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20 Feb 2024 10:17:27
So here's a question for everyone, we've see the list of 16 players that will depart in the summer ;) people are saying that we need to sell Rashford and Fernandes. Onana is not good enough in goal. What exactly are people expecting ETH to achieve with this lot?

So would you sack ETH but keep this same squad OR keep ETH and back him with players he wants? We can be critical of the manager around certain things and we can be critical of the players around certain things but you cannot demand something from the manager and in the same breath criticise the players for not being good enough and wanting to sell over half the squad.

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20 Feb 2024 11:01:30
I don't criticise the manager for not competing with these players.
Nobody could imo.
I don't expect results much better than they have produced over the past 2 years. I really don't.
But a very different question is based on what we've seen from eth do we think he is capable of working under new management and a structure he is less comfortable with and building a squad to win the big titles?
As I posted last week I'm conflicted and torn. I'm not sure. So if the new management are not sure either I think they'll get rid and put someone who are that more sure of in charge.
I think eth has done what he can with this bunch of players to a large degree but I'm not convinced yet that he would do any better with different players.
Not fully convinced or convinced enough that I'd back him with another 200m. I see traits in his style that I don't like and others I do.
It's up to sjr and team if they decide he is the man then ill back him as I'm not the one who needs convincing it's them that need that.

20 Feb 2024 11:21:56
Ken, you say a structure he is less comfortable with but would you not suggest the structure that is hopefully being introduced is one that he is comfortable with as it would be closer to the Ajax model that he worked under and was successful as opposed to our current structure, or lack of!

My gut feeling is that SJR and ETH had positive discussions and SJR will want to go forward with ETH next season but under their guidance and support. Next season will be the make or break I think for ETH.

20 Feb 2024 11:43:56
I think ETH’s instinctive strategy to attack for 90 mins rather than control the game will count against him.

Too chaotic.

20 Feb 2024 11:51:18
As we are seeing change at the top there are a number of factors that could impact on whether EtH will remain.
1. Performance for this year, especially this second half with players returning from injuries.
2. Do the new senior structure just want a clean slate regardless of how well EtH does.
3. Once the Senior team set how they want the club to play (we have discussed before about having a style of play that remains consistent and is set by DofF/ Sporting director with managers picked that fit this) . Does EtH fit this style? If it is the Ajax way, will he happily adapt back to this even though he has made comments that this can't work (possibly with the players he currently has) .

I had thought that there would be a clean out of players and manager to reset with the ownerships own man and I still think this is likely. However, there are things suggesting that he has fitted well with new ownership, progression made and the youngsters that he has brought in. So would not be surprised if they give him another year with the stability that he will get.

20 Feb 2024 12:31:17
EtH doesn't deserve to be sacked. He's done about as well as anyone could given the issues and the squad he has had to work with.

Personally I'd like to see him given a chance. Yet the reality is that this squad needs totally rebuilding. We are talking about a minimum of 3 seasons before we have even a outside chance of fighting for the title. I've just posted a reply on the discussion page listing 24 players we could sell/ let go this summer.

Leaving us with 10 players who in my opinion should stay and have the potential to have a medium to long term future at the club (3-5 years) .

Those 10 are: Onana, Bayindir, Dalot, Martinez, Shaw, Malacia, Mainoo, Mount, Garnacho and Højlund.

If those 10 there are still question marks next to Onana and Mount. Malacia and Bayindir are likely only ever going to be squad players. Dalot I'm on the fence about. He could still develop into a solid first team player, or he could end up a good squad player. While Shaw I think is a player who will be key for the next couple of seasons, but I think due to his injuries and his reliance on his physical qualities that once he hits 30 he'll probably have a sharp decline.

The only other players who have an outside chance of being here in 3 years time is Kambwala if he signs a new deal and develops into the player his potential suggests. And Rashford if he can sort his attitude out and find his best form.

