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17 May 2017 08:37:27
Haven't been on here that long and I pick up the eds and the posters find a lot of sources as very dubious and not reliable but a couple mentioning bale may like a return to England and would prefer a move to utd over Chelsea, anything in this or twaddle .


{Ed001's Note - according to those that know the lad very well, family, friends and former and current coaches of his, at least the ones I have managed to speak to, they all say he has no interest in leaving Spain and is really happy there. Unless Madrid want rid, which I have not heard of any genuine talk of that being the case just yet, it is highly unlikely he will be moving this summer. Money may talk I guess, but this is his dream, playing for Madrid.}

1.) 17 May 2017 11:21:28
Cheers mate, greizmann it is then hopefully if bale a none starter, damn talk sport building my hopes up.




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30 Aug 2018 18:50:53
I see a bit of great man management from Southgate to inspire Shaw's return to form and his inclusion back into the England squad . (in gest fellas)
Anyway well done to Shaw and hopefully we will see him wearing England's number 3 shirt, and as I've said 3 I should probably point out that coincidentally that's the number of times .




15 Jul 2018 22:29:42
A few final thoughts on the world cup, not many strikers hit the heights lewandowski, Costa, Jesus, aguero, Suarez, giroud, Werner and falcoa may feel a little disappointed and lukaku and kane will be grateful for a pretty easy group .
Not many keepers caught the eye even the very best ones ddg and neuer .
In defense trippier played well but varane was truely world class .
Midfield, modric showed he can run a game and pogba and kante have shone for their discipline .
The star of the show has been mbabbe who has looked electric in the later stages .
The big guns had mixed fortune, Ronaldo had one great game, Messi disappointed and maybe has a little too much influence if reports are correct and neymar has undoubtedly got talent but is a bit embarrassing sometimes play acting .
I wasn't left feeling there was a truely outstanding team even the final the dominant team lost, but fair does France were probably just about the best team in it .
I'm not as critical of England as others have been, we are half decent but badly lack a player or two with stardust but then again that applies to a fair few teams I guess.


1.) 16 Jul 2018 01:39:57
Good shout Slate. I noticed that as well, many strikers scoring in the group stages, but not as much in the knockout rounds. I thought Subasic and Courtois each put in a big performance along the way. Mbappe's pace is breathtaking. Even that brilliant pass today from Pogba, Mbappe began 10 yards behind the defender before blowing by him. Perisic deserves a mention for an outstanding performance, capped off by his goal today. He doesn't just beat his man and get crosses off, he overpowers opponents offensively and defensively.

But most of all, I thought Luka Modric was absolutely brilliant. That said, I think France won simply because of too much quality - Varane, Umtiti, Kante and Pogba controlled the middle and then you have Pogba combining with Mbappe and Griezmann going forward. That is a lot of quality right down the spine of the team, and they are deserved winners.



25 Jun 2018 22:45:19
I'm interested in people's thoughts on the England Belgium game and would like to pose a dilemma, if u were England manager would you do the honourable thing try and beat Belgium then run into maybe Colombia, Brazil and Spain to get to a final or play a draw where u have 2 more players booked than belgium and avoid Germany Brazil Spain and Croatia, you rest the entire first team and don't lose a player u need through a second yellow card and have an extra days rest and the whole squad have had a game, there's no wrong answer to me, things can change Brazil may not win their group but it's likely they will and Germany are second if Mexico get a point, it makes Japan and maybe Switzerland a route to the semis, like I say you'd be armed with the info by Thursday would u do the smart thing or the honerable thing, I have a feeling I know how Belgium may see it.


1.) 25 Jun 2018 23:50:09
I don’t get this honourable thing, or strategic loss nonsense.

This England side has yet to be tested by a top team in the WC. Confidence is high now, but that can only be maintained if they keep winning. Imagine being in the top international competition, and the manager says this next game doesn’t really matter, or it would probably do us good if we lose this one. Ridiculous. Players are concerned with finding their best form in the tournament, or maintaining it. Both teams will be looking for a win, quite simply because momentum is the best weapon in an international tournament. Think of the mentality that you build if you look for the easier second round draw.

England aren’t going to win the WC, but they should at least give it a proper go.

