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13 Jun 2022 15:45:16
I honestly believe we have two players that will have big seasons this year.

First is Donny Van. He knows the new system and he thrived in it. ETH believes in hm and that's a huge plus for a player.

Then I look for Rashford to come back strong. He played under two managers this past season that really didn't have a strong system . Under our new manager he will know exactly what is expected of him and he will perform.

I hope, and fully expect, United to drop Harry M., Scott Mac, Fred. I turned the telly off when I saw those three in the lineup knowing I could outrun all of them.

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13 Jun 2022 15:50:36
We won’t drop them unless we have replacements which in midfield I’m not sure we will get. Your tv might be off quite a bit again next season ?.

13 Jun 2022 16:05:24
I totally disagree with Donny bit, the premier just does not suit him at all, I don’t care if he in love with ETH he is found wanting all the time in the premier, He did not even pull up any trees at Everton and by all accounts Lampard glad to see back of him, Lingard went to West Ham and done something DOnny just out of his league I’m afraid.
Mc Guire will be in ETH team 100%… Varane injured yet again and can’t be relied on, and when he has played not been great, he certainly needs a leader beside him and that ain’t McGuire but he will play, I would prefer he was gone personally but won’t happen, I don’t think we have one decent centre back or defender full stop come to that if I’m honest.

13 Jun 2022 16:20:30
We'll have to wait and see on Donny.

As for replacements, if we don't get 3 or 4 signings then I can see EtH walking away. By all accounts he made his wishes known to the upper echelon folks and if they don't meet them he's out of here.

13 Jun 2022 16:34:59
First of all, ETH is going nowhere. He’s signed a contract and I’m sure he’ll be professional enough to see it through. The club can’t wave a magic wand and make new players appear!

I can’t see this obsession with DVB. He’s not good enough, it’s that simple. Two managers didn’t fancy him and they’ll have seen him day in day out. Went to Everton, and he was crap for all intents and purposes. Sell him and move on.

Sadly, the club won’t relent with Maguire. He’s a massive weak link and opposition forwards know this. Complete liability. But unfortunately, for some bizarre reason the club will keep hold of him….

13 Jun 2022 16:48:00
ETH won’t spit his dummy out that’s childish talk, do you not think they have sat down and discussed various avenues ETH will know you just don’t click your fingers and your first choice players turn up and on top of that perform immediately
There will be a plan in place for many scenarios, the question is will it work, that no one knows, but you can almost guarantee ETH won’t say that’s it I’m off.

13 Jun 2022 16:49:33
I just don't get the obsession with DVB.
Clearly half decent in the Dutch League but the step up is just to big.
Get rid and get some money in for him.

13 Jun 2022 20:38:23
Imagine coming on here and praising dvb and having a pop at Fred! Neither are good enough but Fred is head and shoulders ahead of nearly every member of our squad when it comes to attitude, work rate and trying his best! Sounds childish but literally there’s 95% of our squad who don’t know the meaning of work rate .

14 Jun 2022 09:48:57
Agree Chris1. Not saying Fred is technically a brilliant player, but despite everything the lad puts a shift in. I’d keep him at Old Trafford because you sometimes need a few grafters in your squad, even if they ain’t going to trouble any world eleven. Herrera was another, not technically great and unlikely to be a mainstay of a world class side…. but a grafter nonetheless.

15 Jun 2022 09:25:19
I don’t understand some people thinking DVB just isn’t good enough. Go back and watch the parts of games he actually played for us, it won’t take you long.

He didn’t have much impact on the games, but he did everything right. Almost never took a bad touch or misplaced a pass, consistently beat the press, made excellent runs. The problem is that he’s an intelligent player with good technical ability in a team full of players with athleticism and technique but little intelligence. Honestly, Mata suffered from the same problem. Sancho does a bit too, although I don’t think he’s as badly effected.

I don’t watch a huge amount of Dutch football anymore, but from what I’ve seen, ETH’s style of football requires a lot more intelligence from the players than we are used to seeing. I believe that’s why ETH seems so set on De Jong. If we add a couple of intelligent players like De Jong, and ETH manages to imprint his style on the team, Donny will thrive.

Conversely, Bruno might struggle, as I don’t think he has the intelligence and creativity people credit him with.



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