This squad needs totally rebuilding, we need at least 5-6 first 11 players to come in and smash it, along with 8-12 squad players who suit the playing style and can at a bare minimum allow the team to play the same way when a first team player is out, but ideally be good enough or potentially good enough to seriously challenge for a starting spot.

That's going to take 3 summers at least to sign/ promote and develop those players.

I think we will finish 4th or 5th place this season.

Yet I expect a massive clear out this summer, and most of the signings to be younger and less experienced.

As a result with a smaller, less experienced squad I would expect us to take a backwards step in terms of where we finish next season. Likely somewhere between 8th and 6th depending on the strength of our competitors.

Then see another 8-10 players leave that summer (2025). With another 5-6 players signing for the club.

With us pushing for a top 4 finish in the 2025/ 26 season.

Probably a few more departures and 3-4 signings in the summer of 2026.

The 2026/ 27 season would be the earliest I'd expect to see us challenge for the title. How close we get will depend on how much our team has developed as well as where our opposition are at the time. Will Pep still be manager at City, who will be managing Liverpool, will Arteta and Arsenal have reached their potential. Or maybe City have punched Arteta from Arsenal and Arsenal fall off. So many variables that we just simply cannot predict that far into the future.

However, based on our own squad turn over, the seeming focus on younger players who need time to develop and grow, and the time required for a new team to come together and understand eachothers game then it'll take a bare minimum of two seasons before our team are even going to built and developed enough to to have a chance of challenging in their third season.

For all of this squad rebuilding to take place effectively and on that time line then the club needs all of the right people in place before the start of next season. The right CEO, the right DoF, the right head of recruitment, the correct analysts and the right manager. All need to be in place and pulling in the same direction towards the same goal by the start of next season. If not then we run the risk of making changes that ultimately won't fit the clubs vision long term and will need replacing before the club can get to where we need to be.

Getting these people in place mean the right players leave at the right time. It means we sign the right players to fit the vision. Players with the right skill sets and profile to be part of our next title winning team.

Sign the wrong players, then that puts us back. Without the right people in place every signing this summer would be a gamble as to whether they are the right sort of player.

The same is true for the manager. Is EtH the right man to be at the helm for the next 5 years or more, 2-3 years rebuilding the squad and developing young players to reach their potential and to play the right style of football, then to be the man to take that team he has developed and built to the next level and actually win the biggest honours with them for the following 2-4 years.

EtH need to know what the job is and be willing to be the man to see that job through. If he wants to challenge for a win major honours over the next couple of seasons then Manchester United probably isn't the right club for him. Does he have the drive to stay here and see that project through, to not jump ship to manage Bayern Munich or PSG if the offer comes up in a couple of years time halfway through the rebuild.

First and foremost he needs to be willing and actually want to take on that job. Work under that new structure. Be fully committed. If he isn't then it's best to part ways this summer.

Secondly if he is willing to take that role, do the new people at the club feel he fits the new vision? Do they feel he has the skills, drive and personality to carry the club forward and fulfil their vision?

Again if not then he isn't the right man for the club and it's best he moves on this summer.

Personally I think he has the right credentials to do the job, and I feel he's shown he has the mentality to lead this club. He's shown strong leadership off the pitch and he's done a good job giving youth a s chance and helping those players develop. Garnacho threatened to go down the wrong path at the start of last season, under EtH's guidance he has grown from a good impact sub to a player capable of being a threat for the whole 90 minutes, he's improved his attitude, embraced a new role and has developed his game, especially his defensive work rate. He still has a long way to go, but he's definitely on the right track under the current manager.

EtH is an intelligent man and tactically astute. He has tried every which way to get the most out of this squad, while still trying to stick with his philosophy as much as possible.

I get that he can be a little aloof and lacks a little warmth. Yet ultimately that is why you have a coaching team. Sometimes you don't want the manager to be the good cop. In fact often it's best if the players have borderline fear of the manager, at the very least a deep respect and a tendency not to challenge his authority. It's the assistant coach or other coaches that should really play the good cop, the go between for the players and the manager. The managers eyes and ears in the training sessions. The guys who go and put an arm around a players shoulder after they've been chewed out for making a mistake or told to up their game.

