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17 Aug 2019 09:06:44
According to most people on here our back line is fixed?

After 1 game and conceding many chances I don't think so, the clean sheet was very lucky another day we would of shipped 2 or 3.

Maguire is a massive improvement, but we have seen him and lindelof just once, what if maguire and tunazebe keep a clean sheet and concede less chances what then?

People need to start giving our players some chances, even sanchez should be given a chance, what annoys me about our fan base they are so quick to turn on every player having a tough time.

Liverpool fans don't rate all there players but they back them regardless and hope they come good, where as us utd fans one chance is all you get.

I remember Darren fletcher having a shocking time originally and 2 years later he was so important for us, anyone remember evra first season? These are just examples.

And to some of the posters mocking what I said about lindelof could be tried as a DM, a certain psy CB moved to Dm and hadn't looked back since.

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17 Aug 2019 09:35:31
Who says we don't give our players chances? I don't think anybody is saying all is fixed but Maguire was at ease, composed and assured, Lindelof I've always rated.
Sanchez has had many chances tbh and if he plays we will hope he rediscovered that form, seems like you're having a go for us saying players played well while then saying we should give players a chance.

17 Aug 2019 10:25:31
Big V, do you see the irony in your post?

You complain that no one is prepared to give our players a chance.

Then in your next breath you are writing off Lindelof after one game with Maguire (a game we won 4-0).

Defensive partnerships take time to build, Rio and Vidic didn't hit it off immediately. Lindelof and Maguire have literally only been training together for a week before the Chelsea game. We need to give it time.

What I really liked and what was an excellent sign was how much they were all talking to eachother. That communication is the most important step in building a solid defensive unit.

I want to see Tuanzebe get his chance, I was calling out for it last year. Yet at the moment our best CB pairing is Lindelof and Maguire. The fact Tuanzebe is picked on the bench ahead of Smalling, Jones and Rojo is an excellent sign that he will get his chances this season.

17 Aug 2019 11:08:25
I don’t think anybody has said the back 4 is fixed because only time can prove if it is or isn’t.

But it’s certainly the best back 4 we’ve had post-Fergie so there’s no reason to be chopping and changing so early. Reading your post anyone we think we conceded 4, not scored 4.

I’m sure everyone is hoping this new back 4 lives up to the potential and proves to be solid for the next 5 years 🤞.

17 Aug 2019 11:18:17
It looks a good back 4 to me that given time should do really well.

Big v is right people want a flavour of the month in every position they would of been shouting to sell the the N butt, p Neville, w browns a few years back.

That said I will be amazed if lindelof every plays cm.

17 Aug 2019 11:33:28
I agree on Sanchez big V. Would give him one more chance especially as we are looking to play a more pressing game. Would have him at no 10 though as he’s lost the pace he had needed to play on the wing.

While on paper it seems lindelof can play dm, I wouldn’t tinker at all. He actually has all the attributes as he reads the game well, excellent on the ball and has great technique. But why fix something that ain’t broken? Let him and Maguire build an understanding as they look like they will compliment each other well. We finally have the ability to build out the back. I’m a big fan of Tuanzebe, and as shappy has said, he will get chances this season.

Jred let’s not act like you don’t have your players who you have preferences too. We all do it so don’t act like you are exempt from that group.

17 Aug 2019 11:44:59
We all just want the best player in the right position.
Back 4 is what we all would agree on, keeper is best in the world, we all happy McTominay is in, we all want pogba to dictate games more and praise when he does, we all happy that we've the pace up top, we all wanted a right winger and another midfielder in so pretty much all of us are in agreement with our best eleven and where we need to strengthen still.
Obvs opinions vary but I think atm we would all name the same 10 or 11 players which can only be a good thing after years of instability particularly in the back line.

17 Aug 2019 12:21:17
People would of been shouting for the likes of brown to be sold.
I will be honest I'm amazed people are shouting to give Sanchez a chance . They want better performing g players sold.
I can only guess it's because he is a big name?

17 Aug 2019 12:21:35
The thing is though of all the changes Chelsea created the only one that was a denfensive error from one the back 4 was when AWB followed the ball in towards Lindelof and left Emerson in behind him for a shot. 2 changes were from AP being caught out and one from Pogba McTominay not closing down on. The edge of the box. Whilst it is very earlier days we can see an improvement already and hopefully it will get better and better the more games they play together.

17 Aug 2019 13:46:57

Perhaps they would have done. As we all know those sort of players are essential in every successful squad. The reason why people are willing to give Sanchez another chance is because of what he’s shown in the past. I know he hasn’t shown it since he’s joined but there is no doubting his ability. Hence why people would be happier to see him play than say jones who has never and will never have it. I think that’s fair to say. I have doubts Sanchez will ever show his arsenal form. But I wouldn’t be against one more chance.

17 Aug 2019 14:02:58
Big V, i actually think lindlehof will make a very good DM. As i replied to your previous post, he's played in that position for Benfica on few ocassions. He'll be very good at it in my opinion.

17 Aug 2019 14:36:11
There maybe is a doubt over his ability as well as his ability to turn things around with him approaching 32 years old .
He won't be playing instead of Jones either it will obviously be at the expense of linders etc .

17 Aug 2019 14:40:16
But there's no need to move lindelof to midfield. He's our best centre back so I really don't get the point.

On the other point I think most fans on here are sensible and recognise the contributions made by the Wes browns an john o'shea's an Darren fletchers etc. We do need those kind of players in the squad if we are to be successful. Its a squad game and not everyone can be a starter in a 23-25 man squad. The problem is we have a squad of that size with several players making little to no contribution. Which is why posters say they need to be moved on.