2.) 26 Jun 2018 01:04:47
I agree with Danny. Confidence is maintained by winning. Southgate could possibly change a player or two if he is worried about one getting a second yellow.

3.) 26 Jun 2018 07:24:36
Why would the squad players lose? Surely if your given a chance to play at the world cup and possibly grab yourself a place in the first team you'll give it your all.

Belgium will be without Lukaku apparently. So there is a good chance we win this game regardless.

You should always try and win and play well, tournament football is all about momentum.

4.) 26 Jun 2018 07:50:32
As opposed to our football shappy which is more about non - momentum😂😂.

5.) 26 Jun 2018 09:12:49
Definately try to win the game. By all means rest some players and give some of the squad a run out but play to win . We've not seen any thing from any other team which England should fear. In fact England look like the best team in the tournament. Let's build on the fantastic start, have a good go and see how far it takes us.

6.) 26 Jun 2018 18:56:22
Fair points lads momentum may be key, nobody suggested losing the game tho, strategic loss was added by someone else, was wether a draw was better with 2 bookings more than belgium no mentioning anything about losing .



14 May 2018 21:40:06
I've found it an interesting debate that's been going on, on here about Jose. I hope we don't all become entrenched in our views and stick to them no matter what .
If he's not yr cup of tea but he buys a few players and the performances improve then I hope we all root for him .
If it gets to Christmas and it's pretty clear we are nowhere near and it's still turgid to watch then I hope people say that's enough of this .
I think both points of view are valid his track record is that of a winner but then again we all have eyes and it's not pretty.
Everyone wants us to be successful we just disagree how that will happen for the record I'm not sitting totally on the fence I can't stand the way we play but I'd not fire a bloke for coming second and getting to a cup final but I would say to him if you want to play that way then you really do have to win things and compete for the major honours to justify it .


1.) 14 May 2018 21:50:15
Good post, mate.

2.) 14 May 2018 23:02:49
Both sides of the fence are correct in their own way. I think a lot of our problems don't stem from Jose but he often exacerbates them. Take the style of play issue for example. In Jose's favour the squad is still heavily unbalanced and short in key areas. We have no top level full backs and our centre backs need protection. Moreover, our right hand side is non existent offensively.

But, Jose has refused to develop Luke Shaw, whatever problems the lad has why can't Jose be the one to compromise and try and get through to him in a different manner than his usual 'push the player for a response'? Jose could have pushed for more players in the transfer market. Lastly, Mkhi was probably our best option on the right but Jose got rid of him, again he was a player who needed an arm round the shoulder not public humiliation to motivate him.

3.) 14 May 2018 23:40:11
Good point Slate and i also agree with Nathaniel. As i said in a previous post further down, its his man management and his belief that his way or no way attitude is his downfall. A good manager is not one who doesn't listen, but one who listens and makes the right decisions. Mourinho to his detriment belongs to the former characteristic.

4.) 15 May 2018 07:37:05
Must be all those trophies weighing him down that means he always makes bad decisions.

5.) 15 May 2018 08:43:47
Luke Shaw is a professional athlete not fit enough to play matches. How is this Jose’s fault. He’s an adult and should take responsibility for his lack of application and effort because he has all the talent. Miki simply was a bad buy it happens under every manager at every club.

6.) 15 May 2018 08:53:51
Ken, no one is saying Jose hasn't been successful. The question is has Jose become a victim of his own success?

Jose has always been arrogant, but has his success made him so arrogant that he can't learn from his mistakes as he doesn't believe he makes any?

Jose has won the title in his second year at every club bar ours, his last job ended with him leaving the club he took to the title close to the relegation zone.

He doesn't seem to have the same zest he used to, his interviews tend to come in one of two options. Sulky Jose who points out everyone messed up bar him or gloating Jose saying see I proved you wrong, or this is what I've won. No jokes, no smiles.

This is not the same Jose as before, so we can't say he will definitely have the same success as before.

At some point even the greatest become a spent force, I think it's safe to say there is more success in Jose's past then there will likely be in his future.

He is still a very good manager, he has just slipped into yesterday's man, as younger, fresher men have replaced him. The future success belongs to them. Maybe it makes more sense hitching our wagon onto someone on the up rather than someone on the down.

