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14 Jan 2024 08:59:26
I support ETH and his handling of Sancho. Cannot call the manager a liar and should have apologised to ETH and respected the shirt. Should have been desperate to put it right, yet wasn't. Unacceptable from Sancho. I get he may feel others are favoured but prove the manager wrong on the pitch. Rightly sent to Dortmund, then posts on social media about nice to play again, which is ok, but still no apology, no remorse at taking the clubs money to sit and be childish.

So given what Sancho has done, the lack of apology and how he has let our club down, what was Rashford doing commenting Yessirr on the post? To me there is something not right and I wonder if the Sancho situation is why Rashford hasn't given his all.

Rashford is at times openly phlegmatic, up and down and doesn't look to be trying most of the time. We cannot have this and to be honest if a good offer comes in for Rashford sell.

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14 Jan 2024 10:11:18
Stay of the socials for your own sanity big man.

14 Jan 2024 12:00:33
Theyre good friends, friends support each other lol. The thing i noticed was load of other players commenting in support like Bellingham and Vinicius.

Agree on the whole Sancho situation, he's made himself look so foolish and Ten Haag is pretty much all in the right.

The only thing Ten Haag can be questioned over is overestimating the quality of our other attacking players and like most problems with out attack come down to the Brazilian fidget spinner. If he was able to get double figures in goals and assists then the Sancho debacle would be vindicated.

At the moment he has zero goals and assists for the whole season.

14 Jan 2024 12:28:51
Ten Hag has come out to say Antony isn't playing now because his performances have been below par. Notice how no one is throwing a fit over that? Somehow the media and rival fans and even some man utd fans have babied Sancho so much. Reality is he just doesn't have the stomach for the pressure at Utd.

14 Jan 2024 13:09:49
I thought the press conferences with ten Hag over the last few days were really interesting. Some real meaty questions finally being asked that crop up constantly on pages like this, like how few successes we've had with all of our more expensive signings since Fergie left vs for example City, where every signing is well scouted and makes an impact. And of course a deeper delve into Antony's form. It's felt like there's been an issue with literally every other player in our squad this season. Not sure what if anything is going to change in the short-term, I'm sure things are just being observed at the moment to see where things are going wrong. The overall impact of many of his own signings was brought up. Ouch.

14 Jan 2024 13:25:33
The situation with sancho should never have been played out in public the way it was.
Imo sancho comes out with no credit at all.
Eth imo should have been a little smarter in the way he handled things and their would have been less unintended consequences on the rest of the squad.
A little less abrasive and more psychological thinking would have paid off in this case imo.
The result for sancho would still and should always be the same. EXIT.
But I think he could have done it differently without losing any respect, which was the key issue for eth. Emotions took over on both sides and when that happens clear and logical thinking goes out the window.
The better he does at dortmund the better it will be for united so I hope he does well.
I don't think rashford should be commenting publicly but I'm old school.
It could be perceived as 2 fingers up and a sly dig at eth but by the same logic it may not have been written in that tone at all and was just a public text to a good pal.
If like redman you have become so frustrated by rashford and want him sold then you will interpret it as the former if you still support and believe in rasford you will read it as the latter. Its just noise either way.
Hopefully everyone can move on now, the players, the coach the media etc and focus returns to on the pitch stuff.

14 Jan 2024 14:26:58
Before anyone starts thinking Sancho has suddenly turned into a worlds beater for a cameo 30 minute sub appearance. The team they beat is the worst team in the german league that bayern beat 8-0.

He is a overhyped spoiled brat with no discipline or guts. Need to get him out permanently.

14 Jan 2024 14:27:53
Both overhyped over paid and they actually believe their world class

I also blame the parents agents and all the hangers on these clown have around them

They seem more interested in an instagram pose with some no mark celebrities

Get rid of these types ASAP.



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