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30 Oct 2023 14:32:35
Okay dust has settled, let's look at the issues. Injuries, we can't play out from the back without the right players on the pitch, this then causes issues in midfield and up top. Our front players are isolated with no support. EtH's whole ethos is on keeping the ball, but when we are forced to kick long from the back it. I completely understand his comments about playing the Ajax way, but kids in Holland are trained from 4yrs old to play a certain way, in thd UK it more about big strong fast lads. I'm not excusing him as he has made a few signings but then we only know what has signed and if they were the play he wanted or players B, C or D on his list. Then there's the players he didn't get a CB, RB second CF. We done know who's working in training but he must now take look at his approach either bring in the kids or change the tactics.

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30 Oct 2023 14:39:37
Did I not see somewhere that ETH as bought in something like 16 players! And yet still not a whiff of any style of play, that’s quite unbelievable.

30 Oct 2023 15:25:07
We can't play our way out of a paper bag.
Sick of taking about these overpaid whining lazy clowns.
ETH seems to have lost the plot with team selections and his substitutions.
Why does Bruno always end up playing out on the right when he clearly can't affect the game out there. Sick an tired of seeing him throwing his hands up in the air, whining about every decision. Absolute bottle merchant!
Why did he bring off Amrabat?
Why did he leave out Varane and Reguilon out when they were fit?
Why did he take off Hoijland our main goal threat?
Shocking team selection from ETH.

30 Oct 2023 15:25:18
Let's look at the issues.

A CB being played at LB, when we bought a LB. Evans picked ahead of Varane. A Captain who regularly throws hissy fits. Rashford continually picked but looking like he'd rather be somewhere else. Mount, the Manager's priority signing, can't get on the pitch. Garnacho, a player with huge potential not getting a look in. Needing a proven goalscorer but buying a youngster who may or may not turn out ok.

That's just this week.

30 Oct 2023 15:56:18
I saw an interesting suggestion somewhere in the media that Emery has improved every single Villa player in his year in charge (good case that Ange has too at Spurs although not over as long a period) . However although there have been notable improvements (AWB perhaps the best example) these players are clearly struggling to carry out ten Hag's demands. Often this seems to be when the players are burnt into the ground as with Conte, but you can hardly say this side is physically drained so soon into the season.
I think it's a big snowball of negativity and I hold my hands up to being part of it. The media predicts a crap game, we get whipped, the storm continues in the media after the game then in places like this the next day it's like this. Then the same thing happens on the next match day with only two eventual outcomes. we turn a corner, or it gets so band Sir Jim brings his own man in.

30 Oct 2023 16:11:28
So I been barracked from pillow to post for suggesting ETH got small club mentality and his buys/ loans (16 of them) have been atrocious, now people coming round to the reality apart from the usual suspects!

This is nothing new it’s been like this all season, even last season it was clear we could not score goals, but went into this season the same, apart from putting untold pressure on a unproven 20 year old who now got 7 games in the EPL no goals no assist! Yes he is willing, but zero service, so we have no idea if he even good enough

80 million on Antony what worries me most with that one is ETH had him for years, so should have known.

Mount, who knows why he bought him

Bruno plays more everywhere else but the position he scored loads for united from! (No he not captain material, but who is)

Onana TBF last couple of games played well, but I honestly don’t think his kicking is that great anyway

Reguillon clearly he thinks Lindlorf is better at LB, as well as Evans better then Varane!

The list goes on, I can’t say ETH lost the plot because I don’t think he had a plot to lose, small club mentality…. glad reality is setting in now with some!

30 Oct 2023 16:19:25
We're bad, I can sadly accept that after so many years.

My problem right now is I don't know what we're bad at trying to do. By that I mean there is no evidence of any attempt to consistently adopt a given set of tactics through the whole team at any stage of the game. Press? Counter? Possession? A mixture of based on set circumstances?

Yes we have injuries. Yes 4th and 5th choice centre backs played. Yes we have players out of form. But. There is no excuse for not having a visible tactical approach that is best suited to any line-up on any given Sunday. I'm not getting into who he selected as we really have no clue as to the fitness levels for so many players regardless of who was on the bench. I also think the crowd reaction to Hojland being taken off showed a degree of ignorance. The kid puts in more effort than anybody and needs nurturing.

Despite this seemingly obvious requirement we once again became a disparate group of individuals that react to the opposition based on the basics of their position driven solely by their own instincts as a footballer. There is no collective effort to make the opposition react to our predetermined tactics - because there aren't any being given and/ or carried out. We are back to relying on individual moments rather than any collective output. The problem is those players are so out of form now that this will barely ever happen - until they play for their country - then we see what they can do!

As an example. Yesterday, time and time again, the back 4 tried to play out from a goal kick. Suggests a possession based approach. Evans would take a short goal-kick to Onana. A few passes later Lindelof as a right-footed left-back would be pressured into passing back to Onana, who also under pressure, would lump it up to Hojland. Suggests content to give-up possession to hit on the transition.

