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25 May 2024 09:05:51
Interesting interview with ETH with a Dutch media company. Sounds to me like he hasn’t known for a couple of months ?.

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25 May 2024 09:32:27
Ooooh don't you be doubting the encyclopedia ?.

25 May 2024 10:19:47
He makes some decent points, and backs them up with facts. The injuries have been ridiculous, but we've still been complete rubbish and ripped apart by supposedly lesser teams far to often to just simple blame injuries.

Was reading some generic comments on that article from random Internet strangers and someone said it might simply be him trying to attempt to control the narrative to save what he can of his reputation to help get his next job, which I though was an interesting perspective.

Regardless, dude's gone by tomorrow.

25 May 2024 10:30:43
What, you mean to tell me he hasn't known for months? But lots on here have told us he has known for ages.

Wafflers, wait until the club make an actual announcement before professing to know everything.

25 May 2024 10:34:25
For the sake of stability and forward planning, you have to think the club would have made a statement about his future, if he was staying, long before now.

25 May 2024 10:52:33
He has known for some time angel. You don't have to believe that its totally your perogative.

25 May 2024 11:19:56
Scathing of the British pundits, then proceeds to tear into the decisions of his former club in the exact same manner.

Weird interview all together.

25 May 2024 12:30:25
This is cup final day. The manager B/ S can wait. Couple of beers and snacks and hopefully the boys win a trophy.

25 May 2024 12:53:49
Fingers crossed banjoe. I'm bodily if not expectant.

25 May 2024 13:56:46
I think we can pull it off, but probably won't. I think it'll be a pretty eventful few days if the rumours transpire and EtH will probably be wishing he'd deeded van Gaal's advice to stay well away.

25 May 2024 14:36:56
I don't think he will regret taking the job Spenno. He has done his very best and done it his way 12 of the 20 today are his signings or youth he introduced. He has made 3 cup finals won at least 1.
He failed miserably in the league and Europe this season.
None of his signings have lived up to his or our expectations.
You can't finish 8th and say we are better off than a year ago.
Really hard working guy and I think he will have learnt a lot I hope he gets a good job next and I'd like to see him do well. He will surely have learnt some things that will stand him in good stead for the future.
Imo you learn more from the hard times than you do in the good times.

25 May 2024 14:47:30
We should be maestros by now then but we don't seem to have learnt a lot in the last ten years.

25 May 2024 15:41:16
You say it like you know ken, you don't ?.

25 May 2024 19:52:20
As you were.



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