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25 May 2024 20:31:51
I posted last week I'd be tempted to make a change, but I've changed my mind. The team played for the Manager today, even those that didn't get on today were buzzing. Awesome tactics, well executed, a masterclass in how to nullify one of the best teams and we continually looked dangerous.

Injuries have been a problem, as has the loss of form ov last year's best players. Cas looks like his legs have gone, Martinez has been injured, and Rashford seems to have mental issue he needs to deal with.

Mainoo and Garnacho have been outstanding, and Inthink Hojlund has shown a lot of potential, let's hope we have a couple more we can promote. We have some leaving, securing great replacements will be key.

However, I sense a real team spirit and what we saw today was genuine togetherness. Sacking ETH now seems like the wrong thing to do. Bite me.

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25 May 2024 20:45:22
It takes the better person to admit your wrongs, well played AJH.
All aboard the EtH train!

25 May 2024 20:55:55

2 trophies in 2 years. 3 finals. A European semi final.
Non-stop issues, drama, and injuries to key players to contend with.

To get rid now would be scandalous.

25 May 2024 21:01:28
I'm inclined to agree with you. i know it doesn't make the hole of our season. eth carried himself very well with the interviews after. i'd give him another year before I'd bring in McKenna or Southgate.

25 May 2024 21:51:17
Not for me.

Emotion of a great result doesn’t paper over the cracks of the season. ETH has made too many mistakes this year, and I just don’t see him implementing a possession based system that I’d love to see.

Fed up of being a transitional or counter attacking team - call it what you will. Sick of watching City, Pool, Arsenal, Villa, Newcastle and Spurs dominate possession against us.

That said, ETH deserves to be treated much better by SJR and his team. Last few days have been poor from the club. He’s been thrown under a bus with a string of awkward interviews - even after the win today.

25 May 2024 22:04:14
There has been a lot of talk from Mitten, Whitwell and co that a decision hadn't been made and that one would be made after the FA Cup final.

Well if that is the case, which I always believed to be the case, then ETH has saved his job.

I don't believe any decision was made prior to this game.

25 May 2024 22:10:32
For me, and I’ve said it before, I believe ETH deserves a chance with this new management team. Today he carried himself so very well under immense media questioning re his tenure. I saw players bang on with him. I fear yet another rinse and repeat if we change manager. I really hope he gets some more time. I truly believe he’s earned it. GGMU.

25 May 2024 22:12:57
Even under Ferguson we were a transition based side. We were never a possession controlling machine like Coty are now. Never been our style.

25 May 2024 23:30:00
I believe that United have tk put the right people in hatge and they have to appoint people in positions that suit their vision.

If Andrews and Wilcox are going to put in place that vision then they must appoint the best manager that fits that vision. There should be no compromise from them, and if that person is Ten Hag then it should be him.

they should not compromise or be swayed by emotion or sentimentality, they should just do what needs to be done.

25 May 2024 23:33:37
Keep calm people. Let the emotion of the day settle. It’s the FA cup. It throws up strange results. We have had similar lineups and been woeful.

However, wonderful result and great to win some silverware after an awful season on and off the pitch. Pleased for ETH. If he loses his job then fair play to him for showing what he is possibly capable of. He can leave with his head held high.

I still sit in the move him on bracket but as I have said will get behind him if the hierarchy deem him to be the right man.

26 May 2024 00:16:25
Based on the way Ineos have been so far, and their history with Nice, I don't have much faith in them to make the right decision.

If ETH does go, I hope he knows that he left being backed by the vast majority of fans.

26 May 2024 01:01:17
I never said we were @Eric. Fail to see how that’s in anyway relevant.

26 May 2024 05:29:58
One last thing, Dalot is an outstanding player and no real weaknesses to his game. Top player.

26 May 2024 07:21:25
I’m asking if you were fed up of being a transitional team even when we won the treble ourselves in 1999?

We’ve never played a possession tiki taki style. It’s not how we do it.

As for the game, be good to see a heat map of where all City’s possession actually was. I’d wager it’s all mainly on the half way line or deeper. ETH played Pep like a fiddle yesterday and was glorious to watch. Still on a high - feels really good to not only play well, but win a trophy too.

26 May 2024 07:44:21
Credit where it’s due, Ten Haag got everything right yesterday. Sadly, that doesn’t make up for him getting everything wrong in just about every other match this season. We finished eighth with a negative goal difference and put in some of the worst United performances I’ve seen in my lifetime. He gots to go, though, after yesterday, can at least do so with his head held high.

26 May 2024 08:28:26
I’m still torn redseven about him going. Largely because the names in the mix to replace him worry me greatly! Southgate, Potter, McKenna - none are elite managers who know how to win trophies and have experience of the expectations and the intensity of managing our club.

Tuchel has that experience, but he’s volatile and his football is not inspiring. Poch ticks many boxes and I rate him, but he always falls short wherever he goes.

26 May 2024 08:40:57
Liverpool are a transitional team that presses better. No one seems to have an issue with that and love fest with klop. They win the ball and bang it long diagonally to the wings or over the top behind defenders with runners. We were a possession based team under LVG and had high possession numbers and everyone hated it. Tiki Taki has never been our style.

26 May 2024 08:59:51

If a young Fergie got appointed in todays football with what social media and punditry is, he would have been sacked and never seen a trophy haul.

I have to disagree with you on everything you have said. You obviously have not followed United for a long time I have seen united teams over the last 48 years that were truly bad. Even after fergie, every manager we have had has had worse seasons maybe not in terms of league position but some of the football we played taking into account they had 10% of the issues eth has faced this year.

Arteta finished 8th and 8th first two years. They should have sacked him.



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