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12 Feb 2024 16:59:04
A lot of noise has been made about the injury problems of Martinez - plenty from myself, but, with Shaw's own injury issues, I think left-sided CB summer signing is perhaps now a priority.

Martinez, injured or not, needs decent competition from a proper CB. Shaw, despite being an adequate backup at left CB, is not the answer. I disagree completely with the narrative that he's a better CB than LB, but to each their own.
Evans is too old to become the answer and Maguire, irrespective of how dominant a force he can be, is, like Evans, not a natural on the left.

We have 5 proper CBs who are, at least predominantly, right-footed, but just one left-footed option.
Additionally, we have 2 senior LBs with major injury problems this season, as opposed to the 2 lesser-afflicted on the right.
Yet, there are those who would insist that neither Alvaro nor Brandon Williams are good enough - each is better than an option out injured.

First and foremost for me, defensively, as shown by this season, a natural left-sided CB must surely be the priority.
Secondly, we need to manage the load faced by Shaw and, if Malacia can't return to the level required, then we have to commit some faith in Alvaro or Williams.

So, do we splash out £60-£70m on a Bastoni or an Inacio, do we take the option of an overpriced big old lump like Branthwaite for £40-£50m, or do we take a punt on someone like Nuraly Alip for maybe £15-£20m?

Or instead, should we stick with 3 injury-prone options to cover 2 positions while we lazily focus only on the right side that has 7 options across 2 positions with only Varane as the standout injury problem?

For me, it's now a no-brainer.
Until yesterday, I was thinking maybe Shaw could become the answer, but seeing Lindelof at LB with Maguire at left CB reeks of defensive fragility.

I know Dalot can cover LB, but will we now see Lindelof at RB until another FB returns?

Between now and April, we have 6 PL games - one at the Etihad and 5 winnable. This will be the easiest remaining period for us to gather points, but now our defensive injury gremlins have reappeared.

That said, we're only 5 and 6 points behind Villa and Spurs respectively with a debatably easier run-in - we might yet just squeak our stinky little extruder into the top 4.

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12 Feb 2024 18:19:29
I think Branthwaite is a fine prospect and doing well. I think he is a realistic option.
He looks better than Evans lindelof and maguire to me and I think he has a very good future ahead of him.

12 Feb 2024 18:35:02
We’ve been unfortunate with long term injuries this season at the back. Our left back has been out for most of it, and our back up left back is out pretty much for the season too. Martinez has been Nicky with injuries, but Varane is a liability fitness wise.

I think we need x2 new CBs and a RB in the summer.

12 Feb 2024 19:45:28
I think we should ideally look to sign two centre backs. However, I also think we should look to sign two midfielders. Given our limited depth in forward areas, that would mean at least 6 new signings this summer, which isn't going to happen.

With that in mind I think if we signed one centre back, either Todibo or De Ligt, and kept Maguire and Varane, that would cover us pretty nicely at the back, since Maguire can play left or right side. Even Lindelof can play left or right side, and actually played really well next to Varane last season during the final few weeks.

That would leave more money for those two midfielders, which will be essential with Eriksen, Amrabat, and Donny all leaving this summer. Right back can wait until next summer for me, partly because I don't think there are many right backs available that are good enough. Frimpong might not be suited to a back 4, mainly playing really high in a back 5 for Leverkusen and even playing as right forward. Mazroaui might be allowed to leave Bayern in the summer but I don't think he would be an improvement on Dalot, perhaps not even Wan Bissaka. Arnau Martinez is pretty solid but I'm not convinced the City Football Group would sell to United and again I don't he would offer any more than Dalot. Pedro Porro is a class player and would massively improve that side but Spurs would understandably demand huge money.

12 Feb 2024 20:23:52
I've said all along that ideally we sign two CB's this summer. I also think we need to sign two midfielders unless Casemiro is both able and willing to play one more season in more of a back up role. If not then we definitely need two midfielders, as Mainoo is the only other option.

