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17 Jan 2020 19:24:40
In the pub with my pals passing ed002 info off like I'm di marzio 不不不 nice one ed got em on strings they think I'm some Itk with a mole in the club 不不不.

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17 Jan 2020 20:49:26
love it Deano.

17 Jan 2020 20:59:08
That's how ole got the united job deano.

17 Jan 2020 21:06:44
Play nice Kenneth 不不不不.

17 Jan 2020 22:35:41
Deano tell your mates this one. From a very good source.
Before the norwich game shaw through a big strop when he was told he was on the bench. Had a shouting match with ole. He then dropped him from bench and put chong in and sent shaw home. He was not on bench v wolves.
Its expected that they will make up but shaw is said to be fuming and wants out.

17 Jan 2020 23:00:06
Ken, he needs a boot up his arse. True or not. Williams has well and truly made a mockery of him. And rightly so. Get rid when possible and bring in another I'd say 25+ to cover and fully blood Williams in. He has what it takes. If I ever saw a United player it's him.

18 Jan 2020 10:01:52
Fair play to Ole if that's the truth.

In the last couple of weeks, even demeanour has been different on the sidelines, he's taking less crap by the looks of it. Good on him.

18 Jan 2020 10:56:00
Agree angel. Shaw has fallen foul of every club and every international manager he has played for for one reason or another.
Allegedly he had a lot of potential as a youngster. Just never fulfilled it. He has been shown love by some managers tough love by others been simply called out by others.
Is the penny every ging to drop for him?
Who knows.
He is on a fantastic contract at united being the 4th highest earner at the club.
He has 3 choices ss i see it.
Accept the challenge of Williams and rise to that challenge and do what it takes to fight for his place.
Or look for a move and take a huge cut in his salary as nobody will pay him what united do
Or sit on his ample backside and keep the cash rolling in but be a bit part player.
The choice is his.

{Ed001's Note - actually ken, he was never seen as a player with particularly high potential as a youngster. He was pretty much going nowhere until Matt Targett picked up an injury just as the first team needed a left-back. Targett was the lad with potential at Saints, but injuries have destroyed it. Shaw was just lucky to be in the right place at the right time and then able to grasp his opportunity, which has to be all credit to him for doing so. The problem is (which is why he was not seen as having that much potential) he is not very bright, even for a footballer, and he does tend to lose focus very easily.}

18 Jan 2020 10:58:18
I agree with that btw angel. But ole better be careful or the pc brigade will accuse him of bullying shaw. We've seen that happen before you know. .

18 Jan 2020 11:15:56
ed001 that's why JM had to talk him through the game. Just been told that he is of interest to leicester if they lose chilwell? don't know how true but the guy who told me heard it from a senior guy at appollo tyres, sponsor?

{Ed001's Note - I don't know of any interest in him due to his wages and the fact he wants to stay at United. It is the kind of signing Rodgers would choose though.}

18 Jan 2020 11:41:28
cheers ed001- that seems to be the sticking point with most players who we would let go tbh.

{Ed001's Note - it has always been a problem for the big clubs. In the past it used to be offset by the fact that a team like (for example) Shrewsbury Town knew that bringing in a player from Manchester United would add a few thousand to the gate each week. That doesn't happen any more as people have seen them on TV, so there is no novelty value.}

18 Jan 2020 12:12:34
Thanks tris that is why i said allegedly high potential. Personally i never saw anything in him i think AAA always said the same on here.
People will point to his leg break but dozens of players have come back from worse. He just does not possess the right mentality which could have covered up for the lack of talent to a large degree.
As you say obviously not the brightest.

{Ed001's Note - it is a shame because he had the chance to achieve and the only person to blame for him being second choice is him. Shaw needs to sort himself out before he ends up with a life that will be full of regret for how he let himself down.}

18 Jan 2020 12:32:39
True mate.

{Ed001's Note - sometimes you just wish someone could wake these kids up to what they are doing, but kids like that never listen until it is too late.}

18 Jan 2020 12:54:50
True ed001
He joins a long list of players who are not even. 'has beens' they are 'never was'ers'

{Ed001's Note - true that is one hell of a long list of people that are easily forgotten.}



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