Surely, if a possession based strategy was agreed, it would make more sense to at least mix this up by going to Dalot on the right from Onana? But this barely happened. So why mostly go to the left? That's a genuine question. It was a car-crash waiting to happen that if not deployed to relinquish possession demonstrated a lack of footballing intelligence on the pitch and in the dugout.

In repeatedly doing this City always won the second ball (despite Hojland's best efforts) and so another 2-3 minutes of City possession begins. They exploit our many weaknesses in midfield meaning the whole team retreats leaving no outlet. When we did win the ball there was no immediate movement or change of shape to counter or retain possession. So again no predetermined plan for transition.

Equally depressing, when occasionally higher up the pitch, there were no coordinated efforts to press. One or two players would make a token effort, but only this because they knew there was always a blue shirt not pressured that another United player left open (very often Foden) . So a clear lack of motivation or planning to win the ball high-up the pitch.

So, what an absolute mess for a supposed elite squad and manager. No visible evidence of any tactics. No captain/ organiser reacting intelligently on the pitch. It was nothing more than individual career damage limitation from each player from the moment the game started. It wasn't what can we do as a team, it was how can I make sure I'm not at fault. I don't believe a single player believed they could win that game yesterday. I'm not convinced that many cared.

Finally. ETH has a clear and obvious way out of this in the short term - which right now should be his focus if he wants to survive this. It's not difficult. It's try something different that is considered and visible. I don't think anybody cares what it is. Just a handful of changes with a specific intent will get a crowd starved of any meaningful play on board.

30 Oct 2023 16:48:23

You are just going off the reservation here with your posts and talking nonsense. we played poorly against the best team around and got beat.

Get a grip folks. Jeez oh man so many managers here:)

30 Oct 2023 16:55:21
Let's look at the issues.

United have spent in the region of 1.5 billion on transfers since Fwrgie left. No club has so little to show for spending so much.

I have no real hope of their being any inprovemwnt under this current model, it's industrial scale incompetence.

Right now my only hope is that someone comes in and puts competent people in charge and they put a stop to this nonsense.

30 Oct 2023 17:31:19
I agree oakbark.
The structure needs to be in place and then a plan put together and seen through.
Hoping sir Jim will appoint the right people as quick as possible so they can have what's left of the season to see what needs improving. Then hopefully the club follow through with the plans and not just discard them like with ragnik.
Can't see ten hag being here after the summer. He wants to much control of the transfers and don't think he will relinquish that.

30 Oct 2023 17:32:17
Ahmed we not just played poorly against the best team in the league we played poorly against the bottom team too in fact every game this season we been atrocious, I’m not sure where you been for those games! If it was just a one off it could be accepted, if anyone could see some shoots of a system maybe ok, if we could actually hold on to possession maybe a start!

If ETH don’t keep coming out saying we are progressing or we played well would be a start, if any of his signings actually show they are better then what they replaced would be a start.

You can’t seriously keep defending the indefensible and come up with friend of a friend said they are not happy with Benni McCarthy…. maybe if he played we would have a shot on target!

30 Oct 2023 17:36:54
Ahmad you really need to give your head a serious wobble and wake up to what’s going on. It isn’t only about this last game “ against the best team around” fs!

30 Oct 2023 18:12:51
If you were ten hag and you looked at the muppets who worked above you, would you let them buy players without being involved? Get a grip. We have a very poor structure above the manager. Fix that first and then move forward.

30 Oct 2023 18:15:40

Weve played poorly in pratically every game we've played this season. Tbf after the carling cup we were barely convincing! We won 1 game against the top 10 last year a 90th min winner. Can you honestly say it looks like changing?

I think it was the arsenal ed. that stated he hadnt seem any progress since eth took over he was laughed off the site! Now people are agreeing its no better than oleball!

Personally i look at emery and howe and question how they've been able to implement a style with the existing players while also adding players that complement there style. When they have injuries the players that come in are still drilled to play the same style.

Weve rewarded mediocrity for too many years handing out payrises for achieving champions league football only to fall short the next season. Mediocrity shouldn't be accepted anywhere within our club but unfortunately its rife through all ranks!

30 Oct 2023 18:30:36
Dodgy if I was Casermiro in that dressing room I would look at ETH and think who the F are you, you won virtually nothing, your buying crap, you got no idea of tactics you got no game plan no personality and you expect me to listen to your drivel! How can anyone look up to someone who not exactly set the world alight outside Netherlands with a team that would actually be lucky to get top 6 in U. K. even Top 4 in La liga.

30 Oct 2023 18:48:19
Barracked from pillow to post? You’ve only been posting for about a week. Maybe it was your old 46 identities that got barracked?



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