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20 May 2024 11:56:24
So what are everyone's starting 11s for the final?

Personally I would go:

AWB Varane Martinez Dalot

Cass Mainoo

Amad Garnacho


Make sure we're in the game with 25 to go and then introduce Rash and Hojlund.

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20 May 2024 12:07:13
I think hojlund or Rashford will start instead of Amad and then bruno or Garnacho will move to the right hand side.

20 May 2024 12:22:31
I think he will start rashford ahead of Anthony and amad.
I think playing no striker against city will cost us dearly.
I'd rather varane was not part of the team personally under normal circumstances but I reckon he won't be the only one putting in his last appearance for united on the day manager included.
Hopefully between wilcox and the coaches they can come up with a plan that works on the day.

20 May 2024 12:13:23
Mine is quite similar to yours 12day with a little tweak

. Onana
AWB Varane Martinez Dalot

. Cass Mainoo

Amad , Bruno . Garnacho

. , - Rasmus.

20 May 2024 12:50:55
Hojlund has to start, his shot conversion rate is really high, better than Haaland and Isak.

In a game of few chances we’ll need players who can finish.

Although the odds are massively against us we’ve been written off by everybody. That’s fuel to upset the odds.

20 May 2024 13:34:11
Wazza we won the last 2 games in a row with him in the bench. When was the last time that happened?
He does not have to start.
I'd rather he did but because Bruno has no positional discipline him in our midfield 3 leaves us badly exposed as it has all season
We look defensively better without Bruno in a midfield 3.

20 May 2024 14:33:11
Hojlund isn’t the sort of player you’d want to see coming off the bench for last 20/ 25 mins. I think if we can keep it tight for 70mins, putting Hojlund on would cause them some problems. Might be a good tactic.

20 May 2024 14:50:31
I think i would rather start with the three in midfield in Casemiro, Mainoo and Mctominay. Gives the back 4 a bit more protection.
Every player on that picth is going to have to work there arse off just to stay in the game. Can't have any passengers giving 75 percent which is why i hope he doesn't play Rashford plus the lad Amad deserves his chance after his last couple of performances.

20 May 2024 16:41:06
I think rashford and Hojlund coming off the bench at 70 minutes would cause some discomfort for the defence, but as we may well be 4 goals down by then it might not matter. I really wish we had a decent DM to play with Casemiro, but I'd rather Scott than Amrabat.

20 May 2024 17:11:28
Red d they are both rubbish but I have to say I'd rather amrabat and cas than include mctom as a defensive midfielder.

20 May 2024 17:12:59
Ports we kept it tight for 12 seconds last year 70 min is a stretch.

20 May 2024 17:42:15
What do you mean Wilcox and the coaches can come up with a plan Ken? You think Wilcox will have tactical input into the final?

It is a tough call for EtH. Hoyland deserves to start. Can we afford to play Fernandes, hoyland, garna and rash/ Amad? Seems suicidal, but if they work hard and double up defensively down the flanks it could work. Fernandes has also shown he can play deeper and link play forward simply - he has also shown he loves to give the ball away too cheaply!

The players that play are important, but so too is HOW they play. We will lose badly if we try to play a front 4.

20 May 2024 17:54:03
Front four? We should have a front 1 in a 541 formation, pure bus and counter.

20 May 2024 18:00:04
Yes DB I think wilcox has had an input into the tactical change in the last 2 games. So I think he will continue to work with the coaches for the final.

20 May 2024 18:36:09
I agree red D. We have a 'punchers' chance.
Like ports said if we can keep it tight and hit them on the counter that's probably our best chance.
Front 4? we must be the worst team ever if we claim to be a front 4 team. Negative goal difference ??.

20 May 2024 18:50:17
I know it would never happen, but I'd love us to call jose, tell him it's a one game contract, massive win bonus, chance to get one over an old adversary, show us the bus in all it's glory!