So I don't see it as that big of a issue with EtH. It could also just be a cultural barrier, the way people from different cultures see things and interpret them differently.

Yet it's not about what I think, or any of you think. It'll come down to the new guys at the club and EtH himself. Between they will decide if he is the right man to take on this new challenge. If he is then I'd expect he'll get a new contract this summer (he will only have a year on his current deal, while there are supposedly clauses in that deal the new management aren't happy with. So a new deal gets to clear those up) . If he isn't the right man then he'll leave this summer, the club will wish him well and I'd expect him to be successful at his next club. He is a very good manager, and if sacked this summer won't be deserving of it.

Yet it's one of those situations where it's not about whether he deserves to be sacked or not. But about whether he suits the new plans of the new co-owners of the club.

This isn't about whether he's good enough, but about the fact that the role/ job/ project has changed and his suitability for this new role/ job/ project.

20 Feb 2024 12:37:00

I don’t expect us to win the league with the players we have, however languishing in 9th at times and struggling for top four, surrendering in the Champions League to everyone isn’t good enough. Yes injuries have had an effect but I haven’t see ETH make good enough use of the team. We have played little if any good football nor has it been cohesive, there is no pattern coming out after 18 months. His in game management has been mixed and fixation with Antony destabilising. He seems to have pushed for players he is comfortable with and not actually realised the standard of the league is higher than they are.
He is a disciplinarian and I like that, we have needed it, yet does seem to treat Rash different to others.

I am not calling for his sacking but have said he needs to improve. The bigger question is what the minority shareholders think, they are looking to get the best available in position but do they think ETH is that? I am not certain they will and that will be the key.

20 Feb 2024 12:54:32

The plan is to sack the manager, release all of the current playing squad on free transfers, bring in 16 new players, and win the league.

Its really not that complicated to follow ?.

20 Feb 2024 13:10:31

Way too much common sense for this site.

I doubt eth would not want a very athletic midfielder next to Mainoo and maybe a number 10 in the like of odegard, who maybe is not as flashy as Bruno but also not wasteful with the ball but you work with what you have.

Someone said he wants to attack for 90 minutes which is to his detriment. This team is not good at sitting deep and defending and eventually someone make a mistake or something and opposition scores. Sometimes the best from of defense is to attack.

Other complaints about Antony is just boring now, every manager gets a player wrong, on that basis Mourinho has to be the worst ever as he had debruine at Chelsea and let him go and not sure who let salah go from chelsea. Klop bought Keita for 54 mill in 2018 and he hardly played. guardiola spend 40 mill on phillips who hardly played and 100 mill on grilish, who now hardly plays. Its just bs stuff our fans moan about. Fergie bought his fair share of very disappointing players but like Guardiola had a super squad and could get away with it.

Not using tools at his disposal makes me laugh. Its unfortunate for us and no one can criticize any longer is the fact that the guys we let go or are on loan are generally a bust and they end up being back and proves most just not good enough. We can't get rid of players so not sure what magic tools he has that he is not using.

Critiquing him for how he treats rashford is ridiculous. The guy screwed up owned it and it was dealt with. sorry to disappoint people who don't like rash. We are a better team with him in the line up than otherwise.

20 Feb 2024 13:20:57
No I don't ports. I think they will give him less input into transfers and that he will walk or mutually part ways. That's my gut instinct into what will happen.
Will a really strong finish to this season alter that? I don't know.
That's what my opinion is.
I don't our new structure will be like the Ajax one at all. Why do you think it would be?

20 Feb 2024 13:38:28
Ahmad let's see what common sense the experts come up with.
No point have a discussion about what might happen with a bunch of people people that have not got a clue and expecting some sort of common solution.
I'm happy to sit back and wait.
My guess is there will be a mutual parting of the ways because eth will not want to make the compromises and changes he needs to make.

