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17 Jul 2022 03:47:17
Okay. So if FDJ is as good as ETH thinks and the problem is the 17million then just give it to Barcelona to pay FDJ and get it done!

We have wasted far far more on Pogba, Maguire, AWB and the like so surely 17 million is peanuts?

Or am I being simplistic and/ or simple?

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17 Jul 2022 04:42:14
We aren’t going to pay off their contractual mistakes

That’s like me saying to you, can I buy your house, but I owe some dude 30k so will you knock it off the asking price for me please.

17 Jul 2022 05:26:11
Note quite. If you wanted to buy my house and I had added 30k onto it because I owed someone money yes.

But if you really wanted the house and the deal rested on it and you had the money you would pay it or lose the house…….

However I do agree with your sentiment.

My point was more that we have wasted so much money 17million to get the deal done is peanuts in the scheme of things. Especially if he is sooooo important!

17 Jul 2022 06:16:54
Keefy, remind me never to lend you any of my credit cards. You seem far too eager to spend other people's money.

We paid 15m for Malacia. Just forking out 17m extra to pay for Barcelona's problem is probably the difference between being able to replace Ronaldo or not.

17 Jul 2022 07:25:15
I think Barcelona were willing to pay some 5-6 out of 17.
If we really really want the player, I would pay him another 8.5 as sign-in fee and get forward with it.
Barcelona are showing they are scum.

17 Jul 2022 10:18:40
Wouldn’t surprise me if in the next couple of days we suddenly bought a previously unknown youngster from Barcelona for £10m, giving them the cash to placate De Jong for his missing wages. FDJ would then be on the next plane to Manchester.

Would be one way of getting around the payment issue.

{Ed002's Note - The money is not the issue.}

17 Jul 2022 10:33:31
Ed002, for Barcelona is seems to be. They want him gone to both raise funds and reduce their wage bill. While it also seems like they want to avoid paying him what he's owed.

While I appreciate that he probably doesn't want to leave Barcelona for several reasons. Is it sensible to dig your heels in and stay at a club that want to move you on?

{Ed002's Note - All that is stopping the move is the player - forget the money.}

17 Jul 2022 11:38:30
So if another more attractive club with Champions League football came in for Frankie, then he would be willing to forget the pay Barcelona owe him and move to that club.

{Ed002's Note - You need to forget the money - you not getting what the issue is.}

17 Jul 2022 11:46:41
Always happy to spend other peoples money :)

17 Jul 2022 13:04:12
I think ed2 has tried enough times to tell us that money is not the issue gut FDJ is the issue. Basically, we're getting the impression that the player does not fancy a move to United, for whatever reason doesn't matter, so why are we still pursuing the move? I keep asking myself the question, if he doesn't fancy United, then surely ETH would've established this by now? If fdj is telling ETH that he doesn't want to come, then I would like to think that ETH will get the message and move on.
So, it's a really strange situation.

17 Jul 2022 12:30:49
Thanks for info as always Ed002 and clarity on De Jong situation.

Does seem an odd situation though - clearly he wants to stay at Barcelona yet United have been pursuing him for months. Are thy continually trying to persuade him to come? And, if De Jong simply isn't convinced and refuses to leave Barcelona, surely there must be a cut off point where United have to admit defeat and move onto other targets?

(And, in order to stay at Barcelona, will De Jong have to take a pay cut or is that all a smoke-screen? Thus, do you think Barcelona woukd enable De Jong to stay - or do they need him to leave? )

Thanks for any insights and apologies for any misreading of the situation - just seems such a weird situation! )

{Ed002's Note - I would agree. They should start looking at alternatives. He has no interest in renegotiation of his existing contract.

17 Jul 2022 12:45:47
So if the

{Ed002's Note - Wrong page.}

17 Jul 2022 16:35:22
Fans are pretty deluded into what our financial position is if you ask me.

The days of Manchester United been the cash rich cash cow are firmly gone! The evidence is there for all to see. We can’t just go and give millions away to smooth deals over and get them across the line. Maybe we could years ago but certainly not now.

And the other thing is…. with FDJ, it’s NOT ABOUT THE MONEY. The bloke loves Barcelona and wants to stay!

17 Jul 2022 18:55:30
Again, thanks for clarity Ed002, much appreciated.

18 Jul 2022 08:05:56
Could FDJ be the one who is leading ETH and Man Utd on to get his money owed and out of the club? No one has looked at it via that angle but may be the case.

{Ed014's Note - err, where have you been, that’s been mentioned countless times



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