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14 Jun 2017 16:24:07
Why are a lot of you so down about the Matic rumours? He's a quality footballer that is available and would improve our team. What more do you want? I think there's a lot of tunnel vision in here with regards to which ever player is flavour of the month whilst looking in the neighbours garden and getting jealous.

He's a proper defensive midfielder, really tidy on the ball, reads the game really well and Mourinho knows him inside and out. Ticks a hell of a lot of boxes for me. Granted iv only seen Fabinho a hand full of times. A player that's won 2 leagues in 3 years, or a player that's blown onto the scene in the last one year?

Getting knickers in a twist saying things like "just sign Veratti", "Just sign Kane", "just sign Sanchez". These players aren't on our radar and never were.

We've signed a really good young centre half. Close to signing a quality striker. Add matic to that and we've improved the spine of our team. A wing back and a winger and I'd be very happy with that window.

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14 Jun 2017 16:33:21
Good post that mumbles.

14 Jun 2017 16:36:48
mumbles i think one of the reasons is the fact that chelsea are signing bakayoko and consider him an upgrade over matic, if matic is not considered good enough for chelsea anymore why would he be good for us?

14 Jun 2017 16:43:18
Mumbles - I'm down about it because he is not the player he was, simple really. If we were talking about the Matic of a few years ago then it would be a fantastic signing, but he has looked out of sorts for a while. Same reason I wouldn't want Fabregas.

Maybe Jose can galvanise him, but who knows.

He may well be an improvement, but it isn't a big enough improvement and it's a gamble because the trajectory isn't great. It's signing Schweinsteiger when we should have signed Vidal all over again in my view. Again, which elite clubs in Europe would be after Matic?

14 Jun 2017 16:58:33
Fabinho is my first choice and I can't understand why it wouldn't be Mourinnhos.

14 Jun 2017 17:05:54
I'm with csm on this one I don't get how finishing 24 points behind Chelsea and buying a player they want an upgrade on closes the gap.

14 Jun 2017 17:07:55
I agree mumbles, in my opinion we need a player who allows us to release Pogba to control the game further forward, create chances and score more goals.

I don't get carried away with signings like some others, just wait and see, once they are holding the shirt up and the club release photos they are signed and hopefully we get players we need in positions to strengthen us.

14 Jun 2017 17:56:05
Matic is an expert In his position i'd be delighted with him.
Juve are buying costa i don't hear to mant complaints from their supporters because costa was a sub at bayern.
If he fits what the manner wants then he is the right player. Personally i would like fabhino as i think there is a lot of improvement In him. But matic is a risk. He had s superb season last season for Chelsea.

14 Jun 2017 18:11:29
Ken costa is moving because of his contract antics not because bayern don't think he is good enough.

14 Jun 2017 18:21:46
Bright shiny new name vs a balanced proven player. I will always pick the latter. Chelsea have their plans and we have ours. So I would rather stick to our plan and not think about which player Chelsea want. Bakoyoko has had one good season and same with Fabinho and people are getting over excited. What Matic brings is bundles of experience and an understanding of the league. Having Matic not only releases Pogba and Herrera but also gives freedom to the full backs to bomb forward. Matic was a Jose player and he knows him and maybe Conte doesn't have him in his plans but that doesn't make him a bad player.

14 Jun 2017 18:25:16
I get all your points. All logical and to an extent true. But it doesn't take away from the fact that Matic is a quality footballer. He improves our squad and gives us something we don't have. One man's garbage is another man's treasure. If our signings keep improving our team then we're going in the right direction.

14 Jun 2017 18:36:42
Matic is underrated. My concern is that this year he had Kante next to him who seems to make everyone else look better. Is he the true DM we need.
Jose must like Him as he brought him back and played him with Fabragas so maybe he thinks he can do the same with Matic / Pogba / harera.
Whatever I just hope we bring in platers of to fit Jose's style.

14 Jun 2017 18:37:11
shan what you say would be correct if we ourselves weren't targetting fabinho, he is clearly our first choice. So even utd and mourinho want the shiny new toy before the balanced proven player.

14 Jun 2017 18:52:21
Post gone missing.

Matic over no DM is more of an improvement for our squad than Chelsea replacing a decent DM with another they hope will be better. Matic has Epl exp and Jose knows him. He can free Pogba and Herrera in certain games to attack more. Many positives with Matic, although my preference is still probably Fab lol.

14 Jun 2017 19:56:54
Csm he only started 14 league games last season.

14 Jun 2017 20:12:12
I would take matic all day.

14 Jun 2017 19:57:22
Us getting Matic (who is a good specialist DM) when we don't have anyone in that position is a greater improvement than Chelsea replacing him with Bakayoko, when they already have a decent player for his position.

Bakayoko may or may not work out and good luck to Chelsea on that front. My preference is Fabinho but I must admit that may be partially due to him being one of the fashionable players - I would still be happy with Matic if the manager is happy.

He would allow Pogba and Herrera more license to break forward and affect the attack and Its always a benefit to sign someone who a) has EPL experience and b) has worked with the manager previously. I agree that some folk are unnecessarily getting their knickers in a twist over this rumour.

14 Jun 2017 21:48:40
👏👍 HB.

14 Jun 2017 22:45:52
He's got the turning circle of a bus. Not exactly an injection of pace into the side, that we're all looking for. Decent player IMO, but nothing more. Like someone said above, I think playing with a freak like Kante can cover a multitude of sins.



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