20 Feb 2024 13:43:26

Better team with Rash in it? Which year is this? Rash has disrespected the shirt, doesn’t put effort in. If PSG want to give us plenty of money I would take it. He shows the right attitude or shouldn’t play. I like home grown players so his attitude really disappoints me.

Antony, yes managers get players wrong but don’t usually keep playing them no matter how they play (Rashford as well)

You said, no doubt ETH would want a very athletic midfielder next to Mainoo and maybe a number 10 in the like of odegard. So why spend all our money on Mount and a Keeper and why £85m on Antony, why not prioritise these key players you identified?

20 Feb 2024 13:51:33
Ken, I don't necessarily think it will be like Ajax, more to the point that we will have football people above ETH who he can work with, Ashworth, Wilcox for example. Ajax he had Van Der Sar and Overmars. Currently it would appear he has no one of any credential.

20 Feb 2024 14:16:29
Eth is not know for his ability to compromise.
He is known for wanting substantial control in areas where I don't think he will be given substantial control.
So it's a case of if they back him up back him but if they don't ill back the new man as long as its not ole ?.

20 Feb 2024 14:19:10
Ken, I don't think where or how we finish the season really plays too much into it. Or at least it shouldn't.

Obviously a strong finish is better and creates a better atmosphere and more confidence heading into next season.

Yet the only really important thing is whether EtH is the right man for the project. Does he feel he is and does he want to take up that challenge, and does the new management structure think he is the right man and wants him to continue.

I don't think the new people at the club will base how the team plays for the next few months as any sort of major indicator as to the managers ability or suitability for the new project.

They will already know and it just depends on the views of the other new people who will join. I expect Berrada has been asked for his opinions, while I expect Dan Ashworth will also be key to making that decision, although I expect his opinions haven't yet been considered as he isn't in the role. If the club also hire a new head of recruitment then I expect their opinions will be considered but with less importance I'd imagine. More so about whether the managers views on what sort of players are needed match theirs and the clubs ideas.

The rumours are that EtH has some stimulations in his contract with regard his involvement in transfers. As to what that is who knows. It could be that he has final say on who goes and who signs, or that he can simply veto transfers he doesn't want.

Supposedly this is something that the new co-owners aren't particularly fond of and would want to see altered going forward.

Whether that is something EtH will be happy with who knows. But if he is to stay it will be under the new structure and he will have to be the one to adapt to it rather than it be adapted to suit him.

Who knows, maybe EtH was aware of previous issues with managers being pushed players they didn't want or weren't happy with. Or players given new deals against the managers wishes, and his insistence on having clauses in his contract to give him more control was a bid to stop the errors of the past resurfacing.

He worked with a more restrictive structure at Ajax and was happy to do so. Maybe he had more trust in VdS and Overmars than he has/ had in the management structure at United. Maybe he'll be happy to remove those clauses under the new structure, maybe he won't.

Who knows. Either way if he remains in charge next season it's because everyone thinks he's the best person for the job. If they replace him this summer it's because they feel the new guy they hired is better suited for the role. Either way and despite our personal opinions as fans our role is to support the club, the manager and the team next season. While we have exciting times ahead there will be ups and downs and the club needs supporters not fanboys who bitch and snipe at every decision, waiting and hoping for it to go wrong so they can say "I told you so" because being right to random strangers online is more important to them then the club being successful.

20 Feb 2024 15:35:41

Always support the club, thick and thin, that is a given for all of us. I once spent an afternoon drinking with Wilf McGuiness, lovely man and that was his take as well, good and bad, thick and thin support the team and the club.

I suspect the transfer control will be a key area for ETH. If I was the new minority shareholder I would want to get the best structure in, best available people and ensure a very structured approach in which the manager is but one opinion and not the driver. For too long we have had a scattergun approach, then new manager turns up and start again. It has driven arguments about sticking with someone regardless of success. When SaF retired I felt we should be moving to a coach, coaching players in the same way Barcelona have it. The all powerful manager was great if you got SAF but then the other ones created chaos. Not just since SAF but think Sexton and Co. So it’s right we set up better control over transfers. It also means that EtH feelings don’t matter, the club decides and if ETH wants to be our coach he has an opinion but gets what he is given.
Ratcliffe has been given the power to deal with these situations so I don’t expect the majority owners to interfere, but a decision and clarity is important. We will be there to support the club and the team whatever that is. The manager is a transitory employee who we should not be bounced into automatically supporting, they have to earn our trust and no one is above criticism.

