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23 Apr 2022 19:55:04
Lingard apparently telling scholesy that the United dressing room is a disaster. hard to know truth from fiction these days but if true then it confirms what we already know. This summer is the best chance we will get, identify the trouble makers and show them the door no matter who they are. If we don't these issues will arise again sooner rather than later. ETH deserves a squad together and wanting to learn not these bunch of know it all pretenders.

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23 Apr 2022 20:39:55
Lingard is part of the dressing room and has been at the club for longer than most in the squad. It’s no good running off crying to uncle Paul. As a senior player he should be one of those standing up taking responsibility and demanding better performances, not just from the squad, but himself. He hasn’t had a lot of game time, but hasn’t done anything when given a chance.

I’ll never forget the time when the United team bus was attacked at West Ham and Jesse was giggling trying to film it to put it up on social media. Jesse Pan, the boy that never wanted to grow up or even grow a pair. If he has a problem with the dressing room he should be man enough to say it himself instead of leaking it to buddies I’m the media.

23 Apr 2022 20:47:41
He is still a good prospect for the future though.

23 Apr 2022 20:52:30
Liverpool fan in peace. What I’ve noticed is none of these ex players were gossiping or passing on info when Ole was in charge. Interesting how they’re happy to do it now.

23 Apr 2022 21:11:27
RR saying a lot of the dressing room don't like each other . brillaint, how can you win games.

23 Apr 2022 21:41:00
Bledd85 - we won't really get to grips with our malaise until we remove the last vestiges of the class of 92 mafia and their proteges.

But be that as it may, there is a reason the dressing room is a disaster, and it comes down to one thing - the pretenders in it. Too many of them are spoilt self-indulgent babies who have yet to man up and accept that their performances have simply not been good enough. Take Bruno. Today, just when we were getting on top, he missed a penalty and then got robbed on the edge of our own penalty area leading to Arsenal's 3rd. 2-2 becomes 3-1. The loss is down to him. And then there's Maguire who, as captain, has failed to lead by example, seems to have inferior positioning and organizational qualities, and then goes to press to say he must be playing fine because managers keep picking him.

It is to be hoped that this summer will sort the men from the boys. Jesse Lingard has clearly done nothing in training all season to justify a start, but rather than accept that he doesn't deserve a place, resorts to social media to add to the dressing room discord. Of course, the other disaster is Pogba, who has failed every season to deliver on the field. It's amazing that the club didn't sell him and get what they could a couple of years ago.

I'm sure all United fans are looking forward to what should be an interesting summer of departures and arrivals, and then, hopefully, a restoration of some discipline, cojones, and team spirit. Players who use social media to grouse about the club and what goes on behind the scenes should be fined and then put on the bench for a week. We have too many whining ninnies who are all too ready to blame anyone but themselves.

23 Apr 2022 22:50:50
Perhaps the club has done the smartest thing it’s done in years? Put Ralf right in the dressing room. Identify the exact root cause of all this nonsense? Then when our new manager comes in he knows exactly who to cut and who to invest time in? Can’t imagine Ralf is the most popular guy in OT right now. He’s almost acting like an internal spy to get the bottom of the failures. Fair play to him. I like what he says very much.

24 Apr 2022 00:07:40
Lingard is one of the most despicable characters around. And he will be the first on my get rid list if I was ETH. He cares more for his social media than playing football and performing.
He's the lowest of the low.

24 Apr 2022 08:06:57
Lingard won't have to worry about it much longer.

Looking forward to this clear out.

24 Apr 2022 11:24:20
To be fair most of the fans dislike the players at the moment, so it should be no surprise the players dislike each other, those are some foundations Ole built.

I know we probably won't sell him but for me Maguire has to go. A captain who presides over a dysfunctional dressing room has no place at the club, even a loan would be preferable, anywhere.

Every week my respect for RR grows, he is on the verge of going full Jose and naming names. Hopefully he stops short of this and just gives the list those that should be moved on to EtH.



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