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22 Jun 2018 20:35:22
How would Mitrovic be as a backup striker to Lukaku? Also I think if Mata ever leaves we should get Shaqiri.

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22 Jun 2018 20:42:55
No and no. Both bang average.

22 Jun 2018 20:45:50
No and No, One is a bigger donkey than the next.

22 Jun 2018 20:47:15
Both mitrovic and shaqiri have been good, really good game .
I actually thought the same about mitrovic after the first half.

22 Jun 2018 21:03:21
Mitrovic on that performance would be a perfect player for Jose to bring of the bench .
I though shaqiri was excellent there.

22 Jun 2018 21:10:26
Mitrovic is an absolute nightmare as a person, would fall out with Jose in less than a minute. Shaqiri only puts in an effort when he wants a transfer, wants people to forget how average he has been for Stoke so he can blow it at another big club.

22 Jun 2018 21:55:04
I think this proves the point from the other day that watching a player in the World Cup should not be how a player is chosen to sign. We all know that these 2 players aren’t good enough for united but both of them looked really good tonight, Mit a real handful especially in the first half. Definitely a no for signing both though.

22 Jun 2018 22:04:13
It also shows a bit of football snobbery imo .
Same way so many fans are against fellaini even tho the manager likes him .

22 Jun 2018 22:44:24
No no no no NNNNOOOOOO. Please stop it. Karel Poborsky 😆😆.

22 Jun 2018 23:01:35
It’s hardly snobbery to suggest that two players who have struggled in the EPL with other sides shouldn’t be targets for a team looking to challenge for the title.

22 Jun 2018 23:16:05
Neither are bad players both have been highly rated from a very young age .
I would be very surprised if United signed them but they can both play .
I could see mitrovic having the attributes that Jose likes especially as a second option of the bench .
Shaqiri is a good player better than lingard imo . And I have been one if the few to stick up for lingard.

22 Jun 2018 23:35:47
Shaqiri is one of the laziest player in the league. He has plenty of talent, but has proven time and time again that he simply isn’t capable of putting in the work necessary to make it as a top player. His career has been a series of missed opportunities, with him being shifted to progressively worse sides. At Stoke, where he was given top billing and should have shone, he showed up for one in every ten games. He’s putting in the effort during the WC because he needs a move, and will revert to type as soon as some club falls for it.

As for him being an option off the bench. That’s what Bayern tried, and he stropped, and completely stopped trying until they gave up and sold him. The lad expects to be first choice but doesn’t want to put in any effort to deserve it.

22 Jun 2018 23:55:48
Who mentioned shaqiri as an option of the bench? It was mitrovic who does look a Jose type and comes with a very big rep in his younger years .
Shaqiri is a talented lad still only 26 imo a better player than lingard.
So I think it's snobbery .

23 Jun 2018 00:46:08
Is this a serious chat?, a player who has been dreadful at Stoke all year even when they were going down couldn’t be bothered to work back and help the team yeh mourinho would love him and a player who Newcastle loaned out to a championship team because he wasn’t good enough for them wow is that what we have become 😩.

23 Jun 2018 01:08:01
Jred he can hardly get in the Newcastle team. A good championship player more like.

23 Jun 2018 06:47:01
Shaqiri last 100 attempts on goal for Newcastle.
74 off target
26 on target
3 goals
He waa ok last night i don't think its football snobbery to say he isn't good enough for united. He wasn't good enough for bayern inter or stoke so i think its a fair call to say not good enough for united.
But its definitely football bolloxology to say he is better than jessie when he falls behind jessie in nearly every single stat on record.
But its a game of opinions. Signing players like mit and shaqiri or the like of fellaini blind darmian morgan depay that has seen us make boo title challenge for 5 years. Much more improvement this seazon when those lads hardly had a kick in the league.
Im still counting the days to 30th of june when fellaini contract expires and i dread the possible announcement of a new contract for him. We need to get shut of the average joes in the squad not sign 2 more players that have failed miserably in the epl.

{Ed001's Note - you have not even mentioned the fact that it was his best game for years because of the extra motivation of facing Serbia. Same as Xhaka. It was not a coincidence that the two of them performed better in that match than they have all season.}

23 Jun 2018 07:24:48
Yes ed i agree. But intl football is not the place to judge players imo.

{Ed001's Note - totally agree, totally different pace and the style of the game is different. Players are given more time and space on the ball than they get in club football and individuals can make more of a difference as teams are not as tuned into each other as they get playing together every week in club football. That is why any international team that pulls together as a team tends to ridiculously outperform the quality of the players.}

23 Jun 2018 07:52:10
Bang on 001.
Lots of dodgy signings made over the years by lots of clubs based on a players wc performane.
Of course there will be exceptions to the rule but scouting players is not as easy as it seems and due diligence is vital.

