB then Antony IMO. big, strong, quick. Ambrabat though would be obvious and most sensible choice I think having done the job already.



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