Branthwaite would be a great option and we will probably need to look at signing some options that count as homegrown players given that Maguire, Evans, AWB, McTominay, Greenwood and Sancho are all players who could and probably should depart this summer.

Then a right sided CB such as Todibo or Antonio Silva. Although Tomori and Guehi would obviously also count as homegrown alternatives.

It would be good if we could sign a RB who could also play at CB in a pinch if needed, someone like Geertruida or Simakan.

One thing is for sure, until we get better defenders who can play with the ball and enable a better style of play, we will continue to have inconsistent results.

Lots of talk about wingers such as Olise. But I think it's the spine/ heart of the team that needs rebuilding.

Look at Liverpool last year and this. Completely changed the midfield and went from alsorans to contenders.

When the team defenders well and controls the ball we will improve in attack.

I'd leave RW this summer and then maybe have a look at Cole Palmer for summer 2025 if Chelsea haven't improved. A local lad with bags of ability and a great attitude by all accounts.

We also have a few young players who could in the next couple of years start pushing for a first team place. Harry Amass at LB, the Fletcher twins in midfield, Shea Lacey at RW.

We need to start to think about Thier pathway into the first team.

12 Feb 2024 21:41:38
Shappy, I would consider keeping Maguire and McTominay this summer - never thought I would say that. Maguire is a decent centre back and solid pro, and McTominay is a great option off the bench, and has been invaluable this season. I would also keep Varane another season as he is without question our best defender with Martinez out. If we keep Martinez, Maguire, Lindelof, and Varane this summer, then we could afford to sign only one centre back.

Equally, I would keep Casemiro as he is our best midfielder when fit, but I think we should still be looking to sign two midfielders this summer. Eriksen and Amrabat will leave, which leaves only Casemiro, Mainoo, Mount, Bruno, and Scott. Mainoo is still only 18, Casemiro can't play twice every week, and Scott isn't good enough to start. We need a number 6 to provide back up for Casemiro and eventually replace him or compete with a future signing and a number 8 to take the burden off Kobbie and potentially start alongside him this summer.

Then next summer we can allow Varane, Lindelof, Maguire and Casemiro and Scott to leave, potentially Bruno too, and sign two centre backs and a young defensive midfielder that can play at 6 or 8 next summer.

In an ideal world our midfield options would be Kamara, Thuram, De Jong, Mainoo, and Mount by 2025. Then we can stop playing a number 10 that doesn't offer any defensive stability or ball retention.

12 Feb 2024 21:43:32
Branthwaite was shrugged aside like a Playmobil toy for City's second. What is the love-in with this player, simply by his nationality he'll cost three times what a shreweder less glamourous name might once our amazing network of scouts across the globe kicks in.
I thought when Lindelof came on at LB he was lucky not to cost us, they were targeting that side. Fish out of water. From what I've seen of Malacia I don't think he's the answer either.

12 Feb 2024 22:29:09
Gilly, Maguire and McTominay have been decent for us this season, but neither are good enough to be first choice and we need to both raise funds and make space in the squad before we can sign anyone.

Sell both of them and that's 70 maybe 80m coming into the club for two players who just aren't good enough.

If we are shrewd with our signings we could replace both with more suited players who could and would likely be first choice.

Todibo is supposedly available for around 30-35m, which is probably around what we could get Maguire.

While a player I really like and think would be a great signing is Manu Kone from Gladbach. Again probably available for between 30-35m which is what we would likely get for McTominay.

Then if we get 25-30m for Varane and 40-50m for Casemiro from Saudi Arabia then we would have plenty to buy replacements who are more suited to how we want to play and with more longevity.

If someone will pay 20-25m for AWB then I'm fairly confident we could sign someone like Geertruida or Simakan for a similar fee to replace him. Again moving on a player who probably doesn't have a long term future and bringing in a player who could.