{Ed001's Note - exactly mate. There is far too much money involved to just take a chance. The thing that gave Liverpool and Man Utd sustained success was their recruitment. Both clubs used to do a massive amount of due diligence. Geoff Twentyman, for instance, would get to know a player's family before he would decide whether to recommend buying them for Liverpool. If he didn't like their background, he would not recommend them.}

23 Jun 2018 07:59:18
Jred going WC crazy.

It's amazing how the world cup can do that to people. Have a good tournament and soon enough you're good enough for united. Shaqiri is another player on the long list of players better than lingard yet doesn't come anywhere near his consistency levels or reputation for actually being able to perform at a big club. Shaqiri is a joke.

Mitrovic? Could barely get into a championship team.

Last night was like a derby match due to the fact of the long long history Albania have with Serbia. Swiss players were incredibly fired up.

23 Jun 2018 08:57:30
A player who struggled at Stoke and got loaned to the old 2nd division is not united quality. Who cares what his reputation was 5 years ago as a youngster. What's his reputation now?

And Shaqiri is the epitome of talent who threw it away from laziness and poor attitude. He couldn't hack it at Bayern so why should we sign him as their the level we're supposedly aiming for.

If we're going to sign players off the back of a hood game at the world cup then there's plenty of others to look at who probably would be a better fit.

23 Jun 2018 09:32:43
Ken shaqiri never played for Newcastle?

Decent player shaqiri on par with lingard and Mata.
Mitrovic is also coming of a very good season with Fulham 12 goals in 17 .

How much better is dalot than them 2?

23 Jun 2018 09:36:23
You can't wait till fellaini leaves?
The fact Jose really wants him tells it's own story about the style and type of player he likes.

No wonder our style of play is what it is maybe it's the manager you should want to leave?

23 Jun 2018 09:54:09
That's the fastest I've ever seen Shaqiri run last night, you wouldn't see him running that fast the other way.

23 Jun 2018 10:01:39
Is Jred having a Kanye moment?

Player who was distinctly average for Stoke for the last three seasons.
Jred- better than Mata and Lingard.

Player who Newcastle didn’t think good enough to play in the EPL.
Jred - Jose would love him.

Everyone - you talking nonsense Jred.
Jred - why does everyone hate Fellaini?

23 Jun 2018 10:26:34
Danny I think Jose and mitrovic would be a good fit same way Jose and fellaini are . Both players have the attributes he likes .
Imo shaqiri is as good as either Mata or lingard.

23 Jun 2018 10:55:51
Aint good enough Jred. Shaqiris bern at stoke for 3 years nearlly. If he's that goid a top 6 manager might have noticed before a world cup.
Mitrovic is a poor mans Giroud.

23 Jun 2018 11:39:23
we are supposed to be after willian and shreks donkey is better than him.

23 Jun 2018 11:45:47
How the mighty have fallen 😞.

23 Jun 2018 12:26:14
Jred's lost it. Jred your unique i love it! . 😂😂😂.

23 Jun 2018 15:48:56
I think shaqiri will do a job for us on the right wing. I don't see why all the hate towards him. If he goes to Liverpool or Chelsea, then everyone on here will be saying we should've got him. We need a right winger, he's an excellent winger. Loads of pace and aggression and scores goals. I'm with jred on this.

23 Jun 2018 16:28:46
AAA shaqiri has an incredibly poor attitude and has been average or worse in the last 5 seasons. Not sure why people believe he'd do a job for us.

23 Jun 2018 16:44:59
Did i say shaqiri played for Newcastle jred?
Why would i want the manager to leave jred. Just because i don't like fellaini.
Does jose want him? Oh yeah he said he did but his actions speak differently which is not unusal that he say 1 thing publicly and does another.
If he stays he stays but i don't want him to.
Shaqiri as good as mata or lingard? i tbink you are either fishing or you need to take a lye down. 😂😂.

23 Jun 2018 16:53:04
He isn't fashionable enough.

23 Jun 2018 17:02:10
"Shaqiri last 100 attempts on goal for Newcastle. "Ken
I think you did.

23 Jun 2018 16:34:42
Shaqiris attitude is poor.

And Fellaini isn't snobbery. Its acknowledgement he's very one dimensional.

23 Jun 2018 18:38:27
Sorry meant stoke but i'm sure u knew that.

23 Jun 2018 19:37:24
Ken he scored 8 league goals last season so I've no idea who your stats are about.

23 Jun 2018 19:38:10
By the way I've never mentioned United buying him just that he played well .

Upsets a few tho.

23 Jun 2018 19:49:57
In fact he scored 5 in his last 15 games for stoke not bad for a wide player in a struggling team .
8 goals in a poor team Mata has only scored more than 6 once for United in 5 year.

{Ed001's Note - Shaqiri was not playing wide, he was given a free role and everything went through him. If a pass didn't go to him he would throw a childish strop. It is nonsense to compare him with Mata. They have completely different roles in their respective teams, playing completely different styles.}

24 Jun 2018 05:15:13
Bang on ed.

24 Jun 2018 20:14:20
Mata at his best is very good, don't ever compare him woth that idiot Shaqiri.



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