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17 Mar 2019 08:30:12
We don't know if they have decided on Ole as the permanent manager but that last night, straight after the Arsenal result, has to be concerning for the hierarchy. Ole would likely be attractive for the bean counters and for Glazernomics. The fans generally would be happy, at least for a while, there wouldn't be a £30m bill to pay to get a top manager out of his contract.

Some questions come to mind. Ole like SAF and unlike a Mourinho, is steeped in its history and loves the club, so would it be in the mind that he may not press as hard for as much funding in the market? Compare and contrast the Zidane and Solskjaer positions. Does anyone think Zidane, in the way he has taken the role back, will accept anything less than complete funding in summer? Do Real Madrid have a plan to get back to the top? Will they wait 5 years and dither around? Under Glazernomics will we really ever see that aim to be at the very top or likely see that level of funding? Would it be easier to appoint Ole than someone who might want top level funding?
Do we really need to pay for a DOF when there is an Executive Vice Bean Counter and with Ole at the wheel? Who sees the need for a DOF salary and an input which may indicate the areas and how much money needs to be spent that bean counters don't agree with? What happens if a DOF doesn't want that Hollywood money spinning app clicking Bale type signing?

The easy option is popular, or was until last night, keeps the power levels as is, no need to change, it was just the previous managers that were wrong. Yet there is now doubt and the bean counters and Glazernomics are under some pressure this morning. Does this mean no Ole? No, but it will slow down the emotion train for appointing him now now now and hopefully the club wait until the end or near the end of the season. I advocated Poch and he should still be considered, yet wonder where Allegri is off to. The who needs to be decided in a process not an emotional rush to a decision. I still have concern over who will make the decision in a process but hope the last two games bring the need for a proper process back into focus.

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17 Mar 2019 09:43:33
Back to back defeats happen, arsenal and wolves away are not easy games, arsenal I agree with ole I felt we deserved more, last night was poor but it’s how we bounce back, Watford home next isn’t it?

17 Mar 2019 09:49:21
We lost the arsenal game because we couldn’t finish our dinner. Last night was dreadful, but you also have to look at the players last night too. Pogba, martial and Rashford looked disinterested. Off games happen no matter who is in charge.

17 Mar 2019 10:35:24
I don’t know why so much blame is pointed towards the Glazers. They’ve funded some of the biggest names in football at our club, both players and managers (whether or not it worked for us is irrelevant to your post) . Stop looking for someone to blame for a defeat. We weren’t good enough last night. It happens. It used to happen a lot more than it has in recent months.

17 Mar 2019 11:08:43

The post isn’t about one game, it is about ensuring we have some sort of process to find the right long term solution. One minute we were having a DOF then it goes quiet. The interim manager has had a good run but lost two vital games, it doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be considered but my point is making sure the decision process is a proper one and isn’t an emotional one.

I will point the finger at the Glazers. They haven’t funded anything, the club has. They haven’t put one penny in. They have left us in circa £400m of debt, (over what is it, 15 years? ) not to benefit the club and its development but to enable them to buy the club. Then look at how much is and has been taken out of the club. Debt servicing and dividends don’t help the football side do they? . When was the last time the club did anything major for the stadium development? It was when the money from the Plc was left to do it. Then if you look at buying players, tell me who replaced Ronaldo and what the £80m did for the financial accounts? Tell me why there was no value in the market for years when Aguero and Hazard as example came on the market? Hopefully that should point you in the right direction. Biggest names in football, really, but didn’t support the managers if we believe LvG who I seem to recall said they didn’t get him the players he asked for and Ed who said that about Mourinho.

Defeats do happen, they happened at Madrid too but I bet their planning to respond to them is a lot better than ours. It seemed no one planned for SAF retirement, and since that we have seen nearly 6 years of this situation and still have an interim manager, virtually no communication with the fans, who have no idea of our direction. This isn’t about last night but a frustration at the lack of obvious direction and the strong feeling Glazernomics plays too big a part in any decision process.

