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02 Jul 2018 09:27:09
Saw the thread about giggs as manager and wondered what people's thoughts are on how much it matters for uniteds boss being someone of integrety or a person of good character? . Not asking for the boards view but your view.

Should the bosses personal life ie bedding his brothers missus matter?

Should/ shouldn't John Terry been dropped/ lost captaincy for England for bedding bridges missus?

Charlton didn't want Jose for non footballing reasons, just how he conducts himself is he right or is that an old fashioned view?

Curious for thoughts.

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02 Jul 2018 10:04:42
Good questions mate. Usually when it comes to a player my view is I don’t give a damn what they do off the pitch as long as they are performing on it. In some ways I would apply that to the manager but I think it depends how on an individual’s perception of an integrous/ good person.

In some people’s eyes, Jose would not be a man who conducts himself with integrity (sir bobby’s view), whilst in others he does. If Giggs were to get the job I wouldn’t discount him based on his adultering past. Of course that’s not to say I condone adultery!

There are a few things where I would object. And they are obviously racism, sexism and homophobia. We as a club are a massive worldwide brand with a huge influence on millions upon millions of people. To have a manager that displays any of these traits would tarnish our reputation. I remember ed001 saying that sarri has said a few homophobic and sexist comments here and there. Perhaps it is culturally different in Italy, but I would have issues with him being manager based on those sorts of things.

Someone that likes the media games and causing angst for other managers on the touch line is fine for me. I like to see a bit of bite and a fiery side to my manager when he is on the touch line or the media room.

02 Jul 2018 10:40:08
Yes a manager's personal life needs to be considered. They are responsible for managing many complex personalities and are more of a representative of the club, (press conferences etc) . If they are up to no good, or have a low moral compass then that can effect the people beneath them and also bring the club into disrepute. With Giggs in particular his unfortunate decision making becoming public highlights what he is capable of, nobody knows what else he has done but unfortunately for him the suspicion is always there and the stain on his character will be permanent.

Everybody makes mistakes and there will be mitigating circumstances, but then there are roles outside of public scrutiny. If you want a high profile job then you need to ensure your public image is as clean as possible nowadays if you intend to make it.

Players are different as they aren't as important. Don't know much about Terry's case but I'm sure I read that the woman in question was the ex-girlfriend not current girlfriend of Bridge, BIG difference, still not ideal but on the face of it nowhere near as bad as Giggs situation.

We see that the team often reflects their manager. Our performances are erratic consistency wise, negative, several players seem to lack full commitment to the cause and everything seems to have a temporary feel to it for me. This is similar to Mourinho's current media persona and the impression he has given me since his tenure commenced!

02 Jul 2018 13:03:36
At least the players would know where Giggs was on match day.

02 Jul 2018 13:11:02
To be honest I think we will have to wait and see how he does, it just guess work if you haven't worked with him .
He is expected to do well tho but only time will tell.

02 Jul 2018 15:16:54
Players and managers are very different in their roles and what it means to be in that role.

Managers aren't just employees, they are the leader and key figure head of the organisation. They are the role model for those they manage and as such they set the standard of what should be expected.

Therefore, a deplorable human being in a role like that sets a pretty low bar for the players and sends out a poor message to fans and supporters around the globe.

I love Giggs, he was a fantastic player for us and has given me some wonderful memories of watching my club.

However, I don't think we will make a great manager. He might talk a good game, and it is easy to say that he suggested this player or that player, or he would do things differently. But it's all talk and no action. He needs to go out there and show he can do it differently and be a success as a manager.

The ghosts of his past will likely haunt him throughout his career as a manager. Imagine what would he say if he was managing a group of players and a situation like the one between John Terry and Wayne Bridge pops up. How is he supposed to handle that? How can he solve that issue without being a massive hypocrite? Can he console the player who has been wronged when that player knows that Giggs himself has done that to his own brother? An issue like that can tear apart a dressing room and Giggs would have no higher ground to stand and bring that dressing room back together.

02 Jul 2018 16:00:48
He would probably say been there done that here's some advice .



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