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22 Mar 2024 14:16:51
Ed's can we run a poll for posters on the site.

If it was up to you, would you give Ten Hag another year or would you replace with new manager.

I realised Ineos will do what they do, but interested what the posters on here would do given the choice.

{Ed033's Note -

Man Utd Manager poll

Agree2 Disagree1

22 Mar 2024 15:53:01
How come Ken got 6 votes?

22 Mar 2024 16:02:46
Replace for me.

Don't get me wrong, he's a good manager and he's done OK.
Unlike some, I'll consider the unusual pressures he's faced with the respect they demand - he's had a proper rough ride.

However, I cannot lie and pretend to have the belief that he's the answer. Some decisions he's made are utterly baffling to me. Pursuing the signing of Antony over Kudus was bad enough, but not taking the option on Sabitzer was just ridiculous imo.
The portrayal of him as some kind of revelation after standing his ground against Sancho is absurd - any vertebrate manager would do the same.
I don't consider his style to be anything like the 'United way' beyond the promotion of youth.
There is little to thrill or get the punters properly buzzing before they reach their seats. Where Klopp likes the heavy metal approach, ten Hag seems to adopt the random playlist approach.

OT can be an uncompromising gauge of how things are and it's the sound that attests so vividly the consensus.
While I'm sure the Liverpool match drew the claustrophobic cacophony I love so much, I have heard the strained silence of disappointment that usually precedes a managerial change at OT.

Honestly, I hope I'm wrong because I do like the guy.
I hope I'm hearing things.
I hope Erik has more to him.
I hope he oversees a period of success.
But I just don't see it.

For me, humbly, replace.

22 Mar 2024 16:14:43
Sabitzer? Who? Oh yes him. I'd forgotten all about him for a while.

22 Mar 2024 16:28:44
I'm not alone ports and no issue at all being in the minority.
I can understand why people feel the way they do.
You see things I don't and I see things you don't.
For every positive stat there is an equally damning negative one like in most situations.
At the end of the day sjr and team as dodgy says in his request are the guys that will decide. Their opinion will be the only one that counts.
I will support the team whomever is in charge. It really makes no odds to me. I can't control it so just have to accept it.
I would prefer a change for the reasons I've posted. If the new investors see what your seeing then eth will be kept in place and be given the chance to improve things further.
Honestly it's not that big a thing to me. Because I support the team even if I don't agree with selection or tactics or players or coaches. I'm a loyal customer simple as that, I won't agree with everything and I won't like everything but I'll always support and want the team to win.
Even when we won under ole I was 1st on to congratulate performances or subs, whatever. Because my feelings for the club would override any feelings towards an employee.
I realise that I'm not an expert and that any opinions I have are unimportant. We don't get a vote it's not a democracy. Its a business so we either support the decisions or put up with them grudgingly.
I've been wrong a million times about all sorts of stuff united related and in everyday stuff. If I'm wrong about this it will just be another thing I was incorrect about. I won't be losing any sleep over it either way.
I didn't want Jose fired and he was I didn't want ole to be given the job and he was. Its no big deal.
If eth is kept and does well I be singing his name like all supporters.
If eth isn't kept it's a case of the king is dead long live the new king, whomever that is and I'll want and expect him to do well.
We have a new dof and management team in place or coming into place. That's what everybody here wanted.
So I'll be happy to follow whatever road they go down. I may not be best pleased but I'll bow to their better judgement and knowledge and continue to be a loyal customer and supporter. If decisions they make turn out to be poor ones or look like poor ones after a reasonable period of time I'll voice my opinion on it full in knowledge that not everybody will agree.

22 Mar 2024 16:41:30
One thing to consider for everyone is who's the replacement going to be? Southgate or Ten Hag is different question for many than say Nagelsmann, Amorim, etc or Ten Hag?

22 Mar 2024 18:11:20
I voted to keep ETH.

22 Mar 2024 17:54:04
Good point ed077.
There are some coaches I would definitely prefer we don't pursue.

22 Mar 2024 18:47:38
Could we have a second poll Ed.

Keep ten Hag or bring in Southgate :D.

22 Mar 2024 20:04:20
22 percent to replace. You may not be alone ken, but you're in the minority so far.

22 Mar 2024 20:36:27
If it’s sack and bring in Southgate then absolutely not. Who is there available to replace him though.

