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17 Nov 2023 06:58:51
Rumoured that SJR is expected to take guidance from SAF as he undertakes an overhaul of the club. He should be seeking advice from Ralf, SAF brought us Moyes and with respect whilst we need to learn from the past, the old ways don't work the same. Modernise, look at what City did, not how SAF did it in the 80's.

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17 Nov 2023 07:30:59
Probably just a load of bs from a bored journalist on a slow day.

17 Nov 2023 07:41:48
I agree Red Man. It is believable. I just hope SJR is shrewd enough to pick out the useful bits. Yes SAF the best at player management. However, a terrible scout of managers and a chequered history (amazing on pitch success, falling out over horses and cosying up to the Glazers) does leave me baffled as to the value of his wisdom. Anything other than “support the manager wholeheartedly” should be treated with caution.

17 Nov 2023 12:19:25
Ratcliffe is essentially buying 25% of the club and taking on 100% responsibilities. Getting a little rubber stamp from Fergie is what you'd expect. Used for guidance when needed but I'd assume the new personal coming in will already know what they're doing and won't need any guidance.

I don't think there's much in this story at all.

17 Nov 2023 13:22:55
It's not a story mumbles. Fishing for the gullible fools.
Sjr would be a fool not to listen to what sir Alex has to say. There is a difference between listening and actioning on those words.
Why would he talk to Ralph? The guy was an unmitigated disaster at united.
Where has he done a good job anywhere at a top club? Actually not sure he had ever been employed by a top club.
The fishing line will hook some the silly billys into believing something more. But you have to remember some of those folks want failure so will jump on every negative report regardless of what source it comes from.

17 Nov 2023 13:46:27
Media speculation most likely.

Even if its not I don't see an issue with that at all. People take advice from their doctors about cutting down on drinking or quitting smoking. Doesn't mean they will act on that advice.

Personally I think it'd be foolish not to listen to what SAF has to say on Manchester United. I can't think of many people with greater authority to speak to about the club now.

Gaining that information cannot be a bad thing. Greater knowledge is never a bad thing.

I trust that SJR understands the difference between listening to advice and blinding doing everything everyone tells him to do. I can't imagine he would be able to be the self made billionaire he is by just blindly following advice.

Besides SJR will look to hire qualified people to run the club, a new CEO probably a new DOF, no doubt followed by a raft of new people across the club and a shake up of the current structure.

Red Man, you seem to have gotten yourself into a bit of a negative spiral. You are quickly becoming a parody of Victor Meldrew.

Every time a press report comes out speculating about one thing or another you are there slapping your hand onto your forehead proclaiming "I don't believe it" with a mix of frustration, anger and exasperation.

Why do you choose to believe every negative report and sceptical of any positive ones? Why do you always choose to see or expect the worst?

Exactly how does that benefit you, improve or enhance your quality of life?

Everyday you are on here complaining about this report or that report and why that is a disgrace or just plain wrong.

Firstly, its all rumours and mostly guff. Secondly, why even give it the time of day? Especially as all it seems to do is wind you up and bring a level of unhappiness/ dissatisfaction to your life.

Man, I think you need a holiday.

17 Nov 2023 15:05:53
Pot and kettle Shappy, you believe every good report that comes out if it suits your narrative!

17 Nov 2023 17:03:25
Correct. There is a difference between listening and actioning on those words.
Ralph should not have been coach, he should have been there to restructure, reset. That was the issue, they didn’t listen to the expert consultant, they themselves brought in.

Looks like we are not allowed to question anything, just sit smiling and happy or you get jumped on by the site thought police.

17 Nov 2023 18:35:06
Ken, people tend to forget that part. You're a fool and ignorant if you willing choose not to listen to people who have achieved success. Especially if you are hoping of achieving similar success.

However, listening to what some has to say and acting on it is very different. You should never just blindly do what someone says. Mothers tell their children "would you jump off a bridge if he told you to do it" when they use that excuse for why they did something. But that's where it should stop, in childhood. Once you're a grown adult you should always be listening, and then critically analysing what people tell you.

As for Rangnick, a lot of what he said has proven true, and a lot of what he said we need to do I suspect we will see actioned under SJR.

His real expertise was never utilised by the club, but that's because he cast a light on the mistakes of people at the club who cannot and will not accept they have made mistakes.

17 Nov 2023 18:52:01
But ralph has never done it at a big club. He obviously had some good ideas but no track record at a top club. Perhaps he was not good at communicating and even if that's not the case he was communicating to non subject matter experts.
I think all the coulda woulda shoulda hindsight talk is daft. It's gone.
There are lots of mistakes over the last 10 years we all know that.
Nobody is the site police apart from the eds.
You make lots of negative comments over 85% of your posts are negative probably a good deal higher than that actually. You have a problem with replies to those. If your constantly negative expect people to counter that.
Nobody has ever said anything to you that you have not said or written about the owners. So live by the sword and all that. Nobody here knows you any better than you know the glazers so it's no more personal.
It's not a matter of site police its a matter of people countering your negativity and negative posts.
Keep it coming positive people will always try to be positive. You like wallowing in the problems I like looking forward in hope for realistic solutions.
Your disdain for the owners is clearly tainting your outlook on every aspect of the club.
Nobody trying to control anything but if you post the way you do then expect to be countered on it. The negativity that pours out of nearly every single post you make is frustrating to read imo. So every time it's there I'll try to counter it with some positivity or to expose the holes in the negative comment.
We all make negative comments from time to time that's healthy imo but most don't do it nearly all the time.
Nobody is stopping you do it but some give you a hard time because of it.

