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02 Nov 2023 08:16:08
I'd sack ETH now.

I thought he could get us back he's out his deoth, his signings have been poor. We've got no style of play or identity it's embarrassing.

Signing ST who doesn't score goals, Mount who been rubbish for 18 month before we signed him. Antony he is absolute dreadful I'd give him away on a free. Not letting maguire and Mctominnay leave was a joke as could've brought in another CB and CM.
Keeping players at club who need to go out on loan.

Clubs a joke and Eric needs to go end of.

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02 Nov 2023 09:00:53
What would be your plan after that, out of interest?

I don't think he'll be removed with the Sir Jim stuff going on personally, unless we lose against Fulham and Copenhagen.

02 Nov 2023 09:10:02
I'm not surprised hojland isn't scoring goals, the service he's getting is appalling and on top of that he's still adjusting to a new league at 20 years old, how about we show some patience with him, I think he's shown enough to suggest when he gets service and experience he will thrive in the prem.

02 Nov 2023 09:28:10
In fairness to ETH it wasn't his fault Maguire wouldn't join West Ham, fee was agreed etc between both clubs, it was purely down to Maguire that the transfer never happened.

02 Nov 2023 09:28:23
Remember last night when ETH didn't sprint back to cover Almiron for the first goal! If I were ETH, I'd walk, players are doing what previous players before them have done because the culture at the club allows it and when a manager tries to set standards, they sulk.

02 Nov 2023 09:29:37
Conceded nearly 2 a game, scored 3 goals 3 times its worrying.

Footbal is awful to watch and worst in years. Onana is brutal. I'd sell Fernandes and rashford aswell.

He keeps playing under performing players it's beyond a joke. Was a fluke last season 100%. This season proves he's out his depth.

02 Nov 2023 09:19:44
Can you honestly see us beating Fulham or Copenhagen? I can’t.

We barely managed to beat Copenhagen at home, and we are aren’t any better away from home.

Fulham away is never an easy game, can see a loss there too with the way we are performing currently.

I really can’t see where a win is coming from, against anybody. We concede far too many goals, and are creating absolutely nothing going the other way.

ETH is partly to blame for this, how much is up for debate. His signings have been extremely poor. But the players have to carry most of the blame, this isn’t the first manager they’ve done this to.

I think ETH will be gone in 2-3 weeks, which won’t solve the problem long term as the same toxic players will still be there and will ultimately throw the next manager under the bus.

They need to sack every single person behind the scenes and build a proper sporting back room team and then start with the players and manager.

02 Nov 2023 09:25:13

What a meaningless post. You lost me when you said "not letting mc and Maguire leave". plenty were in the shop window but we can't seem to move players on. been like that for a long time and not the managers job to get deals done.

02 Nov 2023 09:25:38
We are a bad football team in every way possible, plain and simple.

We are going to play the same way against Fulham, same tactics, same formation and possible same negative result, and then we will do it again the next game.

02 Nov 2023 09:58:42
He made all the changes we were all clamouring for - Garnacho in for Rashy, Mount to get a start over Fernandes, a proper LB in Reguilon starting, energetic youth in Hannibal. Yet it was arguably the worse performance of the season against a side that started with a considerably weakened Newcastle that featured SIX fullbacks in their starting lineup cobbled together. Manchester United are not the only team with injury problems. It's a part of the modern game. And fixture congestion is only going to get worse with more and more fixtures and tournaments taking place across multiple continents.
I really feel for ten Hag, he's genuinely tried to make a difference and implement something. Several managers warned him off the job, as they have with players like Gapko. But who can turn down what was considered the biggest job in the game? Maybe one day it will be again, but for now, it's a poisoned chalice.

02 Nov 2023 09:59:31
Hojlund isn't scoring because we have 2 brainless wingers which cut inside and shoot all the time instead of crossing. Maybe if we played right footers on the right and left on the left we might play to his strengths.

Only a dosile manager will keep making the same mistakes.

02 Nov 2023 10:24:14
We simply cannot sack this manager and succumb to this group of players again! No chance! He’s instilling standards and if they can’t meet them then so be it, he cannot go and we cannot see likes of sancho rashford martial etc start another new era! There’s a nucleus within the group that have stitched so many managers up that we can’t stand for it again! We should all be behind the manager if you’re not your delusional because this keeps happening!

