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24 Jan 2024 12:28:40
Martial just had groin surgery apparently. I think it's safe to say that we won't see him in a United shirt again. What will everyone's lasting memory of him be? Good or bad! For me it's the goal against Liverpool. Unfortunately since then his highlights have been few and far between.

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24 Jan 2024 12:58:45
Waste of space
How he has lasted 9 years is criminal
Another classic from Woodward.

24 Jan 2024 13:02:50
Bloody awful! One of the worse players to put on a Utd shirt. Totally stole a living at Utd.

24 Jan 2024 13:31:24
I remember watching his debut, and he scored as decent a goal as he's ever scored since. So I was pretty excited by that.
Over the years he's had a few minor spells where he's been in some form, but it's been a while, and now is pretty clear it's time to move on. He's obviously a great finisher, maybe even our best, but has a lack-lustre demeanour and lackadaisical style that no player can get away with in the Prem.

24 Jan 2024 13:47:53
His goal against Liverpool. I was sure Van Gaal had plucked us the next Ronaldo (Brazilian) ? I’ve spent the last 8.5 years wanting him out the club ?.

24 Jan 2024 15:54:49
My lasting memory will be buying Marital instead of Mbappe from Monaco. Surely the scouts got the names confuesd.

{Ed002's Note - That wasn't an option.}

24 Jan 2024 16:20:28
It was always the pre season hope. We saw him and Rashford look like they would form 2 parts of a flud front 3, even giving hope that he could grow into our version of Henry between the left side and main striker.
But when it got to the season Martial would either struggle or get injured (always seemed to be on 5/ 6 week recovery plan) .
Hope that kills you!

24 Jan 2024 16:41:42
Watch his debut goal again. He didn't have control of the ball, he was pretty lucky how the ball rolled for him and he has literally lived of that memory for 9 years. Shocking.

When we wanted him to stay. He forced a loan away. When we wanted him to leave, he decided to chalk up just one more medical bill on us.

Cant wait till he goes and we can usher in a new era.

24 Jan 2024 16:52:35
What memories? There will be none. One of if not my last favourite player ever to play for the club.

24 Jan 2024 18:40:51
I don’t get the Martial FC nonsense and the soft spots for him. He is a very unlikeable character never mind footballer.

24 Jan 2024 19:11:08
I liked it that time he smiled, can't remember the year or the game, just remembered it happened once.

24 Jan 2024 20:29:39
Safe to say he won’t be missed and quickly forgotten. All the ability in the world but poor attitude and application. Just goes to show that without desire you won’t go far in life, no matter how gifted you are.

25 Jan 2024 03:24:13
Had high hopes for him and was pi55£d when my Martial top 'disappeared' (to no knowledge) in a HCMC/ Saigon laundry service. Didn't dwell on it too long as he proved how average he was and glad I wasn't stuck with it in my collection.

25 Jan 2024 06:08:04
The ‘convenient’ injuries every transfer window will be my lasting memory of the parasite. Same as the cretins at our place who book sick every summer and Christmas.

25 Jan 2024 08:19:35
My lasting memory of Martial will be his mastering the art of the fake press. He knows he’s expected to press, so he makes a vague movement toward the player with the ball, then, as he gets closer, he starts shuffling sideways like a crab making it look like he’s trying to block the passing lane, but really just giving the player a bit more time to pick their pass. He has it down to an art.

25 Jan 2024 14:32:22
His winner against Everton in the FA cup semi final for me, absolute scenes at Wembley with the crowd chanting his name for an hour down Wembley Way. I don’t think he’s done anything good since then.

25 Jan 2024 22:05:18
Biggest shame is that he is definitely talented but chosen to waste it. I wonder I years to come if he will realise just how much he personally lost out by not fulfilling his potential.

26 Jan 2024 10:22:21

He’s made £60m just since his last contract 5 years ago, I doubt he will ever think about what he’s ’missed out on’.

27 Jan 2024 10:56:37
Giggs to Sheringham, I know Martial has been absolutely awful the last three years and he was very patchy before but let's not exaggerate. Martial scored 23 goals in the 19/ 20 season, so his last good moment was not in 2016.

I genuinely think he is injured, he is just injury prone, it happens.

Yes, he has been a massive disappointment and has not shown anything for about 4 years but some of the shouts here are over the top.



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