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07 Aug 2019 16:20:36
For me ole's strategy and plan seems to be clear.
He has sorted out 2 key positions in defence and got the players he wanted.

In midfield he wants to keep pogba.
Personally i think that is a huge mistake and a gamble that will ultimately backfire. But the club have backed him. Only time will tell if keeping a player that wants to leave instead of buying 2 top rated players that do want to play for united will pay off next season.
Mctom effectively replaces fellaini and periera replaces herrera.
Matic looks very much on the decline but will provide experience at vital times
I am sure ole wants 1 more in case fred continues to flop and someone to take some of the creative onus off pogba.
Unlike the defence i don't like the strategy for midfield. I don't trust pogba simple as that. Great player at his best but i just don't trust him.
Attack. The strategy is to move lukaku on and let james replace him in and give more cf time to martial.
Lukaku scores goals but he does not fit the mangers eye so needs to be moved on.
Rash martial and dare i say sanchez will all score more than they did last season imo plus the emergence of greenwood should see us in better shape. But forwards need good service and imagination behind them so getting another creative midfield player is key.

Im not the only one here who doesn't trust pogba am i?

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07 Aug 2019 16:28:48
I'm happy only really expected 3 players, British 2 very young, clear idea of playing style the manager wants .
Pogba I think will be here for at least another 12 months, but you never know and we might even get a 4th signing .

I think people pay far to much attention to what they read on websites and the papers then get upset when it doesn't happen.
Also the doom and gloom, you would think we finished bottom half last season and that all the other teams had turned in to the 1970 Brazil team .
It's all so funny how certain players take on mythical status, Bruno is now Ronaldo messi and pele rolled in to one and the world will end if he isn't signed .

Cant wait until next season.

07 Aug 2019 16:36:29
Ken, I think that pretty much sums it up.

I don't trust Pogba either, but it remains to be seen what happens on that front.

I'm hopeful of seeing more of Gomes in the first team, creative and energetic. I think he could have a breakout season if given the chances. All of Mata's guile but with pace and energy. If the lad was a foot taller he would be in the first team already. Although he looks like he has filled out a bit now.

The issue is creation from deep. Maybe Maguire will step up and bypass midfield and create a few chances.

07 Aug 2019 16:41:22
Jred. You’ve made it clear on multiple occasions your expectations, “you would thunk we finished bottom half”, no we finished 6th, and have regressed further than before, to me that’s nowhere near what I expect of our club.

07 Aug 2019 16:46:12
Agreed jred certain players become the be all and end all pal.

Ken no I don't trust pogba. But I think we'll see him go next season. Madrids spent a lot so far on their own rebuild and are struggling to move players on. They can come in for pogba next summer, and present him as the cherry on top. Any money they have left over could go on an extra signing.

07 Aug 2019 16:54:49

Haven’t you heard, the season is already over and we went down. Championship next year.

I think we will challenge for top 4 again and have a good cup run, maybe even win Europa if we play it right. That would be a successful season imo.

Can’t wait either, let the fun begin.

07 Aug 2019 17:03:14
I think madrid will break the bank for mbappe next season.

07 Aug 2019 17:06:23
They might do pal. You never know with Madrid they could move for both.

07 Aug 2019 17:08:50
Wise words ken and jred. Nice to see some realism on here for a change. I think we're slowly moving in the right direction, Rome wasn't built in a day. All of Fergies great teams were built on a solid defence. Which now for the first time since he left we might just have.

Plenty of question marks remain, the midfield is a concern. I would love to see Angel Gomes get some game time. He was literally toying with the AC Milan defence a couple of weeks back, scored a great goal Vs spurs and was the best player on the pitch last night. Looks ready to take his chance.

As for Ole, he may well be out of his depth. Time will tell. But we should get behind him and embrace the positive energy created from an encouraging pre season. Any more signings will be a bonus. Can't wait for the season to start. Hoping it turns out a breakout year for Greenwood.

07 Aug 2019 17:12:25
Me too jred he is their no 1 target and if they really want someone they get them.
Im looking forward to the season i don't agree with some of oles plans but its his job not mine.
Ive no doubt we will do better than last year and i think city and scouse will come back a bit.

07 Aug 2019 17:29:55
What did our manager tell us a few months ago not the media now but our manager, a lot of these players have played their last games for this club, we will be getting in new players early,
The last 6 years have been a shambles, this time last season the manager wanted another cb, ended up costing him his job,
Any poster on here that thinks we are not short in midfield is clueless.