Selling Maguire, McTominay, Varane, Casemiro, and AWB and bringing in two CB's, two CM's and a RB for around what we make would in theory leave all our budget not including money made from sales to sign a striker.

While selling the likes of Donny, Hannibal, Pellistri, Greenwood and Sancho could further raise significant funds if the club were to try and make more than 5 or 6 signings this summer.

12 Feb 2024 23:57:52
I don't think we will allow that many players to leave this summer. Wan Bissaka will probably leave if we can a good enough offer, but I'm not convinced by the players that have been linked as a replacement. Simaken might be a useful signing as a back up right back, since he is also an adept centre back, but other than that, there are not many that would be a significant upgrade on Wan Bissaka, let alone an upgrade on Dalot. Pedro Porro might be the best young right back not currently playing for an elite team, and he would cost huge money.

If we can wrap up deals for Todibo and Thuram with the money we can raise by selling Maguire and McTominay then fair enough, but we would still have to sign another centre back and another centre midfielder, which would likely cost another £100m. Greenwood, Sancho, Pellestri, Henderson will all be sold which will more or less cover that, but there would still be centre forward and right forward to consider.

If we allow Varane and Casemiro to leave this summer they will also have to be replaced, at significant cost. Whereas if we can keep them for a further season, perhaps on reduced wages, which has been suggested, then I think that would be the most astute option, both financially, and with regard to squad depth and experience.

Granted, if we sold Varane, Maguire, Casemiro, and McTominay this summer, along with those that haven't featured such as Greenwood, Sancho, Pellestri, Henderson, then we could potentially afford to spend £300 million of 6-8 new players this summer, but in our history, we simply haven't ever done that all in one window. I think it will be £200 million spent on 4-5 players, with maybe £120 million raised from sales. Next summer, 2-3 new players and letting Varane, Casemiro, Anthony leave would be sensible.

13 Feb 2024 01:12:02
Shappy where are you getting these figures from? £30-35m for Maguire? He’ll be 31 years old, barely have played well for 2 years and he’s literally average (altho perhaps good for a low defensive block) on high wages (unlikely to want to a massive drop off in wages) have 1 year left on his contract. His options are West Ham and maybe an Italian side like Roma? At best. Neither will want to be spending more than £20m at max imo when factoring age and wages and contract remaining etc

Mctominay will also have 1 year left on his contract. There’s v little interest in him, maybe West Ham, maybe Newcastle? No continental team is paying £30m for him with 1 year left on his contract.

Pretty sure Nice were asking for 50-60m for Todibo in January, which is always inflated prices compared to the summer window but I’d imagine they’d still want £40m+ this summer.

So think Maguire + Mctominay = Todibo or there about.

AWB is also in his last year on contract and seemingly the only interest is Crystal Palace. I’d imagine 15m seems fair.

Varane and Casemiro are slight wild cards, who knows what Saudi clubs are willing to pay for Casemiro but 40-50m seems especially generous, and I’m not entirely sure who would want to sign Varane? There were links of him going back to Madrid but I don’t see them signing an injury prone CB on high wages for £30m.

Ultimately I think those players raise £120m max imo. A far cry from the 200m+ you seem to expect. Also Donny, Sancho, Greenwood, Pellistri and Hannibal raising ‘significant funds’ seems overblown. 10, 35, 20, 10, 10 would probs be around the figures I’d imagine clubs would pay for them, so maybe another 100m max.

13 Feb 2024 02:56:10
Agreed Fuser, we simply can't afford to replace that many players in one window. We need a centre back, we need a number 6 and a number 8, and we need a centre forward and perhaps a right forward, although a versatile forward that can play across the front three might be the more financially astute option.

If we can shift Henderson, Williams, Eriksen, Sancho, Greenwood, Pellestri, Hannibal, and Donny this summer to begin with, that could raise £120 million, perhaps more. That should cover at least half the money we invest in those four new players.