7.) 15 May 2018 09:19:42
Eric, Shaw has the exact same issue Rooney had all of his career. He needs games to play himself into fitness. Wayne would come back at the start of every preseason over weight and would need to play 3-4 games in a row to reach peak fitness. When he came back from injury it would take nearly a month for him to be back up to speed. That's one of the reasons his goals often came in spurts.

Shaw is the same, he starts a game does well but tires towards the end. Then he doesn't play for a month and the same issue happens again. When Shaw played 3-4 games in a row for us by the time he got to the 3rd/ 4th game he was close to or was our man of the match in most games. Then Jose dropped him again.

Shaw could be great for us, and I fully expect him to do very well wherever he goes as long as he can steer clear of injury. He is unlikely to a player who plays at their peak into their mid 30's but he could like Rooney be a player who shines bright at a younger age then fades younger than others.

8.) 15 May 2018 09:20:45
LVG came with a pretty decent CV. People could still see his best days were behind him, from watching the way Holland played in the World Cup alone.

9.) 15 May 2018 09:27:24
And you gather that opinion even if you state it as fact based on what shappy?
You don't know him or have never met him and you have no idea what he says behind closed doors. For every player that says bad about him there will be 2 that sing his praises.
You really have no idea what mistakes he makes or what advice he takes. There was no more arrogant a manager than fergie in many respects. Or no more arrogant a man than pep. If you Ever get to the very top in your career after your studies you will probably have some arrogance about you then.
But you have no idea what it takes to become one of the best in the world at what you do. Most of us don't.
Your bias is very evident in your posts and remarks which clouds your judgements. The reality is none of us have the expertise to make such outlandish remarks. But it doesn't stop us doing it😂

You love an 'I told you so' but you are as often wrong as you are right on this page.

10.) 15 May 2018 09:49:23
Top post ken. Shappy you simply dislike Jose and that is clouding your judgement on him. Every top manager has an ego and arrogance about their philosophy or how football should be played. For me pep is the best manager in the league. But he is also the most arrogant and stubborn. If it was not for an open chequebook he would be nowhere near where he is now. In his first season it was very clear that city did not have the right players to play out from the back yet he still did it and they were poor that season. Fast forward now the guy stuck to his guns and they have had a magnificent season. Whose to say Jose won’t get this side playing better once he sorts out the defence properly? You are almost hoping he fails so you can say I told you so. I am backing the manager because that is the right thing to do. I don’t agree with everything he does especially the way he has singled out shaw. But we also do not see what goes on behind the scenes. Fans are too quick to jump on Jose and blame him for being a narcissist and the devil incarnate. If he fails next year I will happily take the ‘I told you so’ from mourinho out brigade because I don’t mind being proven wrong. But at least I am backing the manager for as long as he is here because he is one of us whilst he is managing the club. Some may argue he does not get the club or the traditions blah blah blah but we protect or own at united. And when he leaves my loyalty to him will go and then it will be behind the next manager. What chance does Jose have when even his own fans are waiting for him to fail? Whose to say when the new manager comes in that this cycle will not repeat again if we are not playing city esque football?

11.) 15 May 2018 11:17:41
Slate151 (OP), I think the beauty of this site is that the views of others who post here can be very persuasive. Before we had this latest debate on Jose I wanted him gone this summer. However, I have genuinely been convinced to be patient and give it another year.

Why? Well, because people have pointed out:
1) He's a serial winner
2. The squad has needed massive changes and two years is not long enough to rebuild
3. The first few years under Fergie were pretty dire.
4. Stability is better than constant change
5. There are perhaps reasons why we are not playing more attacking football yet.

Also, because I'm generally a positive person. I don't like to be negative. So, I have genuniely been convinced to put aside my dislikes and doubts and give Jose a chance to deliver. I'm even thinking that for the reasons I've listed above and barring some Jose self implosion, we should give him at least another two seasons and perhaps a full five years.

Of course, just because something happened in the past doesn't mean it's going to continue into the future. However, we can learn from history. So, I think that we can see Mourinho the same was as Moyes and LVC, in which case we should recognise that he will never come good and get rid ASAP. Or, we should see him as a Fergie figure and give him plenty of time and patience to do what he needs to do to get us back to the top again.

