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16 Sep 2017 19:47:16
Interesting debate / argument between jred and ken down the page and it made me think about how I feel about our club.

I supported United because my Dad did, that's what you did in the 70s. When I was about 12 (circa '77) I read a book about out history and Munich and '68 that moved me to tears; we were trail blazers built on youth and exciting football scarred by tragedy.

I am proud to support a club steeped in history who have always sought to play the game the right way. Busby was a trail blazer, Docherty played fabulous football, Sexton was a mistake, Atkinson was exciting and so close but didn't manage it. SAF took over and quickly understood the history and ethos of the club and boy did he deliver.

My point is that my attachment to United runs very deep, I understand our history and achievements through the years and I am proud to be associated with a club that has such a strong pedigree. Fair play to Chelsea for recent success but they have no history, it's all bought by foreign money.

That means that I do attach loyalty to some players who I believe share my passion for my club - Charlton, Law, Robson. Neville, Scholes and dare I say Cantona. I remember reading about RVN who submerged himself in the history when he joined the club; he wanted to fully understand who we were, and he's a top man for doing that. I miss Fletcher and Keane (Michael) and I do want to see local boys play for the club - we have had a homegrown player in every squad for over 75 years. If you don't care about that then you are a different fan to me, not worse, just different. If we ever field 11 foreign players then a part of me will die.

I do care who we sign and who leaves, it doesn't keep me awake but I do care. I believe that us (and Arsenal) have values that set us apart from other teams. I realise I may be biased but I love my club and everything we stand for, if that changes I will be the first to call it out and complain. I was reticent about Jose but it seems he gets it although time will tell.

Munich made us famous worldwide and many suggest that this is where our support came from although the '68 win will also have had a huge impact. However, I was born in Manchester, you picked City or United, you went to the games and you understood the history. It's not just a team, it's a part of my life.

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16 Sep 2017 19:57:12
Great post ajh sums up my feelings but everyone is different .

16 Sep 2017 20:13:44
The best post in yonks! Hats off to you AJH.

16 Sep 2017 20:50:08
I totally agree AJH. I became a Utd fan because my dad was although I'm a little younger - the first football season I remember was 90/ 91 and so I have been very spoilt by the success we have had since. I remember watching a VHS recording of United 3 - 1 Blackburn where Palli scored a freekick most mornings before school when we won the league for the first time in 26 years.

I have always felt a huge affinity for the local boys we bring through and the class of 92 will always be special for me as I grew up with them.

I'm pleased with Jose at the moment, he appears to have bought into the club and I can honestly see him staying for a long time.

16 Sep 2017 21:01:13
Good post ajh. Every fan supports the club in their own way. The club also means different things to different fans.
United is a huge part of my life too but for me players come and go coaches come and go but the club remains. Most players never love the club the say a fan does. Most give their all while there here but its like the ceo of tesco moving to morrisons its their job so they will do what's best for them and not give a 2nd thought to their loyal fans or customers. Players kiss 1 badge one season and kiss another badge the next. I don't get attached to any player really sure i have my favourites but vrry few of thrm care about the club the same way we do.

16 Sep 2017 21:32:18
One of the best post's I've read for a while. I started supporting at about 8 years old I think. The year before we beat Everton 1-0 in the FA cup. It was because of my father. He wasn't really a united supporter but he liked good footballers, he would go on about Best, Charlton and Law but particularly George Best who he got to see play a few times. He still lights up now when he talks about it. He said to watch a few games of him had more to it than a lot of other players entire careers. That is how it started for me. My father influenced me in a lot of ways from football, music (a lot of black origin music from the 70's and 80's) as even though he was white, he toured with mostly black American bands or white jazz/ funk bands. Also influenced my behaviour and political views. Waffling a bit but it is important to me.