Give Wan Bissaka, Lindelof, Maguire, McTominay, Casemiro, and Varane each another year, and extend contracts by a year if necessary, then take £20 million a pop next summer and run. We would probably only two young centre backs, a right back, and one centre midfielder, ideally capable as a number 6 and as a number 8 to replace those 6. Potentially cash in on Bruno next summer too, which would give us plenty cash to replace those players and improve the positions we can't improve this summer.

13 Feb 2024 05:51:52
There’s so many players that need to go
Varane being one along with Evans lindelof awb and I’d like to see Maguire go but he may stay
We desperately need a top top right back who is a threat going forward but also does his job! Dalot good back up option
Erickson and amrabat will go and do they cash in on mctom while stock is high?
Sancho greenwood pellistri martial Donny also to go! I’d keep cas as a squad player to help and find a top part long term for mainoo!
It won’t happen all at once but I’d expect a lot of the above to be gone in next 18 months!

13 Feb 2024 10:01:51
There is a reason why finance and figures are not spoken about by the eds.
There is more nonsense in this thread than I'veseen in a long time.
Is for real not a computer game. Nobody has a clue what their talking about.
"Increase their contracts by a year if necessary"???
Really lads stick to the day jibs.

13 Feb 2024 10:25:36
Fuser, West Ham agreed a 35m deal for Maguire last summer only for the player to turn it down. That was off the back of Maguires worst season with us, having hardly played and being a total liability when he did. Since then he's had some decent if not spectacular form, so I think 30-35m is about the right figure for him coming off the back of an improved season.

McTominay had interest at 30m last summer but we waned 35m, again coming off of a poor season. This season McTominay has 8 goals for United and 7 goals for Scotland. Probably having his best season of his career, certainly his most prolific in front of goal. Therefore, 30-35m for him seems about right.

The wages are a non-issue in my opinion. United would have to pay up the final year of their deals anyway, while the buying clubs do not have to match their United wages, so will offer them wages in line with their clubs wage structure.

AWB would achieve 20-25m in the current market for an English homegrown player. Especially one whose only just turned 26 and is entering their prime, the buying club would get 5 maybe 6 years of peak performances from him.

Varane has had interest from both Bayern and Real Madrid as well as from Saudi Arabia, 25-30m for him seems about right.

Casemiro is the wild card, could be anything from 30-50m for him from Saudi Arabia.

I'm assuming maths isn't your strong suit, if you add up the lower end ranges I've put down (70, 25, 40, 20) then you get 155m, if you add up the higher end of the figures I suggested (80, 30, 50, 25) then you get 185m.

So I haven't suggested we'd make 200m+ from selling Maguire, McTominay, AWB, Varane and Casemiro like you're saying.

I said we could raise significant funds from the selling of some fringe players. I think you're probably right with fees of 10m each for players like Donny and Pellistri. That seems about right, but we might get a little more for Pellistri. Hannibal has a 20m purchase option in his Sevilla loan which suggests the club would want around that figure for him, which means your suggestion of 10m seems unlikely.

I think your suggestions of 35m for Sancho and 20m for Greenwood are a fair bit short of what we will actually get, I'd expect more like 45-50m for Sancho given his good form for Dortmund. While Greenwood has caught the attentions of both Real Madrid and Barcelona, again I'd expect closer to 40m maybe even a bit above that.

My point however is that I didn't give any figures I just said the selling of these players would raise significant funds. You stated that was "overblown" then gave some figures that are probably on the low side that still totalled 85m, You suggested "100m max". I think most people on here would agree that 85-100m is a significant amount of money. Enough to make one or two top quality signings at least, maybe three with some great scouting.

Like I said though I think you've underestimated on at least 3 of those players so it could be 120m.

This also doesn't include the 16m we should get from selling Henderson plus whatever we get from Williams and Alvaro Fernandez which might only be 10-15m. Still that's another 26-30m to add to the pile.

So that's 155-185m from Maguire, Varane, AWB, McTominay and Casemiro.