20 Feb 2024 15:55:03
I am not yet convinced ETH is tactically astute. Time will tell over the next few moths with a more settled squad.

20 Feb 2024 16:03:51
It’s ok saying it’s anoth 3 years project, but ETH had 2 years already and there are not many signs that things are any better and 400 million later too

We are two years in been awful purchases and loans many of whom were ETH personal recommendations, there still is no resemblance of a style, even though had injuries there should be a style emerged, the football we play is dire, boring and slow.

Lots of the problems have been of his own making, people keep mentioning Ajax they would not even get top 6 in epl… even when ETH was there

Is what we seen over past 2 years so far the standard we are looking for?

I know it’s well documented I don’t like him, but I fail to see what people see exactly, he is no bundle of joy, he not great with in game management he appears to be very stubborn and have a great knack of upsetting people, it’s not only him TBF the coaches are not great either!

I see if we’re starting again from scratch which looks likely, get rid of him and the coaches whilst we are at it, get someone in the new management team want and let’s start.

Because the rehearsal of which ETH had 2 years at is not looking that great

Don’t start saying 3rd last year, Ole got 2nd Jose got 2nd the football was no worse or better but arguably they achieved that with poorer squads.

I see nothing that warrants giving him more time.

20 Feb 2024 17:58:11
Strangeways, everything before INEOS and the club starting to be run properly doesn't really count in my eyes.

I know others will feel differently, but for me you can't judge how good a chef is when he's only been given gone off and mouldy food to cook with, a kitchen missing half the utensils and an oven that only works half the time and can't keep a consistent temperature.

For me it's a clean slate regardless of who is manager as we are only now starting to put in a structure that will allow success.

I disagree with using where you finish in the league from season to season as some sort of barometer for progress or success. It's deeply flawed, over simplistic and inaccurate.

For a start you aren't measuring the clubs progress against a consistent yard stick. The quality of the league and the other teams in the league vary massively from year to year.

For example the year Leicester won the title was probably one of the poorest quality leagues in many years. The fact that none of the more established teams could keep pace with Leicester who while having a good first 11, didn't have a great squad. Danny Drinkwater was a key player for them for Christ's sake.

They had 81 points, the same points we had when we finished 2nd under Jose (19 points off of winners City) .

The level of quality of the league varies massively across seasons.

To look at the relative strength of the league add the points totals of the top five teams together and the points totals of the bottom 5 teams. Then subtract the total of the bottom 5 teams from the top 5 teams. The bigger the number the greater the disparity across the league that season and the weaker the league was overall. A smaller the number would suggest less disparity across the league and a stronger league overall.

That would give you a more accurate estimate for the overall quality of the league. As the lower the difference means the league is more competitive, teams will drop more points against perceived lower quality opposition. While using the top five and the bottom five you are using half the league and covering for when you have one team just being massively superior or one team being absolutely awful.

I've said I expect we'll finish 4th or 5th this season. But with a massive clear out, a smaller and less experienced squad I'd expect us to finish lower next season all things being equal. However, if some of the teams in and around us have a drop in quality then we might well finish 4th or 5th again. But that would be more a mark of the drop off in quality of the league than it would be a mark of progress made by ourselves. As we will almost certainly be more inconsistent and drop more points due to having a smaller and less experienced squad who are just starting to learn to play together possibly in a new way with a new coaching set up.

Fans need to be prepared for that.

20 Feb 2024 18:27:29
Red man you’re here again having a pop at the manager!

I’m not rashford biggest fan at all but I totally agree with Ahmad and ETH, with our current options our best 11 and most dangerous 11 includes rashford!
To say otherwise is strange unless you are going to tell me you know a player within the squad who should start?