There's no point in flim flamming in the middle. That's just indecisive and confusing. So, if Jose is not a Moyes/ LVG, let's see if he can tap into his inner Fergie.

Go Jose or go home!

12.) 15 May 2018 11:36:41
Really good post manc man.

13.) 15 May 2018 12:16:58
Mourinho as a Fergie figure, whatever next.

14.) 15 May 2018 12:21:40
The guy finished 2 Nd in the league and is in the cup final, I don't think he can be sacked for that, however the performances have been dire lots of times .
Posters have pointed out if he changes a few players that will get better, well I'm all for seeing if it does and hope it does . However if he changes some and it's still dire to watch then the it's the players thing goes out the window . I don't understand what's wrong with let's just see before forming yr opinion on the long term .

15.) 15 May 2018 16:19:38
Sorry Shappy. Shaw is fat for a footballer and can’t stay fit or even try to. Ship him out.

16.) 15 May 2018 18:17:48
Thanks Ken, he better bloody well deliver tho!



04 May 2018 10:29:55
I'm glad Jose is stating he wants squad players to stay as wether he wants them to or not it's more sensible to say he wants them at utd when we negotiate with other teams than saying he duznt want them . You wouldn't tell someone buying yr car how much you don't want it, you say how good it is .
We all hope for a big name midfielder maybe savic, if we get someone like this then itl be hard for any other midfield arrivals to get in the side as they would have to oust newboy, pogba and matic. Fellani maybe wants well rewarding for agreeing to stay as a squad player, more than he's worth but the alternative could be shell out on another midfielder, still big wages and still just a squad player, it may make more sense to use that money on a player in a different position who will be a first team starter.


1.) 04 May 2018 11:31:03
I see where you are coming from but i would rather have squad players that push our starting eleven for places or at least is at a similar level for rotation. Its no good having 3 good midfielders with a huge step down in quality to a squad player. Matic looks half the player he was at the start of the season purely because he has had to play pretty much every game. It would be nice to have squad players that can come in and performance of the team not drop drastically.

2.) 04 May 2018 11:34:08
Agree jamie. Nobody really pushing young and valencia for their place I the team same can be said for pogba matic herrera. When fellaini is your 1st reserve midfield player then you know you are short on squad depth and quality.

3.) 04 May 2018 14:21:27
Good point Jaime.

4.) 04 May 2018 15:06:38
Luke Shaw should be pushing Young to start at left back. The fact he is not suggests why he has no future at the club.

5.) 04 May 2018 16:02:57
the only thing young is pushing is big macs into his mouth.

6.) 04 May 2018 17:56:34
Young? He is in great shape.




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14 Dec 2018 09:50:52
I agree Ken we don't have a squad good enough to win the league however why is that.
We have bought 11 players under the manager that's an entire new team. Currently he inherited a great GK has bought his own players for 3 of the back 4 positions, an entire new 3 man midfield, a striker and a wideman .
Many players people feel maybe aren't good enough are still go to players and if they are given new deals it's hard to blame the tools he was left .




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12 Nov 2018 20:54:51
You make very articulate points about structure, outlay and ownership redman and I enjoy reading yr posts without always agreeing. There may be many issues at the club but we have been 19 and 23 points adrift and are currently 12 points behind but in all likelihood heading for twenty odd behind and we are currently in November behind Watford and Bournemouth .

Our football is often awful and our team for the money spent on it should be way better. We looked a bit out of our depth against city and maybe it's because they have spent more but by that logic we should be better than most if not all other teams in the world bar city. I think people can find it hard to hear about all areas where things aren't going to well but very little said about the obvious to some main thing, the managers results, style and transfer record.

i'm not sure what evidence there is that refutes every player we have bought was run past and agreed with Jose. To on the whole not mention Jose much but point out all the other things wrong with the club to me is like someone holding yr head underwater in the bath and pointing out the tap is running too fast and the waters too deep but then not really mentioning the hand holding year head underwater.