17 Nov 2023 19:21:53
My opinion on it for what it’s worth is RR was the worst manager at united in 10 years, he was aloof, up his own ……. Thought he knew everything, man management ZERO and what’s more I feel ETH got some of them traits too.

How he even got in the door to this day is a mystery

RR never said nothing that Jose had not already told the world years before, but many on here hounded him for boring football and not buying a house in Manchester!

Now we have worse football and ETH cycling round Manchester, Mount doing photoshoots everywhere, Antony well what does he do, Amrabat a poor man’s Fred Sancho situation as become just childish, most of this caused by ETH

But trying to make RR out as some sort of second coming is well wide of the mark.

17 Nov 2023 20:43:55
You fail to understand the difference between a manager or coach and a consultant trying to change structurally where we were.

In terms of other points. Why are we not allowed to think, or to question? Why are we being told to toe the line, only smile, nod your head, doff your cap, that’s what is required of you as fans. It’s about control, someone wants to control the site, rather than respect opinions or questions. It’s happened before, there is a trait there, obvious to see.

18 Nov 2023 06:35:48
Hugs available for $5. All proceeds to SJR takeover fund.

18 Nov 2023 09:56:36
I have zero issues with sjr taking some advice from the greatest manager in the game who knows united through and through.

18 Nov 2023 10:35:53

I agree with your original post.


SAF knew how to manage players but not how to run a football club. They are two completely different things.

When he left, behind the scenes the club was all over the place. That wasn't SAF fault, that was the club's fault.

RR is a top notch DOF. My feeling is that he was brought into manage the club as part of the original overhauling process, to fully access the football side of the club, prior to him moving into his consultantcy role to allow him to get a better understanding of the club, which made perfect sense.

Around the January transfer window the club didn't buy and players RR suggested. The players knew he wasnt going to be the manager at the end of the season and gave up. Prior to this UTD had the best run in the PL from when RR took over.

Shortly after the close of the January transfer window, RR starting to become more vocal about the club's predicament and subsequently the club were far from pleased with this and we're happy to jettison RR and continue with their policy of burying their heads in the ground.

Fast forward 18 months and the club has SJR purchasing a 25% stake in the club. Along with appointing a new CEO and a DOF/ Sporting Director the club might actually be taking a huge step in the right direction.

Now is the time to focus on the future and not the past. SAF is the past, Woodward and now Arnold are the past. It is dangerous to focus on the past unless it is for the benefit of learning from previous mistakes.

18 Nov 2023 15:34:04

What has rr achieved in the game. You think the clubs scouting system did not have gvardiol or the players he mentioned on our list.

Not sure if anyone knows this, we have one of the most expensive and largest scouting networks in football. How we go about recruitment and planning for things has been an issue.

Typical bs redman imo to bring up a moyes appointment as a concern for a man who has won everything in the game and took a club doing nothing and changed it to give us our best 30 years in our history. Its typical bs like everything else he posts to go hang onto one negative thing from a list of 100 positive things.

The page is just full non sense stuff atm. Its international break i guess. He will complain about not being able to having a view but he is what he is. He is damaged beyond repair and only looks for negatives.

Nothing will ever make him happy. Trust me on that.

18 Nov 2023 16:35:47
Gotta love a slow international break on here lol.

18 Nov 2023 16:50:23

Are you Ken’s second account? The personal comments are vey Ken when he wants to shut someone, namely me, up. So I am “Damaged beyond repair”, then “typical bs” about me twice in a post. Sounds very directly personal, just like Ken. Not sure that’s banter tbh. Both you and Ken turn up on the same posts, same opinion and aimed personal comments to shut someone up. If it walks like one, quacks like one, I think it is one, Ken2.

Rumours of me being damaged beyond repair are thankfully extremely premature. I have been very lucky, watching United from the sixties when players lived in ordinary areas, not multi millionaires in hidden away mansions, you would see them at local shops. From the stands, I saw fading greatness, relegation, brightness of The Doc, dullness of Sexton, Bojangles, then appreciated SAF after every one of those 25 years, without the title. I was there at the great moments, saw us win cups, leagues and European Cup live, saw us lose cup finals, got chased at away grounds. Plenty of happiness thanks, but also realism. SAF was a great motivator, great manager but not a great tactician. So why look for him to guide a restructure, especially after he left a mess. Do we structure based on what worked in the 80’s or 2023? 2023 and forward is what we need. Liverpool dealt with Shankly, we didn’t deal with Busby, letting him cast a shadow over new managers, now we are making the same mistake with SAF. Revere him but let’s not look to go backwards.

18 Nov 2023 18:09:13

RR is a respected DOF. By appointing him as an interim manager, it allowed him to further analsye the whole football side do the club, prior to his consultantcy role. It made perfect sense.

RR called the club out for not having players like Nkunku etc on their scouting reports. You must remember his open heart surgery speech etc, or did you ignore his press conferences during his tenure as he was open and honest.

Are you a Glazer in disguise?

18 Nov 2023 21:07:57

Waking up everyday being angry at the world must be a difficult thing, get over it go out smell the roses and have a glass of wine. Its not that bad out there.

You talking about yourself from the stands, hate to tell you this but many if us have been there. One of 78k people about 45 times a year. Makes you and me nothing special.

You live in the past and can’t get over it. I don’t know who ken is but spunds like a guy i can have a laugh with.

Grow up.

18 Nov 2023 21:12:41

How did you know. I am a plant by the glazers. All these years we have been duped and the mesiah rr was what we needed as he only he can see what commet. Hallelujah bring back ralfie, he shall guide us to the promise land.



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