17 Mar 2019 11:50:31
Red man, sorry but no ‘process’ as you put it will put any prospective manger under the microscope like the audition Ole is going through now. If it were about CV’s and records we would have been a shoe in with Van Gaal and Mourinho. Supposedly two of the best. That didn’t validate ‘the process’ did it? There are no guarantees in life, nor in football.
Will Zidane get the backing he wants? Only the RM president knows? Will he be successful like he was before? Well maybe in knockout competitions, he certainly wasn’t in the league. Likely they will continue to get smashed by Barcelona.
There is still nothing in Poch history to suggest he is a winner. The cupboard is bare. In terms of what Ole has done with the squad he inherited (not his squad) I seriously doubt anyone could have done better. (Almost 79% win percentage) Even Ince : ) What he has done is show flashes of what they are capable of. Given time to build stamina into the squad, bring in some reinforcements my money would be on Ole and his team as they have shown they can get the results, it is very easy to sit back and say this guy would be better, or that guy could do a better job, until they actually have to do it. In my opinion he is doing it, all be it with one hand tied behind his back.

17 Mar 2019 11:55:35
I would add that there has been murmurings of perhaps only needing 2 or 3 players, when we need at least 4. Glazernomics would have been at work and now perhaps it the last two games will help realisation there is a need for more and they will need to release more money.

17 Mar 2019 12:39:18
This debate has a lot of nuances. I hate what the Glazers have done and I think even SAF toed the party line at the end.

If we didn't have an interim and a shortlist had been drawn up featuring Poch, Allegri, and Ole, the vast majority would have laughed at Ole being included.

But given the results he has achieved ed, many now want t him appointing, and I have been caught up in that enthusiasm. We've gone from 11 points off 4th to 3 points off 3rd and the PSG result and performance was breathtaking, he is one of us and the heart says we should appoint him. We've tried big names and they haven't worked.

For me, what happens next is crucial, how does he react to what was a very poor performance, we need to see a big reaction. Right now, I'm still for Ole.

17 Mar 2019 13:06:46
Last night was as bad as anything under Jose, we were played off the park.

My biggest concern with Ole is that he hasn’t left any impression of his style on the team. He came in and gave the players more freedom, and this obviously boosted morale and performance. But there isn’t much evidence of Ole having a clear tactical blueprint. Last night it was obvious that Wolves were dominating the game, and Ole couldn’t do anything to shift the balance.

Another point, if you build the team around Pogba, you need to have a plan b in place for the games when he doesn’t turn up.

17 Mar 2019 17:07:43

Good point about Ole’s style and tactical blue print. He is a SAF follower but those days are gone. If Mourinho ideas are past it, whatare SAFs? Tactically and technically teams are smarter now, pace is used far more. It’s all well and good wishing for the halcyon day’s of SAF but we need to think what we build before we start building. Barcelona have an identity, I think Cruyff defined it but here we are and don’t know what we are doing nearly 6 years after SAF retired. Maybe someone does.

17 Mar 2019 22:14:49
Red Man. You’re contradicting yourself.

Just because you haven’t seen us appoint a DOF doesn’t mean we’re not looking. 002 has said Woodward is the stumbling block.

There’s a fairly obvious problem with the expansion of the stadium, but yes I agree more could have been done in and around.

You’re bringing up an old argument in there being no value in the transfer market and since you mention Aguero, who have we signed since then? Some of the biggest names in world football. Mourinho wasn’t allowed another CB because he signed Bailly and Lindelof and then destroyed them.

Regards them taking money out of the club well that’s just business and whether or not you like it, it happens. I really struggle to see your argument when it comes to investment, you only have to look at the players and managers we’ve signed and the wages we pay to see that silly money has been spent (and wasted) . As for where that money comes from (such as sponsors) well that’s just good business. Why put your hand in your own pocket when you can raise funds elsewhere. However that sits ethically with you or me is irrelevant. It’s just business and there’s no backing up your argument of no money has been invested, because it has. Over and over again.



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