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27 Feb 2024 18:50:42
when it rains it pours. varrane and maguire out. bruno too by the looks of it.

lindelof, evans, kambala, dalot back 4.

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27 Feb 2024 19:43:27
I was interested to note that Hojland was injured during “intense” training. It’s not pre season and intense is a strong word. If there are more injuries from training, why?

27 Feb 2024 19:57:34
Bruno looked injured in the late during the fulham game so did varrane. Not sure what has happened to maguire. Lindelof looked injured too when he went over the pitch on a tackle and was limping when he came off.

27 Feb 2024 21:04:29
Varane is always injured. Can’t be a surprise. He needs to move on.

27 Feb 2024 22:18:24
Lindelof would be injured as well.
Kambwala, Dalot and Evans only defenders.
Up against elanga, might as well make sense to play a natural fullback from youth than play amrabat.

27 Feb 2024 22:21:27
I would have considered kambawala at rb and Dalot at LB anyway. He has more pace than Lindelof and amrabat, so might have worked better. W really are going to be a patchwork teM at this rate. Everyone will expect us to win 5 NIL with vintage football though ?.

28 Feb 2024 05:00:09
Just think the pace and intensity of pl does not favor older guys who have history of injuries. Many teams are suffering to a degree but ours has been on a different scale given the length of time some of the players have been out and the older players seem to come back play a few and get injured. That's with no european football and a lighter schedule.

I know it will not be popular but maybe sacrifice up front and look lethargic attacking wise with adding an extra body in midfield to provide some protection to this chicken soup of back 4. ETh is stubborn though and will stick to 443 I reckon.

28 Feb 2024 06:44:25
I hope sky sports cover our injury list for 48 hours similar to what they have done for the scousers ????.

28 Feb 2024 07:30:37
Shoulda kept Weghorst, Sabitzer and Reguillon!

28 Feb 2024 07:49:00
I reckon some of them see utter carnage coming against City and that has led to 'injuries'. Too many in this squad haven't got the bottle.

28 Feb 2024 09:31:05
We’ll have a chance with 12 players Ahmed!

28 Feb 2024 11:34:44
Are you sure Patrick???.

28 Feb 2024 12:00:55
City away is a loss but all about the manner of the loss imo. tonight no easy either as we got beat there already this season.

28 Feb 2024 11:52:34
It's pretty shocking how little the media report our injuries this season. They made a massive song and dance about Liverpool having to play Chelsea with "no first choice players available".

Yet they had 3 of their first choice back four available (VvD, Konate and Robertson) . While some would argue that while not a better player TAA, Conor Bradley has arguably been their best RB this season. Certainly better at defending.

They also had Mac Alister and Endo start in midfield, who are two of their first choice midfielders.

Diaz also started who is first choice.

So it was the keeper, ST, RW and arguably the RB where they were weakened.

Yet they still had special-ists high quality players to step in and play those roles. All players signed my Klopp to play his style of play.

We've had injuries all season, often having no one who is a special-ist to play in key positions.

Unfortunately, this focus on other sides injuries while an almost complete silence from the media on ours has led many fans to underestimate how many injuries we've had.

No EPL team has had more injuries that is this season. Currently we have had more injuries this season (with 10 games to go) than any other EPL team has had in any of the past 4 seasons.

28 Feb 2024 12:34:01
On reflection not that sure Ken ?!

28 Feb 2024 13:05:14
Exactly Shappy, But wE sHouLd bE pLAyINg bEtTEr bY nOW! ?.

28 Feb 2024 13:21:59
Nothing like a bit poor old me.

28 Feb 2024 17:43:26
Shappy just curious but where are your figures from? The most up to date article I’ve seen was from jan 11th and had Utd in 6th for total days lost to injury.

28 Feb 2024 19:12:26
It's just double standards Ken. The media making out like Liverpool are in a massive crisis with just 4 first 11 players missing. Yet nothing mentioned when United had 8 or 9 of our first 11 missing.

It's just about making sure we keep things in context, because the media certainly won't.



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