17 Aug 2019 14:47:29
Who do you think he deserves a chance and a run of games ahead off.

17 Aug 2019 14:55:24
Obviously jones and Sanchez don’t play in the same position was was using the former to make a point. I’m sure you could see that. There are plenty of games in a season for Sanchez to play. I’m not suggesting he goes straight into the starting 11 because I’d have lingard over him as no 10. You’ve got mata and Gomes too, I’m a big fan of the latter. I would put Sanchez ahead of mata. Will he get a chance? I’m not so sure. But I believe there is still some quality there and if he shows anything in training, then he should be given a chance. A half firing Sanchez would offer more end product than lingard imo. Lingard offers a lot off the ball but it remains to be see if he has enough quality end product wise. Scored some really important goals, but doesn’t do it consistently.

17 Aug 2019 14:55:52
Spot on mort in your second paragraph.

17 Aug 2019 15:06:52
Sanchez hasn't offered more end product in any of the games I've watched him in a united shirt.
Like shaw ;)

17 Aug 2019 16:40:01
Not sure why you felt the need to bring up shaw. Last summer I would've sold him. He did have a good season last year compared to the one before although I don't agree he was our player of the year. I think he's a player who needs a run of games to build up a head of steam and hopefully he's over the worst of his injury issues. I've not advocated selling him just that this is a big season for him and he can cement his place as first choice. He does need competition for his place though. At the least an able deputy. I like the look of the lad in the u23s. Williams I think it is.

17 Aug 2019 17:20:17
Selling shaw has been a topic on the site this week .
I would like to see sanchez get back to his best but he will be 31 soon and if I'm honest I can't see it .
Looks to have lost a yard imo and is struggling to adjust his game .
I actually think he was our worse outfield performer last season .
I'm not saying he shouldn't get a chance but i'm surprised people are wanting to give him a run of games .

17 Aug 2019 17:35:19
Its as you say his age is against him. He's on the decline. Who do you drop for him? Only way I see him getting into the team is injuries to others or a fixture pile up. If he takes the chance then fair play but can't see it myself.

17 Aug 2019 17:35:48
Tome Lindelof lookz like a round peg in a round hole. Let's be really radical and leave him there.

17 Aug 2019 17:39:29
No ones saying sell shaw they have simply said he’s the weak link in back 4. If it’s a crime to have that opinion then I’m guilty.

17 Aug 2019 19:29:38
I think it's fair to say that Shaw is the best left back at the club AND the weakest defender of our back four.

At the end of the day one of our defenders will be the weakest link regardless of who we sign.

I think the issue is people feel like there is no grey areas just black and white.

You either think Shaw's amazing or you think he is crap.

Welcome to the internet of 2019.

17 Aug 2019 19:51:52
I don't get the whole idea of dismissing the fact a player was player of the season ahead of some very good players but at the same time wanting a player to be given a chance who was arguably our worse player of the season .
Sanchez hasn't even played a pre season game, I really am struggling to understand why people are wanting him the team .
He never has been a 10 that run the game etc with so much pace in the front 3 I think mata would pull the strings better .
Where does he fit in.
Honestly what has Sanchez done?
If he gets a chance great, how people can argue against shaw and for Sanchez is beyond me.

As for shaw was he the weak link last season or are we making a judgement on 1 game .

17 Aug 2019 21:25:46
Jred, no Shaw wasn't the weak link last season when one of Valencia or Young was playing at RB, or Smalling or Jones was playing at CB.

But with AWB and Maguire joining that changes the landscape somewhat.

Is Shaw the weak link in this line up? Young, Smalling, Lindelof, Shaw.

No there are at least two players weaker than him.

However, is he the weakest in this line? AWB, Lindelof, Maguire, Shaw.

Yeah he probably is as the other three are better defenders than he is.

As for Sanchez, I don't get it either. He hasn't even had a good 10 minute spell for us in 18 months. There is nothing to suggest he would play we at No.10 in this set up or in any other set up. I just think he is a big name and people are desperate to see him succeed.

17 Aug 2019 21:53:47
After 1 game? I'm sure you weren't the biggest fan of Maguire before we bought him .
Shaw won't be the weak leak as you put it every week . Awful term by the way.
If he has a really good game does that make someone else a weak link .
You defend as a team but no point going into it to be honest. It's a ridiculous convo that I would expect of a kids team .
Lol 1 game into the season, I think there are signs we have a decent back 4, gk base to allow us to play a certain way, implement our tactics .
Team game let's see how it works this season but some strange discussion on the site.

18 Aug 2019 10:33:02
Jred, we have a good back four. But quite simply at the moment Shaw is the weakest player in that back four.

If you were to rank the four defenders on key areas of defending where would Shaw rank against his teammates?

Tackling? I would say AWB is the best tackler, followed by Maguire then Lindelof with Shaw last.

Defensive positioning/ reading of the game? Lindelof, AWB, Maguire with Shaw last again.

Heading/ clearing the ball? Maguire, Lindelof, AWB with Shaw again last.

Defensive decision-making? (When to stay on your feet and when to go in) Lindelof, Maguire, AWB with Shaw last again.

It's not about Shaw being a bad player, it's about him being the weakest of our starting defenders at actually defending. He is actually a good player.

When we had a back four of Neville, Ferdinand, Vidic and Evra we had a very good back four. Yet Evra was still the weakest defender in that back four. That doesn't make him a bad player, just that they guys alongside him were better at key aspects of defending.

18 Aug 2019 11:52:59
Best takeaway eater of the four though shappy.

18 Aug 2019 12:31:20
Good constructive post from angel again.

18 Aug 2019 12:31:57
Shaps if only football was that easy.

18 Aug 2019 18:23:58
Sorry jred. I thought I was posting on a banter site 😂.



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