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09 Jun 2024 18:52:04
What's everyone view on luke shaws statement about being basically made to play when he wasn't 100%? I have looked at it both sides and thought the medical team said he was fit to play and he agreed at the time, you can't force someone to do something.
Other view is what jose said all along and he's not mentally strong enough to play for the club, we were going through a tough spell at the time.

Either way he must not like ten hag because he's throwing shade on the management team when they are under pressure and feels like he's throwing his support behind getting another manager the sack.

He is one we need to get rid of ASAP whether the manager Stays or goes.

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09 Jun 2024 19:14:00
He said the medical team said there was no issue, and he trained, so was then selected. I think half of Shaw's problem is what's in his head (or lack thereof) .

09 Jun 2024 21:13:26
Stuff like this happens all the time. Our medical team isn’t the greatest but it’s very difficult to predict these. General tip to the player and staff. Wouldn’t read too much into it.

09 Jun 2024 22:15:35
He shouldn't have come out and said what he said. He does lack a certain level of professionalism. I understand that he was trying to speak truthfully about his issues this season.

I think it's a big gamble on Shaw being fit for the Euros and perhaps too much of a risk. I can see him being injured again and missing the start of the season.

09 Jun 2024 23:38:13
He is always a few minutes away from another injury. Doesn't matter how hood you are when you can't stay fit. If varane had to go due to fitness, then luke shaw should follow him.

10 Jun 2024 02:24:14
I don't know. He and ETH looked pretty close after the cup final. I doubt he was having a go at the manager.

10 Jun 2024 10:06:06
Think it’s just pretty obvious he’s as frustrated as the rest of us about his injuries, I didn’t notice any digs at the manager at all, people are desperate to find an issue.

10 Jun 2024 13:49:03
No digs at all. I mean, he's correct, it's a mix of all 3. But Shaw and EtH can only rely on the medical assessment. They're only as good as their doctors.

10 Jun 2024 18:24:54
Luke Shaw always has an excuse and it’s always someone else's’ fault. He’s soft in the head and probably been spoilt playing for Utd for so long as he’s never fit and 7 out of 10 on a very good day.

And don’t come back saying Shaw is better than 7 out of 10, he wouldn’t lace Evras flip flops and he was a 8.5/ 9.

10 Jun 2024 23:58:57
He’s a very good left full back but the horrendous injury he got earlier in his career has been one he’s never really fully recovered from, who knows how good a player he would have been had that not happened.

{Ed001's Note - he has never been 'very good' and would never have reached very good because he is a moron. His complete lack of professionalism on top of that is why he keeps getting injured. He was never going to be anything other than injury prone.}

11 Jun 2024 12:40:13
A lot of his injuries have followed on from the leg break. But often players who have suffered a major injury can become prone to other injuries down the line. It’s not about being soft mentally, anyone who’s overcome long term injury and rehabilitation knows how dark it can get in your head about not being able to do it and watching teammates.

I’m no pro athlete but having done my knee, I then suffered lots of niggles to the ankle, quad and hamstring on the same leg. Then another surgery with a hamstring graft, left me unable to sprint properly without pulling up and straining. Compensation then led to injuries on the other ankle.

It can happen, I did everything I was meant to in my rehab, I worked in the gym and training doing fitness and injury prevention 4-5 times a week when I recovered. It didn’t help and I gave up playing rugby at 22. I got a partial tear in my acl when jogging last summer ?

I don’t know about shaw’s professionalism, but from my own personal experience I suffered consistently and it wasn’t through a lack of trying to be fit and injury free.

11 Jun 2024 15:24:00

Yes that is true, heard a lot about his unprofessionalism at a young age but nobody could foresee him getting his leg broken in the way that he did, that was unlucky not because he’s unprofessional. Everything after that may have come from being unprofessional but it does seem like players with bad injuries become injury prone after, though maybe he’s not done enough to negate the issue.

In my opinion he has had runs of games in his career where he has been very good, it’s just not been sustained and I wouldn’t mind if we sold him at this stage.

{Ed001's Note - the leg break is just one of those things, I agree, but his performances were not outstanding before that. He just doesn't have the mentality to be a professional athlete or to understand the game. He looked better at centre-back simply because it involved less running and so exposed his lack of reading of the game less. Pochettino could have sorted his attitude out when he was a kid but he allowed him to get away with it all instead. He had the wrong coach at the wrong time sadly.}

11 Jun 2024 15:35:44
Caolan you don’t need to see he has had injuries to know he’s soft, watch him speak it’s basics the lights are on but nobodies home. ?‍♂️.

11 Jun 2024 17:43:56
On another not how was that not a penalty for that leg breaking tackle on Shaw? We got knocked out 2-1 I think? So pre-occupied with Shaw's injury that no one even questioned it.

11 Jun 2024 17:45:52
Also was it Luke Shaw who needed someone from the club to come and help him turn the washing machine on not long after he arrived? Hardly the sharpest tool in the box.



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