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18 Jun 2022 10:08:28
I think people are getting far too worked up about new incoming players. Yes we are linked to most players who are on the move, but most of these won't actually be targets, and haven't been mentioned by Ed002 at any point. Just because some random website mentions us, or a paper adds our name to a story to make people buy more copies of there made up nonsense, doesn't mean we are actually interested in that player. Half the players we have been linked to I have never even heard of.

In all honesty I'm sure the club will be having difficulty persuading any of the better players of the world to come to our club currently. We aren't the club we were 10-15 years ago, currently, which everyone knows, but then there are people still wondering why we can't sign this player or that player. We have lived off past glories for years, but those days are long gone now, and players want to sign a four year contract and know what they are signing up for, they can't do that at United going off the past 10 years.

People ask why City, Liverpool, Real etc can sign players quickly in the transfer window, or beat us to players who would vastly improve us, and the answer is that they are now at a different level to us, and players know what they will be getting going to those clubs. We just can't compete at present, people need to accept that and move on.

Throwing huge sums of money at players who we are then stuck with for years no matter how crap they are (Pogba, Martial, Maguire etc to name just a few), isn't the way to go. We need players who will improve us now and help us get to where we need to be, whilst promoting some of the best younger players. Top four is the first step and then build from there with next level players once they know where we are going and want to play for us for the right reasons. We aren't going to go from 6th to challenging for the title in a season or two.

Personally I would take a season of paying off the dross of the squad to leave (Martial, Jones, Pereira etc who no one wants to buy, and we don't want at the club) rather than try to make big signings or make the wrong signings. Then start properly building from next summer once we have a clean slate.

It won't happen but I think it would be a great way to truly reset and start again, even if next season is a difficult one, although at least we would have players who actually want to give 100% for the team and fans, rather than the sh*t we have had for years.

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18 Jun 2022 10:25:20
I do get the point Brendan, but it is a banter site after all. You're right, random names are mentioned across the press/ media and everyone latches onto them then gets frustrated when they watch them sign for someone else. I don't have a problem with all that, it's part of the fun and games of a transfer window, especially arguably the biggest we've ever had. The frustrations were already high going into it, then eased with the appointment of ten Hag, only for. well, nothing to have happened since.
I dread to think what state we'd be in if we lost the dross and tried to get through a season without any signings. I imagine it could easily be a relegation scrap.

18 Jun 2022 10:58:10
Spenno I know it is a banter site, but the whining, moaning and verbal assaults on people who don’t agree with what others say isn’t banter, it bullsh*t. It’s the reason the Ed’s get p*ssed off and won’t give their insights into what is going on which then ruins it for others who come here for the right reasons.

And do you honestly think we would be any worse off without Martial, Jones, Pereira, Maguire etc in the squad? They basically offer nothing and most didn’t even contribute anything last season. What would we miss that a younger player couldn’t provide? Apart from them taking an extra 500k per week in wages for basically nothing in return? They are just a body on the pitch doing f all. A youngster could do that just the same but actually wanting to play and give 100%.

18 Jun 2022 12:20:21
That's two different questions really Brendan. I don't think we'd miss those players you mention (although I don't think Maguire is going anywhere any time soon) . But it depends what they're being replaced with. I think it's easier for the likes of an Elanga, Garnacho etc to come in and make an impact, but the further back the pitch you go I'm not sure we have youths who would be at the required level, especially in defence. The Prem isn't the place to be forced to play these kids every week which we would be in your scenario. It's the old catch 22 of needing to play to gain experience but ideally those would be occasional bit parts as opposed to having to alternative.

18 Jun 2022 12:34:54
Spenno I understand what you say, but we need a proper reset, we’ve p. ed about for too long with garbage players who aren’t good enough and are getting paid fortunes to do nothing.

Personally I would rather see a few young players given the chance to give 100% for the shirt rather than watch players like the ones I’ve mentioned again for another year and taking the p. It would mean a difficult season definitely but signing the wrong players will mean another difficult season anyway and with players who aren’t good enough still hanging around the club.