100-120m for Sancho, Greenwood, Donny, Pellistri and Hannibal.

and a further 26-30m for Henderson, Williams and Alvaro Fernandez.

meaning a total of between 281-335m.

That's 13 players sold with only 3 maybe 4 of them being players who'd possibly be first 11 regulars. The rest are squad players who'd have minimal impact over the whole season.

If we can bring in 5-6 first 11 quality players to replace them (which with 280m before the club adds any funds of their own or anything from INEOS should be more than enough to secure 5-6 players) We would be a much strong squad and better team for it.

As for what player would cost to buy I'm only going off of figures I've seen quoted, which I accept is horribly inconsistent.

The figures Nice would accept for their players for example have varied wildly, with some of the outlets suggesting higher figures if sold in January as opposed to what they might accept in the summer. Which given their position in a title challenge makes sense.

Either way the club should be able to raise significant funds through player sales this summer without having to sell key players.

13 Feb 2024 10:58:06
Shappy I'm now 100% sure you don't understand what your talking about.
No need for the hypothesis.
So far off the mark and so far from understanding.

13 Feb 2024 12:06:14
Times two, take away three and then tell me what time it is in Abu Dhabi!

13 Feb 2024 12:27:10
In modern football, it pays to have versatile and dynamic options for each department - say a Jonny Evans or a Scott McTominay.

Now, I've been perhaps rather harsh on McTominay over the last couple of years, but he's shut me and many others up a little with his endeavour.

If it were up to me, I'd keep Maguire and McTominay, for reasons I'll explain further down.
Both, along with Shaw, Kambwala, Mainoo, Mount, Rashford and Garnacho, would fulfill the homegrown quota.
Additionally, we have the 'homegrown' options of Gore, Hannibal, Williams, Alvaro, Bennett, Fish, Vitek, McNeill, Hugill, Forson, and the enigma that is Shoretire to decide upon. We might also have the Ethans - Wheatley and Williams - looking to stick toes in the door.
Of this group, I would probably sell Hannibal, Williams, Bennett, Fish, Vitek, McNeill and Shoretire. I doubt we'd make more than £30m from that lot, but they've all had time and we need to be ruthless.
Greenwood and Sancho are, to me, irrelevant beyond anything that pertains to received fees.

So now, we get to the senior options with value who have contracts expiring in 2024, 2025 or 2026.
Maguire might just end up leaving on a free, we must simply accept that because of the sheer enormity of his wages. He's here, imo, until 2025, that's when we should be working on his replacement.
Lindelof's contract extension also runs out in 2025, but he's not on stupid money and would absolutely be someone I'd be looking to shift.
Varane might stay for another season with an extension, but I'd prefer to sell him. Maybe another £15m?
Evans is worth keeping for another year.
I'd look to tie Kambwala down to a new contract.
I'd sell AWB who, for me, has always been an earnest yet average PL defender who can chuck in a worldie tackle. £15m max?
Malacia (2026) is a difficult one. I'd hope to see him have an injury-free crack for a season before deciding on him.
Casemiro needs to be sold. Great player, but now failing fast.
Contracted until 2026, Saudi clubs circling, £25m+?
Eriksen will go, no doubt about that. Maybe £10m?
McTominay is an experienced, versatile player with physical attributes most don't have - big, tall and athletic. I've been harsh on the guy because I've always wanted him to be a master rather than a jack, but he's still a decent squad option.
Fernandes (2026). Yeah, never an option for sale.
Then we have Amad. I really do like him as a player, but if Antony isn't sold then he needs to move for the sake of his own career. I doubt anyone will pay close to half of the fee we signed Antony for so, unfortunately, I think Amad will go.
Perhaps another £15m?
Martial can just f*** off. Absolute w***** who, for me, is one of the worst signings we've ever made. Lazy af p**** with a pathetic attitude. Just go already.

Then we have the remaining 4 loanees - Sancho, Greenwood, Donny and Pellistri. Sell all 4. £30m, £25-£30m, £5-£10m, £10m, respectively.