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06 May 2018 21:09:25
I think the whole do you blame players or the manager thing needs consistency if you feel it's not the managers fault when players performance or attitude are poor as he's not out on the pitch and can't be held accountable when they cross the line that's fine but why praise him when performance and attitude is good when you feel it was nothing to do with him when it wasn't.
To me the buck stops with the manager good or bad . I don't like the way he has us playing most of the time but we are second and in a cup final and as I say buck stops with the manager so to me that's worthy of another chance to make a title challenge . I may like others suspect we are as likely to slip back as keep going forward but that hasn't happened yet . If we do well next year IL praise the manager if we don't IL hold him accountable what I won't do is say he's great when we win but it's the players fault when we lose and nothing to do with him .




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14 Nov 2017 10:35:43
I'm a big bale fan and would have loved us to get him last summer, other posters pointed out it was to risky as he's injured a lot and now to be honest they are being proved correct . Very hard to justify big fee and big wages .




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17 Jul 2017 14:13:18
If there was an acceptance ddg was leaving it would be a big call not to take kroos if it shown to be possible, played for some good sides but made them better a serial trophy winner, you'd need a pretty special side not to fit him in, not realy a destroyer though but offers massive control of a game against good sides to imo.





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23 Nov 2018 19:33:02
I don't think the defense is very good Welsh the issue though is he inherited maybe the world's best keeper, an expensive lb highly rated not to long ago, then he was given funds for two CBS and a right back and yet we still look a bit naff at the back .
There seems to be a theory that because we didn't get other players the manager wanted then that automatically means he didn't want the defenders he bought, I don't really understand how that link is made, I'd assume the manager gave his blessing to the players purchased and was involved with others in deciding these players would help make the defense better, if in the future something comes to light to suggest Jose played no part in identifying players I'd happily apologise but I'm not aware at the minute people were bought against the managers wishes.




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11 Nov 2018 13:56:36
We haven't been great in the market under Jose there's been about 11 players bought in just over two year and only 2 are nailed on starters matic and pogba and they cause debate.
Maybe that's harsh on lukaku who only recently has lost his place, maybe through injury but poor form aswell so who knows and lindelehoff who's beginning to finally be a regular but maybe through default of iffy other options .
Lots of signings under lvg were just as in and out of the side aswell. It's definitely an area we can improve on . It's difficult to apportion blame without knowing the process.




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05 Nov 2018 18:20:27
I don't want this to mount to a defense of smalling we should have players better than him at CB.
But what do we do when we sign loads of players for that position since him and each manager who watches training and whose backside is on the line over results all come to the same conclusion which is he plays over all the options . There's always things like injuries but he keeps being seen as the preferred option by the various managers . Does it not say something about our recruitment of so many CBS since him for so much money and yet he's still selected.
Lots turn really quickly on smalling but he is what he is and it's not his fault all those other CBS in various managers eyes including this one can't dislodge him . If we had recruited better he wouldn't be an issue he wouldn't be playing.




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04 Nov 2018 17:58:09
I think the next 2 or 3 players we recruit are what will seal Jose's fate one way or another, the man is a skilled coach but really divides option on his methods and the way he carries himself . When he took the job we were way off and looked 4 or 5 players away from competing at the top, the problem is a dozen players later and that's still maybe the case . I don't really know who has final say on recruitments but I'd assume he's involved, I'm not sure in hindsight how many of the players we have purchased given a time machine people would pay that sort of money for and buy them again .
I hope the next 2 or 3 players recruited nail down a place in the side from the get go as lots have been players in and out the side recently Fred, Bailly, linlehoff, Sanchez, ect .
I've quite enjoyed watching utd in a lot of their games recently and they can be terrible then good in the same game . Martial has shown a skilled player playing well lifts spirits .




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01 Nov 2018 10:41:27
I don't find too much linkage one way or the other as to whether playing in an exciting way means teams will be successful or unsuccessful, people will be able to quote lots of examples of both .
We all want a smoking gun why we are so many points behind the winners since saf left . Many blame the manager, for many the tactics and for many the owners or ew.
The manager we have has been successful all his career and he must have confidence in his tactics and the owners have made up for a lack of investment in the later fergie years by ploughing vast sums in since fergie left .
I find why we have been so many points off the pace for so long is other teams player recruitment has been so much better than ours, this isn't just in Jose's time but the last two aswell, when we bought players others have bought better .
I won't do an endless list of names but when we have been buying players since fergie left, look at who our rivals bought instead, it's not that we didn't spend it's others have done it better.