20 Feb 2024 19:01:18
But the thing is just look at how many players that ETH actually bought in buys or loans and exactly how many are good enough, that says it all, you can’t keep blaming the squad when virtually he bought in half of that squad, so if we are not saying because he finished 3rd is a reason to keep him what is the reason to keep him?
Poor eye for a player
No tactical awareness
Loath to change
Poor man manager
Poor in game management
Ability to upset everyone
Don’t seem to learn
No fixed style
Many the problems are self inflicted
Don’t even come across as likeable

So tell me what’s the positives with him that he deserves more time, I am curious.

20 Feb 2024 19:36:58

I posted a while ago it might be a mutual divorce if the changes don't fit with what eth wants as he is not the type to just be given players and will want a big say. I am not in the camp that he is bad manager and suspect if he goes he will end up in a big club.

Even the players who have left never say a bad thing about him so all this stuff about his man management skills is just bs imo. He actually goes out of his way not to throw players under the bus which frustrates some of our fans.


When you have 33 year old keeper who is error prone on 375k you make a decision not to give him a new contract and to buy a younger keeper at 100k (fergie went through keepers like a cleanex box for a while until we got van der sar) .

Onana is not a disaster as people make him out to be but every mistake of his is magnified because of who he plays for. He does make me nervous but not to the point of he must go and need to see more and not one to quickly judge. He has been solid recently and only in his first year. let's wait and see.

When we spend what we spent in the last week of the window on Cas and Antony the next season you buy for other more pressing areas and he does not negotiate fees or salaries for players.

Mount has been injured all year its not the managers fault and personally believe he will turn out to be one heck of a player for us and will make sure to remind you on this. None of us have any idea what he wanted to do if he had cas, mainoo, mount available at the start of the season and have never seen them all available. I say wait and see before you throw stones at glass houses.

We are absolutely a better team with rash in the lineup.

I have followed this page for a long time and you just can't let anything go and see all the wrongs. Your issue is you can never get past a mistake and always hold it against a player or the manager.

You were on and on about "the rat" for months had convinced yourself its the end of us, I guess SJR is not as bad a you made him out to be and maybe has the best interest of the club at heart. My view is wait and see on most things.

20 Feb 2024 19:45:30

I am, as a fan, saying ETH needs to improve. You would be naive to think the new minority shareholder is happy with where we are and I strongly suspect he is looking for improvement, ETH will now know what is expected. That isn’t a pop, it’s laying out what improvements need to happen. Anyone who has had that objective setting meeting with a manager who reports to you will understand.
In terms of Rashford, we are carrying him, his reputation is getting him selected. A focussed Rash is in our first 11 at the moment but he isn’t focussed. We are hoping he does what he did in the past. He has to improve or should be dropped and sold if it doesn’t change. Consistency is talked about, how consistent has he been? We are 10.5 at the moment not 11, Those who do have the right attitude should get a chance unless Rash gets his head right immediately. Otherwise totally the wrong message to the squad.

20 Feb 2024 20:18:14

Ratcliffe option left us with the Glazers and the debt still in place, hence rightly referring to him as the rat for doing that. I had no doubt he would have a positive impact but as I have said a number of times we need the leeches out altogether and Ratcliffe has enabled them to stay, so that is bad.

20 Feb 2024 21:06:29
The fact that without knowing the man or having a clue about their plans and vision for the club you take the liberty to name call him speaks volumes and just a lack of respect or any objectivity.

20 Feb 2024 21:24:27

Good point.


The reality is this team needs rash and Bruno on the pitch and in good form. we will not get top 4 without them two. We are doing well but much tougher games coming and need both in our starting 11.

Personally i think bruno has been poor by bruno standards for about 12 months now has far too many average games especially against the better sides. Not sure why that is as its not for the lack of effort.