So, conservatively, we could generate £195m from the sales of 17 players.

Of course that won't happen, but the point is that we must get ruthless with players already here before looking at improving the squad.

13 Feb 2024 13:23:08

Think this is one of those times that I completely agree with ed002.

We shouldn't be chatting about finances, we haven't got a clue ?.

13 Feb 2024 13:27:28
Last paragraph there ork imo is the key.
I don't think your numbers make any sense at all but the idea of being ruthless and potentially taking big hits is OK but the books have to balance so that may well mean we need to sell one of our more valuable assets.
We all have our dream scenario or wish list but without the full picture its all just stuff in our heads.
If players don't want to move its not easy to shift them as we've seen.
I think we all just have to sit back and hope that the club tick as many of our hopes as possible and as fans we need to support that outcome imo.
No quick fix I think we all have to be patient.
But I totally agree that getting players out is more important than those coming in just now. That's just my opinion without seeing the full picture.

13 Feb 2024 14:09:14
Snappy there is no way we are getting £300 million for those players, not a chance. Just because we paid far too much for them doesn’t mean other clubs are that daft.

Tumbleweed, United have signed several players over several, with an option to extend for a further year written into their contract. For example, Pogba signed a 5 year deal with an option for a further year when we signed him in 2016, Sancho signed a 5 year deal with an option for a further year when we signed him in 2021, and Lindelof signed a new 5 year deal with an option for a further year in 2019, along with countless others.

I’m guessing similar deals will have been agreed for players such as Wan Bissaka, Maguire, and McTominay, meaning we could extend their contracts until 2025 if necessary, and therefore keep them for a further season, whilst still getting a decent fee next summer. I believe Varane has a contract until 2025, and Casemiro has a contract until 2026, though I might be wrong, so we might lose Varane on a free next summer, but I don’t know if the club might have the option to extend his contract for a further year.

It will be interesting to see how the club decide to shift so many players that don’t have a future at club, be it short term or long term, but I think it is utterly unrealistic to expect them to sell nearly 15 players in one window, and even more so to expect them to raise £300 million in the process.

13 Feb 2024 14:43:18

I'm not being funny but, while I'm sure Ed002 might at times be fed up with seeing discussion about financial doings that we're not privy to, if the Eds were vehemently opposed to said discussions they wouldn't approve the posts.
They are, after all, the captains of this 'ere ship.


As I also have no detailed picture of the intricacies involved, I can only speculate from the information available to me.

Players can be difficult to shift, Martial is the prime example of that.

My overall position is this.
I wish I could have been a pro footballer, but I was always crap.
I'd love to be a top-level football coach, but I know I'd be crap.
Despite how crap I am at playing the game and how crap I'd almost certainly be at coaching it, my inner i'd is still a rotund little 8yo hoping that just today I'll not be the last kid picked and that the game goes how I want it.
That's literally where I am when it comes to United and football in general - a kid that, despite the spiteful nibble of reality, wishes he was involved with the game he loves so dearly.

As long as the Eds allow it, this kid will unapologetically continue to talk football on any level I wish because, despite how crap I am, I am still utterly obsessed with the game.

So yes, I will talk finances, as will Shappy, as will you when it suits.
I might well talk a fair amount of trash, but I'll own that, take it on one of my chins and move on.

It is what it is mate.

13 Feb 2024 14:47:55
Dalot is playing fantastic right now and is a shout for our player of the season. There is a reason why it is difficult to find better options out there that are playing at smaller clubs.

Last year he was terrible on the back post and wan bissska was better defending a tricky winger. But this season he has improved both those problems areas and has also played well coming into midfield and overlapping out wide (where he crossing is a little hit and miss) .