07 Aug 2019 17:34:01
Good summary Ken, agree with all of that. No i don't trust pogba and I think it's a mistake keeping a hold of him but he will be here and we have to support the team and give OGS good backing despite our opinions.

I'm looking forward to the season, pre season was encouraging due to our style of play.

Would really like to see angel gomes get a good run.

07 Aug 2019 17:36:26
We might well be short Leahy but what can we do about it? If it means someone like Gomes gets a chance it could be a blessing in disguise. I'd rather that than a last minute panic buy (case in point) fellaini.

07 Aug 2019 17:40:23
We will win the europa this season and finish top 3, that's what I believe and all this window has done is solidify that thought, it's long overdue that we walked away from deals that only suited players and agents pockets and I for one am glad we haven't caved in or panic bought.

07 Aug 2019 17:52:34
I don't get all this he's out of his depth stuff. We haven't seen enough of him to decide. If certain players could've been more bothered or not out of breath after 30 minutes the season would've ended differently.

07 Aug 2019 17:56:18
Leahy if no one wants to buy our players what can we do? Throw them out of a van at the roadside or put them on ebay? Teams either can't afford the wages which is our fault or won't meet the asking price.

07 Aug 2019 18:33:25
No Ken. I think the player expected to leave qbd will blame the club for blocking his dream move. I can’t see him knuckling down and accepting it.

McTom isn’t really a replacement for Fellaini, as he was already needed despite having the likes of Fellaini, Herrera and Perreira in the squad. In midfield we have lost two senior players, and have not replaced them. We are, in effect, two midfielders down on last season’s options. Perreira is nowhere near Herrera’s standard, and we are very very weak in this area.

Up front, we are taking a huge gamble not replacing our highest scoring forward for the last two seasons. Fair enough that Ole doesn’t want to keep Rom, but there is no indication that the attackers we have can consistently score.

I think our weakness in midfield and attack will be exploited, and I don’t see a squad capable of challenging for anything more than fourth place.

07 Aug 2019 18:20:30
Mort, so if no one is willing to meet the asking price for any of them, then the likelihood is we’re over pricing them. So we pay big wages for dross to sit on the bench rather than take a hit and sell for a realistic price.

07 Aug 2019 18:22:53
Ken you’ve summed up my thoughts perfectly there.

I try not to comment on Pogba too much but am still of the opinion he should be nowhere near our club.

We have filled our two weakest positions. This has led to CM becoming the weakest position which people are now jumping all over, but I’m sure management are well aware of that and will look to resolve the issue in January, if not tomorrow.

I too expect all of our attacking players to score more than they did last season.

I think we can finish 3rd, or comfortably 4th.

07 Aug 2019 18:25:20
Go easy on me Danny 😂its not my strategy it appears to be the clubs strategy.
Its not my feelings its my interpretation of what appears to be happening.

07 Aug 2019 18:47:12
I know that Ken, I agree with you on Pogba. I just think we’ve left ourselves really short in midfield and attack. Seems like a fudge of a window, and if we listen to Ed002 we should be concerned.

07 Aug 2019 19:03:41
Are we overpricing them though? Look at the fees other players are going for. Pogba is a world cup winner an we all know what he is capable of. 27 million and James was a ridiculous offer. Shows how serious Madrid are. Lukaku is Belgium's all time top scorer and gets goals at every club he's played for. Our asking price wasn't unrealistic. The rest we can't move because frankly their crap.

07 Aug 2019 19:22:15
Palace are reportedly holding out for a 100 mill for zaha.

07 Aug 2019 19:44:20
They will get 80 maybe. We will get more from his sell on than we paid for him originally😊
A player that got less opportunities than most when they come. Pity i think he could have been a hit here. To his credit and a testament to his ability is borne out by the way he has bounced back.

07 Aug 2019 19:55:54
But palace will hold out for what they think the player is worth, as did Leicester with Maguire why shouldn't united .
I agree with mort I don't think I we are over pricing lukaku. No idea how much we want for pogba but I would want more than the 20 mill and james that was reported.

07 Aug 2019 20:20:51
Yep. Lukaku will score for fun in Italy if inter play to his strengths. So our asking price is the right amount for a top class goal scorer.



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