I’m not convinced by ten hag yet. If I’m honest I’m sceptical that anyone will be a success until our new mob upstairs have had 18-24 months.

If we get someone new in and there’s teething problems with the new hierarchy then we’ll be back in the same boat.

I’d say get the board sorted, give him another season, Christmas at least then make a decision.

22 Mar 2024 22:19:42
Ken, I thought it was great when you said “Honestly it’s not that big a thing to me” ?.

23 Mar 2024 01:06:07
Its not. I don't feel like I did with ole I don't dislike eth I just don't see him doing the job we need. I see traits I don't like in a manager and ones I do like.
He has been far from a disaster.
I don't care who coaches or plays for us a long as they are doing a really good job and the team are playing well and attractive football.

22 Mar 2024 19:32:26
Ed, I think this is the most important consideration. Personally, I’m not overwhelmed by any of the current rumours so see little value, personally, in changing.

{Ed077's Note - I think the most likely candidate is Potter (no inside info) and that is, I'm sure, going to divide the fan base I'm the least.}

23 Mar 2024 07:30:52

I rate Potter. He was unlucky at Chelsea. He made the wrong choice in joining the T Boehly revolution. That's hindsight for you.

But I think it was a good learning curve for him. He perhaps is the right man to help set the club up again, as he has done this before.

Also he has worked with Ashworth. His Brighton played some really good football aswell.

{Ed077's Note - I like him but I'm not sure he can hit the ground running, he comes across to me like a coach who needs time to build a team and time is the thing that isnt given to managers anymore. Maybe he's learnt from his stint at Chelsea ? }

23 Mar 2024 09:45:03
I like potter but he was a disaster at a big club, you could see in his appearance the pressure and toll literally ate him alive! We’re much bigger than a big club with scrutiny he can never imagine! Big no for me regarding potter.

23 Mar 2024 10:23:26
34 votes to replace the manager, one from Ken and 33 from Maze's various accounts ???.

23 Mar 2024 08:26:15

Who would be your pick for manager then?

Based on available managers.

{Ed077's Note - Nagelsmann for me from the possible options. ( but who I think possible or unrealistic may not be seen as such by you guys) Obviously I don't consider Alonso or Klopp realistic options.

I think there's still a way for Ten Hag to earn another year but change of ownership and higher management usually means change of manager is inevitable.}

23 Mar 2024 09:43:11
Ed077, potter is a fine coach and no doubt would do a job anywhere.

But to replace ETH?

Ornstein made the point, if we were hiring a new coach today, ETH is exactly the type of coach we would be looking at. Let him cook, give him time, he has all the ingredients required. The club just have to truly back him, buy clever and allow him to coach. I think what he has done so far with this squad, the mixmash that it is, the injuries they have had to endure, and players he did not want, is fantastic.

{Ed077's Note - fantastic is going too far for me, the manner of defeats at certain parts of the seasons have been bad if you ask me, but he's not completely stunk the place IMO, when all things are accounted for.

Another thing for me is, many of our current squad members have failed to deliver under various managers with different ideas, CVs, everything. The same players who threw the towel in under Jose, pulled the plug for OGS and didn't turn up under Rangnick either. So a change of culture, and mentality has to happen in the dressing room or else we run the risk of getting back in the same spot in another 24_36 months time.}

23 Mar 2024 15:49:52
I voted to keep eth, but then I'm an Arsenal fan.

23 Mar 2024 17:04:41
Best of luck for the rest of the season Davy. Hope you win the league. The cl may be a step too far this season but imo arsenal have been the best team to watch this year and I really hope they can keep it up.

23 Mar 2024 16:36:48
Yes Ed, Fantastic is OTT. But the problems are bigger than the manager for sure. Considering that we have been in 2 Cup finals, hopefully a 3rd in 2 seasons is very good IMO, when taking in everything.

{Ed077's Note - the issues at the club, from what it seems to me, doesn't begin or end at the manager's door; but it may pass through it ??}

23 Mar 2024 18:22:52
Thanks Ken, I think one of your biggest misses this season, was Martinez, he doesn't solve all the problems, but his stability could free up the midfield a bit more, to play further forward.

24 Mar 2024 00:11:36
Thanks for the poll ed. Interesting to read the room after all the chatter these past few weeks. I agree with Ken's point further up, that the southgate rumours are just clickbait stories during international week. He may well be on some long list somewhere for consideration, but the media are running it for everything they can for clicks.



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