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06 Nov 2023 16:31:34
Can Antony get any worse? Can't get past a defender, can't cross, only thing he used to do - cut onto left and try to curl it in either gets blocked or ballooned.
At this point I'd take any left winger over him.

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06 Nov 2023 17:03:38
He could get found guilty of domestic abuse and put in prison, although that might improve his performance.

06 Nov 2023 17:58:14
Unfortunately he's been one of our worst signings, up there with Maguire and Sancho. Although I'd say the English duo are ahead of him due to the expectations and the huge wages they are paid on top of the huge transfer fee.

I wonder what has happened to him as he isn't as bad as he's currently playing. Whether its the pressure his fee has placed on him, the off-field issues being a distraction, whether he is struggling in a new country with a different culture or the step up in quality and pace in the EPL, or whether he suited playing in an Ajax side that was holistic and team focused and he just isn't cutting it at a United side that is far more individual focused.

Either way it's looking like a lot of money wasted right now and I don't see him turning it around unfortunately.

06 Nov 2023 18:49:07
Yes he could get worse, he could put as much effort in as Sancho.

06 Nov 2023 19:02:01
I don't see how Maguire fits that category. I'm not saying he's world class or has been an amazing signing, but to class him as one of our worst signings is unfair.

06 Nov 2023 19:11:27
Antony is far and away our worst signing ever. He should have been sent off against City. Should have been dropped after his carry on afterwards getting stuck on Doku. Somehow isn't whipped off at half time against Fulham after a complete no show. Much rather see Pellestri or even Diallo given a run in the team instead of this bluffer.

06 Nov 2023 19:46:16
Hate to say I told ya………BUT Told ya!

I said after max two games he was a one footed show pony and a waste of money. As soon as he pulled off the same trick three times in succession (okay he scored a goal) you could tell he had zero ability with his right foot.

I copped some grief off some, saying Giggs was one footed and Antony was a good signing.

He is a defenders dream! Hell anyone with a modicum of pace could play him off the park. Just show him the line every time and he will run out of space to do anything.

Joke signing.

06 Nov 2023 20:34:23
He's awful, truly awful. Let Dan james go and he's miles better that's how crap he is. Bad each game and Wednesday was unbelievably bad. doesn't havd a clue what his right foots for.

06 Nov 2023 22:15:32
One of the worst attacking players in the PL.

06 Nov 2023 22:47:20
AJH, Maguire was a record fee for a defender, given a massive contract on a long deal (6 years with an optional 7th) .

He has been poor, he is an average defender at best and one who isn't suited to a progressive style of play you'd expect to see at club expected to be near the top of the table.

Remember him heading the ball up rather than out, then running around like a headless chicken trying to correct his mistake, tackling/ hauling Shaw out of the way in the process probably stopping the LB from making the block that would have prevented the goal.

On a good day he's average, on a bad day he's poor. We paid 85m for him. On top of that he was made captain despite showing no leadership. He decided to throw his weight around in Greece and nearly ended up in a cell. While he has used the press to try and pressure his way back into the team rather than rely on his performances.

he's easily in the conversation as worst ever signing.

07 Nov 2023 04:58:52
Di Maria, Memphis, Bebe, Pogba, Schweinsteiger, Phil Jones, Kleberson, Fellaini, Djemba Djemba, Richardson, Nick Powell, Antony, Weghorst, Falcao.

Shappy, I'm sorry but Maguire comes nowhere near the category of worst signing when you look at some of the players on this list, and I could go on even more.

07 Nov 2023 05:23:03
DVB is our worst signing imo. I realize the fee is lower but he is just so far off any standard of a pl player. Antony, who have never been a fan off as everyone knows and was accused of having an agenda lol is a gross overspend.

If Amad recaptures his from from last year and can defensively do what the manager wants, he is a much better player imo.

It sucks but we would be wise to cut our losses and sell him this summer but not sure we can afford to take the hit financially. Maybe get lucky and saudi interest comes in for him.

07 Nov 2023 06:43:01

Worst ever signing. Ralphie Milne, god rest his soul and William Prunier. Maguire isn’t in the conversation. I recall you supported Ole very strongly and Harry was a result of Ole.