20 Feb 2024 22:03:48


Do we still have the Glazers as owners? Does the debt remain outstanding? Did the Glazers pick up £1.25Bn from Ratcliffe? With £1.25bn in their bank, does that make it easier or harder for the Glazers to sit back for a while and not have to sell?

20 Feb 2024 22:11:43
Red Man you need to better understand how acquisitions work. The glazers will not be here forever. The day will come. What is happening now is sensible, regardless of how inpatient you might be.

20 Feb 2024 23:37:06
At the moment it's a clear choice of rashford or Anthony.
1. Garnacho would be moved to left if Anthony plays. Where he is far less effective.
2. Anthony is less effective than Rashford.
In an ideal world for me in the summer both rashford and Anthony would be sold.
I have been a huge supporter of rashford for years. I think he would excel if he moved abroad. The only thing I care about is if he excels at united and he had not done that for a long time. He looks disinterested and unhappy and has done fit a long time. He has behaved poorly in more than 1 occasion very publicly. You can see none of the aforementioned traits and you stand alone on that.
But I think both will be here next season.

21 Feb 2024 09:34:37

People can question rash's attitude happiness etc etc. he got us top 4 last year period and carried the team imo. He has has a poor season to date by his standards and everyone's expectations. I have no insight to what is going on and if there are personal issues. All I know is that there is no one better in the squad someone can convince me off to justify rash not being in the starting 11.

All will be forgiven if he bangs 10 goals from here in big games which he seems to ahve a knack for over the years against the likes of city, liverpool, arsenal and I suspect we may get that. let's wait and see

I do agree if he moves he will light it up and agree club will never sell him.

Question? if arsenal or city come in with a massive bid, which is what it will take would you sell to a major competitor?

21 Feb 2024 09:59:52
Good post wazza and ahmad.
1 set of standards for redman one for everybody else. Online bullying he calls it himself. I'd suggest you and your like are the rats.
Redman sjr is a major shareholder.
Just to highlight your ignorance can you list all the shareholders and their shareholding individually of the a and b shares.

21 Feb 2024 10:37:10
Yes ahmad. My hope is that if he doesn't move abroad that Chelsea sign him.
I never care what a player can do for another team I only care about what he does for our team.
He did not secure us top 4 last year. No player does that ahmad it's a team game.
Even the fact you say that lads me to believe you never played the game and don't understand it.
Nobody that truly understands football would ever believe that imo.

21 Feb 2024 10:38:46
Ahmad I've never said the club would never sell him. I think they would sell him in a heartbeat now if a silly offer came in. But on his contract he has to be the one to force the move. I really hope he does.

21 Feb 2024 11:25:57
I think Rashy is having a woeful season (by his standards) . But comes on the back of a stellar one. So there is a player there, his problem is a mental one not ability. I wonder if a change might do him some good. This season his effort seems to have tailed off and his decision-making is poor. Both our wide players seem to hurtle towards the goal and try to get a shot in rather than make the most of the chance by putting it in the box. Garnacho has been a little better in recent games.

21 Feb 2024 14:08:10
Ken/ Tumbleweed

Back to stalking me again. Guess the insults are a compliment because you can’t shut me up with them and you must becoming more frustrated because you can’t control someone for once. Surprised they don’t let you just open up your Ken account again rather than hide behind the fake Tumble account, after all it is just more of the same.

On Shareholding, ignorance is an interesting word, just it’s isn’t my ignorance. Given my working history mostly in senior financial management roles and my deep understanding of this area that I use daily, I would be happy to give you some lessons.

21 Feb 2024 15:15:53
Please list me the United shareholders with the individual shareholdings.
I'm sure you will find it easy to get online.
This will make it clear for everybody and stop you peddling your false narratives about Sir Jim's shareholding.

21 Feb 2024 21:45:56

I am not playing your game and not spending one minute reviewing or posting the corporate share structure at United.
There have been no false narratives about Ratcliffe from me. He is not a majority share holder, may individually have more than an individual Glazer but the glazer family retain majority control. He has less than 30%.

You defend the Glazers far too strongly.



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