13 Feb 2024 16:01:50
I respect that ork. At least your not delusional. But to be fair it's quite easy to ecucate yourself more about the finances and some of the intricacies and costs on transfers. Ed002 has a few pieces posted in the archives so you have a lot more info available to you to make more informed posts.
None of us have any idea on what is likely to happen on transfers and of course we all think we know how to pick a team and manage a squad but as you rightly say it's thrash talk nonsense, the tea lady from the office would have an opinion on how we should approach it and she would swear she is right too?
Nowt wrong with dreaming mate.

13 Feb 2024 17:41:43

I'm really not as thick as you presume.

For example, amortisation.
I understand that anything in addition to £4m max for Lindelof in the summer would be considered profit.
Anything in addition to £8.2m max for Varane would be profit.
I know we'd want £35m to break even on Casemiro, £29.2m on Sancho and £49.2m on Antony.

I also know that, for the club, contract amortisation isn't the only prickly issue - wages are a big ol' concern too, but in terms of PSR/ FFP they are of no consequence.

Of all the players I suggested we sell at the fees given, only Casemiro and Donny would represent losses - maybe a maximum of a £15m loss on the pair, offset by the profit on just Varane and Lindelof.
Eriksen arrived on a free, so £10m for him would be considered profit.
Anything in addition to £7.4m max for Amad would be profit.
Anything in addition to £1.8m max for Pellistri would be profit.
Then we have the suggested £60m made from the sales of Greenwood, Williams, Bennett, Fish, Vitek, McNeill, Shoretire and Hannibal - almost entirely profit. That figure may be missing the mark one way or another, but you get the gist.

I know you don't rate figures being bandied about and that's fine, but your dismissal doesn't count as greater knowledge or better understanding of financial doings.
I think your rating of Branthwaite is cuckoo-speak, but that's an opinion from someone who, from the outset, knows no more or less than you.

I'll be frank, amortisation of contracts in football is not the most familiar to me, but I don't think I'm doing too bad learning as I go.
I'm certainly no expert and I'm always happy to be corrected, but shut downs won't happen with me mate.

13 Feb 2024 18:06:38

"If it were up to me, I'd keep Maguire and McTominay, for reasons I'll explain further down.
Both, along with Shaw, Kambwala, Mainoo, Mount, Rashford and Garnacho, would fulfill the homegrown quota. "

Players under the age of 21 don't have to be named in your 25 man squad. Meaning Kambwala, Mainoo and Garnacho will not be included in our "homegrown" quota for 2-3 more seasons yet.

Which means even if we keep hold of Maquire and McTominay, along with Shaw, Mount and Rashford that we only have five players to register as homegrown.

I wouldn't be surprised to see the likes of Evans and Heaton stick around for that reason.

It's often easier to think that we can only have 17 players over the age of 21 who aren't "homegrown". Next season for example Hojlund will need to be registered, while he didn't have to be this season.

Andre Onana, Altay Bayindir, Raphael Varane, Lisandro Martinez, Victor Lindelof, Tyrell Malacia, Diogo Dalot, Casemiro, Christian Eriksen, Donny van de Beek, Bruno Fernandes, Antony, Facundo Pellistri, Anthony Martial, Rasmus Hojlund and Amad Diallo.

As it stands these 16 players will all need to be registered next season if they were to still be at the club.

So effectively it would need to pretty much be a one in one out approach to signing non-homegrown players.

If we want to sign 5 or 6 non-homegrown players we will need to sell/ release 4 or 5 non-homegrown players. Donny, Pellistri and Martial are pretty much nailed on to leave, but at least 2 or 3 others will likely need to go as well.

Further more we will likely see the likes of Greenwood, Sancho, Evans, Heaton, Maguire and McTominay all potentially depart which is another 6 homegrown players.

So it would be prudent to look to sign a couple of homegrown players this summer to avoid a situation further down the line where we might be forced into having to sign homegrown players or play with a smaller squad.

The club needs to think about making sure we stop making financially stupid decisions with our players, big contracts for declining players, or new contracts for bit part players who aren't contributing, and finally selling players while they still have some value rather than letting their contracts elapse and leave for free.