I would argue Sancho was a far worse signing than Maguire .

I am with AJH on this.

As to Antony, we need to ask what due diligence was done by the club, when spending £85m surely the scouts watched him or did they just give in to the new manager? It does not bode well for ETH this one. It should bring about a change in the clubs direction on buying players, although a change of owners is probably needed to boot out the amateur mob.

07 Nov 2023 07:32:22

If Antony was a one off I would agree but this is just one of so many. The club ran like a one hour hotel during WoodWards reign and he was the most toxic. two faced guy you could imagine. Its slightly better today but still well short of what it should be.

We are in desperate need of investment given our finances and SJR coming in can't be soon enough imo. There needs to be some stability around this manager and the players whether we are fans of them or not.

Long season ahead and things will improve once SJR comes in until then its open hunting season on united by pundits, media and you name it. Time to circle the wagons even we don't agree on subjects and issues or players.

07 Nov 2023 08:06:44
Why is Taibi not mentioned.

07 Nov 2023 08:28:15
What about these legends

Dong Fangzhou and Manucho or Liam Miller utterly useless the lot of em.

07 Nov 2023 10:36:10
I'd take Bellion over Antony. I'd even take Zoran Tosic!

07 Nov 2023 12:19:52
If you are basing your decision purely on talent and impact in the first then yes there are many worse than Maguire.

However, there are far more things to consider in context to paint a true picture. Things like the fee paid and how that sits in the football landscape (world record fee for a defender) and the expectations that adds or removes when judging whether a player has been a success. Wages, also play a part. Antony and Sancho for example cost a similar amount in transfer fees (especially when considering inflation), yet Sancho earns three times the wages of Antony. Considering they have both had a similar impact on the team you'd have to say Sancho is much worse value for money.

Then you have off-field controversies and how they impact the team away from the pitch. Do they bring bad publicity to the club? Do they cause unrest in the dressing room, do they stir up trouble within the squad. Or are they model professionals, players who bring positive publicity, players who help keep the dressing room a happy and productive place, someone who solves disputes amoungst the players.

These things also play a factor into how they are perceived by fans and the wider public.

Is Maguire the worst signing we've made? Probably not, but given his fee, wages, the expectations, his poor performances and impact on the team, his off-field indiscretion in Greece and the fact that he was supposedly a key player in creating a clique in the dressing room under Ole/ Rangnick then he has at least got to be in the conversation. He has also captained our worst ever season in the EPL.

07 Nov 2023 13:28:08
Redman said he is not in the conversation shappy you need to comply.

07 Nov 2023 14:06:40
Shappy, sometimes you just may not be right. Maguire is not a great player, but I don't think he is average or terrible. He has had some great games and he has had some poor games.

I would rather we hadn't signed him but as has been shown in this thread, there have been far worse signings than Maguire.

07 Nov 2023 15:10:41
Straight swap, Antony for Mudryk.

08 Nov 2023 07:59:48
Mudryk plays on the left and anyone we get associated with who is a left sided winger is generally a nothing story imo.

Leao another one, the Georgian guy from napoli same thing. Garnacho and rash will be here for many years to come imo.

Nico Williams who plays for Atletico Bilbao on the rigth is an interesting player. Speed to burn, technically very good and starting to break into the Spain squad. A major upgrade on Antony.

The Barbosa story is bs imo. I don't think he is good enough at all to make it in the pl and antony looks fast compared to him. Swap deals are generally spoof, can't recall any we have ever done or just many by pl clubs.

I know the manger still thinks this guy is going to make t and show us his best but i highly doubt it.

08 Nov 2023 12:19:48
Ahmad i'd take a punt on chiesa for the right hand side tbh but we need rid of antony and sancho asap. Maguire tbf at least tries and in the last 2/ 3 games has shone more than the others although that isn't hard. I know clubs generally don't do much in the market in jan but think this year we will bring in 2 and let go of 3/ 4.

08 Nov 2023 18:32:42

ed002 said he was available all summer and Juve were looking to move him but teams have questions about how healthy his knee his post acl injury. I agree if you get the old Chiesa great player. Have not watched Juve much recently as we rarely get associated with any of their players.



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