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21 Apr 2022 21:21:55
What sort of football fan does bomb threats, whether real or fake, against a player. Some fans make me sick. Personal opinions of a player are just that, personal, even if you get lots of people who agree with you does not make it fact. Managers and coaches are the only people whose opinions count. All players have a chance to prove themselves under a new manager. Personally, i have always thought Rashford is massively overrated, but i will trust Ten Hags knowledge, over mine and if he rates him and includes him in his plans, i will support that choice.

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21 Apr 2022 23:33:57
Good post mate.
Every player gets a clean slate according to the manager. Imo that is the correct approach.
If he can inspire martial and he becomes a great player for us then I'll be delighted. (We'll be able to charge more for tickets for pilgrims to watch the match on the site of a miracle ?)
Same goes for any player.
He is the guy in charge he knows what he needs and what attributes his players need so some players may be discarded for that reason alone.
I am really looking forward to seeing how some of our existing players improve. I for one think a few fans will be surprised by who improves working for a proper coach in a proper environment.
Can't wait to see how he goes about his business.

22 Apr 2022 01:20:15
Cant wait for him to start and I think he will be really good for us.

I hope we get Antony in from Ajax aswell, he is going to be a top top player.

22 Apr 2022 06:57:42
Ken, it’ll be unpopular opinion but I think Fred will thrive under ETH!
Exciting like you said, only way is up!

22 Apr 2022 09:22:01
The police said it was a dud and they found no bomb either.

22 Apr 2022 09:43:18
Players who will improve because of good coaching is one thing and is to be applauded. Players who improve because they like this manager but couldn't be arsed for last 18 months is something different altogether.

22 Apr 2022 09:55:30
We as fans all love our club and rightly get annoyed/ upset when the chips are down. We might even Blame players, especially ones who don't appear to be trying as hard as we would expect or like with Maguire comes out in an interview and either blatantly lies or shows a shocking sense of self-awareness.

It's perfectly okay to be annoyed at that, even angry (although I'd advise against it as it gets you nowhere) .

However, threats of violence towards what is effectively an entertainer is never acceptable. There is a line and people as a member of society have a responsibility to know where that line is and not to cross it. It's not particularly difficult, anything considered illegal is definitely across that line.

So it's pretty much idiot proof. Which means ignorance is not an excuse.

22 Apr 2022 13:34:48
Maguire has certainly entertained us this season Shappy! Although not in the way he is paid to. fair points on what he's been through though, it's only a game isn't it.
I don't think Fred is going to ever going to be the most skilful but he's won me over. His work rate and attitude are spot on from what I can see and I reckon he's the kind of player any manager would love. Still a bit of ambiguity on his position, with Rangnick stating last month he's been pigeon-holed as a defensive midfielder when he has typically been more attacking at his previous club and for Brazil, yet Rangnick himself still refers to him as a defensive player in press conferences.

23 Apr 2022 07:47:01
Isnt Fred more box-to-box than DM, won't him and Donny be fighting for that position next year.

23 Apr 2022 12:17:00
Fred will not be a regular under eth imo. Technically not up to scratch at all.



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