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07 Jul 2018 20:12:36
It looks like WC Final could be between England Vs Best 11 OF English Premier League (Belgium ) Except Munier and Witcel.

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07 Jul 2018 20:42:23
Sterling and Rashford are both poor in converting chances. They both need lots of chances at goal to score. If i still had to choose one between them i'd say Rashford because he scores harder goals.

07 Jul 2018 22:41:53
Rashfords played how many minutes? 5 minutes isn't even enough time to get warmed up. Sterling needs to be dropped he's been rubbish all tournament. Alli hasn't been much better but clearly looks unfit.

07 Jul 2018 23:56:58
Total nonsense. Whilst his fishing is poor, Sterling has been an integral cog in our performances. I’d bet if you ask any Swedish defender tonight who gave them the hardest match, their answer would be Sterling.

08 Jul 2018 00:35:21
@ wallace, do you actually think you are going to beat Croatia? Well now that they have played to 2 120 minutes games in a row i actually think you may have a chance but if for some reason that doesn't affect the Croatian team then i just don't see how you are going to beat them. Anyways i think the winner of France vs Belgium is going to win the world cup, those 2 are very talented squads.

08 Jul 2018 01:54:44
Sterlings been virtually anonymous. Only alli had done less than him. Sterling can't finish or pass just runs around like a headless chicken.

08 Jul 2018 02:42:43

You serious? Other than hammering a very poor Argentina team what else have Croatia done? It will be a tough game but I hope we can just edge it.

07 Jul 2018 23:17:41
Sterling scored a lot of goals for man city because they used to creates tons of chances but his conversion rate was poor.

Rashford is good at shooting but his decision making his poor but i bekieve he will imrpove with age as he puts a lot of effort in football.

08 Jul 2018 06:34:07
I’m not a fan of Sterling but I thought he played pretty well, apart from fluffing 2 chances, but everyone has games like that, remember Lingard in the opener?

Im also not a fan of Alli, but if the team keeps winning, keep picking it.

Here we are in the semi final and some people just want to find fault, amazing.

08 Jul 2018 06:50:10
Agreed Tony. Let’s just enjoy it. Who would have thought we would make the semis. Soak it all in as we don’t know when we will next do it. We can win this and we shouldn’t fear anybody.

08 Jul 2018 07:28:45
The team spirit seems fantastic, so why risk upsetting it? Kane hardly touched the ball in the second half but the team keeps winning. Each game someone is stepping upend we have options from the bench. They are a great example of a team being better than a bunch of superstars.

08 Jul 2018 09:06:27
@Remanutd Confidence can win anything.
And English player's confidence is on high. therfore they can win everything. just need to believe in.
And i believe. england win the world cup of 2018.

08 Jul 2018 09:12:04
Totally agree Tony and Park. Sterling frightened the hell out of the Swedish defence. He is poor at taking his chances, but works very hard to open up defences.
Dele doesn't seem fully fit but is a better option than the subs. I actually think Rashford might be able to do a similar job.
Come on England. Tony, we're so proud to have lingard, a Warrington boy, doing so well. Horseshoe in Croft was packed out yesterday.

08 Jul 2018 10:35:16
Apart from Croatia's right back, the rest of the defence including the goalkeeper are very flaky. It's the Croatian midfield that has carried them.

08 Jul 2018 11:27:00
@Gds2 and wallace, England have finally played good footy on an international tournament but i still think you guys aren't up there yet. Croatia has way more quality than you in the middle and if you don't impose your physicality then you will be running behind the ball the majority of the game. Can you win? Sure anything can happen but i just don't think headers on corners will be enough to beat croatia and even if you do its going to be extremely hard for you guys to beat either France or Belgium because to me they have the 2 most talented squads right now. But you should feel proud that you finally got a proper manager who can make you one of the favorites for the next 2 world cups. You got to remember you haven't done crap at international footy for so long.

08 Jul 2018 14:55:09
Unfortunately, Sterling's mental ability can't keep up with his physical ability.

08 Jul 2018 21:34:11

I think we are all aware how we have done in recent tournaments, that’s what makes this so amazing and why we are all buzzing.

{Ed025's Note - reman, you are obviously not english and seem to have a downer on our national side so where is your country of origin if i may be so bold as to ask..

08 Jul 2018 23:18:30
What difference does it make if i'm brazilian, italian, german, french, argentinian or any other nationality?, i'm just saying things how i see it. Out of the last 4 you are the least talented squad by miles but that its not a bad thing at all, as i said before you guys should feel proud of the run that your national team has had this world cup and you need to figure out a way to give all your youth talent a chance to play in the premier league. You guys are sub17,sub20 and toulouse champions for crying out loud.



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