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18 Mar 2018 12:20:34
Having been an avid reader of this site for many years due to the insightful and passionate posts by members and Eds alike I've got to add my opinion to the mix. The current question of whether Mourinho is right to publicly question the players is dividing many. It may not even be a yes/ no answer but one involving many shades of grey. I'm closer to him being wrong, but as a supporter there's part of me in a dark corner of my United psyche that is still delighted to see it. Evolution by revolution maybe. In a time of player and agent power I think a few more moments such as these by managers may not go amiss.

We all know moments like these are a potential part of Jose's abrasive style, so only the proverbial ostrich should be surprised. Its where we're at - but its what happens next that matters. We can argue about players salaries and personality traits - but at the end of the day they are the current chosen ones. There's no nepotism or hereditary rights involved in becoming a United player, this current team is the collective product of SAF's final years and three manager's questionable purchases - with some youth added to the mix. As such its not their 'fault' - for want of a better word - when picked. Even if they melt under the Old Trafford pressure and fail to perform - its still not their fault.

As such this is a cause and effect riddle. If Mourinho's current erratic management style is the effect then the cause for me is the recent years of inept leadership at board level - caused primarily by the lack of any "club management" insight and experience including successor planning. Sir Bobby I'm afraid provides only ambassadorial leadership - as important as that is - and Sir Alex for all of his achievements in the dugout remains a question mark in the modern footballing boardroom. Add to that the fact that the football board and the executive leadership are separate entities is a clear weakness.

Moyes, it appears was SAF's idea having had the ear of Guardiola in New York and most likely elsewhere. We may never know what they discussed, however its a frustration for me at least. He may not rescue a League 2 team facing relegation - however when managing at the top table team he's a genius not just in terms of results and style but also individual player coaching and improvement. City courted him excellently.

Returning to the theme of Moyes, where is the club strategy that knits Moyes, LVG and Mourinho together. In an ideal world they would be appointed on the objectives and needs of the club and would share managerial strengths and beliefs. Sadly all can see that they do not share any given style or tactical outlook of the game - indeed it is hard to interpret exactly what their strategies and goals were. They all smacked of management appointments based on who was available more than who we needed. As such, for me at least, two processes need to begin now if they haven't already. Firstly a commitment at boardroom level to see out Jose's contract out with total support. SAF succeeded through being the unquestionable leader of the club. That philosophy must return to United, not just for Jose, but for the sake of Jose's successor. Right now it feels like the commercial department rule the roost. Players must know that subject to exceptional circumstances that the manager is always right and that no player, irrespective of likes and followers is bigger than the club.

We as supporters might not like many aspects of his style, however his experience and successes cannot be questioned, and right now his ego may be our saving grace. I truly believe he will only leave the club in a better state. There are still many players who remain in the squad who should not be, and if things have to "get public" to energise the board in to future sales and purchases then so be it. We are all questioning the relationship between Jose and the players, however the relationship between Jose and Ed is for me equally important right now.

Secondly, and during this same period of supporting Jose, the club need to have a constant finger on the pulse of potential future managers and key coaching staff that match the needs of our club. These need be identified based on key criteria agreed by the club as a whole. Whilst obvious that succession planning for managers is essential, it is also for me evident that even SAF's most successful years were when he had a very visible and effective number two. Knox, Kidd, McClaren and Queiroz for example were all vital. They most likely offered essential insights and questions that helped SAF ultimately make the right or at the least best decision. This is something I haven't seen during any of the managerial stints since. I appreciate that managers pick their number twos, and I'm not suggesting that should change, however I do believe that picking a manager is equally dependent on reviewing who he may bring with him in terms of backroom staff.

So, those are my thoughts. They may be, most likely are, completely wrong. and that's what's so amazing about football and United. Whatever decision any player, manager or director of the club makes there's always the possibility that a better option was available giving "us" room to gripe. As such managing a football club is akin to golf. Its not the quality of your best shots that matter but the quality of your worst. The club have made disastrous mistakes over recent years and need to "make better mistakes"! Cryptic but hopefully you see where I'm coming from.

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18 Mar 2018 12:44:35
Good post timbo.

18 Mar 2018 13:57:57
I think its the effort, i do agree with Jose on this, his past 2 interviews have made me side with him, You can see a lot of players running round in 2nd gear. Martial, Lingard, Shaw, Smalling.

If he can clear out the crap then I would be happy for another year, even though my emotions got the better of me Tuesday night, and I said otherwise.

18 Mar 2018 14:26:56

Welcome, good first post, at least there is another poster who sees the obvious when it comes to strategy over the last few years. Something I have posted about quite a few times. I think you highlight some key points about the club decision making process.

18 Mar 2018 17:01:14
Hi Timbo - Good post, you almost convinced me that sticking with Jose for the bigger picture was worth it.

But I'm a firm believer in getting rid of rotten apples and he is rotten. He has his moments of course, but reading your post on a lovely Sunday morning after qualifying for an FA Cup Semi Final is a bit more palatable than reading it immediately after another 90 minutes of tedium.

We have a golden opportunity to make use of some world class attacking potential, our main rival is pulling away and our other rivals are closing in. If we don't make a change now for a manager that is progressive and has the Utd identity in their genes then we are going to fall quickly. Enduring each game for the sake of 'maybe' sending a good message to future managers is a bitter pill to swallow. Managers should earn loyalty from the board, fans and players - Jose has not done so in my opinion.

These are ruthless times. We have to keep going until we get it right, not settling because we were wrong last time - it's desperate. I totally agree with almost everything else you have said though.

18 Mar 2018 17:33:37
Red Man. Have you? I must have missed them 🙄.



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