20 May 2024 20:21:55
I know what you mean red D but I never wanted eth to leave or be pushed until the end of the season.
He got the team there they should all see it through together.
I'm not a great believer in these things but the way we have got there is one of those old ' our name is in the cup' vibes.
It's a long shot that are a top class outfit amd we have to hope for them to be on an off day, us to find a good day, and for lots of luck. We've had lots of luck up to this point. Let's hope we can rise to the occasion.

20 May 2024 20:37:45
What's that based on ken? More inside knowledge? ?

Wilcox and the coaches, what a load of tosh hahahah.

20 May 2024 20:40:26
Ken what are you basing this on, giving Wilcox credit for the last victories?

20 May 2024 22:08:34
Because he can’t give ETH any credit so it has to be Wilcox ?.

20 May 2024 22:16:06
Wilcox lol. Let him wipe his feet first!

20 May 2024 22:49:20
Must not start Rashford. But I fear Hoijlund will get soaked up in the comparison with Harland thing and go missing to some extent.

I sincerely hope I am wrong and he comes out raging and has a blinder.

I think that the above two proposed lineups will be close. If anything I would drop McT as he will get eaten alive in that midfield from a positional perspective. I’m sure he would put himself about a bit which is one thing I suppose.

Jeez it’s a difficult one. Either way it’ll be a long day.

C’mon lads, let’s have some silver wear!

20 May 2024 23:26:47
It's not eth bashing at all. You would be nieve to think wilcox has not had any input. Eth played the same way all season until 2 weeks ago.
I give eth the credit for this wins. Far from good but the shape was better and more solid. imo.
Eth has to implement whatever wilcox, he and the coaches decide.
What makes you think eth just had a change of heart after 36 games.
If you think wilcox has had no I put after eth said they had several meetings I think your wrong.
I never claimed inside knowledge angel it's just the man starting the job he is being paid to do.
Not once did I even refer to any eth bashing your all a touch paranoid I think. ?.

20 May 2024 23:37:05
Big day for Rashy coming up. The likes of Gordon and Palmer have surely moved ahead of him. Hell even I should have. Guess we’ll see how much there is to the Southgate favourites drum.

20 May 2024 23:58:02
Don't really mind who plays. All I want is for the players to play with pride and run their socks off. Also that they don't do stupid things.

21 May 2024 07:15:11
Isn't it provisional squad today Spenno, then final squad by 7 June. Think Southgate will put him in provisional squad and assess him before making a final decision in a few weeks.

If he doesn't get picked today it would be a big surprise and might be worth playing him Sunday from the start, go out and should Southgate what he is missing type scenario.

21 May 2024 07:42:37
Aye Grim provisional squad. IMO only way he makes the final squad is if people pull out. But as you say he has a game left to have a worldy.

21 May 2024 09:39:16
It hurts my fingers to type this but I tend to agree with Ken on this one, I think it's clear INEOS want a structure where they will have their football people deciding the style, personnel etc and we move from a manager to head coach. I think this is part of it now and almost, an audition if you like for ETH to show he can work in that structure. I wouldn't say Wilcox is picking the line-up but has some influence on set up etc.

21 May 2024 09:58:15
Not sure why it would hurt your fingers.
Of course eth is picking the team but taking advice on board to change the shape.

21 May 2024 10:03:49
Because I don't usually agree with you Ken but in this case I do.

21 May 2024 12:56:41
I also am prone to disagree with Ken, and whilst I don't think it is necessarily as simple as just Wilcox, I expect there may have been some influence.

In any case, showing ability to adapt to a structure/ style of play and achieve results goes in ETH favour in being retained. Ineos will want someone that can implement a style of play and get results. The more ETH does that, the stronger case he has to stay.

21 May 2024 15:11:48
I don't think anyone can argue with Gordon and (to a lesser extent) Grealish going, plus we've used Foden on the left previously, so it shouldn't be a surprise. He should get his head down all summer and sort himself out and enjoy it ov the TV like the rest of us!



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