As I said, it won’t happen, but if it did I’d personally understand the decision to do it. I’m sick to death of players getting paid at least 2-3 times the average yearly wage for most people for doing one weeks worth of f all, and in many cases much more than that. When you get paid that much money, not giving 100% every minute that you are on the pitch is unacceptable, and supporters in the ground etc should point that out to players even more than we already do. Loss of form and injuries happen, lack of interest and effort in inexcusable.

18 Jun 2022 13:34:41
Well we definitely agree on that. Footballer's wages are a disgrace. The nonsense about it being a short career etc don't stack up. These guys could buy a house in one week that most of us spend decades slaving for.

18 Jun 2022 13:53:18
I've no issue with their wages I have to say.
They are huge but fair play to them.

18 Jun 2022 14:17:47
They are earning what they can, good luck to them.

18 Jun 2022 14:36:58
So you are happy for Martial to earn what he does and giving absolutely f*ck all back? Seriously?

Yes I agree that if it is there for them to take them they will, but should they not earn it, even a little bit?

18 Jun 2022 14:51:37
Bren I'm not paying him.
He wouldn't work for me but i don't begrudge him because someone is stupid enough to pay him.

18 Jun 2022 15:53:43
Only worth what someone is willing to pay in football.

18 Jun 2022 15:58:30
I am with Ken on this, it isn't Martial's fault we offered him all that money is it?

The blame lies with the fools who offered or agreed to pay him that, these are the people who blame lies with.

18 Jun 2022 17:36:52
Sorry guys but the whole ‘don’t begrudge him as we are willing to pay it’ nonsense is crap. You are basically forgiving and writing off his total lack of effort for the team, and respect for the club and fans by saying it. Yes he will take it if offered, and we were stupid to offer it, but he is collecting a fortune whilst giving absolutely nothing at all to the club or fans and that should be unacceptable to any united fan, and not met with the nonsense spouted above, no matter if he was offered it or not. I don’t think we said ‘here sign this contract and take this vast sum of money every month, but don’t worry about doing anything to earn a single penny of it’.

We should be getting him out of the club by any means necessary. There are others that need to go along with those that already have, but Martial is top of any list of players who need to leave as quickly as possible. The only issue is that no one will want the useless tw*t.

18 Jun 2022 18:11:02
It’s not forgiving him Brendan. But we will struggle to get rid due to his wages.

But if someone offered you 250k a week for 5 years. Or you got another offer of 100k a week for 5 years we all know which one you take.

18 Jun 2022 18:12:13
Exactly Brenda's I have been saying that about him since day 1.
But nobody wants him at the money he is on.
I Don't begrudge him his salary it's really none of my business. You get people like him in every profession.
He has a talent he never made the most of. I hope we find a buyer but we will need to pay him off is my thinking.
If he is still here and eth gets more out of him then as much as I dislike him as a player it's irrelevant.
What players earn is irrelevant to me completely.
I'd expect the same effort from a kid out of the academy as I do a guy earning 260k a week. I don't expect anymore effort from the guy earning 260k. You either apply yourself fully or you don't.

18 Jun 2022 19:02:47
I would take the higher offer and give 100% Caolan. If Martial did the same I would have no issue or argument.

I only begrudge it if players take the p*ss. If the money is in the game and players EARN it then so be it, that is how it should be. However we have a lot of players who certainly don’t earn it and are taking the p*ss and that is the issue. Martial is number one on that list.

18 Jun 2022 19:20:20
You’re taking it all very personally Brendan. Martial being a below average footballer is not him slighting you individually in any way. Good luck to the chancer, we play him 250k a week! Let that sink in. It’s crazy.

18 Jun 2022 21:34:48
He’s a ? ? Brendan.

{Ed014's Note - and that’s being polite!

18 Jun 2022 22:56:38
I’m not taking it personally in the slightest, as others have said, it’s not my money. It does however tie up a big chunk of wages, and a squad place. This hurts the club and possibility to strengthen as needed, all for a lazy little rubbish.

The thing is Eric, he is a very good footballer, but only when he can be arsed, that’s what is so annoying, because he can never be arsed.

If he was garbage but tried I could accept that and blame the club 100% for giving him such stupid wages, however it is all due to him being a disinterested, lazy b end as Caolan illustrated so well ?.

Hopefully the club have learned but I wouldn’t hold my breath.



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