Martial, Evans and Heaton will all leave for nothing this summer. While that might not be a big deal for Heaton and Evans, two players we got on free transfers. The situation with Martial is we paid near 50m for him, and paid him just shy of 80m over the 9 years he has been at the club. Allowing him to leave for free is exactly why we are in a tight spot with FFP.

In the summer we will have eight players who will be entering the final year of their contract (McTominay, Varane, Maguire, AWB, Lindelof, Diallo, Eriksen and Kambwala) .

I would expect Diallo and Kambwala to get new deals before Christmas. Eriksen might be allowed to leave for free as he was signed on a free.

The other five I would expect the club to look to sell as many of them as possible to avoid them leaving for free, and I really don't expect any of them to be given a new contract.

The only fly in the ointment is that we have three centre backs, four if you include Evans who will all likely leave the club this summer. For that reason I could see the club offering Evans another one year deal, or keeping Lindelof and letting him leave on a free as his fee and wages have been the lower than that of Varane and Maguire, and he has been a steady squad option.

Varane on 300k per week needs to be a starter if he stays, as does Maguire on 190k per week. Its hard to justify paying players that much to sit on the bench and is not something I see INEOS doing going forward.

13 Feb 2024 21:54:06
Not for 1 second suggesting you're dumb, ork but I would say your a bit snowflakey with that kind of response very touchy indeed, nor did I mention amortisation that's pretty simple Mathematics and accounting.

I'm taking about vat agents fees, legals associated costs pay offs etc so getting in 250m in fees that does not go to the club three is a load of associated costs. So even then that puts out your amounts going against the amortised value. It's quite complex which is why eds won't go into it
Nobody said you're dumb, just not as fully in the picture as you could be. Touchy chap you are??.

14 Feb 2024 13:05:21

I get that amortisation is basic accounting, but I don't know enough about the forensic structure of a footballer's contract to know whether it's very nature is subject to standard amortisation the same way as any other respective contract. I get that there's likely nominal difference if any at all, but I don't presume to know anything about a footballer's contract beyond the basics.

I'm one of the very many who find accounting dull and will only seek to know the bits that apply to myself, my family and my businesses, after my accountant has worked her grubbies through the puddings.
I don't have a pro sportsperson in my family so have no reason or indeed interest in learning the finer details of contracts relevant to athletes.

I like football, not accounting.

I mentioned amortisation because the manner in which you always seek to shut down talk of financial doings is that of someone who presumes themselves to be an authority surrounded by simpletons. You could be Alan Sugar for all I know pal, but you still won't be shutting me down.

Simply put, if the Eds are comfortable with finance-speak being posted, then it just leaves you with the problem.

14 Feb 2024 16:11:37
I've no problem with anything you say. I said the the eds don't talk about finances because it's complex and the try not to get into it themselves. You can make up a bunch of figures that don't make sense I'm not sure why your so touchy about someone pointing out that they don't make sense Or bare any relation to reality. Nobody trying to shut you down just pointing out that that your assumptions are flawed some of the reasoning why.

15 Feb 2024 06:10:57
I see people going completely overboard in terms of a rebuild. We are not selling mc and say what you want about him but in terms of age, attitude and ability to win you games and being an academy player, plenty will go before he goes imo.

We will get a couple of CB's and a couple of mids with Ericksen, cas moving on most likely. we will also spend money on a couple of people up top right wing and striker. 6 signings I reckon.

Greenwood, Sancho, Dvb, Hanibal, Cas, Eriksen, Maguire and Varrane will go imo. Not sure why lindelof was extended, his forward passing ability is on par with a 3rd grader. Praying shaw is ready to come back, lindelof at left back is embarrassing.

That is a massive job for whoever the new DOF is. Then you have the likes Hanibal, Gore, Pellistri, Fish who will be back from their loan spells and he has to figure out what to do with them plus a number of academy players who will need a pathway.



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