02 Nov 2023 10:34:52
But who exactly is this core of players that keep 'downing tools', or are the ones that are refusing to play for the manager? It's been going on since LvG so the roster has changed considerably. Who specifically are 'they', when we hear about them not playing for the manager, who's been there throughout this whole cursed era?

02 Nov 2023 10:38:43
Am I right in thinking City had ETH as first choice to replace Pep if he were to leave? Their recruitment isn't bad. There is so much wrong with the club's structure from what I can see. No leadership or vision for the future for some time, toxic atmosphere, destabilising ownership process.
ETH is way down the list of any problem around the club, you put any manager in the world there now it'll be a fairly similar outcome.

{Ed002's Note - No.}

02 Nov 2023 10:40:53
Chris, eth left hannibal and cas on after 36 mins on yellows, he could have made changes then! ole got grief for leaving fred on after 1/ 2 time when he was on a yellow and we went out of europe. These are basic errors of judgement that managers shouldn't do, simple. He persisted with out of form pand big name players and although he has had some bad luck with injuries, he has systematically trolled out bad tactics, poor decisions and then in the pressers tried to justify the crap we are watching by stating they aren't following instruction or trying to convince us we played well- for 1 half. Last year was a blip on the +ve side with the side over-acheiving and let's be honest not exactly performing at a top top level. The dressing rooms turned and ultimately eth will carry the can- as a club we shouldn't be in the mindset of changing manager even 2 minutes but we are due to the apathy and small mindedness of those who make the decisions.

02 Nov 2023 10:50:47
Ever wonder why we get peanuts for players we sell and can't move players at all in some cases. Even the academy guys go for very little.

It cannot be collusion between all football teams out there to lowball offers for our players. Most of our players are very average and many are playing week in week out atm.

Questioning every managers selections, tactics etc etc gets old. Are all these managers we have had just idots or bad managers or is it something else.

The club does not produce enough talent through the academy and first team has too many average players.

I get the argument when people say but we have spent money and I agree some of it is poorly spent.

I would back the manager and take the pain of watching us atm and get us to the end of the season and hopefully we will have very different people running things and do what we should have done years ago.

02 Nov 2023 11:20:21
Yes he left them both on and neither got sent off unlike the ole scenario, what’s your point? The only reason Hannibal should have been taken off was because he was dreadful!

Spenno the group that have seen 2/ 3 managers between them are martial mctom lindelof Maguire rashford Dalot … some very questionable attitudes mixed with limited ability and high opinions!

02 Nov 2023 11:38:36
So yellow card now means you have to be subbed. ???.

02 Nov 2023 11:49:13

Did Hanibal get sent off and do teams generally substitute players in the first half because the player picked up a yellow. The first yellow by Hannibal is that a tactical error or player error.

How many games did Roy Keane, butt, fletcher, scholes etc etc etc. see the game out being on a yellow. How many games do you think Cas has seen out in his career playing on a yellow. He used to get carded at Real Madrid a lot too but believe had only 1 or 2 sending off.

Professional players are suppose to be able to handle that and have to show discipline once on a yellow. Absurd stuff lol.

We should see 4/ 5 substitution before halftime every game in the PL if managers were going to follow that philosophy.

We benched rash and Fernandes. Their right back handled Garnacho pretty well if you ignore that early cross. He lost the ball on that first goal.

I don't blame Garnacho and the bigger error is what happens after we lose possession.

Can't have it both ways mate. people screaming for changes to the lineup and then blaming the manager when players just don't do some of the basics.

Finally, You think it was a tactical error or player error conceding 2 goals in 8 minutes apart.

02 Nov 2023 13:29:37
I would have understood if Hannibal had been subbed at half-time. It wasn't an unlucky yellow from a player who doesn't normally get carded. It was a yellow given amid a flurry of reckless challenges, from a young lad with a hot head and a reputation for throwing himself into challenges. There was an obvious risk of a red.

To be fair, a word in his ear at half-time and he seemed to calm his jets in the 2nd half. Mind you, he probably just lost the will after that insipid performance.

02 Nov 2023 14:13:45
I think everybody was nervous of it noucamp (a red) but it never came so to be giving out that he wasn't subbed and also want Sent off is churlish.
The player did control himself better in 2nd half in sure he was spoken to birth during 1st half and at half time.
He was eager to make an impression but over stepped the mark. I admire him for really going at it but he will learn with experience how to control himself better.

02 Nov 2023 19:35:39
Finishing in the CL places, winning a trophy, getting to another domestic final, and getting to a European semi final was a fluke. Right o ?.



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