16 Sep 2017 22:09:08
I echo the sentiments of all above. I think people underestimate the support Utd have from people born and living in Manchester. I was born there over 50 years ago and even though I have moved several times since and now live in London I still feel Manchester is my home town. I remember staying up as a young boy watching Utd with my late grandpa and having chip butties. I once Sat next to George Best at the Village Barber in Deansgate. My late father managed to get us tickets to the 1976 FA Cup final and again to the 1977 final. Years later I managed Ro get tickets to take him to the final replay when we beat Crystal Palace. In 1999 I watched the Champions League Final with my 12 year old son and remember his despairing we would score and me telling him that we are Utd we don't give up. It's memories like that that bind generations as much as the football itself. I love the fact that of the current players Mata really has taken the time to immerse himself in our clubs history. More than that he seems a really decent person and in that way is like a modern day Bobby Charlton. No fuss plays his heart out for the team. Let's be honest too to a certain extent we have bought titles in that we have paid huge amounts for top talents but we have also carried on the tradition of bloodline youngsters and developing top young players. The Busby Babes The Class of 92 Watching Ronaldo mature and now Rashford and Ling are developing. Look at how many players have gone through our academies and although not playing now for us are having good careers at other clubs. MAdrid may claim to be a bigger club and have obviously won more titles than us but I do think we are the world's greatest club and as such am proud to be a supporter of it.

16 Sep 2017 22:55:36
Following a football team is very different depending on who you follow . Most fans know their team is unlikely to win anything ever . Utd fans view international break as a pain in the ass but to the majority of fans they get to follow England and it at least gives them a punchers chance of winning something . Not a big deal if yr a utd fans as u have a chance in anything u enter but if u follow Hartlepool its very different u get to root for a team that has a chance, ok a slim one but a chance anyway. perceptions can be interesting and so wrong I live in the north east now and I was in a bar before a utd match, the guy in the bar said I bet the Geordies wish Keegan had been a bit more defense minded they may have won something under Keegan . The truth is they didn't regret that for one second what they rued was changing the manager and not being gung ho. I've noticed recently that the hatred of utd has wained now they face teams owned by russian oligarths and Arab sheiks . A bit humility from Jose and I dare say we would be the neutrals horse in the race for once.

16 Sep 2017 23:05:39

No going to go deep into my thoughts on the club or why I feel how I do as many have above but I support the club because my grandma and dad drilled into me a kid what it was to support the club, explained to me about Munich and how they felt when it happened and I think my dad would have thrown me out if I was anything but a red 😂 Now united are a way of life for me rather than a hobby, but you have to see through that and try and enjoy it.

Great post above Tony, well thought out and deserving of the praise, if I see you tomorrow I will clap you before the game but that's it, during the game you are just any other fan.

17 Sep 2017 04:34:22
Some thoughts about being a foreign United fan. I've been supporting this club since I was 8 years old. My dad a Chelsea fan took me to a pub to watch the FA Cup final. I didn't know the names of the teams let alone the players but immediately the game started the men in red grabbed my fascination. There I was 8 years old watching my first game on colored TV and Utd were playing the most mesmerizing football I could imagine. We won 3-1 I think. Since then I was hooked I found out about things like Munich & the whole club history later in bits and the more I knew the more I loved the club.
On match days I wake up whistling GGMU the whole day is just a prelude to that kick off. I don't know if I'll ever see old tr fford but if I ever watch a game there you local boys better believe I'll be shouting louder than anything of you. No prawn sandwiches here.

17 Sep 2017 09:31:12
I enjoyed reading this string and the stories about how we became United fans.

I was born and brought up only a few miles from the ground, however moved away from Manchester many years ago, it remains my home city of which I am very proud. There were two teams in the sixties when I grew up, United and City, my dad was not a strong football follower, however, he, my mum and both uncles were all City supporters. Luckily both my brothers were immersed in United and that passion was undoubtedly strengthened by the Munich disaster. It was my late much older brother who ensured I followed United and I can put an exact date on it in August 68. We were watching the Derby together and I said come on the blue team, probably because my mum and Dad were around plus I knew nothing about either club. My brother said you should support the red team, they are champions of Europe. Later he spent time telling me about Munich, he was in Manchester and mourned with everyone, he went to the first game after Munich at Old Trafford, became a steward, followed the team for many years. He kept newspapers and programmes which he showed me, talked about the games he was going to and finally took me to OT in 72. In fact my season ticket was very close to where his had been and where he worked as a steward. Everything he told me was so vivid, only 10 years on from the tragedy, Busby, Edwards, Charlton, Best, the quest to win after being denied greatness by the crash, I bought it completely. I wonder whether there are such divided families in Manchester, football wise now or are the siblings all channelled one way from young?



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